Shift aka Autumn Andrews
Name: Autumn Andrews
Whateley: Class of 201x (sophomore)
DOB: 10/20/199x (age 15)
Powers: Ex 2, WRP 4lb, Rgn 5, Esp 1
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Autumn is an outgoing young woman who speaks with a slight Southern lilt, unless she gets upset or really embarrassed when she REALLY sounds Southern.
Costume: Black cargo pants and ninja shoes, snug black capped sleeve top and fly eye devisor goggles and black fingerless gloves.
Race: Caucasian, USA
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eyes: Slitted snake eyes, golden
Hair: Copper Red often worn in an almost scene girl style, but in a high pony tail in costume.
Face: Her face is heart shaped with plush lips, there are scales that run along her hair line and along the line of her ears down her neck.
Build: Athletic build with thicker thighs, 32B-28-32
POB: Atlanta, GA
Assoc: Whitman, roommate Galvanya (Gadgeteer), Vincible (boyfriend)
Creator: andidv8

General Description

Autumn was born Alexander and during a trip to the Atlanta Zoo to see a new exhibit manifested her abilities during a crisis there. Her family is very well to do and though they are no Gates or Goodkind but they do pretty well. She's become that happy girl who doesn't give a crap about what others think of her. She's been given a trust fund to pay for things she needs and it's quite substantial, her family loves her but are put off by the snake-like features and the gender change. They're also worried that it would come out that their eldest son is a mutant AND a girl, so she has limited contact and is supposed to keep quiet about her relationship to them. Autumn is coming to terms with the fact that she is a girl and that she likes boys. She is generous to people she has just met especially if she gets a good 'vibe' off them and is short, though polite with those she doesn't.


Autumn is a normal looking young woman with a decent tan until you get close to her when you notice the scales that run the length of the outer part of her arms, legs, torso, neck and around her hairline. She has golden slitted eyes much like those of some species of snake. She has a lithe athletic young teenagers body and tends to wear warmer clothes except for the hottest of days when she can be seen showing as much skin as is proper for a young lady her age. She has a slight Southern accent which is just her covering up the harder one she shows when upset or embarrassed.


She is able to teleport herself up to 200 miles initially and can pretty much get there with a good description or a photo and will eventually be able to go anywhere in the world. Like many reptiles she can regrow limbs and heals pretty quickly ultimately if she regenerates enough she may become immortal and ageless. She is also able to lift up to 400 lbs.


She knows quite a bit about snakes and has decent general knowledge about business as she was being groomed to take over the family business and knows some martial arts having been very interested in them when young and keeping up with that as she got older. Her father saw to it that she learned several languages like Mandarin Chinese, German and French to help in her future business life.


Item 1

iphone, unlimited credit card, purse with a dimensional pocket in it, utility belt with holdouts, saber knives.


Autumn has become bubbly after being something of a forced shut in immediately after manifesting and being kept more or less locked in her room as her family tried to deal with the changes.
She is friendly and helpful even if it comes out wrong and more forceful.


She is terrified of having her family connection and birth sex being found out and will go to great lengths to keep it hidden. And has more of a mental issue with cold.



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