GLL Job Interview

Distaff, looking for something to occupy her attention during the summer, attempts to land an internship with the Great Lakes League.

Characters involved: Distaff, Allison, and Prestige and Pigeon Chick of the Great Lakes League

<Allison> It's really no trouble for Allison to set up a video call to the GLL head quarters. She's got her laptop rigged for it, and calls home on a nearly daily bases to check up on her mother and with her friends. So when Distaff is ready, all that remains is to invite her up to the room.
* Distaff appears at the appointed time, and has wisely chosen to dress up a little for the occasion. A nice matching jacket and skirt, along with a shirt and tie. About the only skirt she's ever worn aside from the school uniform. She's even tried to do something a little nice with her hair, although ti doesn't amount to much. She has her backpack with her, and she knocks on Allison's door.
* Allison can be heard saying, "Hold on" to someone inside as she hops off her bed and trots over to open the door. Allison is not encouraging the formal atmosphere by wearing boxer shorts and a tank top. "Hi! Right on time!" She says cheerfully as she lets Diss in.
<Distaff> "Well, it isn't good to be late to an interview… Although now I feel overdressed." She steps inside, quickly pulling a folder out of her backpack, stuffed with papers. She drops her voice a little bit to whisper to Al, "I'm not overdressed, am I?"
* Allison shakes her head, "Oh no! You look very proper. I'm sure it will be appreciated." Al has the video chat already going on her laptop, with the camera facing the desk chair. On the screen is the vid window of the other side, though it appears to be showing Al still. A second glance shows that the eyes are different…
* Distaff cranes her head to look at the video screen, and then glances back to Al. "Is that your mom?" She lifts a hand to wave, "Hi Mrs Prestige." She's done her homework, at the very least.
<Allison> Allison blushes a little and nods her head. "Yeah." she says softly. "Mom? This is the girl I was talking about. She wants to get the job that He put in the paper."
<Allison> At least they don't sound the same. Alannah has a deeper, more mature voice with a bit if throatiness in it. "Oh! Hi Al's friend!" the little face on the screen bubbles cheerfully. "I can't see anyone."
<Allison> Big Al starts moving on her side of the screen, as if by looking at the window from different angles she can get a better view of the other side.
<Distaff> "Oh, um." Distaff sets her backpack down and steps into view of the camera, waving again. "Hi, that's me. Distaff. Or Katherine if you want. It's nice to meet you."
<Allison> "How cute!" comes the immediate response. Allison grimaces a little and walks up behind Kat. Nothing her mother has to say will go over well. "Mom? Your show's on."
<Distaff> "Ah, well.. Ehheh. I do what I can." She forces a smile. 'Cute' isn't exactly the reaction she wants, but when you're stuck in someone else's body, you do what you can.
<Allison> The Al clone vanishes with the speed that makes it look like a net flicker. One frame she's there, the next she's not. "Alright. Now to more serious things. The other side of the room looks like a rather normal living room, furnished from Ikea from the look of the window treatments.
<Allison> "Sorry about that." Al said, trying to hide her blush. "Do you have anything you need scanned or emailed for this?"
* Distaff shakes her head and holds up a thumb drive, "I already scanned everything. It's all in a zip file in the top folder." She hands the thumb drive over to Al. "And I've got printouts of everything here." She holds up the folder.
<Allison> Allison dimples a little when she smiles. "Look at you! All prepared like a McBeal." Allison hooks up the thumb drive and types in note pad, "Bars: Upload please" A little robot icon grabs her files out of the window and walks off with them.
<Allison> Allison says aloud, "Bars? Please contact Mr. Lewartow and let him know we're ready."
* Distaff gives Allison a little bit of a glare, "Remember, I'm professional. Not… 'cute'." She watches the window with interest. That's definitely not standard on Windows… "An AI helper? Interesting."
<Allison> "He has his uses. Just don't ask him to play chess or write a book." Allison says with a shrug. "He plays a mean game of battle ship though."
<Distaff> "Hmmm… I wonder… Can you 'read' an AI's moves? Or does he actually get to be a challenge for you?"
<Allison> "Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can't. Makes it almost challenging." Meanwhile Bars did his job, and a delicate woman in her late 20's early 30's arrives on screen.
<Allison> "Hello Al." She says casually to Allison. "This is the applicant I take it?"
<Distaff> "Hmm…" The screen catches her eye as someone new appears on screen. She turns to face it and nods, "Yes. I'm Distaff. You're Pigeon Chick, right? It's a pleasure to meet you."
<Allison> She can see the woman grin a little crookedly. "Please. Lets save that name for the public. You're Katherine, is that right? The pleasure's all mine." At least she doesn't squee and coo over Diss.
<Distaff> "Sorry. But that name was the only one I could find out publicly." She nods, "Yes, that's right. Thank you for agreeing to speak to me. I really appreciate it."
<Allison> "Jen." she says in a disarming tone. "You can call me Jen for the time being." Jenna can be seen pulling up documents and reading them on her side for a while, giving Distaff a few minutes to stew.
* Distaff smiles, "Okay Jen." She takes the seat right in front of the computer and shuffles her own papers for a moment, but waits patiently for Jen to resume the conversation.
