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Field Trip of the Dead!!!

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Tsureai: « Chapter 1 »
Tsureai: The country side rolls bye for mile upon mile, a vast dry emptiness of gently rolling hills covered in sun baked earth and twisted scrub brush. The only consistent green is the patches of cactus that stretch for miles, and the tiny leaves on the thorn heavy mesquite trees. The summer temperature is nearly into triple digits outside the bus. Inside it feels like an oven, forty kids packed in tight on synthetic leather benches.
Chloe is now known as Wendy
Wendy pulls a well worn deck of cards from her backpack and eyes the students sitting across from her. "Card game?"
Tsureai: Clustered near the front of the bus are the staff overseeing the trip. Ms Wesker is sitting nearest to the window. She's tall, strawberry blond, and undoubtedly the hottest school counselor in the state. The heat of the day has made her take off that silly little vest she usually wears, much to the delight of Mr Redfield.
Schism|Adagio is now known as Jason_Jones
Jason_Jones: Jason Jones, quarterback, is not having a good day. Sure, it sounded like a great idea, taking a field trip instead of another day of classes - but at this point, he'd be happy just turning the bus around and getting out of this hellhole. The leather of the bench creaks under him as he adjusts his seat, taking up most of the bench, a perpetual scowl on his sweat-lined face. All this, and he didn't even remember to pack his MP3 p
Jason_Jones: 'At least the view is good… some of the time,' he mutters to himself, ostensibly staring out the window while catching all the glimpses he can of that hot counselor. It's enough to put him into a reverie until Wendy snaps him out of it, his brain slowly clanking back into first gear. "Wha. Card game?" He chuckles darkly. "Whythefucknot?"
Drunkfu: My. Redfield is the complete opposite of Ms Wesker. He's old, ugly, and mean. He lost an arm in the "war" (he never specified which war that was, though), and seems to hold it against every kid he's ever taught in shop class. Some theorize he never was in a war, and instead suffered from an accident involving a grievously misused screw driver. He was probably from the era where it was okay to eye a broad when she has her display set out.
Ditto is now known as Buddy
Tsureai: The portly, sweatier than normal, one armed shop teacher is just this side of leering at Ms Wesker. But every time he's about to openly say something, tiny Ms Sugita elbows his pale paunch. The dark little Nepalese science teacher glares at him, mutters something dire at him in Nepali, and then does her job of actually watching the students.
Taveena is now known as Sammy
Wendy is dressed chastely, to the disappointment of her peers - loose comfortable clothing leaving everything to the imagination. Black hair frames her face, which is looking questioningly at Jason. "When did you learn to count to ten?"
Sammy: A blonde girl, with her hair up in two tight pigtails and a tube top that leaves NOTHING to the imagination, stared longingly at Jason. She sits at the back of the bus, trying not to be noticed.
Buddy: Buddy, the 'bud with the bud', as he was sometimes called, slouches with one cheek mashed against the bus window. Bloodshot eyes watch the slow progression of the arid roadside as long fingers contact-juggle a much-abused hackeysack.
Jason_Jones lets out a growl, biting back a swear. "Fine," he notes with his usual grace and candor, "Play with yourself then. S'not like anyone else would." He doesn't have to take that from some sardonic little bitch. Instead, he slumps in his seat again, staring out the window, hoping that someone else might take off their clothes. An eyebrow's raised as he looks back at Sandy, leering at the shy girl for a moment or two.
Sammy: Sammy… blushes in the attention. Clearly, wearing this little was a good idea! And her mum said it made her look like a slut. What would she know?
Buddy: "Maaaan…" Bud drones as he stares out the window. "Y'know how vultures go round-and-round a guy on the ground?" He pauses, chuckling at his doggerel. "Eh, well… what if it was a -vulture- on the ground, right? What goes around it?"
Drunkfu is now known as Daniel_Anderson
Wendy shifts a bit in her seat, and rolls her eyes at Jason.
Sammy glances at Buddy. "M-more vultures?" she mutters.
Daniel_Anderson was big the way most kids thought of bigfoot as large. He had some freak-show genes in him, and was a decent 6 foot already, with a MacGuyver mullet and a thing for military surplus clothing. He had the weight to throw around, and he was known for doing it. There was some poor geeky kid that got stuck next to him he was shoving aside so he could lean over the back of Sammy's seat and grin down at her. "Now THAT's a view."
Sammy blushes again, murmuring a quiet 'thanks' under her breath.
Buddy lets out a raspy chuckle. "Vultures ain't cannibals, baby. Only people do that sorta thing. Law of nature."
Jason_Jones licks his lips a bit, taking in the sight of Sammy - well, until Daniel gets in his way, that is. The huge guy was about the only other person on the bus to match Jason's stature, and to put it lightly, the bus wasn't big enough for the both of them. Especially on a 4-hour drive to nowhere. Once more, he grits his teeth, pulling a bit of sandwich from his bag. At least chewing on something will keep him quiet, rules be damned!
Sammy: "I-I think a lot of animals d-do it?" she mumbles, hesitantly.
