Alleycat (Alice Craft)

Alley in her senior year.

Name: Alice Craft (born Allan Craft)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (Senior fall 2010)
DOB: 1993-08-04 (age 14 as of 2007-08)
Powers: Ex 2, Man 2, Wiz 1
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Attracted to female
Demeanor: Still in development
Costume: Black ninja costume with a scarf/facemask, black utility belt, and a naginata with a two foot blade and 5' 4" Oak staff
Race: Caucasian before change, now a catgirl. Her features are a cross between Japanese and Caucasion
Height: 5'4"
Weight: x lbs / y kg
Eyes: Large, and green. Vertically slit pupils, like a cat.
Hair: Meduim Cyan hair, that reaches down to her tail. Not usually styled, it's straight and smooth.
Face: Face is a cross between Japanese and Caucasion, with a bit of 'real life anime' feel.
Build: Slim and curvy, like a dancer with large breasts. At 14, she has a C cup.
POB: East Michigan, to the west of Detroit
Assoc: Whitman resident, Roommate Pearlie, Girlfriend Devil's Advocate
Creator: A-Eadie

General Description

Story: Allan Craft was vacationing with his family (parents and older sister) during spring break at Lake Eerie when they found a strange bottle on the beach. When they opened it back at the summer beach house, there was a huge billow of smoke, and a strange humanoid figure told them they each got a wish for freeing it. Allan's parents both wished to be rich and never have to work again. Allan's older sister wished to always wear the most fashionable clothing. Allan, being an Anime nerd, showed a picture of two catgirls dressed in maid outfits and wished 'Make (create for) me a catgirl just like this blue-haired one'.

The strange being granted the wishes as follows: The parents were turned into gold statues, the sister was turned into a mannequin and Allan's wish was granted as 'Make (turn) me (into) a catgirl just like this blue-haired one'. The devil, not genie then proceeded to start a reign of terror on the area, forcing Allan to be a maid, the parents were displayed out front, and the sister was also displayed prominantly in her 'fashionable clothes'. Part of Alley's duties was to change the clothes several times a day. Alley was mind controlled during the time of servitude, with the only time she was 'free' late at night when she could sleep and rest. During this time she tried to make her sister as comfortable as possible by putting her to bed. When the news got out about the events happening to the local town, Magus Meddler investigated and eventually managed to trap the devil back in the bottle (too powerful to simply kill).

Afterwards, Meddler did what he could to help the devil's victims. Most were dead, either from shock or the transformation itself. This included Allan's parents, but his sister was still 'alive' inside the mannequin. Unfortunately the best that Meddler could do was to give the sister the ability to move around, essentially making her a plastic golem. Allan was freed of any compulsions the devil placed on her, but is now permanently stuck as a catgirl due to the devil manifesting Allen's latent mutant genes with an imposed BIT and siphoning off 'extra' power that didn't fit the catgirl image. After getting the two some serious therapy, Meddler sponsored Alice's attendance at Whateley.

*During the rescue of Jon (Subtle) Alley fully accepted both her female self, and the catgirl part of herself too. Due to that, stress no longer makes her 'cat out', but catnip still has the same effect on her. She now starts to like wearing feminine clothing … but still no lace or frills.


Alice is a very cute catgirl, with a cute voice, that will turn 'sexy' as she matures. She usually wears her uniform during the week, or her costume if she's training. On weekends she wears jeans and a t-shirt. On red days she wears a skirt to hide her tail and a hairband to hold her ears down. She has an aversion to frilly clothing from her past, so you will never see her in any lacy clothing.


Alice's Exemplar power is mostly geared to speed/agility, which is in the top of the Ex 2 bracket. Her strength is in the upper Ex 1 / lower Ex 2 range. She can manifest cyan energy claws at her fingertips and toetips. They seem especially effective against other manifested things, disrupting the created matter somehow. The nature of her change has also given her the ability to learn magic much better than a baseline, though not as well as an actual Wiz class mutant. When she accepted her girl/cat self, her reservoir of Essence grew, so she's now Wiz 1, and she can 'throw' her manifested claws … but she has to wait a few minutes before she can manifest them again.


Aside from a good knowledge of anime, Alley has learned American Sign Language to be able to communicate with her sister. She took Basic Martial Arts in the Fall quarter, and has progressed to learning how to wield a naginata (Japanese polearm).