<Allison> When the first question comes, its the obvious one. "So, you seem a bit young to be pursing a role like this. But I show you're the same age as Al there. Can you explain how you would handle that perception in the workplace?"
* Distaff nods, "Yes, that's true that my appearance doesn't match my age. I'd do my best to carry myself professionally, and try to use wardrobe to shore up any problems with my perception. I learned a lot from the costuming class here that should help."
<Allison> Jenna looks at her a bit, and then frowns. "Could I ask you to stand up, and stand beside Allison?"
* Distaff represses the urge to sigh and nods, sliding out of the chair and standing up beside Al. She glances up at Al for a second, knowing the differences in their heights is… Pretty vast.
<Allison> Allison tries her best to slouch a bit to assist, but a stern glance from Jenna makes her snap to attention. "Right." Jen comments as she scribbles a note. "Can you describe your prior experience with a clerical position? And references we can contact over the next week?"
<Distaff> "I don't have any experience in an actual clerical position, but I'm a good typist. I can hit upwards of 80 words per minute, and I'm great with organization from all the research I've done." She takes her seat in the chair again, "There's a couple of letters of recommendation from my teachers included in the zip file, and their contact info is listed in my resume."
<Allison> Jenna's eyes flick sideways as she pull up the data, and she makes a few more notes. "Now, if we perform a background check on you, do you reasonably expect to pass? No arrests, no drugs, nothing like that?"
* Distaff shakes her head, "No, nothing like that. My background is clean." A little abbreviated, given her situation, but it is technically clean. "Some people may take issue with my sponsor, though. I also noted that down. Page 3."
<Allison> Jenna flips down and shows a moment of surprise. "Right. Well, that's for Him to decide." she says after a few moments of reading. "Although it does make my next question that much more awkward." She glances at Al, and Al groans.
* Distaff nods a bit. She's never mentioned it to Al, but… Well, she doesn't mention it much at all when she can help it. "I assumed there might be an akward question or two."
<Allison> Al just turns her back to the screen and sighs, "Fiiine. I'll be outside." She grabs a book and goes out into the hall. After she's gone, Jenna continues. "More awkward for Allison there than you really." she chuckles.
<Allison> "You see, part of this job is discretion. You will be allowed access to confidential records, and you WILL be expected to maintain that confidence."
* Distaff nods a little bit. "I can understand that. And I will! I know how important it is keep certain secrets."
<Allison> "Ordinarily, at this point, I'd ask if you consent to telepathic validation. But I think that will have to wait." She nibbles her pen for a moment, and then makes a couple more notes. "I'm going to ask you to send us a transcript of your current grades. I'll run you through background, and I'll see what He thinks of your sponsor."
* Distaff frowns just a little at the mention of a telepathic validation, but nods a bit. "I can grab a copy of my transcript really quick." She pulls it off of the school's intranet, and then sends it over via the chat program. Her marks overall are really strong. Aside from magic and Whateley stuff, she's taking mostly high-level high school classes.
<Allison> "Right. Well, give us a week and we'll get back to you. Would you prefer to be called directly, or should we just let Al know?"
<Distaff> "You can call me directly. I listed my cell phone and email on the front page of the resume."
<Distaff> "It'll be nice to know something /before/ she does for once."
<Allison> Jenna laughs richly, "You've noticed that have you?" She makes a little notation. "Well, before we end this call, have you any questions for me?"
<Distaff> Distaff nods, "I have. It's a help and a curse sometimes." She thinks a moment, "Well… I don't have any questions, but I do have something I'd like to say."
<Allison> Jenna nods, "And that is?"
<Distaff> "I know that my appearance doesn't work in my favor, but all I want is to be considered fairly for this position. I'll likely have this appearance for a long time, and I know I'll have to work hard to prove my credibility, whether it's doing this or anything else, and I'm willing to put in that effort so I can build a base of credibility for myself. But that's all I want, is a fair shot to prove myself."
<Allison> Jenna smiles, "You're eloquent, confident, and conscientious. Thats more than Allison was when she was doing this for us. In fact, with her in school now we've developed a backlog. So there will be plenty to do."
* Distaff grins, "If you need someone to get your fileroom into shape, I can do that for you. After organizing and reviewing magical texts all semester, this will be a snap."
<Allison> "Right, well, there's still the screening. And we do have a few other candidates. But I think you would do well here." She nods. "So, I think we're done here. Go ahead and feel free to tease Allison by saying I showed you pictures of her mom."
* Distaff nods, "Of course. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me." She tilts her head a little, "Okay? Is there an in-joke I'm missing or something?" She moves to stand up,
<Allison> "There is. And it's really quite funny." Jenna says with a smile. "Maybe you can get the story out of her."
<Distaff> "And now I'm just curious… Would you like to talk to Al at all, or should I end the call?"
<Allison> Jenna chuckles. "No, we talked earlier in the week. And no doubt she'll call tomorrow."
* Distaff nods, "Okay then." She smiles, "Thanks again for your time, Jen." She reaches to end the call.

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