Daniel_Anderson slurped when he noticed some drool escaping his chin. Shoot, from his perspective, Sammy's top was clear enough of a view he could probably see right through to her lap. Despite having been in her class for a year, he chose only now to actually notice her. Not that getting noticed by him was a good thing. He noticed Jason's attention, and just SNEERED dirtily, saying to the girl while *eyeing* him. "Speaking of -animals-, mmm."
Sammy: Of course, Sammy rarely dressed like this, the normally nerdy girl taking advantage of the heat to, well, show a little more skin. The tiny daisy dukes she had on were, well… flattering, in a way… "H-huh? What about animals?"
Buddy: Bud smiles at her, lips spreading to reveal slightly yellowed teeth. "Yeah, baby… people can be animals… but animals can be -people-, ya dig?"
Tsureai: Wendy, Sammy, all the students feel the heat. Just, in different ways. For Wendy and Daniel they feel baked, their layers of clothes retaining heat and causing sweat in the pits and chest. For Sammy, with half her torso exposed, it's not nearly so bad. But the heat makes the vinyl seats tacky, to the point where every time she leans against it adheres to her exposed skin like masking tape.
Sammy: There's a little bit of a suction cup sound as Sammy pulls away from the chair to try and move away from Buddy, accidentally giving Daniel a better view momentarily. She scoots forward on the edge of the chair, hoping not to stick again.
Wendy slumps back in her seat. Her classmates have once again failed to spontaneously turn into interesting people, and her anti-perspirant is fighting a losing battle. She wipes a hand across her face and rummages through her backpack for something to read.
Jason_Jones: To say that these cracks are beginning to wear at Jason's patience would be an understatement of epic proportions. It's not helped by the sly grin of the stoner just across the aisle, or the weird way the guy speaks. If this weren't a bus, in the middle of the road, Jason would take Daniel by the seat of his pants and see just how well he bounced - or, well, he'd try to. For now, though, he marks down the guy in his mind - with a X.
Daniel_Anderson was a big sweaty big, and he never took off his army jacket. No one saw him without it, anyway, and in a state like Arizona that showed abnormal stupidity. He continued to annoy Sammy, mostly because he could see it was pissing off Jason. Got, he hated that smarmy jock. He could kick his ass, if he wasn't always surrounded by his boys… probably. He was pretty sure he knew how to break a nose in a punch. From TV.
Buddy: In this heat, Bud probably smells like an unwashed hemp bedsheet that's been wrapped around two greek wrestlers for the past month. He doesn't seem to care - it's a natural smell. Reflects the bounty of the earth mother or some shit like that, yannowhaimsayin'?
Daniel_Anderson: "So baby…" He leered down at Sammy, stinking, sweaty, his mullet impervious to gravity. "I never noticed your talents around this school. Maybe you and I should do a pit stop. Ever join the mile out club?"
Sammy: Of course, with Sammy's new position, there's a different part of her on display. The naive girl takes the 'annoying' as though a prince were complimenting her on her ballgown, and… well, she's in a disturbingly good mood. "U-um, no? W-what d'you do?"
Adil is now known as Glacial
Wendy finally settles on a limp copy of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and tries not to think about why the bus smells like roasted roadkill. The museum had better be worth this trip.
Jason_Jones wonders for a moment just what, precisely, Daniel has that he doesn't… oh, right. A better view. He's right in the middle of this breaking-down wagon, his teeth grinding as he tries not to notice the thick, heavy smell of sweat, hemp, and what seems disturbingly like yak urine. At least he had the spontaneous good sense to dress lightly, in t-shirt and jeans… not that it helps much when he's practically sweating liters.
Daniel_Anderson wasn't used to the 'hotter' girls in class actually responding to his advances past the first slap on the cheek, so this girl - she was probably an exchange student or something, judging from how easily flattered by the big American - was easily his type. Meaning she was slutty looking, and she hadn't kicked him in the balls and screamed "Pervert!". He was obviously eyeing her chesticular area when he said,"Oh baby, you'd be doing MOST of it."
Daniel_Anderson: "Oh baby, you'd be doing MOST of it." Just then, as if through teacher ESP, at the front of the buss the one armed bastard himself shouted back at Daniel like he was half drill instructor. "MISTER Anderson! If you don't sit your butt down I'll have you cleaning up shop for the rest of semester on your own!" Grumbling in response, Daniel glared at the geek he was sitting besides and sat back.
Sammy frowns, confused. "But I don't know what we're doing?"
Daniel_Anderson happily informs anyone within griping distance about how he could shoot that guy from half way across campus if he had a gun, or wanted to.
Wendy hides her face in her hand, then pushes herself out of her seat to explain to Sammy just what the big guy wanted, in a long whisper punctuated by extremely graphic gestures.
Sammy blinks. Then blinks again. She pauses for a moment, then… whimpers, trying to move away from Daniel.
Jason_Jones sets a grin towards Daniel, and a leer towards Sammy, his mood suddenly much improved. He's still got the inclination to kick Daniel's ass the first chance he gets, but this'll do for now. He's a bit curious just /how/ that normally nerdy girl doesn't have the faintest clue about sex, but as Wendy wanders over to explain, he raises his eyebrows in the standard smarmy manner.
Sammy turns around and hisses at Daniel. "Why didn't you say you were talking about SEX?"
Wendy concludes with, "Girl, you need to educate yourself, or people will take advantage of you, and saunters back to her seat."
