Name: Eric Egbert (codename Deadpan)
Whateley: Freshman
DOB: 1991
Powers: EN-2 (power negator)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Nervous and insecure, which he tries to mask with excessive bravado, with varying levels of success
Costume: None
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'5" / 1.65m
Weight: 63.21Kg / 139.35lbs
Eyes: Unremarkable, save for a vivid green colour. Unremarkable squarish glasses with metal frames.
Hair: Short and brown, usually scruffy, though can get a little long if he hasn't had a haircut for a while.
Face: Rounded, slightly-pudgy
Build: Slightly-overweight, though not excessively-so
POB: Northumbria, England
Assoc: Emerson Cottage
Creator: DaWrecka

General Description

Eric's story possesses a marked similarity to that of a handful of other English mutants, and to a rather more-significant number of American mutants. Having manifested while on holiday, he was quickly taken into the MCO's illegal custody after a hysterical idiot called them about a dangerous mutant. The fact that Eric hadn't even demonstrated any dangerous powers, or indeed any obvious powers at all was lost on said hysterical idiot. After the MCO learned that Eric had the ability of power negation, he became something of the golden boy of their research department. Not that this led to them treating him as anything but dirt. He was frequently brought out and forced to suppress the abilities of a number of other mutants, all of them held illegally, while the researchers tried to figure out how he was doing it. They were fed if they cooperated, and weren't if they didn't. Fortunately for every mutant alive, they failed miserably at every attempt to duplicate his power. This continued for almost two years, while his parents on the outside, with the help of the British government, struggled to get the MCO to release him and they claimed he never existed in the first place, until Doctor Chekhov executed a plan to rescue him and all of the other children they could. Now at Whateley, Eric is finding freedom harder to adjust to than he would have thought, though he harbours no illusions that it's an improvement.


Eric is a slightly-overweight nerd from England and looks the part. His typical attire tends towards the jeans/T-shirt ensemble, unless he's trying to impress a girl, in which case he'll typically wear… a less-scruffy jeans/T-shirt ensemble. He generally doesn't take a lot of care in his appearance, his main concessions to 'fashion' being that he will not wear a T-shirt for longer than a day and then won't wear it again until it's been through the laundry, and tries to make sure his clothing doesn't get unnecessarily-rumpled. Beyond that, all bets are usually-off.


Eric has the power to suppress the mutant abilities of one target indefinitely; However he must be within one hundred yards of the target, and the effect requires conscious volition to maintain. Some abilities are unaffected, however; These include Avatar and Exemplar, but a full list has not yet been compiled. Powers gained by an Avatar from their bonded spirit are similarly-unaffected. Additionally, he cannot affect more than one target at a time.




Eric has spent a little shy of two years locked within an MCO cell, and as such is a little socially-awkward. He has made the effort to get to know the other youngsters who were rescued by the actions of Dr Chekhov, including Scurry, Arctic and Bridget, but is still awkward around them, moreso around total strangers. He is uncomfortable of cramped spaces and makes a point to be outside as much as he possibly-can; This may, in time, pass, but it is not expected to do so quickly. His time in the clutches of the MCO has left him a little timid and paranoid, which he tries to mask any way he can. He tries not to let the insensitive remarks of others get to him, but if they're getting to a friend of his he won't be happy. Being an Underdog in a school like Whateley though, there's usually not an awful lot he can do.


Normal human weaknesses. While suppressing a target he has little concentration available to deal with other threats, and lacks the powers to do much anyway. Normal weakness to psi and magic effects, unless he is able to suppress those powers.



  • Emerson cottage (room TBA)
    • Roommate TBA

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