Name: Eightball (John Doe)
Whateley: freshman
DOB: Unknown, assumed to be about 15
Powers: MAN-2cx
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanour: Macho behaviour when in interacting with people in general. This might vary from situation to situation however as he tries to be aggravating.
Costume: Normal clothes except that he always carries the cue as well when costumes are needed.
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'7" / 1.70 m
Weight: 150 lbs / 68 kg
Eyes: dark green
Hair: Light brown, kept short enough so it's low to no maintenance.
Face: Just a normal face
Build: Muscular, like he works out regularly or does lots of physical work.
POB: Unknown
Assoc: Twain, The Asylum, Cambia
Creator: Zimrilim

General Description

Eightball suffers from a complete lack of memories from before he found himself alone in a New York alley. This was about half a year before he ended up at Whateley. While he hasn't really picked up the accent much of his behaviour around other people has been modelled on the more disreputable inhabitants. This is mostly calculated but it has become something of a habit.


He has the look of a brawler and usually wears a leather jacket, with wider than usual sleeves, on top of a t-shirt and jeans. He is muscular but not bulky. His looks are otherwise pretty average.


He has the ability to manifest billiard balls within half a meter (just under two feet) of himself. He can program these when in direct contact with them or when they are primed through a focus object he is sufficiently invested into. As of now this is only his cue. These balls can fly around on their own as their program dictates.

The programmed actions are very simple. As of now they only include moving to static locations with or without a specified path. The only moving point that can be implemented in their movement is Eightball himself.

The balls can be made to do three things once they have completed their program. Disappear, do nothing or they are primed for a new program. Primed balls float in the last spot their program brought them where they will wait for a new program.

They can be dismissed at any moment by Eightball himself.


He plays a very good game of eightball, even without his powers, and does pretty well in most cue sports.

He has acquired some very decent cleaning skills in all sorts of environments from his near constant detention work. That this is also his job he doesn't tell anybody as he prefers to let them think it's just some more detention.


Magic Eightball

It's just a normal magic eightball but there is something about it that makes it important to Eightball. He carries it with him at all times. Anyone trying to take it from him or even trying to touch it should be prepared to fend of an attack.

Collapsible Cue

Just a normal cue, except that it can collapse in on itself for easier carrying.


When dealing with choices he doesn't know the answer to or he feels they are important he answers them with his magic eightball. He rigidly adheres to whatever the answer is that the ball gave him. In recent days he has been observed doing this less often. It is speculated that his interactions with Cambia might have something to do with this.

He experiences something akin to rager episodes when someone tries to take his magic eightball away. He'll violently reach out to the person doing this. This will continue for as long as he's concious, the other person backs down and he has the eightball away.

Eightball has two defining behaviours. The macho behaviour he uses as a calculated method of survival and his more or less obsessive need to be remembered by people. The way he satisfies this need is heavily influenced by his days with New York's worst. He does this by making people angry with or afraid of him. If it is by aggravating them, intimidating behaviour or even violence, it doesn't really matter to him as long as they'll remember him.

When this doesn't work, he's sure they will remember him or even feels some respect for the person he mostly has a indifferent attitude. He's not really one for keeping secrets and actually pretty honest when he's like this. He will try to keep up appearances of his macho behaviour but it has a tendency to slip at these times.


Baseline weaknesses, his magic eightball



  • Emerson cottage
    • Some guy

Group Affiliations

Romantic Relationships

  • Despite what he might boast if it suits him there's nothing really.

Personal Enemies

  • Obscurity


  • None known


The one person he really feels close to is Cambia. She won his respect after she beat him in a fight while wounded herself already and gained his trust afterwards. He doesn't really know how to deal with how he feels about her but he feels a strong need to protect her. She is the first person he has really opened up to that he can remember and as such can be awkward and unsure in his behaviour concerning her.

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