Name: Diana Harkon
Whateley: Bluh bluh, fill it in later
DOB: February 21st
Powers: AV-4, WA-3lb, Regen-2, ESP-3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian/Georgesexual
Demeanor: Curious, willing to learn anything. Eager to help, open-minded.
Costume: None, yet.
Race: Elf(?), undetermined
Height: 5'9" / 1.7526 m
Weight: 325 lbs / 147.418 kg
Eyes: Black sclera, violet eyes with slitted pupils
Hair: Blood colored red hair, straight and reaching her waist length-wise.
Face: It's probably good, but hard to focus when there's razor sharp shark teeth.
Build: Curvy, yet toned. Quite busty.
POB: Tampa, Florida
Creator: Hat

General Description

To be filled in later.


For all intents and purposes, Dissent is something one would call a 'nightmare elf', if she can even be called that. Her skin is chalk white while her hair is blood colored red, with large elf ears that bobble and move in accordance to how she feels. With slitted eyes of a violet color on black sclera and sharp, pointed teeth akin to a piranha or shark, she's the kind of person that would likely end up scaring someone initially from their appearance alone.

Her figure does not help matters. Currently she appears quite busty with a chest size few end up matching, with fewer actually beating. This being Whateley, a majority of those people are on campus, so it kind of balances out. Likewise, Upstat and Claire have been working her quite a bit, so she looks fairly toned with a noticeable muscle definition. At least, this would be noticeable if she didn't always prefer wearing business slacks and a purple button shirt with a black waistcoat.


Currently Dissent hosts the Harkon family spirit known as Katve, a sort of shadow spirit. Currently this gives no benefit save for affecting how Dissent's warping works and some nightvision. Katve's sort of a lazy spirit like that; yes Dissent is technically a hell of an Avatar since she had hosted the Glitch prior, but Katve is not exactly one for effort.

Her main abilities are her warping and her strength. She is capable of teleportation, her range relying on her knowledge of the situation (she can go a few miles if she's aware of how the target area appears). Otherwise she is limited to what she can sense and what she sees. Even then, she cannot harm anyone by porting something into people, or porting biological parts off of them, or anything of the sort. She can take people with her, but that tends to strain her if she does it more than a few times. Strength wise, she is capable of lifting up to 1,100 pounds, and any more will cause serious problems.

She has a fair sense of hearing with her elven ears, and she possesses various senses due to her biology. She is capable of spatial senses and electroreception up to a hundred feet around her, but she must focus on a target to get a high sense of accuracy just like sight would require. As a result all one would need to do is wait for her to be distracted and those extra senses would be nulled to a large extent. Her vision is relatively unhampered in darkness due to her eyes.

She has a small healing factor, but this is not feasible in actual combat. It helps more with exercise and other minor injuries taken from day-to-day life.


Dissent has a considerable amount of skill in cooking, due to experimenting and going with it since the age of six. This allows her to adapt her cooking skills to cater to almost any person within reason (things like cooking coal or serving up metals/chemicals is ridiculously out of her league).

She is also incredibly perceptive, taking note of details and piecing them together in a short amount of time. This gets muddled when someone throws in false information, naturally. She's also booksmart in behavioral sciences.


Knife Bracelet

A gift from Upstat. It is a cloth bracer that can be worn under her clothing, and stores a sort of liquid metal in the cloth. Upon pressing a section the metal will form into a small teardrop blade which then slides into Dissent's hand to be thrown. It is the same as a standard strength knife, which means it relies upon Dissent's strength to do damage. She must carry cartridges in order to reload the metal when it has run out.


Dissent is often curious and determined. She likes finding out about things, and she enjoys researching various applications and knowledge of powers, myths, and legends. She's also determined when she sets her sights on a goal, refusing to do anything half-way. Part of this stems from a lack of self-confidence and self-assurance due to the events of her first Spring Break in Whateley and her time with hosting the Glitch. As a result she'll often praise other people's accomplishments while downplaying her own.


There are currently some weaknesses that plague Dissent. Currently one being that she is limited to working with shadows or darkness to ensure her teleportations do not drain her. If she forgoes the use of darkness then her warping tires her out faster than it normally would. She also requires a high intake of food, which means when she is tired out she either must locate a source of nourishment or her combat efficiency lowers dramatically. If she is without some kind of nourishment for thirty-six hours she starts to show serious physical problems.

Due to her sensitive hearing, loud noises or sonic weaponry is quite a problem for her. This requires a sort of hearing protection in order to fix. Likewise, her ears are so sensitive that were someone to grab them the sensory overload would leave her near unable to fight back without determined willpower. Her skin (particularly her scalp area) is also somewhat sensitive, meaning someone who is aware can use this to their advantage.

She also has a deep phobia of guns and firearms, and will be fearful enough when seeing them that her behavior immediately changes, losing any confidence she had. This means she must either throw things to have range or get within melee range to attack an opponent, which can be exploited. Going up against them will likely show a decrease in her skills or assurance in her actions.



  • Class of yyyy
  • Faculty/Headmistress/etc.


  • Poe cottage
    • Roommate: Alithea (Toolbox)
  • Dunwich Town (Harkon Residence)
    • Family: Dr. Leena Harkon (Bogeyman)

Group Affiliations

  • Trusting's training team (name withholding)
  • Workout Crew (name also withholding)

Romantic Relationships

  • George (Maidman)

Personal Enemies

  • Four Horsemen (Technically; it's complicated)


  • Dr. Leena Harkon (Bogeyman): Legal Aunt (adopted mother)
  • Dr. Karen Bowie (The Babe with the Power): Unofficial Second Mother
  • Rebecca J. Moore (Upstat): Best Friend/Keen Friend/Partner in Schemes


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