New Team: Gatekeepers

The setup:

After rescuing Subtle from the dreamscape, Tegan decided to break away from Circle-S and focus on magical threats. She fears that other things are out there. As a sphinx, she is a guardian, but she was alone. She's recruited other students to help her and stop any magical threats out there.

The Team:

Leader: Matres Amunet (Tegan Wissa )

"I don't need a stinkin' codename" -Tegan

She is an avatar of the sphinx. Emu, her spirit, claims to be old enough to have seen the pyramids being built. She was the mage for Circle-S. She's commited to fighting demons, corrupt mages and any form of mind control.

Second in Command: Outfox (Rachel Parks)

"Dare I ask?"- Outfox

Another avatar. Outfox is a kitsune. She is a devisor and a budding mage. Tegan trusts her and her spirit Flora, despite her Diedrick's. After the Empty Dreams debacle, Tegan considers Outfox a good friend.

Other members:

Alleycat (Alice Craft)
"I can't even stand hair spray. I do have a self cleaning instinct now, and I don't want poisoning."-Alleycat decling a 'scene' makeover

Formerly a low level mage. Alleycat is now growing in power. She traveled with Tegan, Outfox and Richard to the dreamscape. It was her courage and acceptance of her GSD that gave Tegan the strength to carry on. Emu maid Alleycat an "honorary sphinx" and a spiritual sister to Tegan. If Outfox is the brains, Tegan considers Alley the heart of her new team.

Subtle (Jon McCallum)
"you mean b'sides wierd dimensionless folds in space, almost opening rifts to hell and messing with people's dreams?"-Subtle, when asked about her warping abilites

Jon McCallum came to Whateley, trying to hide himself. A new kid in a new school, he often wore hoodies to hide his face. His warping powers however, refused to be hidden. Something latched on to him. Four of his friends brought him back from the dreamscape. Tegan is in the process of guiding his-now her- progress. She discovered that Subtle is a warper. Seeing as how Subtle was attacked by a demon and lived, she will go to any length to protect her. She recently fell in love with Subtle, but wants her on the team because of her warping abilities.

Backdraft (Vera Hall)
"Any time love, and I'll gladly be a part of your team."-Vera

Vera is romantic interest. They met when Tegan's prank on Convair backfired, Vera setting fire to Tegan's tail. Tegan wanted to confront Vera, but instead she fell in love. Vera returns the feelings, proving a shoulder for Tegan to cry on. She knows she can rely on Vera to keep her team safe. She also wants to see if Vera can learn magic.

Ashborn (Richard Grey)

"I've lived a long time. I don't think the next few years are going to change anything." —Ashborn

A mage in training, Tegan feels that Ashborn need more experience to improve his abilities. Ashborn's spells can backfire, but he was instrumental in pulling Subtle out of the dreamscape. His skills as a junior archaeologist may come in handy.


"Danger! Unknown energy source detected at forty five degrees, fifty meters!" Mai in a sim run

A shifter who is hiding her past, she is recovering from a two month suspension due to the efforts of Tegan, Outfox and Alleycat. Tegan asks her to be the 'brick' of the team. Mai is still afraid of magic, but is now more in control of her instincts.


None (yet)


Tegan fears mages like Gloria who have bricks (and worse) in their employ. As skilled as Alleycat and Vera are, they can't fight every energizer, warper and shifter on campus. The team is newly formed. They haven't been in the sims yet.

Tegan is very much aware that she is in love with two members of her team, a third is her spiritual sister. The thought of anything bad happening to them weighs heavly on her shoulders.



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Residence (if the team is all in one cottage) / hideout (if the team has one)

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Friendly Relationships

  • team: Cirlce-s (allies)


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