Haunt (A.J. D'Aquila)
Name: Andrew John D’Aquila
DOB: 21 February
Powers: TK 3d, ESP 2
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Passionate, occasionally moody, generally friendly
Costume: None
Race: Caucasian, Italian.
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Sharp dark brown eyes. A whitish translucent haze of ectoplasmic emission constantly shifts like a small layer, moving faster and becoming more opaque with power
Hair: Short, light brown hair, usually kept messed up
Face: Strong chin and nose, thick eyebrows, line of facial hair across his lower jaw
Build: Wide-shouldered and of a rather thick build, but has little muscle tone
POB: Monteriggano, Tuscany, Italy
Creator: TheOtherOne

General Description

Born to an Italian father and an American mother, AJ spent most of his life with the latter. Soon after his birth, he moved to America, where he was raised. His father is a well-paid engineer with a motor vehicles company, which means that his family was never lacking for much in terms of money.
However, between the lack of the father’s presence and his upbringing, AJ grew up to be very difficult child. While he showed himself to be an extremely quick learner, and took an interest in fields of engineering like his father, he had a lack of interest in school, and tended to get in a lot of trouble.
The situation changed one night when an argument arose into a fight, between him and a group of bullies. Running away from a fight he could not win, he accidentally bumped into a motorcycle in his frenzied escape. He noticed that they had stopped chasing him, only to find out the reason: the motorcycle he had bumped in had started itself, and moved at top speed towards the group, running over one of them and injuring him severely.
The stress of this incident had its toll on AJ’s mind, and in turn on the surroundings around him. Objects would move on their accord, furniture would fling itself, and dolls standing up and acting the part of the character they were made after, and in one particular case, the couch’s pillows thought they were dogs, sniffing at his mother, Marianne’s legs and chasing the pet cat. For the reasons of safety, his family took him out of the High School he had started attending, and to a Mutant school…


A.J. is rather tall for his age at 5’10”, and promises to have a sprinter’s physique when he grows up, being wide-shouldered and naturally prone to building up. However, he is nowhere near the level of an exemplar, and his lack of training shows. He is still rather handsome, his skin a Mediterranean olive, and his hair a light brown and eyes a darker shade of brown. He has a thin jaw, with slight fuzz growing just under it. His hair is usually cut at neck-length, and kept messy on purpose. His eyes are the only sign of his mutant nature, as it has a thin, semi-translucent whitish sheen, constant moving, which moves faster and becomes more opaque when he uses his powers.


A.J. possesses direct telekinetic powers, able to lift around 250 kilograms. Physically, he is a baseline, possessing no superhuman abilities. However, his main power is the ability to psychically animate objects that he touches. These objects will act in a way pre-programmed by him, which may be changed with a conscious effort. Left to their own devices, however, they will continue to act in the preprogrammed manner.

The limit in weight for this power is much greater (around 750kgs), and this animation allows for the control of a large number of items at once, although the control over them is limited by his concentration (it gets more difficult the heavier the objects are), the level of their animation, and their weight. On top of this, objects controlled by this animation are imbued with said telekinetic power upon themselves, allowing otherwise unmoving objects to float of their own accord. He is also able to sense similar animation, and any sort of possession by minds or spirits by touch, being able to shut it off as long as he consciously wills it.
Power Rating: TK 3d, ESP 2


Being used to his previous life, as well as the stress of the situation, A.J. started his life as a mutant as a rather confused and sullen person. The confusion was exacerbated as he went to Whateley and met those with GSD and all different sorts of powers. While he would not admit it, he begrudges being sent to the school, despite his knowing deep down that his power needed controlling. He thus possesses a slight sense of resentment towards his powers, another secret he keeps, especially in light of his relationship with Euryale.

However, generally he is easy-going and friendly,and has been known to be a bit almost too passionate with those who were dear to him. He exhibits a curious nature, and also good degree of intelligence, although not to an exemplar level. When feeling irritated or just talking out loud to himself, despite his upbringing in an English-speaking environment he has the tendency to speak in Italian, a subconscious effort to vent without being understood by most.


As yet, he is unable to control his power fully, which may arise with subconsciously making objects move or causing poltergeists in his sleep.

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