Buddy chuckles, breaking off to cough as something resinous dislodges in his lungs. "People're animals… all part 'a nature."
Daniel_Anderson: -It was still extraordinarily hot, because, well, they were driving through the arm pit of Arizona in a shitty school bus. It had already been around 2 hours of travel time when, looking quite flustered, Ms Wesker stumbles in the rocking motions of the vehicle to stand in the isle and try to get the attention of the students within. Well, she had half of the students attention the second she jiggled to standing up. "Okay, attention! Attention class!"
Daniel_Anderson: The woman fanned herself with a folder she'd used to hold the roster in. "Attention, class! Do I have your attention? Okay. Well, we're going to take a quick stop at a gas station, and I'd appreciate it if you were all on your best adult behavior! I know you can do it…! So, no shoving, and clean lines to the restroom! I-I mean when you, you know. Um."
Jason_Jones hehs, more than a bit sad that Sammy's not quite as likely to show off… but at least Daniel's getting flak for it instead of him. That stoner's getting on his nerves a bit more, though - and he marks a spot on his mental calendar to get that hippy for something, if only for this STENCH. Finally, his brain's dragged from that angry state to a suitable gutter. Standing at attention… even if he's not likely to stand for a
Daniel_Anderson: Mister Redfield quickly took control and stood up, his gruff billy goat beard stuffed out as he glared back at them. "You heard the lady, you little ba-…children! It isn't too late to turn this bus around!" It was, but hey. "They'll be no swarming the snack shop! YES there is a snack shop, but, I HEARD that mister Anderson!" he snapped, glaring at the back of the bus. Then, emphasized. "BEST behavior!"
Wendy zips her book away in her bag, and slings it over her shoulder. She's certainly not leaving it unattended round these hooligans. At the mention of food, she reaches into the pocket in her cargo shorts to make sure the dough's still there. Her shorts slither across her leg and she shudders. Too damn hot.
Buddy: "…there's -snacks-?" comes a voice of dazed wonder. Poor bastard's already half-baked…
Daniel_Anderson: Ms Wesker was up in a flash, just as the bus itself was nearing the stop. Before any of the kids could get up, she was glaring at a pair of kids making out in the back seat. "Excuse me! This is not your personal love motel for you kids to get all.. hot and… sweaty!" A few of the male students let out groans seeing the hot teacher saying that. "If you can't behave, we'll just have you two sitting in here the entier trip!"
Buddy: "Think how it'd smell, though!" a voice calls out.
Jason_Jones prepares to wander out with the rest of these gooks, planning to stay well clear of Daniel - he wants to think up the perfect type of prank on that military bastard, and figures that the rest of the team will help him out there. Snacks sound like a good idea… but not as good as getting out of this damned bus, stretching his legs, and… and… he loses his train of thought as Ms. Wesker mentions being hot and sweaty.
Sammy blinks. "U-um, I tried it online once?"
Daniel_Anderson: Ms Wesker was still chiding the couple in the back, so when the bus finally came to a full and complete stop in a completely hole in the ground, road-side attraction junk pile of a place that, indeed, had a gas station, and probably a port-o-potty instead of a bathroom, It was Mister Redfield and the smaller science teacher that was ushering the kids out.
Tsureai: The girl that looks up from the back seat is more than capable of causing such thoughts herself. In the very rear of the bus, unmolested up to that point, the prom queen and king were making out. Jacqueline and Lance, the wonder pair of the school. Lance was the epitome of renegade bad boy, Jacqueline the perfection of teenage girl in bloom.
Tsureai: She's in her cheerleader uniform, and as she stands from his lap she has some sharp words with her boyfriend. After all, for just a split second he'd been paying more attention to Ms Wesker than her. And it was unforgivable that he'd even look at such a bloated old hag when HER Barbi doll perfection was in his lap. With imperious self assurance she pushes past everyone to join her cheer squad, getting as much space as she can from Lance
Sammy stares at Jacqueline with much more than a hint of envy. What she'd do to look that good…
Daniel_Anderson: The stop itself boasted several attractions. A pony ride, a snake pit, the original bones of Shamu the whale, Nazi weapon memorabilia, a traveling exhibit on woman's suffrage, snacks and -cold- beer! An museum exhibit built into the rock face of a desert cavern! What it really looked like was a couple of shoddy buildings built up against a rocky hillside with some RV trailers parked alongside it.
Sammy … files out with the rest of the group, praying for a better seat later. Why did EVERYTHING mean sex now?
Wendy meanders over to Sammy as they exit the bus, and knuckles her on the shoulder. "You ever played poker?"
Daniel_Anderson: (basic layout; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/ranzatsu/Layout.jpg )
Sammy glances at the SNAKE PIT sign, beginning to shiver. She glances at Wendy. "A-a snake pit?"
Buddy: Bud is probably avoided; he's already left a greaseprint of the side of his face on the bus window; yet another one of his much-beloved 'bud spots' in his rasta graffiti series. He slouches off the bus with the others, looking around blearily before fixating on the snack shop. The stoner's stomach is never full…
Wendy rolls her eyes. "Probably nothing dangerous. But still… not my cup of tea." She looks around for any shade.
