Altercauff (Clare Povla)
Name: Altercauff (born Clare Elena Povla)
Whateley: freshman.
DOB: Varies - currently 14 as of mid-late 2007
Powers: Believed to be a warper of some kind, but is proving difficult to test
Gender: Female
Sexuality: If asked she'd probably just tell you that she loves, and leave it at that
Demeanor: A mix of bubbly/outgoing and quiet/withdrawn depending on the people around her and how well she knows them, or they know her
Costume: none
Race: Caucasian, but with a slight epicanthic fold to the eyes leading some to believe she's partly asian… she insists she's not, but is tight lipped about her actual nationality
Height: typically 5'4"/1.61m but varies slightly
Weight: 98 lbs / 45 kg usually
Eyes: Deep red irises which lead most to (mistakenly) believe to be part/result of her mutation
Hair: Natural glossy bronze, she keeps it long, and usually plaited
Face: Mostly Slavic form to her face, with the exception of a slight epicanthic fold to the eyes, and her (naturally) lightly tanned complexion.
Build: slim, with some curves, she fits 'average teen' perfectly. When she's not relaxing in private or amongst friends her posture lifts her to the point that she could be taken a s a low/mid level exemplar
POB: She is notoriously tight lipped about this
Assoc: Private room in Hawthorne due to 'an incident' with her warper abilities
Creator darkrose

General Description

Clare is not very forthcoming about her past to most people, it is only really known that something happened when she manifested which is upsetting to her, and that she rarely speaks about her family, and practically never about her dad or little sister. Whatever it was is apparently the reason she has a private warded room in Hawthorne.

She does appears to be somewhat of an anomaly, as it seems she doesn't have - never had - any family in this plane of reality, yet there is always one of her here. It's clear that other realities are often without her for days at a time, despite her having clear roots (family etc) there. The reasons for this, the cause of her mutation, and even her actual power ranking are unknown, but the subject of much speculation and theorising amongst the powers testers in all the realities she's aware of.


Clare looks slightly exotic, but in a still human way. She has a mix of Slavic, Asian, and Mediterranean to her looks that catches the eye of quite a few boys (and girls). She speaks with a rather melodic accent which is difficult to place, this is further confused by her insistence that she does not speak English! But rather she speaks Lantsian, which just happens to be near identical to English, save for the odd difference here and there.


Clare is believed to be a warper, although this is proving difficult to test. She has 'links' across an as yet unknown number of alternate realities.

These links affect her in that she regularly wakes up in a different reality to the one she went to sleep in… the byproduct of this being that the version of her in this whateley-verse is not always the same from one day to the next. Combined with the various realities not being in sync time-wise, this results in her date of birth varying, as well as the occasional occurrence of her knowing someone that has no idea who she is.
What's more, as she may have previously lived this day in another plane of reality, she may know what's going to happen before it does… although she is often wildly inaccurate due to differences between the realities.

Her links across realities result in her never truly being in any given reality which as a side effect give her a couple of interesting abilities:
Firstly she has a degree of rapid regeneration: She could for instance lose an arm or leg and have it grow back in a matter of minutes. It seems that her links between her multiple selves allow her to rebuild by using her own genetic material across realities, this cause a faint glow (which is slightly nauseating to look at) to form as the fabric of reality adjusts around the injury (or missing limb as the case may be).
However damage to the heart or brain, slashing a major artery, or suffocation/drowning/squashing/etc will kill her just as easily as any other human.

Physical contact with her requires a gentle approach in order to slip through the folds in reality around her safely. As a result bullets (and any other object moving fast enough) likely won't work against her, unless fired from point blank range, as they have a tendency to simply cease existing when they get within a few inches of her. This effect expands out when she crosses realities as she sleeps and is the reason she has a private room in Hawthorne.

Finally she has some form of universal storage space where she typically stores her diary, this allows her to 'unzip' a pocket in the fabric of reality large enough for her to reach a hand in to store or retrieve objects. There is a limit to what can be stored there (wherever 'there' is) however, as few things can withstand the stresses of passing beyond reality. The sight of her unzipping this pocket is quite nauseating to most, people have been known to pass out and/or throw up if they don't turn away quickly enough.


She is fluent in reading and writting Lantsian glyphs, something which most people have never even heard of. She has taken an interest in other languages since having to learn English, but isn't particularly knowledgeable of any just yet.



The diary Clare stores somewhere outside of reality contains details of many of the realities she is known to have links to, this helps her keep in sync with wherever she is. It is also greatly sought after by a number of people due to it's contents, either for genuine scientific research, or as part of some nefarious plot to destroy everything. As Clare only every writes in it using Lantsian glyphs however, it's probably not much good to anyone but her.


A mix of bubbly/outgoing and quiet/withdrawn depending on the people around her and how well she knows them, or they know her; which of course varies a great deal as to who and how much. While her circle of friends (and enemies) seems to be somewhat similar across realities, there are differences, which can lead to 'interesting' reactions to some people for seemingly no reason.


Semi-normal human vulnerabilities, see 'Powers'



  • Class of 2010


  • Hawthorne
  • Family residence is known only to a select few

Group Affiliations

  • None at present

Romantic Relationships

  • None at present

Personal Enemies

  • None at present


  • Celest: Mother
  • Father and younger sister, names are not known as she rarely speaks of them



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