Gauss (Sarah Rebecca "Becky" Schroeder)
Name: Schroeder, Sarah Rebecca (born Schroeder, Aaron Michael)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman as of fall 2007)
DOB: Date of birth in 1992-10-06 (age 14 as of 2007-07)
Powers: DEV-2 / REG-3 / PK-4d(Electromagnetism)
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Described by her friends as perky and playful, if a tad raunchy.
Costume: Appears to be form fitting leather motorcycle armor, complete with helmet. It is mostly black with dark purple and dark blue accents on the arms, torso, and legs. The helmet is painted in a purple lightning .
Race: Native American (born Caucasian/Native American mix).
Height: 6' 0" 5' 10" / 1.83m 1.778m (5' 8" / 1.727m before transformation, adult hight will be 6' 4" / 1.93m)
Weight: 168 lbs / 76 kg
Eyes: lightning purple to violet around the edges (They glow when she is close to maxing out her power)
Hair: Short, strait, and black. She normally wears in a "boy cut".
Face: Her facial structure was a fairly typical oval but pointed to non-Caucasian forebears, high cheekbones seeming to narrow her eyes and give them a slight slant.
Build: Lean and muscular, much like a runners body, but with a little bit more muscle mass. Measurements: 34B-24-34
POB: Traverse City, MI, USA
Assoc: Poe resident (room 212, see Outfox), team The Association, girlfriend/boyfriend: Zoe (Ex-Girlfriend: Vanessa (AKA: Nessa, Van), ~enemy?
Creator: peer

General Description

Aaron, aka Gauss was an average devisor boy from the Michigan town of Traverse City when he came to Whateley, with a rating of EN-4:e, and DEV-3. Aaron's powers manifested when his parent's SUV got t-boned by a truck that failed to stop for a red light. He only managed to deflect the truck forward far enough to keep from being killed. His mom, who was riding in the front seat, wasn't as lucky.

While at Whately, Gauss tried to create a devise to boost his magnetic energizer powers, but the devise somehow caused it to go out of control and caused a level 4 burn out.
Then SHE woke up to find that it some how activated the latent regen-3 trait, and regenerated her body into exemplar-1 level body, and now will only regen back to that body.
Because of this, Gauss was moved from Emerson to Whitman, and was without a without a roommate for a while, but now has Equipose for a roommate.

You will find her with her nose buried in a book, or tinkering with some electronic gadget like most devisors. If the book she is reading isn't a sci-fi novel its most likely to be a computer/electronics reference book. She is a gadget freak. Her temper has a long fuse, but you set her off, run for the hills! She has few friends, but she will stick with them through thick and thin.

Gauss is an outdoorsmen (her mother took her hunting and fishing a lot), and as such is a very good shot with a firearm, and likes to take long walks in the woods. Likes to go hunting and fishing (this might
cause problems for her at Whately).


She is tall, Very athletic (you might call it a runners body), hourglass shaped body , long legs, short straight black hair in a boy cut style, "lightning" purple/violet eyes, classic Native American "red" skin color. Measurements are about 34B-24-34, think Sigourney Weaver with a smaller bust.


She started out being classed as a magnetic energizer able to sense, create, and alter magnetic fields with her mind.
She could use that power to fly on the Earth's.
Her magnetic powers let pick up something the size of a fridge with no effort and was maxed out only being able to lift 3.5 metric tons of ferromagnetic material.
She has the potential to be able to throw a 1 ton projectile at several times the speed of sound like a rail gun, but she lacks the reflexes and training to be able to do it on a large scale.
She could throw small things like metal darts or ball bearings about upwards of 150 mph.

After a burnout episode that altered her powers, she was retested and she is now classified as an Electromagnetic PK
(NOTE: The Testing Geeks think that because Gauss using his/her magnetic powers at the time of the car accident, coupled with the head injury blocked the Electrokinesis side of the power. Now with her latest burnout, the block has been reversed.)
She can see and "feel" the electromagnetic fields. Small fields like the ones inside watches, phones and PDAs seem dim.
Radio waves look like ripples in the air if she concentrates on trying to see them. Her electromagnetic senses fall off with distance and the size of the field.
She can disrupt a circuit and cause power to flow in an de-energized circuit.
She is able to create electrical effects on and around her body as small as static electricity to throwing power line strength bolts of electromagnetic energy at targets up to 50' away accurately.
In times of need she can pull electromagnetic energy from her environment(15 meter range). Electricity will visibly arc to her from powerlines, batteries, or generators. This will usually cause the lights in the area to go dim, or even blow out.


She has exceptional troubleshooting skills on most kinds of electronics.


Size Warping forearm/PDA/GPS/computer terminal

This devise lets the user duplicate the size warping power. Its battery can only last for about 3 hours last 12 hours and the effect takes about 10 to 15 minutes to "wear off" if still wearing it, less than a minute if it is taken off. She keeps this equipped at all times.
She has a second on on loan to Tina that lacks the PDA/computer terminal function, but has a remote disable/locater so it can be found by the first one.
Her costume has a backpack that has a pocket dimension inside it to house upgraded batteries and support equipment, a small storage area, and to hold the helmet when not in use.

Remington Model 740 Woodsmaster Hunting rifle (.30-06 Autoloader)

This is an old family hunting rifle that was passed down to her.
From her Great Grandpa, to her Dad, and then to Becky.
It is equipped with a scope and a sling.
It is kept in a gun safe in her room.


Two sets of Bolas.
Stainless steel cables with 3 stainless steel balls at the three ends.


Perky and playful, A raunchy/sarcastic sense of humor. She is impulsive and acts at times without thinking through the problem.


Gauss is weak against psi and magic attacks.



  • Class of 2011


  • Poe cottage (room 212)
  • See Outfox

Group Affiliations

Romantic Relationships

Personal Enemies

  • None yet



Further background

Father is William 'Bill' Walter Schroeder (higher level exemplar 6' 6") (born 7-14-19?? Pontiac, Mi), Mother is Rebecca 'Sue' Suzanne Curry (baseline) (born 5-5-1966 Liverpool, England)
Married in Liverpool, UK on 7-14-1986. Best Man Derek, and Matron of Honor Dorothy.
Bill meets Sue while visiting a Beatle's tourist trap where Sue works as a tour guide.

Dad's parents are dead. Grandma Schroeder from an lung cancer when Dad was 13, Grandpa Schroeder from armed robbery at family home when Dad was 20.
Grandma and Grandpa Curry are still living and live in Liverpool.

Is an only child. Grew up in Traverse City, MI.
Was Home Schooled by Mom. Dad works in a factory in Traverse City.
Conservative church going family (Assembly of God)

Becky is bi and always seemed to have more girl friends than guy friends when Aaron was little, and Played dolls, etc. with the girls.
She, like everyone in her family is above average height.

Becky is happy about the change, Dad is supportive.
Dad's Dad was killed in a break in when Dad was young and was shot too,
Dad know what it feels like to be rejected by family (family blames Becky's Dad for death).
Becky's church is not supportive. Becky and Dad stop attending.

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