Sammy frowns. "B-but…"
Jason_Jones knows better than to spend more than an instant looking at Jacqueline - after all, she's Lance's girl, and he KNOWS what lies down that path. As he hops out of the bus, he immediately walks off about fifty feet, taking a few deep breaths and doing a stretch or two. (After all, he knows to keep every muscle in shape, even if he neglects the most important one.)
Wendy: "Maybe it's cooler in… the cave." She drops her voice on the last words, as if there's anything ominous about a ratty tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere.
Sammy frowns. "I-I'm gonna, gonna…. just go inside…"
Jason_Jones finally finishes those stretches, and takes a good look around. That sandwich was a good idea… and, well. He could always pick up more stuff at the snack bar on the way out. His eyes canvas the area, followed by a groan. "What a shithole!" Well, really, it is. Any semblance of civilization is more than countered by the ramshackle way this whole area's laid out.
Wendy trails Sammy inside, suddenly not so hungry as she sees the feast spread before her.
Daniel_Anderson: Inside the shop is rather typical of road side attractions of this type. It has cheaply hammered together walls and a fan that is of little comfort in this heat. The place is ran by a couple of older guys, one with his hair going white with old age, and who was probably manning the register as kids swarmed their snack isles, and the other the security card slash mechanic. Most of the snacks were under a buck, and student affordable.
Sammy … frowns. She goes through the snack aisles, searching for a drink.
Tsureai: Lacey briefly looms behind Wendy in the store, the tall athletic girl looking over Wendy's head at the selection of drinks in the cooler. "You have change for a 20?" she asks, digging into the pocket of her capri pants. Lacey has short brown hair, with her bangs dyed fire engine red. She's nearly as tall as the jock boys, but has the sort of rangy muscle that comes with playing field hockey in the nationals.
Wendy: "I should…" Wendy fumbles around in her pocket and pulls out a crumpled wad of bills. She straightens out a few ones and fives, and eventually comes up with seventeen dollars arranged in a ragged fan.
Jason_Jones finally follows the crowd into that pit stop store, suppressing a sneeze as he's brought nose to stench with Buddy again. He casts an appraising eye over Lacey, but doesn't push - he's got too much respect for a fellow athlete, and he's seen field hockey games in all their brutality. Instead, he turns to the snack aisles, picking up a few packs of chips that could probably be submitted to the National Museum of History.
Sammy pulls her phone out of her pocket, eventually deciding, simply, to scan the internet for anything vaguely interesting.
Sammy: She goes to a couple of Champion fansites, trying to find information on anything he's done lately.
Drunkfu: Lacey nods in appreciation to Wendy, grudgingly accepting the small change for the 20 and going off to pick up some health bars and to squabble with a dark haired little girl with a reputation of being an anarchist.
Wendy: Wendy shrugs and carefully folds the twenty, slipping it in her pocket with the rest of her cash. No point complaining about free money. She pulls out another wadded dollar bill and grabs a bottle of coke.
Buddy eyes some chips… then sees something even better. Pork rinds, dusted with Mexican heat and finely aged (you can tell by the dust on the top of the bag). He picks up two or three, then goes to the soda machine for a Big Gulp.
Drunkfu: Daniel rather purposefully bumps into Jason from behind as he's perusing the isles, snorting as his large belly takes most of the impact. "Oh. Oops. " He sneers, a pack of jerky in on hand.
Jason_Jones accidentally drops one of those chip bags - having picked up a bottle of New Coke along the way - and rounds on Jason, having had it about up to here. "What the fuck is your problem, asshole? I'm not in your way, so stay the hell out of mine." One more twitch and he might throw a punch, or something.
Wendy makes her way to the counter and sets the bottle down, the dollar bill next to it. "Nice day, isn't it?" She smiles.
Drunkfu: Daniel sneers some more at Jason. "Hey, I'm a BIG guy. I need a little room, don't cha' think?" Just as he finishes talking, a shrill scream is heard from outside. Then, a scream from something like an animal, and the wrenching of steel on steel. Daniel forgets what he was heckling Jason about and looks back towards the entrance. "The hell was that?"
Buddy guffaws. "Wazzat the two they kept on the bus?"
Sammy whimpers.
Jason_Jones nearly bares his teeth at Daniel, growling, "Yeah, I know you're a big guy. Too bad none of it's m.." His fingers twitch, and he drops his whole stack of chips and drink, the cola splattering across his shoes. "What the fuck?" he spits, heading straight for the door, snacks forgotten. That sounded very much like a female scream - and the wrench of steel on steel didn't sound in any way good.
Drunkfu: The old guy running the shop with the black hair turning white looked like all he needed was a spitoon to fit out the hickish stereotype. He gives a throat "Suuuure is." to Wendy, bored enough to take her money and give her the little change she was entitled too. The sudden screeching noises, however, snapped him out of his stooper. "Ma' princess…!" he murmurs, lurching to his feet. "Someones gone 'n hurt ma princess!"
Wendy grips the change painfully as she's startled by the sounds, leaning against the counter the register is sitting on. That scream sure didn't sound like a recording.
Sammy mumbles to herself. "Just… just a spider. Or something."
