Empty Dreams

OOC Notes: This event currently affects certain sensitive characters (mages, psis, espers), but others may be involved.

The Story So Far

Lonely vistas under dark and alien skies have been invading the minds of individuals on campus. None of the Freshman are entirely sure what they represent, or even if the rest of the Campus knows about them. But this is Whateley, they've been dealing with this sort of stuff for years, so it can't be anything serious, can it?

  • Euryale, Sonja, Richard and Rachel encouter each other, and a sleep deprived and slightly panicky Richard tries to confirm his own (dubious) sanity by seeing if anyone else had this strange dream of his… Only Sonja seemed unaffected whilst Jeann loiters in the background, unnoticed.
  • A few days later. Van, Rachel, Richard and Gauss redefine an early start as they find themselves in the canteen with an overused coffee machine and sleep deprivation. Conversation reaches the subject of their tiredness and they realise that they are all seeing similar dreams of loneliness and desolation. An incident in the Hall and an impromptu concert by Razorback ends the discussion before they can talk about it further.
  • The next day Tegan joins Dawn, Gauss, Lylah and Simon for lunch and some light flirting. Gauss, Simon and Tegan all suffering from sleep deprivation, and talks a little with them about the dreams.Tegan overhears Van and Rachel discussing dreams andshe and Dawn joins them to talk when the others head on to class, being joined later by an equally exhausted Alleycat. Tegan diverts the conversation from the depressing talk of dreams with a discussion of a locator spell for Mystic Arts using crystal dowsing, before demonstrating a scrying to spy on Wyvern while she is in the middle of tormenting another student. Rachel has the idea of using the locator to find Subtle, whom she has not seen several days and has not been answering phone calls or texts, but the locator fails, crystal dancing uncertainly across the map. Tegan has the idea of scrying the source of the dreams but the locator gives the same uncertain answer. The four discuss and worry over what is going on, considering going to Mrs Grimes or someone else in for help but doubt they would be believed.

The Dreams

Though they differ from person to person, the dreams always seem to involve the dreamer alone in a desolate and ruined landscape under a sky of pale and unfamiliar stars. Some dreamers reported a sense of foreboding, of a vast presence lurking beyond their senses, while others thought they heard the echoes of sobbing on the wind.

Characters Involved


Alytari (for details and introduction/invite)

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