Name: Dracodyne (born Bar)
Whateley: Freshman
DOB: Date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd format or just yyyy if only age is known (age nn as of 20yy-mm)
Powers: e.g. WA-4:db;gi;eb, EX-3
Gender: Male/Female/Transgender x-to-y
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bisexual (if indeterminate gender, use "Attracted to (fe)males" instead of "Homosexual")
Demeanor: Brief description of how she outwardly behaves, in both attitude and speech
Costume: Brief description of superhero/supervillian/etc. outfit, if available
Race: Racial background (species if not homo sapiens, e.g. Sidhe or Class X entity), include nationality.
Height: x'y" / n.nn m
Weight: x lbs / y kg
Eyes: pure Cerenkov blue
Hair: Brief description of hair, including color and preferred hairstyle
Face: Brief description of face and head
Build: Brief description of overall body build, including bust-waist-hip measurement if available
POB: Place of birth
Assoc: Hawthorne resident (room nnn, see roommate?), team?, girlfriend/boyfriend? (girlfriend/boyfriend), ~enemy?
Creator: Xdrake

General Description

A brief description of the origins of the character and misc. details not covered by other categories.


…"Looking like a wingless dragon compressed into the shape of a 14-year-old girl. She has a flat, black disc implanted on her right forearm and a pair of welding goggles pushed up onto her forhead, her eyes are pure Cerenkov blue."


Described as low-level deviser/gadgeteer. "oddly non-radioactive."


Any other skills that make the character stand out.


Item 1

(Omit this whole section if character has no items of importance.) Info on any important item that this character has, including artifacts, devises, devices, etc. whether actually equipped on person or not.)


How the character behaves and should be portrayed in stories.


Can't be around kryptonite under a full moon? Let us know here.



(Omit this subsection if not related to Whateley)

  • Class of yyyy
  • Faculty/Headmistress/etc.


  • Hawthorne cottage (room nnn)
  • Home residence
    • Another resident
    • or (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • Group

Romantic Relationships

  • Character

Personal Enemies

(Don't include enemies of team)

  • Group or character


  • Name: relationship to character
  • or name?: relationship to character
  • or code name? (real name): relationship to character


Add any other subsections as needed or under a generic Misc section. If none, omit this section.

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