Drunkfu: Jason saw it first. Well, he didn't see what happened, but he saw the entire cheerleader swarm rushing away from where that pony had been corralled in. Ms Redfield and that dirty old security guard like guy was with them, and all the girls were cut and bruised and wounded. Jacqueline, the prom queen Lance had been macking on earlier, was in the arms of that old hick and looked liked something had been chewing on her.
Sammy blinks at Jacqueline. "Sh- she's your princess?"
Jason_Jones has a sneaking suspicion that spiders don't cause the sound of metal /grinding/ like that. His head turns to the old guy, wondering, "Your princess? Who the fuck's your princess?" He tries to shove his way through the crowd of students as well, finally… swallowing from a dry mouth. "What… the fuck just happened?" All of those cheerleaders look enormously bruised and battered - but why?
Drunkfu: The prime concern seemed to be on Jacqueline, but the girls behind had been caught up in some kind of accident. They headed for what was dubbed the 'security' room, an RV parked up along side the snack shack, as it had the First aid kid and telephone. The old man behind the counter sniffled once, and made for the door. "no! Ma princess! Ma princesss pony!" He insisted, making for the motionless pony in the heap of wreckage outside
Cocina: Jacqueline seems to have gotten the worst of it, second only to a brunette girl who's got some nasty burns on her left arm and cheek that seem to be weeping something crusty and blue. Not only does she looked chewed on, but she's been badly beaten. Something metal is wedged into her thigh, blood shooting from the wound every time her leg moves.
Wendy decides safe is better than sorry, and crouches down behind the counter the cash register is sitting on.
Sammy … looks sick. And rushes outside.
Buddy pushes back to the counter, laying down a couple of bucks for the pork rinds… and then reaching over the counter for a pack of rolling papers, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone's watching. He looks back, then down, sees Wendy… "Uh. Hi?" He offers her a dopey smile.
Wendy gives buddy a frightened look. "What is wrong with you? Oh… right." Her eyes roll, again. "Hi, Buddy."
Jason_Jones lets the old man go, sparing naught a thought for the old geezer - just looking about, and shouting, "Does anyone know first aid?" His eyes are drawn to that crusty, blue… /ooze/, and the gorge rises in his throat - especially at the sight of the blood spurting from the impaled thigh. "Oh god… that's not going to cut it, even…" What HAPPENED there? he wonders - then repeats that question aloud to anyone who's lucid.
Cocina: The cheer squad doesn't look so cheerful anymore. They're all pretty of course, all wearing the same pleated skirts and tiny tops. Only one girl keeps rocking back and forth, holding a clump of her own raggedly bleeding scalp in her hands. "I… I didn't know…" she whimpers in between sobs.
Drunkfu: Even Daniel looked a little pale when the girl with the horrific wounds was pushed into the side chamber, his beef jerky forgotten. "The hell! What the hell!" he announces quite proudly. He thinks he knows fifty ways to kill a man, and yet… none to heal them. The irony. Hay, Sammy's tits jiggle a lot when she rushes outside!
Buddy grins sheepishly at Wendy, tucking the pack of papers into his shirt pocket and dropping another couple of bucks on the counter. "Heya, Wendy-day." He looks over his shoulder again, then back at her. "Say, uh…"
Sammy: Once outside, Sammy proceeds to empty the contents of her stomach on the ground.
Wendy waits for the rest of Buddy's thought to arrive, and leans behind the counter to see if the shopkeep left a weapon.
Jason_Jones: (( Is the security guard busy helping the girls, or is he out of it as well? ))
Cocina: (( Security and most of the staff is in the security trailer with the worst of the girls ))
Buddy: "…uh… Oh!" He reaches into a cargo pocket on his pants and pulls out a ziplock bag of… green stuff. He jiggles it at her, lifting eyebrows in inquiry. "You wanna?"
Drunkfu: ((The door to it is quickly closed though, and the glass on the door is sort of old and scratched and hard to see through. From the groans and squeals, though, it sounds like they were pretty darned hurt up.))
Jason_Jones finds himself pushing his way over to the security trailer, then stops for a second… and turns to look for the rusted, hate-filled school bus, hoping that it's still intact. That sound of jagged metal was… ominous, to say the least.
Wendy purses her lips and draws in a breath. "Well, maybe it'll calm me down a little." Totally out of character, but she's a little shook up.
Buddy grins, then looks around in proper sneaky-rasta fashion (which isn't very). "Uhh… maybe go in those caves there?" He points to the back of the store, displaying an uncanny cunning for seeking a proper toke-spot. "Lighting up here'll prolly get noticed, yanno?"
Wendy nods, and reaches down behind the counter. She tugs at the wooden handle hopefully. "Maybe we should bring this…." she gives it another, firmer tug.
Sammy seems to have a lot of stuff in that stomach for a girl who seems to almost totally subside on mountain dew.
Cocina: Two more cheerleaders are huddled outside the door. One of them has nasty scrapes on her knees, blood trickling down into her thick socks. But she's ignoring that to comfort and hug another girl, who's holding her hand and whimpering as she looks at her dislocated fingers. Neither one seems much willing to move for jason
Sammy blinks at the dislocated finger girl. "A-are you-?"
Cocina: It's heavy. It's really heavy. But with enough tugging Wendy pulls the store security system out into the open. It's a double barreled shotgun, sawed off at just about 9 inches.
