Devil's Advocate
Name: Bettie Heather
Whateley: Class of 2011 (Senior fall 2010)
DOB: 1993-07-07 (Freshman as of Fall 2007)
Powers: Ex 4, Man 4c(fire), Wiz 0.5 (Affinity for darkness and fire spells), fireproof (so far), GSD (Minor) horns and tail
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Attracted to females and males
Demeanor: Basically nice, often kind, lacks modesty, prone to TMI, has a nasty temper but doesn't lose it often
Costume: Blue bustier with red shorts, boots, and gloves. All have flame symbols on them.
Race: Caucasian who is part Lilim(Lust demoness)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145lbs.
Eyes: Average dark blue eyes unless she is VERY angry, then they glow red.
Hair: Black hair in bangs that is straight and about shoulder length. It feels more like silk than hair to the touch and is resistant to bleaching and coloring.
Face: She has two small red horns poking up from her temples, shoulder length black hair and dark blue eyes, otherwise Caucasian.
Build: Curvy, a classic 36,24,36
POB: Miami, Florida
Assoc: Whitman resident, Roommate Tammy, Girlfriend Alice Craft
Creator: Odin


Story: Her mother was touring as lead singer for a Metal Band when she experienced a night she did not remember the next morning. She considered it a warning and while she continued to tour she started to take much better care of herself. Shortly aftyer this new resolve she noticed she was pregnant.

She semiretired after the child, a girl, was born and moved to a Miami suburb. She still recorded new music but she didn't tour. Her daughter looked completely normal until the year she was to turn 14. She started growing small horns and soon after a small tail. Her mother fought successfully to allow her to complete the last month or so of 8th Grade but she knew her daughter, Bettie, would need a special school. Through contacts she found out about Whateley and enrolled Bettie for her Freshman year.

Bettie is in Whitman now and after dating a boy from Melville for a short while she is now in a relationship with Alice Craft, Alleycat. She has been invited to join the Gatekeepers.


She looks adult and has an air of "lost innocence" about her. Her hair is black enough that it is hard to see individual strands. Her lips are naturally a bright scarlet red and her fingernails and toenail match. Normally she likes the look but she occasionally uses specialty cosmetics from a friend at Whateley to change them to some other color.


As an Ex-4 she is very strong and fast and can create (Manifest) balls of fire that are either 1 or 3 inches in diameter. The balls of fire are 800 degrees F but if she concentrates on one she can raise that temperature to about twice that. Once she stops concentrating it will drop back to the default temp.


Bettie had learned some self defense before arriving at Whateley and enrolled in basic Martial Arts her first semester.
Bettie is a beginning mage but not very good at it yet.
She is an excellent swimmer and is good at many sports. Since coming to Whateley she has become fond of hiking in the woods.
She thinks she can sings but is horrifically bad at it.


She is happy and bubbly for the most part. She only gets mad when someone threatens or hurts her loved ones and best friends.
She tends towards TMI and occasionally embarrasses some friends with her lack of modesty. Her roommate is used to it by now.
She is a generous person who is willing to help a friend whether that means bringing them soup when they are sick or traveling to the astral plane to argue/fight with creatures there.


She can usually hold her own physically but her magic is weak and she has no defenses against mental attacks.



  • Class 2011


  • Whitman Cottage
  • Roommate: Tammy Short
  • Home is in Miami, FL


  • Gatekeepers

Romantic Relationships:

  • Gavin Johnson (Ex-BF)
  • Alice Craft (Current Girlfriend)


  • Human Mother
  • Lust demoness parent (Normally referred to as Other Mother)
  • Grandparents (Only on the human side)
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