Obsidian (Gloria Whitley)
Name: Obsidian(born Gloria Heather Ashton Whitley)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman as of fall 2007)
DOB: 1993-01-17 (age 14 as of Fall 2007)
Powers: EX4/GSD(Severe)/REG4/ESP3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: She tries to pull off the 'sexy goth' look or appear as the savvy business woman.
Costume: a half-mask and corset with PALS webbing and attaching SAPI plate carrier
Race: WASP
Height: 5'6" (8' on her hind legs) / 1.6764 m (2.4384 )
Weight: 170 lbs / 77.1 kg
Eyes: Grey, very expressive, she likes to stare right at her targets.
Hair: Black, straightened in a 'goth' hairstyle
Face: A round face, she's good as maintaining her composure most of the time.
Build: Exemplar sexy from the waist up, nightmare fuel from the waist down
POB: Denver CO
Assoc: Cottage: Whitman (room nnn, roommate: Wyvern), team(none yet), girlfriend/boyfriend (none yet), Allied with: Aliexa Von Bizmark, Joshua Fairholm, enemies: Rachel Parkes, Alleycat, Mycron, Tegan Wissa, Amanda Jones, Dusty, Circle-S
Creator: (taira-mai)

General Description

Gloria Heather Ashton Whitley is the daughter of a wealthy deviser and a mage. She began to manifest exemplar traits and started on a secondary mutation (which her family feared was burnout).
However she decided to use an untested device that her father developed thinking that he could cure burnout.

She thought that she could use it to stabilize her mutation and possibly become stronger. Her father promised her that it was safe, but he'd scanned his exotic pet bugs to test the device before human trials. Gloria used it with out clearing the device's buffer. He's wracked with guilt for what happened, she feels let down by him. Gloria does not accept her mutation, she was supposed to be a gorgeous exemplar, not a freak. That she used her fathers device without permission escapes her (or she's in denial).


Exemplar beautiful from the waist up, she has pale skin, long black hair and gray eyes. From the waist down she is a giant whip scorpion. She loves corsets and “goth” attire, but she favors business suits and sun glasses too. A goth at heart, she wears light makeup most of the time. Her light makeup a necessity as her acids can ruin makeup. Despite her best efforts, she smells faintly of vinegar when stressed or embarrassed.


She has super-speed, super strength
and the ability to spit highly concentrated vinegar . As part of
her GSD, she can cling to walls or any surface. She
has regeneration and is precog, she seems to
sense the “need” of someone.

Be it cash, a tool, love, or mustard for the hot dog
they're are planning to buy for lunch, she can look
at someone and sense what they would need. She then finds
ways of meeting those needs.


She's a broker of sorts. She collects favors like some people collect stamps. She loves haggling and the art of the deal. She reads financial magazines.


Item: Backpack, always seen tied to her non-human posterior, she stashes various items in it.


The one power that did seem to survive the device was her precognition and eerie ability to know what people “need”. She uses that to exploit the “pretties” that surround her or to further her own goals.
She collects favors like some people collect stamps. Like many hucksters, Gloria thinks she's smarter and more clever than she really is. Upon seeing people's reaction to her appearance, she view's most pretties as annoyances at best, toys to be played with or at worst, ignorant savages that remind her of her own hubris. She can be full of herself. She HATES mirrors, using them sparingly. She loves pie with a passion. When she's not perfuming herself to mask her body's odor, admiring her long raven's wing locks or squeezing college-level words out of her high school brain, she continually thinks she has it all figured out. Reality has a way of catching up to her however.

It's come to light (via Tegan) that Gloria was madly in love with a boy at her private school. She wanted to be exemplar beautiful to impress him. Gloria is furious at her father. She's a freak, the boy she loved wanted NOTHING to do with the GSD 'freakshow' as he put it in his last missive to her. Under the cold callous con artiste, there is still the little girl who's heart was broken. Maybe. For now Gloria is building her network. She is no match for Thuban and the other fixers. No matter, she is making friends for the world post-Whateley. Her heart was broken, she want to position herself so that no one ever does that to her again. She seems the world as dog-eat-dog.


Pride, Greed, the faint smell of vinegar that seems to follow her (She'll release a concentrated spray of vinegar when emotionally upset or aroused). She hates seeing her whole reflection in the mirror. Her many deals and schemes are prone to back firing.



  • Class of 2011


  • Cottage Whitman (room nnn)
  • Home residence: Denver CO

Group Affiliations

  • Group: Whitley & Whitley Financial Services, IAW Applied Sciences (her family's businesses)
  • Group: Morrison, Forester & Whitley (Her aunt Eliza works there)
  • Team :The Association

Romantic Relationships

  • Alexia Von Bizmark (crush)

Personal Enemies


  • Parents: Ian Andrew Whitley (father), Sara Heather Fairchild-Whitley (mother) [both are Whateley Class of 1977]
  • Aunt: Eliza Gloria Forester-Whitley [Whateley Class of 1983]
  • Sister: Lylah Jacqueline Ashton Whitley


“Everything comes with a price tag, the final items up on the block are honor, integrity, self-respect, and innocence.”
"Well what the hell does she know? She's just a crazy Posie." (Gloria on Outfox)
"Oh. You know, there are days I really hate being a frosh. This is not my best work, not by a long shot. Oh, sure, a few pranks and a couple of rather lovely explosions. I would hardly call it a rousing success, but what the hell? Tomorrow's another day. In the meantime, Rachel, you and Van, you are two terrific kids, and you'll marry him. Trust me. He's a nice guy. You'll have a wonderful family. Oh, by the way, give my regards to your son. Bob will be his name, he'll be a devisor. I'll see him in Dunwich, 2023. August 14th. 9 a.m. A nice, sunny day. We'll make headlines. "
"Oh yes, we're having fun now."
"How's my hair?"
"Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. My god…it even has a watermark!" (Gloria sees a rivals business card)

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