Buddy: "Hunh?" He leans over the counter, reading the label on the box with some difficulty. "Snug? A snugbox? No way-" And then she opens it and he sees the gun. "Holy shit."
Wendy: "Jesus, these guys were sure scared of something." She hefts it against her shoulder. "You know how to work one of these things?"
Cocina: (( Pistol grip only Wendy. Sorry, should have made that clear. ))
Jason_Jones winces at the sight of those dislocated fingers, shuddering before reaching out to shake the cheerleader by the shoulder. "Hey! What HAPPENED out there?" he asks again, eyes glaring at the entire area. "Where were you!?" He looks over at the pony pen - well, of /course/ the cheerleaders were cooing and squealing over the pretty princess pony. …now pony tartar. "Holy shit."
Wendy: (( whoops, she slings it pointing upward, barrel against her shoulder, then))
Buddy: His eyes bulge and he shoots back upright like a mousetrap. "W-whoa." He shakes his head, hands waving back and forth. "No… no guns, okay? I'm a non-violent offender, Weds. Peaceful resistance and all that, right?"
Sammy pushes herself up, glancing at Jason, and wandering up next to him. "W-what happened?"
Cocina: The whimpering girl looks up at Sammy and Jason, a slight spatter of blood across her cheeks like she was caught in spray. All the cheerleaders have it, a spattering of bright crimson where they were caught in the arterial spurts. "it… It just went wild…" she moans.
Sammy: "T-the pony?"
Wendy points it at one of the displays, thoughtfully. "It can't be too hard, can it?" She straightens up and walks towards the cave. "But if you insist…" She sets it down on the counter.
Drunkfu: The incident with the pony and all the cheerleaders was apparently too horrific for the teachers scrambling about for a phone to notice Wendy brandishing about a shotgun and sauntering off towards the back with it to smoke pot with Buddy! Because none of them even think to say "Why do you have a shotgun on your shoulder?" Mister Redfield is inside the security RV with the worst of the kids, and Ms Wesker was outside.
Jason_Jones tries to think clearly again, shaking his head, stomach roiling. He wouldn't have even THOUGHT a pony could do this much damage… but then, he's no equestrian. He doesn't even know what the word /means./ So…Disaster happened. What's the first thing… RIGHT! "Does…is there a phone here? Did anyone see a phone?" he calls out, having left his backpack on the bus.
Jason_Jones: The jock's trying to man up, be the obvious leader here - which would be a lot easier if he didn't really, /really/ want to crawl under his bed until the nightmare's over.
Buddy: He nervously wheezes laughter. "Look, if you don't trust the bud, I can groove with that, yeah? The fuzz don't like to see mary jane and guns, eye-em-oh… but hey, free country." He looks from her to the gun, shrugs and turns to head for the cave entrance, joggling the reefer bag up and down like a kitty treat. "Whaddya say we get settled in and lit up?"
Cocina: Ms Wesker is pale, the blood drained from her face as she fumbles with her cell phone. "My.. My Cellphone has coverage." she says, dialing 911 as she speaks. "Girls? Come on… Jackie needs you…" She collects up all the cheerleaders, herding them into the trailer where they can't panic the rest of the students.
Sammy: "I-I have a phone?" she says, offering hers to Jason.
Wendy shivers and eyes the gun. "I'm more worried about whatever is outside than you, bud." She grabs it again, trying not to be threatening. "For my protection, right?"
Jason_Jones looks over at Ms. Wesker, the sight of the under dressed teacher no longer even remotely interesting on a libidinous level. Well, okay, maybe a little. He shakes his head at Sammy - "Uh. Keep yours… unless you know where we are? I mean, I know we're here, hear? Here, she's calling there, where we are, so let's bear…" He's rambling, and he KNOWS he's rambling, but it's hard not to, shaking like this.
Sammy: "I've, I've got GPS?"
Cocina: Lacey looks over at Sammy, "Well, it can't hurt to call for more help right?" she asks the smaller, sluttier girl.
Sammy whimpers. "R-right."
Buddy: "Protection, sure," he chuckles, pushing at the gate and cringing as it creaks and groans. "Good on ya for that female-empowerment thing." He finally pushes it open and holds it there, waving her in. "Ladies first?" Such a sweetie. He probably won't even ask her to pay for her share of the weed.
Sammy dials 911…
Wendy nods and swings around the gate, keeping her eyes at the front of the store until her elbow brushes against the wall. "Ack!" she yelps and jumps toward Buddy.
Cocina: When Ms Wesker opens the door to the trailer again those in the right line of sight can see Jacqueline laid out on a table top, a tourniquet around her thigh as Mr Redfield looks at the salad tongs that have impaled her.
Buddy is preoccupied with looking back at the store entrance, and he lets out a "Gahg!" before looking back at her. "What?"
Wendy: "Sorry, sorry." She backs away from him again. "Let's find a nice quiet corner."
Jason_Jones stares into the trailer, not entirely sure he's seeing things right. A pair of salad tongs? How…what could've done that? "Uh. Wh…" He looks around with a slightly glazed stare, then asks, "Say… uh, any luck reaching the cops?"
Sammy: ((Is there anything blocking the call?))
