Celeste Chevalier
Name: Celeste Chevalier
Whateley: Class of 2010 (Freshman)
DOB: 1992-04-29
Powers: EX-1, TK-3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Laid back, lazy, and friendly. If a little bewildered by english.
Costume: None yet, but as she took costume class, it's only a matter of time…
Race: French Caucasian.
Height: 5'2" / 1.57 m
Weight: 105 lbs / 42.6 kg
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Hair: Platinum blonde hair, cut in a low-maintenance shortish hairstyle that requires little more than brushing.
Face: Heart shaped and exemplar pretty.
Build: About what would be expected for a 15 year old - albeit one on the developed side.
POB: 16th arrondissement of Paris
Assoc: Dickinson resident (room nnn, see roommate?), team?, girlfriend/boyfriend? (girlfriend/boyfriend), ~enemy?
Creator: Taveena

General Description

Bit of a lower-class area of paris. She's more or less convinced she can slack her way through life and really doesn't care about studies - I mean, now she's a mutant, what does she need classes for? Being a minor hero's easy pay for low risk.
Just basically stopping minor robberies and such. Buuut because of her kind of losing motivation after about year 5 or so, her english isn't that great - she can converse, but it'll be pretty damn basic stuff and when confronted with a fast talker she'll have to stop to work out what they're saying.
parents can't afford Whateley, so she's working off the scholarship (she's definitely NOT happy about that) and the only classes she's really interested in are the ones pertaining to superheroics. She took Costume and Home Ec, thinking they'd be bludges.
She's not particularly conservative but might be a little unnerved by public gay/trans displays, but hey, she doesn't care too much.


Celeste has short platinum blonde hair in a vaguely pixie-cut style. Of course, it’d be more like it if she could afford a decent hairdresser or ever bothered to do more than shampoo it, but hey, it’s low maintenance. Like most other Exemplars, her figure’s beginning to go past puberty and into young adult - muscles are few and far between, but she has a grace and elegance to her walk that might have come with the slight restructuring of her body. Her eyes are a deep, dark brown - almost black - a significant change from the hazel from pre-manifestation. Clothes-wise, she likes anything that’s simple and practical. Tees and elastic-waistband pants and skirts are up there, and honestly, she almost never bothers with shoes more complicated than sneakers.


She's a low exemplar, which she's ecstatic about (don't even have to work to stay in shape, yay!), as well as being able to do rather broad telekinetic shoves.


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Massively overconfident, and can only push in straight lines directly from herself.



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