Freeform Rp Code Of Conduct Draft

#Kane-Hall Freeform RP Code of Conduct, Draft version

Source content comes from the Whateley Academy Universe. Game play is/maybe based upon the stories and and content of the Whateley Academy Universe and their respective authors. and the forums at .

Welcome to FREEFORM RP.

Keep in mind that we're running both of these rooms through the Darkmyst IRC chat; they're not ours, so behave accordingly(see the following: Darkmyst Terms of Service). #Kane-OOC should be limited to SFW/PG13, but the #Kane-Hall is PG-13 ONLY. You're RPing as kids, there's already enough fun to be had without getting into slap and tickle.

In terms of overall RP conduct, here's the rules:

1: Don't be a dick, don't put up with dicks. Above all else, be polite. If something's in-progress, ask if you can drop in; if you're roleplaying with someone, and they're doing something that rubs you wrong… Try and talk with them. Maybe they have their reasons for what they're doing, maybe they don't know any better. The only person who knows is them, and you're not going to find out unless you go and try working things through.

Of course, there's always the possibility that your two worlds will never meet. Bobo the clown doesn't really have a place in noir, etc. In the event you can't come to an agreement with someone over RP, don't RP with them in the future. Don't join scenes they're in, and remind them of that if they ask to join a scene you're in. If they're not inclined to listen, well, see rule 2.

2: No one, and I mean NO ONE is allowed to be a dick. Being a dick to other people in the OOC gets old very fast, for the love of god, if someone has a sore point, don't push it. The ops are here to help the channel run smoothly. Asshattery is frowned upon and will dealt with on a case by case basis. Permanent bans will only be dealt out if you are being a disruption that has had more than 3 temp bans because of your behavior.

The ops are not the 'lords of the channel'. We are more like the Stan and Morie of the channel… here to keep things clean.
As for some one to have final say if the ops can't agree on some thing, That would be peer/gauss. I will only use that "power" in the case that the other ops can't agree and we have a deadlock. The plan is to have 5 ops.

If you start pulling stuff that's been mentioned above, or any other sort of general asshattery, we -will- take action; anything from banning, talking, a swift kick, scathing mockery…

3. If you're going to generate rooms for scenes, there's some basic etiquette you should follow:

Don't pick a room name close to one of the freeform (or official, for that matter) ones. #room202 is okay, #kane-hall-2 or #crystal-hall-3 isn't.

Keep. Your. Noses. Clean. The Darkmyst people have been very generous in terms of making their server available to us; don't abuse their goodwill and our reputation as Whateley RPers.
Don't orphan your room. If you have ops and leave the room, you won't get ops back; if you were the only one with ops, that means that the room can't be moderated until everyone leaves and comes back. When you're finished with a room, clear out so this sort of thing doesn't happen.

4. What happens to your characters is your own business and your responsibility.
You have the freedom to say NO to stuff that goes down. You have the freedom to NOT RP with people whose RP you find distasteful. HOWEVER, This also means that if you RP an action, you can't get butthurt about the consequences that ensue without looking like a total hypocrite.
You have a choice about what happens to your character in a fight. If you didn't say you avoided the punch. You didn't. That implies that you found said punching ACCEPTABLE.

5. Drama Llamas are not welcome in the OOC. Keep the drama to the RP where it belongs.
Your misery may love company but our company doesn't enjoy your misery. Being pissy in the channel violates 1-3 above. Remember, if someone asks you to stop doing something, stop. Refusing to do so slows down game-play as well as annoying players. Things are open here, but please if you're going to do something that may irk or derail others, discuss it please. A channels cohesion is dependent on player discussion, and information trafficking. See #4 above.

6. Warn before posting NSFW links in the room. Not everyone has the same…tastes you do.

7. In terms of RP and canon: Characters from canon are NOT fair game for RP, either as PCs or NPCs. The exceptions to this is canon authors and the people they give permission to, and I reserve the right to take it away from you if you're being a dick.

8. In the interests of letting everyone be a beautiful snowflake, RP has LAX standards. There is no formal character approval process, although it is customary to show them off in OOC for feedback. End result: RP characters, the decisions and suggestions made in creating them and playing them aren't canon in any sense of the word. Feedback may vary depending on who's around.

9. Some of you have characters. With a WHOIS command we can see who's who and what's what. DO NOT STEAL or RP as SOMEONE ELSE'S CHARACTER OR A CANNON CHARACTER. People put time and energy into characters. Stealing is not cool and WILL result in a ban. You'd hate to have someone take what's yours so don't do it.

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