Drunkfu: ((No, you get through, and there's a completely calm woman on the other end asking you to state the nature of your emergency))
Buddy: He huffs a shaky 'heh heh heh' of laughter, stepping in behind her and pulling the gate closed. His foot bumps into a length of chain, two neurons in his head light up, and he picks it up, draping it over the gate's handle so it looks like it's locked. "Sure… hey, wait up…" he calls, stumbling after her.
Drunkfu: The teachers here are not at all incompetent, Ms Wesker is heard on her cellphone talking to what you'd assume would be the police already, and from the relief in her voice it sounds like they're sending help! The gated fence blocking off the cave int he back from the rest of the shop looks something like this http://www.microsteelcraft.com/sub-images/pro-08big.jpg and makes noise when Buddy pulls it closed.
Wendy ducks under Shamu's bones. "Over here, Buddy!" She leans against the cave wall, keeping her eyes lined up on the gate.
Jason_Jones is immensely glad that at least SOMEONE seems to be getting through. He slumps with relief - it's entirely possible that everyone'll get out of this without more than a scratch, even if Jacqueline seems to be having major issues in there. Then his eyes open once again as he hears the sound of the gate. "What the hell was that?" he asks, unfamiliar with the clattering noise.
Buddy: He follows the sound of her voice, turning in a slow circle as he looks at the cave and the exhibits in it. "Oh WOW. This is gonna be… like, Aladdin's cave-epic…"
Sammy: "Well, um, there's kinda been , um, a lot of injuries and I dunno how it happened, and, uh, we're at this cave exhibit thingy?"
Wendy: "Yeah, yeah, my nerves are really on edge. Could you hurry up with the joint, man? Bud?" She slips down until she's sitting, and lays down the shotgun carefully.
Buddy: "Sure,sure…" He plunks down next to her, fumbling open the pack of rolling papers and starting to roll a spliff. "What's gotcha so key-ed up? Vale-dick-tory stuff?"
Wendy punches Buddy. "Idiot. The screams, the bleeding cheerleaders… the clerk ranting about his precious. Gee, I wonder."
Buddy: "Ow!" He frowns, but manages to rescue the joint before it's jarred from his fingers, finishing it up and pulling his lighter out. "Wait, that shit happened? For real?"
Cocina: Jackie has her breath back, and is arguing loudly that she'll be fine if they'd just pull that damn thing out of her leg. The teachers step out of the trailer to argue about what to do, and converse with the EMS operator on the phone.
Jason_Jones tries to remember precisely what the problem is with pulling a chunk of metal out of someone's leg - especially if it's spurting blood. Sadly, his mind's working even less effectively than usual right now - enough that he starts wandering off, pacing and looking, very distracted, to make sure that the bus is all right.
Drunkfu: There was a pause on the other end of the line, and Sammy was assured that they were aware of the emergency and that help was on the way.
Sammy: "I-is there anything we should do?"
Wendy shakes her head, skittishly, eying the gate. "This is serious!" She pats the gun. "This thing ain't a joke."
Buddy gets the joint lit, taking a pull to keep it going as he passes it over to Wendy. "Tokes ain't jokes, neither…" he croaks, letting out a wheezy giggle.
Cocina: "She's HURT chris!" Ms Wesker insists! "Bull SHIT Mandy! It's not natural! I've seen men DIE from wounds shallower than that. She should have bled out in 40 seconds!" Mr Redfield roars back. Ms Sugita seems to be handling it best. "I don't think we should leave her alone…"
Cocina: There's a piercing scream from inside the security trailer, a full throated cry of agony as the dirty glass over the window in the door suddenly blossoms with a line of dark spots. Dark spots that slowly trickle down, and shine crimson as they thin out enough to be translucent.
Sammy blinks, and screams.
Wendy snorts a bit, and tries to remember some stoner comedy. "Dave ain't here, man," she drawls, then pulls in a bit of smoke and passes the joint back to Buddy.
Buddy: His laugh turns into a cough, and he looks up at the whale bones. "Man, that's one weird dinosaur…"
Drunkfu: The emergency operator talking to Sammy calmly tells her,"Just try to remain calm and wait for our emergency operators to arrive on scene! We're already speaking with one of the adults there, young woman. Everything's going to be alright." They hang up just before she screams, and Daniel had other plans. He didn't even notice the red when he was making his moves on Sammy, but she screamed he was backing off "I didn't touch nothin!"
Jason_Jones twists about at the sound of a scream - the glaze on his eyes disappearing as he breaks into a dead sprint, straight towards the trailer. "What the fuck was that?! What just happened?" He manages to get close enough to see the door clearly… and screeches to a halt as he spies the crimson drops on the foggy pane, his throat spasming.
Sammy raises a twitching finger towards the window.
Wendy nods and imagines the skeleton covered in scales. "Naw, man, it's a whale." She points at the flukes. "Those are whale hands."
Buddy: "No… waaaaaay." He giggles. "How's that even work? They got the hands down there and the airhole up top… what, they have to get a buddy to pick their nose?"
Wendy leans on the wall for support. "You know, bud…" she says seriously. "You are sooo funny."
Drunkfu: Daniel hesitantly retracts his hand from where he was going to try to plant it on Sammy's daisy duke's clad behind and looks up. "Huh? So what, they're having an all you can eat BBQ contest in there or something. Hey, why don't you and I go check out that porto-potty ouside… I bet it's… unoccupied." He waggles his eyebrows.
