Flutter (Amanda Jones)
Name: Amanda "Flutter" Jones
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman as of fall 2007)
DOB: 1993-07-03 (age 14 as of Fall 2007)
Powers: AV1/EN(EX4)/GSD(Severe)/REG4
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Heterosexual (was "Homosexual")
Demeanor: She is very expressive, using all four hands to gesture when she talks, she uses lots of slang, when the weather is good she loves to go barefoot.
Costume: Mask, fingerless gloves, ballet flats, a body suit cut to allow for her wings and extra arms
Race: American Caucasian.
Height: 5' 5" / 1.65 meters
Weight: 100lbs / 45.3 kg
Eyes: Sky blue, very expressive, every dramatic 'emo' eyeliner
Hair: Blonde hair, with "coon tail" extensions in a scene/emo style with two antenna poking out.
Face: She has an oval face, verry expressive, her antenna will bob up and down or tilt to match her mood
Build: Slim
POB: Albuquerque NM
Assoc: Whitman resident (room nnn, roommate Tegan Wissa), Team: Circle-S, boyfriend: Pipeline, Enemy: polluters, devisors, anyone who does not like roaches,
Creator: (Taira-Mai)

General Description

Amanda started out as a young boy named Arnold jones. He developed Energizer abilities when he hit puberty. He was a typical boy who liked to listen to pop music on the radio. His father is an entrepreneur, with a chemical supply business, his mother was a merchant mariner who was lost at sea. His father remarried when AJ was eight.

Arnold showed signs of gender disphoria at a young age. He had to keep it hidden because his father expected him to run the family business when he got older. Arnold joined a gay and lesbian student support group along with Charlie Vincent and Sam Marcotte. Being bullied for being gay taught Arnold to stand up for himself, he hated seeing anyone hurt. Arnold stayed "in the closet" at home, trying to muddle through until graduation.

However an industrial accident at his father's warehouse exposed him to several pesticides and hazardous chemicals. Choosing to save his friend and several of his father's employees at the risk of his own life, he passed out.

An insect spirit took notice of his bravery and "sent him back".

The spirit was moved by Amanda's determination and decided to give her a body that's a lot tougher and able to handle all sorts of abuse. When she woke up from her coma, she now had GSD. She promised Amanda no further changes in exchange for Amanda becoming an environmentalist. Amanda supports several wildlife causes but still wants to be a musician.

Currently a freshman at Whateley, Amanda Jones studies music and business. The insect spirit is convinced that Amanda can use music to bring environmental awareness to the masses, plus she shares AJ's passion for music.

Her father was racked with guilt, sending her to Whateley in vain hopes of a 'cure', but Amanda is having the time of her life.


She has cockroach GSD, two antenna, a pair of extra insect arms and insect wings. When angry, a set of 'spines' pops from her human arms, they help her climb but are hard enough to hurt soft tissue.

She has a very emo/scene fashion sense. She loves to trade clothes with her roommate Tegan. Her makeup is very dramatic and shifts with her mood, but always matches (i.e. yellow lipstick with yellow nail polish).


She has super-speed, super strength and the ability to deliver a powerful electric shock. As part of her GSD, she can fly and climb walls or cling to any surface. She has regeneration and is resistant to most poisons. She can hear RF emissions, some nights the constant electronic noise of modern life makes it hard to sleep.

As an avatar of an insect spirit, she can talk to insects and control them.


She is an amateur DJ, she hopes to turn pro when she graduates. As a boy, she took boxing lessions at her father's urging. Lylah Whitely loves to spar with her since they both have regeneration.


Amanda is a sweetheart, she loving making friends and will call out shy people to befriend them. She can be quite the teenage girl, laughing and giggling at random things, or gossiping with her friends. She will fight when cornered however. Her years as a gay teen boy left her with little tolerance for bullies. Her temper does get her into trouble. She tends to forget that she is part insect and that her appearance can frighten people.

She does tend to internalize stress and take it out on herself. As a boy, Arnold was admitted to the ER twice for self-harm. Amanda stopped cutting herself due to Tegan's and Terri's help.


She has a studded belt she is modifying into a melee weapon. A large purse with various items (makeup, combs, cell phone). She is paying Silken to design her a costume. She has a SOG{tm} brand knife but has paid a devisor to replace the blade with a sharper one.


Her wings are vulnerable to damage, she has quite a temper and is a terrible gossip.
Her nature spirit hates pollution and does not like devisors, due to her accident, Amanda shares those feelings. She got into a fight with a devisor and was banned from the workshops for tossing him into a devise that encased his legs in resin. Ironically, she made friends with that devisor later.

She is very emotional and a bit flighty at times.



  • Class of 2011


  • Whitman cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate Tegan Wissa
  • Home residence Albuquerque NM

Group Affiliations

  • Group Circle-S

Romantic Relationships

  • was dating Slingshot, now dating Pipeline
  • crushing on Van, she found out that he's off limits….

Personal Enemies

*Gloira Whitley "Whip scorpions eat little roachies!"
*the ENTIRE devisor lab


  • Parents: Arnold Jones Sr. and Clarie E. Jones
  • Code name: Delphinidae (real name Alice Jones): relationship to Amanda: Alice was her biological mother, who was lost at sea fighting a supervillain, her sidekick married Amanda's father a couple of years after her death. Amanda does not know this.


She has confided to Rachel and Gauss that she is TG, she knows Wyvern is TG. She has told Rachel and Subtle that she is TG herself.


"My shoes are so uncomfortable, it feels like I'm wearing lead shoes!"
"I'm afraid I have to throw stuff at that calendar. " (Amanda misses a deadline)
"Game time bitches!" (Amanda in the sims)
"The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else in return." (Amanda after her breakup with slingshot)
"Don't say you love me unless you really mean it, cause I might do something crazy like believe it."

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