Maidman (George Kane)
Name: Maidman (born George Kane)
Whateley: freshman
DOB: 15
Powers: TK-4
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Shy and polite to people he doesn't know.
Costume: A Japanese maid's outfit that is part of his shell.
Race: Causcasian, Canadian.
Height: 5'8" / 1.75 m (with his shell on 5'10" / 1.78 m)
Weight: 129.4 lbs / 58.7 kg
Eyes: His iris is a bit larger than usual and this colour.
Hair: It is light brown and is shoulder length in the back and comes to his chin in the front. When his PK shell is up his hair is the same colour as his eyes.
Face: He has a slightly androgynous look and if he knew how he might have gone for the pretty boy look. Now he looks like a boy with a girlish face.
Build: He is very slender to the point he might need to gain some weight but not unhealthily so.
POB: Toronto
Assoc: Twain Cottage resident
Creator: Zimrilim

General Description

George has no official codename but has been called Maidman on occasion as a joke.

George manifested when he was taken hostage a mall robbery gone wrong. He was shot but got his pk shell on just in time. He didn't notice the shape it took at the time and tried to run away in fear. He was shot but he doesn't seem to have been hurt. As he was taken in custody by the police to question him they found out about about his powers. He was approached by the MCO several times but they ended up doing nothing. He had some problems in the next few days learning how to turn his shell off as he couldn't take of the maid's outfit. After going through power testing and learning how to turn of his shell for a short while so he could tend to his sanitary needs it was decided that he needed to learn control quick. He couldn't go out in Toronto with his shell on, let alone go to school, so they sent him to Whateley.


George is a slender boy with not much muscle. He has a slightly androgynous face that makes him look a bit girly, for a boy. He has shoulder length straight light brown hair that is slightly shorter in the front. His eyes are a light purple.


He is your basic PK superman, strength, flight and invulnerability. However there is a catch, when he uses his powers his PK shell overlays him with an image of a girl version of himself wearing a Japanese maid's outfit. It also temporarily changes his hair colour to match hair. He has been shown to be capable of applying 2 tons of force, invulnerability to .35 calibre bullets and flight just over 30 mph.


Nothing special though he has a knack of bringing up unsettling or awkward subject.
He has an extensive knowledge of mythological creatures and tales.


None to speak of as of now.


He is shy and polite when dealing with strangers or people he barely knows. However he tends to forget himself when experiencing strong emotions or talking about something he likes. He is usually cheerful or at least tries to appear cheerful. As such he always tries to lighten up the mood. When he is among friends he'll gladly follow along but will take the lead if nobody has a plan.

He likes mythology in general but focuses on Irish and Japanese tales.


He has normal human weaknesses when not using his shell. When he does use his shell he loses normal physical weaknesses but is vulnerable to taunts about his appearance.



  • Freshman


  • Twain cottage
    • Carnosaur (Nathaniel 'Nate' Edwards)
  • A home in Toronto
    • See family

Group Affiliations

  • None

Romantic Relationships

  • Has a crush on Glacial.

Personal Enemies

  • None
  • Group or character


  • Unmarried parents that live together
  • A little brother


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