Cocina: The door gets pushed open, and a shaken and pale Jacqueline crawls out. She's got some blood on her knees, and she's whimpering like a baby in pain.
Sammy gives a disgusted look towards Daniel… then rushes towards Jacqueline. "A-are you okay?"
Jason_Jones stares at Daniel. Not just looks, but actually /stares/. He's a testosterone-crazed, sports-obsessed jock with barely enough neurons to qualify as grey matter, and even HE knows better than this. Before he can respond properly, though, he steps back as Jacqueline crawls out… his eyes widening. "What…" His eyes move from the cheerleader to the door, and back again, stepping backwards. She was just IMPALED…wasn't she?
Buddy chortles, taking another drag before offering the spliff back to her. "Me-hee-hee? Naaaaaaaaaaah…" He points up at the whale. "THAT guy, he's the funny one…" He lowers his voice, crooning like a whale as he flaps an arm across his chest. "Caaaaaaan yoooooooOOOOUUU piiiiiCk mmmmYYYYYYyyyyyy NOOOOOOOOOOOse?" he burbles.
Wendy cracks up and tries to stick her finger in Buddy's nose, her hand shaking. "Nooohohohoho," she chortles. "Incoming bogies!"
Cocina: Jacqueline looks up at Sammy with pain filled eyes, and she reaches out to the other girl desperatly as she comes near. For a moment it looks like she's seeking a hug, the cheerleader struggling to pull herself up against Sammy.
Drunkfu: Daniel, normally, seeing a hot chick crawling on her knees would have been "eager" to assist. But she looked… messed up. Part of him actually gave a shit, because, well, she was hot. Maybe she'd give him some service if he showed he was concerned or something. He stuffed his hands inside his army jacket and looked over when Sammy rushed to the crawling hot chick. "Is this some… girl thing? I didn't know monthlies were this bad."
Sammy: "I-I- W-what happened?"
Cocina: Her arms close tightly around Sammy, her smooth cheek nuzzling in against the hollow of Sammy's throat. But that need isn't metaphorical. It's real. Because the moment she's close enough she sinks her teeth into Sammy's neck and starts to worry chunks of flesh loose like a rabid dog.
Buddy: "Urrrrk-" he gulps, trying to pull away. "T-thatssss… notta blowhol-hee hee heee…"
Sammy screams, trying everything she can to get the cheerleader off her.
Wendy drops her hands to her lap, and blinks, slowly. "I feel… way better." She nods to herself. "Thanks, bud."
Drunkfu: Daniel was moments from grabbing the nearest nerd with a camera phone and forcing him to take hot lesbian cheerleader random slut pictures, when one of them sort of pushed the line from snuggling and playful hickies to ripping chunks out. "What… what the FUCK!" he exclaimed, clearly disturbed as he backed away.
Jason_Jones blanches… there's something /wrong/ about Jacqueline. Not sure what it is, exactly, or why, but the way she's whimpering is… -oh.- He stares, his eyes widening as he suddenly trips over his own feet, falling backwards, eyes on the two. "Fuck! What the f.. what the FUCK!" For the briefest of instants, he's almost compelled to help, but then fear grips his brain, and he begins to stumble towards the cave, constantly looking back…
Buddy: "It's what I dooooo…" he giggles. "Do. be. Doo bee doobie doooooo… fer you… and shamuuuuu…"
Wendy catches a faint echo of Sammy's scream, and shushes Buddy. "Listen…" She taps her ear. "Just listen."
Cocina: The cheerleader as a savage grip on Sammy as she gnaws away at her with mindless hunger, ripping and tearing at her tender flesh with the sort of desire usually shown for pork ribs. Sammy wanted someone to lust after her body… Now she's got the prettiest girl in school mounting her.
Buddy covers his mouth to stifle another giggle and listens. /Is that you, my whale brother?/ he thinks.
Wendy focuses her brain, and thinks /Buddy, can you hear me?/ as loud as she can. Drugs are supposed to focus ESP, right?
Buddy: "Whoa…" he breathes softly.
Drunkfu: Daniel had seen enough. Okay, hot chicks crooning and crawling over each other? he'd jump. Hot chicks ripping into one another and taking bites out of one another? He was going to find some safe place to… regroup and arm himself. Didn't this place have a nazi weapon display somewhere? He looked back towards the cave which had the gate infront of it, and pushed Jason on his way towards it.
Cocina: That screaming draws a chorus of groans from inside the trailer. The door pushes open and another Jacqueline crawls out whimpering with need as it follows the first to the scent of blood and meat. Followed by a third… Than a fourth…
Jason_Jones grunts as Daniel pushes him from behind - the fat army jerk managing to bowl the jock over, and in entirely the wrong way. He howls for a moment as he feels a twist in his ankle, the joint shifting painfully out of place. Damnit, if he gets out of here alive… he stares behind him, wondering just what the fuck's CAUSING this, his breath caught again as another… then another, and another all stumble out, joining in the feast.
Wendy: Yup, Wendy definitely hears screaming. She lifts the gun, and levels it at the gate. Who knows what's gonna come through?

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