Euryale Maras

Work in progress

Name: Euryale Maras
Whateley: Freshman
DOB: March 21
Powers: Awaiting classification
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Friendly, but defensive
Costume: N/A
Race: Gorgon
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160 lbs(with scales)
Eyes: Coppery black and reflective, appearing white in photographs and mirrors and retroreflective in the dark.
Hair: Snakes! Well, venomous, serpentine tendrils with copper scales which possess something of a mind of their own- there are thirty two of them in total.
Face: Large eyes, high cheekbones, a high brow and aquiline nose.
Build: Fairly athletic, but serpentine
POB: Magen's Bay, St. Thomas(U.S. Virgin Islands)
Assoc: Hawthorne resident

General Description

Having spent the first six years of her life in the lovely Virgin Islands, Euryale's family moved to Southwest Texas where she attended her first year of high school, planning to eventually study Art History. Partway through the year, though, she had her first problems- Initially, she was pleased by her sudden development, growing half a foot and developing suddenly, and she didn't mind her unique looking eyes and slightly sparkly skin so much, as they gave her a rather exotic but hardly monstrous appearance… but then her hair started falling out, her skull elongating and growing nodules which developed into strange serpentine forms. The sparkles in her skin continued to grow into scales, as her joints painfully reformed and her tail sprouted- by the end of her freshman year she had missed two months of school and was almost completely inhuman looking, and struggling to come to terms with both her changed appearance but the revelation that she had unusual abilities as well- and a desperate need to learn to control them, as an early experiment with a mirror and eyebeams taught her well.


Average of height and moderately athletic, with supple coppery scales which are quite small over most of her body but wider over less flexible areas. The only visible marking to the scales is a small dark indented teardrop upon each side of her aquiline nose. Her eyes are black and reflective, though they appear to be blank white in photographs and mirrors, and are retroreflective in the dark. Her skull is slightly elongated, and motile, mawed tendrils grow from her head where a typical human would grow hair. She is hairless, except for coppery eyelashes. Her jaw is capable of dislocation, and she is capable of swallowing fairly large items whole, though it takes far longer to digest under chewed foods. Her teeth are only slightly sharper than a humans, but she has a pair of grooved, enlarged maxillary teeth which swivel in a similar fashion to those of a viper. Her fingers are long, tapering into brazen claws. She also has a very thin(nearly skeletal) barbed tail which, while quite long, is extremely flexible to the point of being able to wrap entirely around her waist.


Altered physiology- Though she is warm blooded, her body is very unusual to the point of GSD. Most strikingly, her skin is flexibly composed of metallic scales, which range from quite tiny up to an inch in length, with the larger ones found in less flexible areas. She retains a nearly typical sense of touch. Her eyes, behind shiny black nictitating membranes, are large and have reddish copper irises, though it is hard to tell. They appear white in mirrors or cameras, and are retroreflective, providing decent low light vision augmented by her thermal sense. The back of her skull is somewhat elongated, due to a highly developed posterior parietal cortex which allows her to control the serpentine organs that grow from her head where a typical person would have hair. These tendrils each possess primitive eyes(primarily sensitive to motion) and toothed, mouthlike orifices, though they are incapable of eating anything solid except copper and nutrients, which are directly absorbed into her bloodstream. Anything they cannot digest is regurgitated, as they lack a complete digestive system and anus. Her teeth are hard as brass, slightly pointed, and two of her maxillary teeth are elongated and grooved, capable of folding back into her mouth through the levering action of her ectopterygoid bones. Both these and her cranial fangs can secrete an acidic fluid which is particularly efficacious at dissolving copper and causes uncomfortable swelling in bodily tissues(an effect to which she is immune)- it is also, though she hasn't discovered this, an antidote for her eyebeam effects. Her lower jaw is capable of, with mild discomfort, distending to allow her to swallow larger items than typical, though digesting unchewed food is rather difficult- the proteases in her saliva can assist with the process, however. She possesses a loreal pit on each side of her nose, resembling a dark teardrop indentation, which provide a low resolution thermal sense to her visual field. Her reflexes are excellent and not at all catlike, better than an athletic human. Short blades line her spine, typically laying flat but capable of being raised. Her tail extends from her lower spine, and is thin, almost whiplike, and nearly skeletal. Extremely flexible, it widens into a tough, bladed tip which can, depending on situation, be either silent or rattling with motion. Useful for balance, swimming, or(potentially) fighting, it is also capable of being wrapped around her waist quite easily, with the blades at the end laying flat against her hip. While not quite on the level of some human contortionists, her joints tend to be quite flexible in general, and several sport short spurs. The distal phalanxes of her hands are lengthened and reinforced, both at the hardened claw tip but also at the joint, and all of her interphalangeal joints are quite rugged, allowing even one hand to support her weight against the force she can reasonably apply in climbing a surface- These adaptations make her quite mobile whether climbing, swimming, or even burrowing. Her metatarsals are slightly lengthened, and when barefoot her toes tend to splay slightly, leaning into a slightly odd posture; this can be generally corrected with tailored footwear.

Eyebeams- Her primary eyes(the ones in her skull) can project an effect which causes currently poorly defined effects, pending proper examination of the evidence. While it seems to behave as a beam in some ways, in others it appears to be a telepathic phenomenon- further studies will help to pin it down for certain, which is why she's here. In the dark, a faint glow comes from her eyes when using the ability.


Any other skills that make the character stand out.


A fairly typical mix of free spirited artist and angsty 'boo hoo I shoot eye beams', though the physical mutations bother her far more than little things like zappy eyes. Fashionable without being flashy, with a preference for earth tones.


Her eyebeams can reflect back at her, and potentially in other ways she cannot control well. Cold weather tends to make her drowsy, though a cooler environment does improve the sensitivity of her loreal pits. Her scales contribute significantly to her weight, making her rather heavier than she looks.



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  • Class of 2010
  • Faculty/Headmistress/etc.


  • Hawthorne cottage

Group Affiliations

  • None

Romantic Relationships

  • Haunt

Personal Enemies

  • No specific ones yet.


  • Mother: Marie Maras
  • Father: Cadmus Maras
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