Equipose (Kristina Knight)
Name: Equipose (born Christopher Knight, currently Kristina 'Kris' Knight)
Whateley: Class of 2007 (freshman)
DOB: Date of birth in 1993-10-29
Powers: EX-2, Regen-3, Energizer-4
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Sweet girl, introverted
Costume: does not yet have a costume
Race: American, appears Asian
Height: 5'6" / 1.67 m
Weight: 100 lbs / 47 kg
Eyes: Slightly slanted, large almond-shaped, cobalt blue
Hair: Silky black, worn long and straight down to her ankles, sometimes in a ponytail
Face: Slender, delicate chin, cute pointed nose, full pink lips, Asian features
Build: Thin and athletic, tapered waist, lithe, dancer's build
POB: Boston
Assoc: Whitman

General Description

Possessed by a wandering spirit while manifesting Avatar ability, Kris was slowly merging with the Asian death spirit Sasaya, body and mind. Now the two have merged and, thanks to the intervention of Sara and Talcat, the new Sayris is fully emotionally and mentally healed, reincarnated anew.


A girl with a rake-like build but strong and graceful none the less, her hair is a perfect, silky, black while her skin is a pale, clean, Asian tone. Her breasts aren't large but her legs are long, and she has since filled out some since her transformation. She still likes jeans but hankers for asian clothing and enjoys showing off her body. She usually just wears her hair loose and doesn't seem to need to brush it at all as it always appears perfectly straight. She has moved past pretty into the realms of gorgeous with her last change, with large almond-shaped eyes that make boys melt.


Merging with Sasaya completely has made her an of Ex-2, Regen-3 energizer-4 with the ability to draw, store, transfer and utilize energy for a number of effects. Some of this energy is 'used up' as a subsitute for usual life processes such as the need for sleep, breath, food and water, which she no longer requires, so she needs to power herself every so often.


Quite intelligent before becoming an Exemplar, Kris also now possesses excellent hand/eye coordination and athletic ability. Otherwise, she has no special skills.


Sayris has a different personality to both Kris and Sasaya. No longer filled with hatred and the memories of her rape, nor the innocent invisible middle-child who underwent a traumatic change, Sayris is at peace with herself and her place in the world. Retaining Kris' sweet personality melded with Sasaya's impish side, Sayris is a kind and loving person, fiercely protective of her friends and quite demonstrative of her love.


Sayris can't be punched out quite as easily as any other norm anymore but she's still vulnerable to physical violence. She is quite vulnerable to mental control and energy blasts, though she has a strong will and quick reflexes, she does have her limits. While she can recover from things normal people can't, it doesn't protect her from the short term effects of injury.



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  • Class of 2007


  • Whitman cottage (room nnn)
    • Gauss
  • Parent's house in Boston

Group Affiliations

  • none

Romantic Relationships

  • Talcat, boyfriend.

Personal Enemies


  • Group or character


Has a mother, father and two brothers, one older, one younger. Only ever sees them on holidays.

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