New Team: Circle-S

The setup:

A group of freshman arrive in the fall of 2007. They hail from the desert southwest.
When two of them became roomies in Whitman, they got their friends together and formed a team. Most have never heard of Whateley or the arenas. They want to graduate in one piece. However their schedules and cottages mean that they have few times to get together as a team. A very lose team of friends.

Summoner is a warper, Tegan is a mage, Phear a manifestor, Mai is a shifter and Amanda is a brick/energizer. AJ has just turned thirteen, she has to watch their sim runs, but awaits her chance to join the team.

The Team:

Leader: Summoner (Charles Vincent)

“It's my idea, I get to name the team!” —Summoner

Tegan Wissa describes Summoner:

“He's a warper who can only teleport other people. He says he's the brains of the team. Sure. Whatever. Most of the time he is the one who's thinking about the next sim run or asks who're up against. But he can forget stuff under stress. Tryin' to keep his secrets and his love life separate from the team and being in the closet can make ya forget your head sometimes. But I give him friendly 'reminders' when he needs'em.

I say he wants wants Amanda, Mai and (someday) Lylah on the team so that they can protect him. I mean, if your power is to 'port people to you, wouldn't you want some bricks around? Of course our bricks are all girls and I know he gets flack for having to be saved by a buncha chicks.

He's sorta teams healer, he can heal other people if he touches them, at the cost of his health. I hate it when he does that, he looks like crap and has ta go to the clinic with whoever he heals.”

Second in Command: Phear (Samanta Marcotte)

"I'm gonna make you evaporate!" —Phear to a sim run opponent

“Mai” describes Phear:

“Phear is a darkness manifester. She can create darkness constructs. Her father is the minor-league super villain (the “Alabama Bogeyman”), her mother is an assassin. Having super villains for parents, Summoner is surprised that she wants to be a superhero. She is one of the stealthy movers of our team, her power is strongest in the dark. However she is vulnerable to bright light. She also has Derrick's Syndrome. Her father has it, passing it on to her. She takes medication to control it.”

Other members:

Flutter (Amanda Jones)

“I hope that silly Roach remembers that she can fly!” —Tegan

Summoner describes Flutter:

“Oh man, Flutter and I go way back, since like first grade. Shes the Avatar of a nature spirit, that's where she got her GSD from. Buggy wings, an extra set of buggy arms and antenna. But she's also an energizer too. She's not a brick, but she can hurt one. Her electric blasts can fry electronics or act like a 'taser'. She's super strong, is immune to poison and has regeneration. However her wings are vulnerable, if they get wet or hurt, she can't fly. She will bleed and pass out from blood loss, despite her regen. She sometimes forgets that she can fly or can zap with her electric charge. If I had a nickel for all the times I had to yell out 'Hey SPARKBUG!'

She does not like devisors or gadgeteers who pollute, going out of her way to attack sources of 'pollution'. Which sucks when your trying to finish the sim and your air support launches into a 'save the earth, recycle speech'. Bu then again she's a scrapper. She'll fight to the death for us.”

“Reddot” (Arthur “Dusty” Baca)

"Stand still so I can shoot ya!" — Reddot

Automatic Jackie describes Reddot:

“Oh man, Dust-er I mean Reddot is a PK brick and devisor. If it explodes, he loves to play wiff it. Guns, explosives, fuel, and stuff like dat. His PK shield protects him…most of the time. It's funny, like one time he was fine, but he walked from the labs still smoking and his hair was burnin'.

When not in the sims, he has an eye for the ladies. Acts like a stud but often strikes out. Very vulnerable to pretty faces. On WARS's website, they showed a sim run where this one girl talked him out of his gun, then shot him wiff it! LOL! Otherwise he's always down with his roommate Summoner. “

Harlowe (Norma Jean Wilcox)

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger!" Harlowe to Gloria

Reddot describes Harlowe:

"Well, Mai had ta quit the team. Harlowe didn't get along with her. For a religious girl, Norma has a mean streak a mile wide if she sees people picked on. I like her, she's making AJ act more mature and Phear likes her. I wonder if she has a boyfriend."

Associate members:

Automatic Jackie/”AJ” (Lylah Whitley)

"You wanna play rough? Okies!" AJ sparring with Flutter

Flutter Describes AJ:

“AJ is a mutant with GSD. She'a bratty girl from the waist up, a giant whip scorpion from the waist down. She can spit acid and has super strength. Like she's stronger than me. She's a tomboy who loves to fight. We've sparred a couple of times and I can hurt her, but she'll come back for more. Sensei Ito had to stop the fight before I put her in the clinc and she was yelling "that's not fair!" Wild.

She wants to be a superhero, but her take on the whole “superhero” thing clashes with our desire to get out of a sim run in one piece. Right now she has to watch the sim runs as she just turned thirteen. She can't wait until she's older and can go with us. Her family was able to afford private school, she's in some of our high school classes despite being in junior high.

She's a total bundle of nerves and energy. Can't stand still, she'll bounce up and down on her legs if she has to stay still. But she's eager. I so hope she's paying attention when it's her turn.”


Right now, they only have one mage. Mai's fear of magic leaves the team vulnerable when facing mages. With AJ being underage, there are only two bricks on the team. Gloria is fond of turning the team against each other, she has Tegan in debt, she is trying to get Summoner as well.


Item 1

A large portable tent Flutter talked her dad into buying. Tegan put a ward on it so that their voices don't carry outside of the tent. The Team moves it around the tunnels or the forests outside of campus, depening on the weather.

Item 2

Tegan's fanny pack: a collection of healing potions disguised as cosmetics.



  • Friends: Subtle, Jen, Terry (Facade), Vera,
  • Enemies: Gloira, Gloria's team (The Association)
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