Carnosaur (Nate Edwards)
Name: Nathaniel 'Nate' Edwards
Whateley: Class of 2010
DOB: 1990-05-27
Powers: EX 2, Reg 2, ESP (Relationship Prescience) 1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Twitchy, nervous and generally shy around people except for times when his ESP kicks in when he tends to be a bit more confident and reassuring.
Costume: None yet.
Race: Caucasian, American
Height: 6'01"
Weight: 154 lbs/ 70 kg
Eyes: Crimson and black.
Hair: Brown-Blonde, shaggy and unkempt.
Face: Narrow and angular, with noticeable scaled ridges along his eyebrows, nose and lips.
Build: Tall and well toned.
POB: Glen Rock, New Jersey. USA.
Assoc: Twain (Roommate of Maidman)
Creator: Carnosaur

General Description

Nate is 'that guy'. You know, the kid who keeps to himself, gets bullied and generally avoids people but is surprisingly useful at something?

In his case it's helping with relationships. He's friendly, open, doesn't really care for orientation or anything like that and just wants the best for people. Not that he's lucky himself (not that he thinks he is - recent events seem to be determined to prove otherwise), he's just really good at knowing what to say and do.

He's tall, lanky and distracted half the time, not helped by having been held back a few years due to so much missed school time from 'accidents in the family'.


In appearance Nate has toned out significantly from what he was when he first arrived. His skin is covered in crimson and black banded scales and he is clearly well built.


Nate's powers are initially very minor and almost entirely physical in their attributes and function.

GSD (Moderate) is in the form of scaly skin across his body along with ridges down the back, neck and eyebrows and scutes to the front. Hooked claws are present at the end of each finger and his teeth are somewhat sharper than a normal human's, giving a most disturbing image when he grins.

His scales are a deep reddish-brown in colour with black striped banding.

Exemplar 2 and Regeneration 2 are the result of his GSD mutation triggering, making him surprisingly resilient, quick to recover and somewhat stronger than his lanky build would otherwise suggest. Of course under the bagger clothes his body is beginning to tone up somewhat and the physical changes are occuring day by day, fuelled by his voracious appetite, at least until it settles down somewhat.

ESP (Relationship Prescience) 1 comes in odd, inspirational flashes during conversation. Nate always has this knack of knowing quite what to say to help others with their own relationship and romantic issues. He has this knack of recommending the right sort of gift, restaurant or movie to watch but he himself never really benefits from this. Indeed, his luck with the ladyfolk is minimal due to his ragtag childhood and abundance of bullying til he came to Whateley.


Due to a lousy childhood, spent scraping by with what he could while avoiding trouble when he could Nate has become somewhat adept at surviving rough and quite a talented amateur pickpocket. In addition to the basics of scrounging, scraping and stealing he has also gained a bit of a gift with the gab, talking his way out of most situations and adopting stances and gestures that present him in a harmless, friendly sort of way.

Of course his mutation is beginning to affect this, making a lot of the actions more difficult as claws, teeth and scales don't exactly lend themselves to such an easygoing approach.


Nothing much at the moment.


Nate is a mix of personality. Most of the time he's cautious and overly paranoid, always thinking the worst is going to happen as his internal monologue predicts one lousy result after the other with some snide cynicism thrown in for the sake of it.

However, when his ESP kicks in he is a lot more open, caring and thoughtful, offering genuine advice where he can and trying to find the best in people.

Often the two mix, leading to a guy who just wants to avoid trouble, has a bit of snark but generally looks out for those who he considers friends - a commodity few and far between in his life to date.


Nate has almost no confidence and it shows. His constant approach of avoiding conflict through appearing harmless is a sign that he doesn't quite feel safe or secure to risk having to fight for something. Around girls this leads to farcical situations where he generally makes himself seem an idiot and tries, perhaps a bit too hard to preserve some dignity for himself.



  • Class of 2010


  • Twain
    • Maidman

Group Affiliations

  • Nothing at the moment.

Romantic Relationships

  • A semi-obvious crush on Allison (Next). Well, to everyone but him.

Personal Enemies

Nothing at the moment


They ditched him. He ditched them.



Nate, as he is now (Stage 1, currently he has changed.). (Image by Trusting).

Similar to how Nate will end up looking...

(Image by GodzillaSamurai/KaijuSamurai)

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