Cambia (Loreli Valenzuela)
Cambia Loreli Corazón Valenzuela
Whateley: Freshman, Class of 2010
DOB: 1992-06-21 (3:13 AM)
Powers: EN-4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Cambia alternates between her inborn exuberance, and a more morose attitude that has settled in following the violent death of her father.
Costume: Aged leather trenchcoat, blue jeans, white tanktop
Race: Mexican Latina
Height: 5 feet 4 inches / 1.62 meters
Weight: 112 pounds / 50.8 kilograms
Eyes: Golden, Pupils have been observed to glow green at times.
Hair: Brown and unkempt
Face: Brief description of face and head
Build: Small, very lightly built
POB: Arizona, United States
Assoc: The Asylum

General Description

Loreli grew up to her river-crosser parents in Tuscon, Arizona, scratching out an existence. This continued until her Mother was shot and killed in a robbery. This caused Loreli's father, Ernesto, to take a vow of vigilantism, in order to root out the various petty criminals that fall below the radar in a world with Supervillians and Reborn Gods. Loreli quickly began to work at his side, serving as both sidekick and apprentice for the next four years, until her Father was fatally shot during a mission. With his dying breath, Ernesto granted her his side-handle baton, before she had to flee from the approaching sirens.
Loreli, deprived of both parents and theoretically on the run from the police, adapted quickly to life without a permanent home. Churches, Soup Kitchens and rooftops became her home for the next four months, only rarely having the time or energy to continue her father's work.


Cambia has deeply tanned skin that often darkens when she uses her full absorption power, sometimes producing condensation and frost. Her hair is short and black, while her eyes are golden in color, although the pupils have been known to flare with green light, as do her fingernails, and teeth. (As well as her skeleton, although this is rarely evident, barring major injury.)
She usually dresses her father's old leather trenchcoat, several sizes too large for her, with her current active baton hung from a belt loop on her right side. This currently functions as both her costume, and as street clothing. Underneath, she usually wears a white cotton top and jeans


Every cell in Cambia's body contains a highly mutated form of melanin, which allows her to absorb energy, and then re-emit it in different forms. This includes heat, electricity, and all wavelengths of the EM spectrum, namely: Visual Light, Infrared, Ultraviolet(All three of which Cambia can see), Mircrowave radiation, X-rays, Gamma Radiation, and both Short and Long Radio waves.
Cambia can absorb energy of several types, with no observed maximum to her allowable intake, but her body is almost completely unable to store the collected energy, requiring her to re-emit an equivilant quantity of joules, in the energy type of her choosing, Primarily from her fingernails and eyes. As a result, Cambia requires an external energy source to use her powers to best effect.


Having spent four years acting as a vigilante in Arizona, Cambia has developed a marked aptitude for climbing, running, stealth, and use of the side-handle baton. She has also developed a strong instinct for evading danger.


Cambia's most prized possesion is the wooden side-handle baton that her father passed to her with his dying breath. She no longer carries it with her, as attempting to use it at Whateley would almost certainly result in it becoming damaged, and is kept on a copper stand in her dorm room. She has few other possesions, though among them another baton of what looks like green glass, aquired from a materials devisor.


Prior to her mutation expressing, Loreli and her father had spent four years seeking out and punishing the petty criminals that fell below the notice of the local Supers and Police, in retaliation for the death of Loreli's mother. However, following the death of Loreli's father, Loreli took to the streets, devoid of a permanent home. This continued for several months, before a near-fatal encounter with a mugger caused her power to manifest, where upon she was quickly shipped off to Whateley before the MCO could catch wind of her.
Now that she has had time to recover, her natural exuberance is re-emerging, but she still lapses into a more cynical mood at times, and is prone to mentally revisiting her worst memories, becoming sullen and quiet. Her mood is noted to lift markedly when in the presence of sunlight or powerful energy sources.


While Cambia has little to fear from fire and lightning, her power fails to provide any denfense to cold-based attacks, to the point that even a cold room causes discomfort if not tempered by an alternate energy source, such as unfiltered sunlight.
Necrotic Energy has an even worse effect on her system, where even low-level exposure disrupts her power, as well as producing severe muscle cramps in the affected area.
Cambia has also proven resistant to attempts to heal her using either magic or mutant powers. Her body appears to partially convert the healing energy into heat and electricity, to which the newly healed tissue is not yet immune, effectively cauterizing the wound, but providing no further recovery.


400 Kearsarge Mountain Rd, Dunwich (Whateley Academy)
Dickenson cottage (room 106)
Roomate: Apex (Carrie)

Regular Accommodation in Doyle: Room 204

Group Affiliations

Founding member of the Asylum (See: Eightball, Newton )

Romantic Relationships

Attracted to Eightball, has recently asked him out on a date.


  • Ernesto Valenzula: Father, Deceased
  • Maria Valenzula: Mother, Deceased
  • Sgt. Ramirez: Guardian, Arizona State Trooper.
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