Code Violet

A bunch of sophomores (As of the 2007/8 year) that have banded together since, to put it bluntly, they seem to be stuck with each other, and there is nothing like having a couple of friends at your back.

This team contains every character that SmallBurnyThing will probably ever write about that's actually made it Whateley, and he has, on occasion, pulled them out in RP.

Please note that a lot of their equipment and techniques will be dependant on the year in which they're RP'd, along with abilities they're willing to show in public as a lot of their character development is stored in rough notes on SBT's HDD.

Team Members:

Leader: Reaver

“So I'm a freak, sue me.” —Reaver

Reaver was appointed the teams leader by virtue being the only one that wanted the job. She's a slightly sardonic creature who's recently come to the realisation that life sucks, and then you die. With a tendency to behave slightly haphazardly with her own safety, she treats Locke as a safety blanket to bail her out of trouble and a meddling older brother, in equal measure. Only time will tell if becomes anything more.

Her and Sprocket have been friends for years, pre-manifestation, even if the strange beleifs of her parents made the other girls parents frown on their friendship. It has, unfortunately, grown a little strained with recent events and the arrival of Meek.

Normally seen wearing her characteristic bomber jacket, white shirt and tatty shoe combo, the slightly crystalline nature of her hair and stark violet eyes are enough to make most normals slightly edgy. Oh, and may the gods help you if you hurt one of her friends, because she'll enjoy ripping you to pieces.

Official Classification: EN-4, GSD
Weaknesses: Volatile Crystals, Normal Human Weaknesses

Second in Command: Locke

“I'm not her stalker, or her boyfriend. I just keep her alive.” -Locke, regarding his relationship with Reaver

Locke is the regular dark horse of the team. Most of the time, he acts as though the schooling he's undertaking is a joke and that he's seen all of the petty rivalries, disagreements and other stuff before, and frankly, he was sick of it the first time. His schedule consists almost entirely of Magic and Combat classes, and his free time is spent either with Reaver, or following her at a discreet distance.

As a Genre Savy, Crazy Prepared (with the TVTropes links to back it up) warlock, Locke is surprisingly paranoid about everything, and unlike Meek, he doesn't really have any justification for it, and finds making friends hard. He channels almost all of his abilities into preparing spells, trinkets and other stuff for use at the most opportune moment. For him, casting a spell in combat is a sign of desperation, not standard practice.

Appearance wise, his irises are completely black, with his left eye flecked with specks of violet. He is also never seen without a glove on his left hand, an old, slightly battered and almost bulletproof trench-coat, and his trusty quarterstaff (Normally holding two prepared lightning spells).

The administration is no longer allowed to take action against him at Reaver's request after an investigation by the Magical department.

Official Classification: Wiz-2, En-1
Weaknesses: Paranoia, Normal Human Weaknesses


“Ah. That looks like electronics, you want the other girl.” —Sprocket

Sprocket is a somewhat shy young girl whose been a friend of Reaver's from an early age. She's slowly coming out of her shell as her popularity amongst the less adept Workshop crew is increasing through her willingness to trade help and some of her widgets for other gadgets in turn. Her current interests involve staying out of trouble, making a couple of friends and finding out what the hell has happened to her powers since she accidentally landed herself in a coma for a month. (In her defence, Reaver's crystals do make a very good power source, if you can harness them).

Normally seen hanging around the workshop troubleshooting other peoples mechanical problems, she normally has her brown hair tied back in a pony tail and wears tight, long sleeved shirts to avoid stuff getting trpped in her projects. Baggy trousers and toolbets come as standard. She's also the only person in the team whose eyes have no purple in them, having a mahogany brown instead.

Her abilities are somewhat temperamental, resetting at random every time she sleeps, so, depending on the day, she can either be a mechanical devisor, gadgeteer, or just plain old human. None of her technical abilities seem to branch off into any of the other fields, and she occasionally finds herself with a subconscious telekinesis trait that allows her to assemble small contraptions with ease (it occurs more frequently with her devisor trait, however).

Official Classification: Gadgeteer-2 (Limited), Devisor-2 (Limited), TK-1 (Limited)
Weaknesses: Unpredictable abilities, Normal Human Weaknesses


"I'm sorry, who are you again?" —Meek

The God Mode Sue of the group, who will never appear in RP, Meeks origins and descriptions are best left to the fan fiction on the whatelely forums, The Collected Diaries of Meek.

She serves as the groups source of intelligence, paranoia and their second source of strange technical gadgets. (An Ex-5 intellect goes a long way to mimicking the Gadgeteer trait) She also needs a bit of retconning to make her powers even mildly okay.

Official Classification: Ex-5 (Limited), ESP-1, TP-2 (Aura)
Weaknesses: No physical exemplar traits, Memory Loss, PTSD, Insomnia

Associate members:



Despite the large variety the team has in pure abilities, it lacks the a lot of the common roles found in groups. There's no 'tank' for one thing, each and every member is as vulnerable to small arms fire as the next one, and they're well aware of that. They're also lacking in any form of healer and rely purely on modern weaponry for their long range support, acting as more of a SWAT team with spells and minor paranormal abilities.

Team Resources

None to speak of. They tend to meet in Meek/Reaver's dorm room (to the annoyance of some of the floor) and frequently rely on both Meek and Sprocket to construct and maintain their equipment. (Paid for by the campus jobs they all have). Locke also badgers the rest of them to let him produce tailored defence charms and enchantments for them to use, but the rest of the team has so far ignored him for reasons of their own.



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