Name: Avatar of the Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth (Born: Johnathon Left)
Whateley: Class of 2010 (Freshman)
DOB: (age 15 as of 2006-07)
Powers: Astral Avatar-2+ (inconclusive), Shifter-5(irnwm)(Limited to Grass Forms), Regen-4
Gender: Male / Indeterminate
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Varies based on the reletive levels on control between the Congress and the Avatar. The Congress has been described as stiff, formal, and prone to excessively long statements. John is far more casual and natural when in control.
Costume: Whateley Male Uniform
Race: Caucasian / Various Species of the Graminoid Super-Order
Height: 6'0" / 1.8 m (Varies)
Weight: 222 lbs / 100.7 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Formed of variable grass, ranging from short turf to a few feet tall. Can be either flexible or stiff, as needed, and the color ranges from green to amber.
Face: Based upon male exemplars. Varies
Build: Tall and broad, much like a linebacker. Varies
POB: New England
Assoc: Twain resident (room nnn, see roommate?)
Creator: (See Cambia)

General Description

The Congress has managed to arrange itself into three distinct Houses, each responsible for certain aspects of the Graminoid.

The House of Poaceae, or the House of True Grass is responsible for the various social interactions the Graminoid must engage in, following a period of time when the entire Congress participated, resulting in long, needlessly cumbersome statements that were clearly crafted by committee. With the new arrangement, a significantly more natural speech manner may be adopted, with fewer interruptions from the Avatar.

The House of Cyperraceae, or the House of Sedges, maintains various archival and memory-related functions, and often petitions the other houses for aid in gathering new information. These petitions are generally granted. Furthermore, The House of Sedges performs the day-to-day restorative functions needed by the Graminoid architecture.

The House of Juncaceae, or the House of Rushes, is tasked with handling combat, in all its forms. This means defensive shifting, tactical maneuvering, as well as aggressive actions, should the full Congress authorize it. Additionally, The House of Rushes also defends against any and all Psychic Intrusion, setting up a mental maze to delay and misdirect interlopers, prior to counteraction.


Graminoid is built both broad and tall, but his distinctive green skin and grassy hair are usually more noticeable. These structures are the purview of the House of Rushes, so tend to have a stiff and study feel to them, even when not specifically emulating reeds and bulrushes.


The Congress provides the Graminoid Avatar with grass-based Shifter powers, as well as a sturdy Regen Factor. His two most comman manuevers are to enlongate his limbs, with the aspect of Bamboo, and to cover his body and joints in sharp blades of Razorgrass. Shifting back to a fully human form has been suggested, but the Congress is adverse to attempting it.


As host the Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth, the Graminoid has a fair amount of inborn botanical knowledge, most of which is specific to Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes.


The Congress has preformed a hostile takeover upon the Avatar, Johnathon Left. As such, The Congress is the primary operator in deciding the behavior of the Graminoid, with John irregularly managing to step in whenever the Congress falls prey to indecision. The new devisions of tasks within the Congress are a direct attempt to reduce the frequency of this incidents, to prevent John from divulging the true nature of their relationship.

The ultimate agenda of the Congress is unclear even to the Avatar, but they seem to be occupied with developing a power base, and in establishing a reputation as a desirable student/friend. While early attempts has been poorly conducted, internal review is working on improving results.


The Graminoid serves mainly as a vehicle for the Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth, largely against the will of their host, John. Predicting correctly that John might seek to eject them, they have used their combined power to modify his internal structure to a form that is now four-fifths plant based, and would be unable to survive without constant maintainace from the Congress. Furthermore, his digestive system has been modified such that it is unable to process solid food, resulting in a typical diet of local mud mixed with animal blood, although Graminoid may consume other liquids.



  • Class of 2010
  • Student


  • Twain cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate

Group Affiliations

  • The Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth

Romantic Relationships

  • Attracted to Kudzu.
  • Found both attractive and delicious by Patches.

Personal Enemies

  • Currently None


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