Name: Hilario Cordoba
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman as of spring 2007)
DOB: Oct 1990
Powers: Shifter-6ircms, Mimic-6, Matter Eater-2, Esp-1 Super Taste
Gender: Male (by birth anyway)
Sexuality: Homosexual (attracted to males)
Demeanor: Affects a friendly and outgoing heterosexual persona
Costume: Tends to wear MMCO uniforms when on official actions
Race: Central American Naso Indian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 lbs (can vary greatly)
Eyes: Dark brown with a black ring around them
Hair: Black, kept trimmed in a ceaser cut
Face: Wide ethnic central American Indian
Build: Stout and wide, with a genuine mountain peasant appearance
POB: Los Pozo, Panama
Assoc: Mexican Mutant Commission Office
Creator: Tsureai

General Description

Hilario was born in a rural village in the mountains of Panama called Los Pozo soon after the collapse of the Noriega regime. He only lived there for two years, and left for the north with the murder of his mother. His first memories are of growing up in the jungles of Chiapas, where he learned to speak Mayan in addition to Spanish while is father sold his services as a guerrilla to the Zapatista uprising. When the rebellion died down he and his father continued to migrate north, eventually making their way to the United States and joining a migrant labor caravan.

After a misunderstanding led to the attempted rape of his girlfriend and the resulting fatal attack on the assailant, Hilaro and his father fled the country, making their way to the border. At the border the Coyote betrayed all the immigrants, selling them to The Bastard. Using his paramilitary training hilario and his father were able to cause enough chaos to escape. In the escape Hilario, confused, became separated and began walking through the desert back to Mexico.

While wandering the Chihuahuan desert in a reptile form an agent of Gabriela Guzman locates him and brings him to Delicias. There he learns that there were no survivors of the action at the border. After a suitable cover story is created and some time to come to grips Coci is sent to the MMCO to learn how to use his powers. At the MMCO he is studied in detail, and exposed to a number of mutants with various powers. After less than a year at the MMCO his homosexuality is dramatically revealed as the result of a successful seduction attempt.

While he is officially listed as an exchange student within 48 hours of the incident and sent to Whateley, it's common knowledge among the staff of the Colegio that he was deported for being too fruity.


Hilario's mother was a full blooded Naso Indian and he has the look of it. He's got dark skin, dark eyes and hair, and the thick boned solidarity of the native mountain people. It's that build that makes it so easy for him to put on weight, and given half a chance he'll eat himself obese in addition to being heavy set. While they don't usually show, he's got the faded scars from repeated childhood beatings on his back. Much fresher is the ragged V shaped scar on his upper lip, a reminder of his first week on campus.


Hilario is a extremely powerful Omni Mimic within his limitations. As a Slow Acting Non-Ranged Mimic he is capable of copying every aspect of a person including appearance, mutant powers, abilities, skills, and even memories given at least an hour's contact with the subject. With a large enough sample of viable DNA he can mimic the powers and abilities of the donor. He can mimic nearly every aspect of any animal is he is provided a DNA sample.
His mimic power is the trigger for his shifter powers. While he can take any shape of equal mass and keep it indefinitely, along with all the powers of that shape, he requires someone or something to mimic. His scars seem to carry over to every form he takes, making it easy to pick him out regardless of who he happens to look like at the time.
As a secondary function of his ability to eat anything and analyze it, he can consume and incorporate inanimate materials into his body. He's shown an ability to memorize several different forms, as well as combine aspects of multiple subjects and materials with a great degree of precision.
Without a subject to mimic Coci's only super powers of note are his sense of taste and ability to digest anything he can get in his mouth. His sense of taste is as discriminating as a bloodhound's sense of smell, and he can often be seen panting to better taste his surroundings.


On his own Hilario's only exceptional skills are his ability to cook and speak Mayan.
As well he has an imprint of the memories and skills of a teenage girl he can use at will.
However he's absorbed the memories of a soviet trained special forces operative, giving him access to a lifetime's skill in unconventional warfare, combat, and torture.


Item 1

Hilario's pride and joy is his chef's kit. It's a canvas roll of cooking knives and tools, his favorite of which is a long carving blade with a damascene surface. That knife is very old, and tends to give psi sensitives the creeps.


Hilario is a very relaxed and easy going person, preferring to avoid conflict and focus his interests on his two great passions in life. Cooking and boys. He makes friends most easily with girls, although he does not find it too difficult to conceal his orientation from his male friends as well.

However, as a homosexual living in a culture that encourages machismo he's learned that deception is often the easiest way to live the type of life he wishes. As such he's deeply in the closet, hiding his true orientation under layers of deception.


Hilario currently does not have the ability to control his power. When exposed to viable genetic material for greater than 20 minutes he WILL shift to match. If such a forced change occurs while he is unconcious or unprepared, he often forgets who he is and is overwhelmbed by his copied memories and attributes.



  • Class of 2011
  • Exchange Student
  • He is officially enrolled in La M.C.O. Colegio del Distrito Federal and listed as an exchange student to Whateley. He's a trainee agent of the MMCO, and has access to American MCO resources in theory.


  • Twain Cottage
    • Roommate: Igneous
  • Home residence
    • Delicias

Group Affiliations

  • MMCO

Romantic Relationships

  • Zai

Personal Enemies

  • None


  • To the best of his knowledge hilario has no living relatives.
  • His current guardian is Gabriella Guzman


While on the surface Hilario seems normal enough, he's actually the product of five decades of research by some of the finest minds in the Third Reich. His father was a willing volunteer for South American Nazi experiments into creating super soldiers that had been on going since the end of the first World War.

While the experiment his father was a part of failed to grant any mutant powers he went on to serve with distinction as a death squad captain and later became the leader of the secret police in Panama, reporting to Manuel Noriega personally. It was his actions at this time and during the invasion that followed that earned him charges of "Crimes Against Humanity" by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Although powerless, the Nazi's did successfully alter his genetic structure. When combined with the mutant genetics of his mother hilario was born with the ability to be exceptionally powerful and versatile. However his father was forced to flee the country after the murder of his mother, preventing this from being known.

Once the surviving Nazi's gain knowledge of hilario's existence they will stop at nothing to reclaim their most successful specimen. His genetic material shows signs of engineering, that is when it's not busy mimicking someone else. If captured by Blitzen and the remaining members of ODESSA, he'll be used as the basis for an army of cannibalistic monsters.

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