Convair (Katrina Stanton)
Name: Katrina C Stanton
Whateley: Class of 2010
DOB: November 1991
Powers: PK-4 EN-3 EX-2 REG-2
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Confident, brash, and never afraid. She's Ben Grimm in a silver unitard!
Costume: Metallic silver super suit with her call sign and radio frequency stenciled on the sides.
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Grey with metallic silver streaks
Hair: Russet Red, worn in a tight braid pinned to the collar of her shirt
Face: She has a marked resemblance to an airbrushed Lindsey Lohan
Build: Slender, athletic, with good muscle definition and very attractive curves
POB: Las Colinas, Texas
Creator: Tsureai

General Description

Convair has an impeccable breeding as a fourth generation mutant. Among her relatives she counts some of the most powerful bricks, fastest fliers, and maddest scientists on earth. Convair herself is fond of saying that she's either the world's worst brick of it's best flier. Thankfully, she did not inherit the super intelligence and accompanying Deidricks that runs in the male side of her family, but rather the PK superman traits that run strong among her families daughters.

Convair never really got to be a child, as her father lost his job as an aircraft designer when she was little. Unable to afford their Texas home any longer he moved in with his brother in Loco, Oklahoma. His erratic behavior drove her mother to divorce, and she was the soul possessor of common sense in a house with sibling devisors. Raised by her devisor father, Convair inherited his love of airplanes and speed.

A small town girl at heart, Convair sees a Whateley education as her shot at getting out of Oklahoma.


Convair has an exemplar BIT that is, as the powers testers put it, "Significantly influenced by popular culture." She looks a lot like a cover photo of a young Lindsey Lohan. Her physical beauty is enhanced by the clothes she's forced to wear because of her field. Every single garment she has is spandex or some other clinging fabric, because anything that sticks out past her field gets ripped off! Because of this she's totally unable to wear most shoes, any skirts, or let her hair down.

As well, she carries her bag by tethering it to her waist with a steel cable.


Convair is super-humanly fast, her reaction times and thought processes peaking at 50 times normal human speeds. She needs that sort of greased lightning swiftness when she flies, as she can top speeds of Mach 3 when carrying her own air supply.

About as "Dumb" as a PK field can get, Convair's field is capable of exerting a maximum of two tons of force. When not under conscious control it does this against all matter, even air or the ground beneath her feet. Her field does not attempt to automatically stabilize her position, nor does it pass through any sensations of touch. Even when dialed back as much as possible she generates winds as she uses her field to push air to balance on her otherwise frictionless feet.

While she is unable to lower the field entirely of her own volition, she has learned to control her force field's output. She can open and close holes over her mouth and hands, to allow her to handle objects and do things such as eat and breath. Diverting most of her field power into thrust allows her to gain high speeds by pushing large volumes of air behind her. Or she can narrow the focus of her force and deliver devastating strikes along a needle sharp or razor edged surface. The only time she actually touches the ground is when she diverts all her field strength into lifting heavy objects.


Convair has a valid pilots license and is trained on fixed and rotary winged craft. After a lifetime of dealing with her devisor father she's fairly adept with mechanical devices and has practice disarming them when they go awry. Since getting her powers she's developed a passion for acrobatics, although a good part of that is simply learning to avoid things at high speed.


Mi-38 Integrated Avionics System

A soviet avionics package that provides Infravision, Ultravision, and a 10x Zoom function. Designed for helicopter pilots flying at night Convair uses it as a standard part of her flight equipment.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A pair of pressurized air tanks contoured to fit on her chest both beneath her costume and force field gives Convair one hours worth of breathable air.

Super Suit

The standard bullet resistant body stocking serves as her costume.

Halloween Costume

Convair is slowly developing a mecha musume costume based on the Tu-22M that includes bomb racks and a rear firing turret


Confident, brash, and never afraid, she's Ben Grimm in a silver unitard! Coming from a poor family she tends to be frugal as much as possible, and cares little for the more expensive things in life. Coming from the rural south has given her some bad habits as well. She speaks her mind without pausing to consider the social consequences of her words, something she has her father to thank for. While she doesn't think of herself as being so, Convair is a racist. She distrusts Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Jews by default. Oddly enough she's entirely accepting of GLBT sexual orientations and mutants with GSD. She's got her great Aunt Violet to thank for those tolerances.


Convair is not yet able to fully control her powers, and as such she's been unable to find a way to reliably deactivate her powers. At all times she's flying to some degree as well as being covered in her protective field. So far the only places she's been able to reliably open holes in her field are over the palms of her hand and her lips. While she is able to regulate the intensity of her output she's been strictly warned against trying to hold it in for too long. It's feared that without the constant output she might burn out.

As a practical result of this she is always generating some amount of wind as her field pushes against the air around her, and she tends to pressurize any sealed environment she's in. In small rooms she always tends to float to the center, at the mercy of ground effect interactions with her vectored thrust. The only way she can let something actually touch her body is to be drugged into a state of near unconsciousness. However her regen is rapidly making her immune to everything. Currently she has to take a horse sized dose of Ketamine and Flunitrazepam anytime she wants to take a shower or change her clothes.



  • Class of 2010
  • Student


  • Dickinson cottage
    • Roommate: That fat goth bitch no one likes.
  • Home residence
    • Loco, Oaklahoma

Group Affiliations

  • The Stantons

Romantic Relationships

  • Scram

Personal Enemies

  • Flutter: "Dear God some one get me a giant SHOE!"


  • Convair is one of the countless great grandchildren of Elizabeth Queen and Jason Stanton. Great Grandfather Warhawk and Aunt Battleship Lass were instrumental in getting her powers as far under control as she has them.


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