Item 1

Alley's weapon of choice is a standard naginata sized to her. Her Spring Project for her magic class will be to add some minor enchantment, and plate it with silver.

Item 2

Alley's utility belt contains half a dozen throwing knives, and a few premade spell slips that cause a burst of light. She also has a few blank slips and ink for making more.

Item 3

When she found out she could throw her claws, Alley had the idea to enchant a few of her throwing knives. So far she has three knives with a 'true strike' enchantment, and an enchantment that lets her infuse them with a set of her claws. The effect is that when the knife is thrown, the edges manifest a blade of her energy claws.


Alley has been introverted since the school year started, but now is trying to meet people and make friends. When she does have a friend, she'll stick by them through thick and thin.


She has a few 'triggers' that will make her go psychotic, mostly the idea of mind control, and someone trying to stick her in a maid costume. When she's doused with catnip, her higher brain functions shut down and she acts like a large housecat.



  • Class of 2011


  • Whitman
    • Pearlie

Group Affiliations


Romantic Relationships

Personal Enemies

Pearlie (roommate)
Gloria Whitley


  • April: Sister

RP History

  • Pool Party: Alley decides to come out of her shell and make some friends. She does, and gets asked out on a date by Bettie (Devil's Advocate) After the date, they become girlfriends.
  • Alley joins in with the group puzzling out the miniturret wandering around campus. Makes friends with Rachel and others.
  • Alley meets Rachel and Van in Crystal Hall at breakfast. After putting two and two together from what she hears from them, she shares that she is also TG.
  • Alley meets Tegan in the quad to work on a project for Magic Class. It is revealed that Gloria's contracts involve a kind of mind control. Gloria shows up shortly after and Alley 'cats out' and jumps her.
  • Alley has bad dreams of a 'bad place' that other people have too. Eventually the group goes to Ms. Grimes and she takes them to where Jon (Subtle) is being kept under heavy shielding. Events of 'Empty Dreams' occur, and fallout happens. Alley goes from Wiz 0 to Wiz 1, only cats out with catnip, and is made an honorary sphinx by Emu, Tegan's avatar spirit.
  • (RP date: 6-8-10) Alley visits Rachel in the infirmary, and talks with her, Van, and Subtle. Van guesses that Subtle is transitioning, subtle practically runs from the room. Alley follows and to help snap Subtle out of a deep depression she reveals that she once attempted suicide. Tinstar pops in, confuses Subtle for Jeanne and gives him a kiss. Subtle disappears and Alley is extremely panicked until Fubar tells her Subtle simply teleported back to his room. She spends several hours helping him get over it.
  • (RP Date: 6-9-10) Two events: In one, Alley and Tegan visit Subtle at Hawthorne. Tegan shares makeup and helps Alley make some magic lip gloss. After Tegan leaves, Alley helps Subtle work through some TG issues. Second Event: Alley makes friends with Zoe, accidentally touching her a few times. Zoe manages to pick up Alley's energy claws while in her form, but ends up retaining Alley's eyes, hair/ears, and chest size. Ramone wanders over and they go to the school store, picking up Gauss on the way.
  • (RP Date: 6-13-10) Forest Event: Alleycat, Rachel, Tegan, Pipeline, Richard, Misty, and Vera go into the woods for a picnic, finding Leviathan on the way. They talk as they hike, and there is some drama as they have to avoid an unstable bridge over a gorge, and the target, a tree found by Alleycat, had a spell on it. After some more drama, where it falls over after Tegan touches it, they find out that it was planted to heal a rift in space/time. They have the picnic, Alley gets her needed materials, and they find a large sapphire that was a focus for the spell on the tree. On the way back, Wyvern and Bloodwolf attacked. Bloodwolf hurt Alley badly before running off away from overwhelming force, and Wyvern was slapped down before she could get away with the crystal. Alley ended up with a broken arm and several bad bites and claw gouges from Bloodwolf. Tegan got a concussion and drained all her Essence helping Alley. The students were medivaced out and the unhurt students gave statements to security.
  • (RP Date: 6-15-10) Alley wakes up in the infirmary. Zoe, Tegan, and Bettie visit, with Sonja working as a nurse. After people let her know she is loved, and they plan revenge on Gloria, Alley falls asleep again.
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