Name: Harlowe (born Norma Jean Wilcox)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman as of fall 2007)
DOB: 1993-05-01
Powers: REG-5, SH-5(EX-5), GSD (minor)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Demeanor: a mix of sullen, sarcastic goth, perky goth, and geeky goth (AKA moody)
Costume: She shifts into an inhuman looking shape, black with many eyes, yet sleek and feminine.
Race: mulit-racial
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Solid color. She can vary the color, but they are always a solid color.
Hair: In human form: black, red or black with stripes
Face: In human form: Oval face with a slender neck.
Build: athletic build, she tired to be slender to fit into the dresses she likes. Her prefers to be a lage B or small C cup.
POB: Jacksonville Florida
Assoc: Cottage: Whitman resident (room nnn, see roommate?), team?, girlfriend: none yet ~enemy?
Creator: Taira-Mai

General Description

Norma Jean Wilcox grew up a navy brat. Her father was a navy brat who signed up, her mother was the daughter of a Captain. Being mulit-racial in the deep south did present some problems, so she's sensitive to bigotry.

Her parents retired, hoping to spend their golden years watching their daughter go off to college. She had plans to study art and music at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville. However she manifested in class. Her body became a mass of *something*, tentacles, eyes, horns, beaks…

A student called the police, a teacher threw a desk at her.

Lucky for her another teacher was a mutant. After he called her parents, and the JSO released her (unable to charge her with a crime) she was sent home.

Her father heard about Whateley through the Navy. Her mom came out of retirement to help pay for Norma's tuition. Her father did like wise, becoming a teacher.

Norma chose the codename 'Harlowe' because it rhymes with 'Barlowe' (as in Wanye Barlowe).


A thin goth girl. She has black hair, pale skin (or a tan if she gets some sun). She loves goth and goth lolita clothing. She hates scene however. In her human form she covers her eyes with sun glasses.

She wears her dresses or her school uniforms during classes. When out of class or in the sims, she shifts to give the appearance of clothing because her body will destroy any clothing if her body shape or size changes.


Harlowe can shift into an inhuman creature. Extra eyes? A flesh and bone turbine with wings? She's done it. She's tried to copy animal forms, but it's just easier to turn into a monster. Her artistic abilities seem to help her, she can come up with forms that startle or forms that are haunting yet beautiful. She can shrink and grow her body, she experimenting with different sizes.

She still shifts a bit when her mood changes, but it's more subtle. The doctors suspect she'll have complete control by her sophomore year.


She's won some ribbons and awards from singing and painting. Her guitar playing has been know to drive cats insane.


Item 1

A bible, given to her by her parents

Item 2

A collection of cheap sunglasses

Item 3

A guitar, she swears she'll practice and improve her playing….


She's sarcastic, sullen, perky, happy, geeky and moody. In other words she's a teenager. Her moods are fluid, ececpt when she seems someone hurt. She tires to help others and punish those who are hurtful. She's a Christain, but not the bible thumping type. She loves to pray and sing in church. She is also a devout sci-fi and horror fan.

Her shifting can be affect by her mood, but she has full control.


Being a gay Christian can be dangerous, being a gay Christian mutant makes Harlowe a bit paranoid. Fire. her flesh burns real good. She was sent to the hospital after a mishap during a family barbecue. She now has a fear of fire. She has to eat substances like graphite powder and glycol to maintain her shifting. Her biology changed with her mutation.



  • Class of 2011


  • Cottage Whitman (room nnn)
  • Home residence: Jacksonville FL.

Group Affiliations

  • Group : Circle-S

Romantic Relationships

  • Character: Casey, Lila (potential girlfriends)

Personal Enemies

(Don't include enemies of team)

  • Group or character


  • Name: Capt. Arnold G. Wilcox USN ret. (father), Julia Nygen-Wilcox (mother)


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