Distaff (Katherine Manwell)
Name: Katherine Manwell (born Phillip Whitfield)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (Freshman)
DOB: 1998-08-12
Powers: Wiz-2, ESP-2, EX-1
Gender: Female (Transgendered MtF)
Sexuality: Unsure
Demeanor: Normally quiet and withdrawn, but friendly and personable once approached
Costume: None yet
Race: Caucasian
Height: 4'11" (1.5 m)
Weight: 103 lbs / 47 kg
Eyes: Bright blue eyes, slitted vertically like a cats (they shine bright green when a light is shone directly on them)
Hair: Blond, shoulder length hair, slightly wavy. Usually worn loose, but often tied back in a low ponytail
Face: Cute, but not yet pretty. Normally wearing a pair of thin-framed glasses
Build: Slim, lean build, tending towards agility and flexibility over raw strength
POB: Los Angeles
Assoc: Whitman resident. Curr. no roommate. No team affiliation. Shift, self-adopted older sister
Creator: Alphacat

General Description

Philip was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was quietly living the life of a quiet, shy nerd when he was one day kidnapped by cultists, his body and soul used as a sacrifice to revive the body of one of the cult's fallen, a talented mutant mage. His soul was transferred into the young mutant girl's body, and his old body given away as payment to a demon who aided in the ritual.

While the cultists attempted to bind Philip to their will, he was saved by the intervention of a magical taskforce backed by Colin Manwell. For Philip's protection, Manwell took him into his custody for a few months to protect and drill him in his new identity and powers, before sending him to Whateley, with a new name and identify: Katherine Manwell.


Distaff looks like a fairly average 13-year-old girl, although the low level exemplar trait does spare her from some of the agonies of acne and bad skin. She has no curves to speak of yet, and a very modest A-cup. Her bright blue eyes are slitted like a cat's, and in the darkness with a light shone on them appear as bright green. Her usual mode of dress is a pair of shorts, a t-shirt of some kind, and some sneakers.


Wizard-2: Distaff is an inherent spellcaster, currently specializing in wards and protection spells. However, due to the soul transfer process, Distaff is currently unable to store essence within herself. She is, however, able to manipulate essence from outside sources, so has taken to carrying playing cards with that contain both plain essence and prepared spells.

Additionally, Distaff has the ability to mentally join in with other spellcasters while they cast spells or perform magical ceremonies. This can have a variety of effects, including reducing spellcasting time, and increasing the strength or efficiency of a spell. This assistance relies on an empathic/telepathic contact between the two mages, and is largely voluntary.

ESP-2: Magic sense: As most mages can, Distaff is capable of detecting magic, but also has the ability to see and smell it. She can identify smells she has encountered before, but is learning on identifying the characteristics of different smells.

Enhanced senses: In addition, Distaff's mundane senses are also heightened. Distaff's eyes have a vertical cat's pupil, and are capable of seeing in similar nighttime conditions as a cat can. Her hearing and sense of smell are also enhanced similarly.

Exemplar-1: Distaff has good looks, but no more so than any baseline might possess.


In addition to her magical studies, Distaff is studying computer science, as her initial interest for her career field.


Deck of Cards

Because Distaff is unable to store essence internally, she relies on a deck of card that contains a store of essence, and pre-cast spell cards. Eschewing the traditional playing cards and tarot cards, her deck consists of mainly Magic: the Gathering cards, with a smattering of other card games.


Quiet and unassuming until noticed, but tends to be friendly once approached. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will endeavor to keep her friends on the straight and narrow. Behind the quiet, shy personae, she's developing a strong backbone and conviction for herself, perhaps rising to the challenges of being in a new environment.

Despite possessing a clear sense of morality, she doesn't envision herself as a ''hero'', and has no qualms about involving the appropriate authorities in a given situation and deferring to them for appropriate action. She will stand by her friends if they're doing something moderately shady, though she will dislike herself for it.

Most importantly, she is normally always willing to help out (within reason), but is also smart enough to realize when she's being taken advantage of. This correlates to her future aspirations: She doesn't believe she'll ever be good enough to be front line on a superhero team, but she can contemplate the thought of being support staff for one, running computer equipment or acting as a consultant on magical matters.

Her helpfulness is also a drawback: She only belives she is worthwhile while assisting others, and not capable of standing on her own. Her modesty stems from this fact. She also easlly grows impatient with people acting illogically or not doing the right thing.


Normal baseline weaknesses.

Heightened sensitivity to stimulii: Her enhanced senses can be overwhelmed with a strong enough burst of ilght, sound, or smell.



  • Class of 2001


  • Cottage Whitman
    • Currently no roommate
  • Home residence - Manwell Estate in Los Angeles

Group Affiliations

  • No Group Affiliations Yet
  • Considering an offer from Teegan to join the Gatekeepers

Romantic Relationships

  • None, Currently

Personal Enemies

  • None


  • Colin Manwell: Guardian
  • Jennifer McPhearson: Personal Assistant, older sister figure
  • Shift: Adopted Big Sister
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