Los Conquistadores

New Team: Los Conquistadores

Culled from the best and brightest students at the MMCO, Los Conquistadores fight to defend their home and friends. Los Conquistadores are a government sponsored super team formed by the Colegio del Distrito Federal of students too young to join federal teams. The five most capable students of the entire college are gathered and given special para-military training to maximize effectiveness in the defense of their school and fellow students.

The Team:

Leader: La Jaguara

Team leader by dint of the spirit she hosts great experience and skill, La Jaguara acts as the living vessel for the god Tepeyollotl. A high level Avatar and mid level Mage, she acts as best she can to control her unwanted guest. To protect her identity she wears a black Luchador mask with the face of a scarlet Jaguar on it. Tepeyollotl has gifted his host in four major areas in his efforts to gain full control of her body:

  1. She has a comprehensive knowledge of ancient Aztec hemomancy
  2. She is a Jaguar hybrid in form, physically equivalent to a high level exemplar with additional feline abilities
  3. She can scream loud enough to shatter stone, and throw her voice as echos
  4. She can command the earth to cause earthquakes and sinkholes

Second in Command: El Matador

Not crazy enough to challenge La Jaguara for the top spot, El Matador is a solid second in command. A high level exemplar and mid level PK superman, he wears a black luchador mask with the face of a scarlet bull on it. While he can do most of the standard PK superman tricks and is skilled in hand to hand, that is not what sets him apart. He has the unique ability to make his PK field glow red and shift to a minotaur like shape, complete with horns.

Hecho N Mexico

Tech Support for the team, Hecho is a capable Gadgeteer and Devisor. While none of the equipment he fabricates tends to last long, he almost never has a catastrophic failure and can repair anything that does break in moments. Hecho really shines when he's allowed to clean up the often third rate surplus gear the team is given, or custom build ammunition. He wears a black ski mask when on operations.


Plata is the least physically capable member of the team, but the most mentally able. She's a powerful telepath and empath, with both receptive and projective capabilities. She's generally able to locate any organic minds in a mile radius, and finds herself oddly attracted to concentrations of silver, gold, and copper. She wears a silver ski mask when on operations.


The newest member of the team is something of a mystery, the fifth member being a power mimic and shape shifter. At various time's it's been seen to use the powers and appearance of all the other team members, often more than one at a time. As well, it has been seen using abilities of other students on campus. Quinto wears an urban camouflage ski mask when on operations.



While in theory they have access to the same equipment as the rest of the army does, in practice the weapons and gear they are given is often older than the students, and in some cases old enough to be their parents.


As a team formed by committee appointment, not all of the members really like each other. Or perhaps, like each other TOO much.

Ops Log

Jaguara scowled as she sniffed the ground outside the townhouse. “Quinto is in there.” She hisses softly, pulling back the cocking handle on her battle rifle. “Little fucker has tacos too.”

“Why should that surprise you?” Matador chuckles, flicking off the safety of his machine gun. “Quinto always has food somehow.”

Plata just rolls her eyes and speaks into her radio, “Conquistadores reporting double confirmation of target. Quinto was taken as planned. Requesting rules of engagement.”

The group of mutants stands on a narrow street in Mexico City, concealed from view by the bulk of the van they arrived in. They are all dressed the same, wearing a deep blue uniform beneath body armor and long guns. Only the masks over their faces are different.

“I’ve got thermal working!” Hecho says proudly, an old Magnavox TV coming to life as the devisor junk attached to it shows them the insides of the house. A blob of heat sits at a table, hot dishes laid out before it. Half a dozen larger blobs stand around, the cold outline of guns visible against their body heat.

“Si Senior confirms they are not sanctioned. Recover the student by any means. Any survivors are to be brought to the tlachtli.”

All four members nod as they hear the voice of their head master over the radio. “Better that they die here than live long enough to see Mictlan.” Jaguara says, her brilliant feline eyes meeting those of each of her team in term. “Agreed?”

One by one the other four nod.

“How do you want to do this?” Hecho asks, looking up at the home become a target. “Blow the wall? It looks like its solid brick. I don’t think we can shoot through that and all the interior walls too.”

“Well however we do it, we should hurry.” Plata says, the small girl frowning. “At least one of them noticed the van, and I can only keep him from thinking about it for so long.”

Jaguara and Matador trade looks, and the feline girl sighs. “Cover me Plata.” She hisses. “I’ll take out the wall.” She draws a small obsidian blade and crouches like a sprinter behind the van. “Form firing line once I’m clear.”

Plata reaches out to touch the mind of Qunito, “We’re coming in. You’re the diversion. Do something interesting.”

Inside the house, a pretty young girl handcuffed to the table sets down her taco and begins to sing the theme song to “Dora la Exploradora.” In moments everyone else in the house is absorbed in singing along! Whether it was their idea or not.

The noise covers Jaguara’s approach as she dashes up to the front wall of the house. Her blade bites deeply into the meat of her left thumb, and she writes on the wall. The Toltec pictograms are beautiful in their own way, but the command behind them is firm.

“Quinto’s got the one in the middle.” Plata sends to her compatriots as they surge out from behind the van, weapons at the ready! Plata touches the minds of her team, assigning targets. “We’re going to want that one alive.”

“On five.” Jaguara says, her rifle held steady on a man Plata shows her through the wall.

“One.” Plata cocks her sub machine gun and takes aim.

“Two.” Hecho cocks his rifle and wills his hand to be steady.

“Three.” Matador smiles beneath his mask, and gives the belt of his machine gun a little bounce to loosen it up.

“FALL!” Every speck of earth in front wall of the house obeys Jaguara, leaping back into the earth with a crash!

“FIVE!” Four rifles bark into the cloud of billowing plaster and paint dust, Matadors machine gun barking three times in rapid fire.

The house creaks as the roof sags, and Matador takes point as he charges into the slaughter house.

He really does not need to bother.

The kidnappers are all dead, laying where they fell in crimson splashes. There are only two exceptions; the slight girl cuffed to the table leg and the stocky boy in blue standing over her with a pistol.

“YOU IDIOTS!” he shouts, “You can’t stop me with puny guns like thaaaauughghgh!”

He falls to the ground choking, a broken table leg shoved down his throat by the now free girl standing behind him.

“You really shouldn’t have taken me.” Quinto purrs at her victim. “All that money you were given to kidnap a girl? What will it buy you in hell?”

Matador drags the traitor out into the street, punching him in the head every time he tries to take the wooden stake out of his face. As he’s bound with heavy chain his struggles grow weaker and weaker.

He’s turning the most interesting shade of blue when he’s finally bolted to the floor of the van and allowed to breathe again. His screams start the moment the girls hop into the back of the van. With the Psi and the Mimic both, there’s no need to keep him alive.

And Plata makes sure that he knows it.

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