Name: Harriette Wilson
Whateley: Freshman
DOB: Age 15
Powers: Size Warper
Gender: Female, mostly
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Tough and no nonsense, street smart survivor
Costume: Black leather jacket with a Raven on it
Race: Irish American
Height: 5'6" / Up to 22 feet
Weight: 110 lbs / up to 3.5 tons
Eyes: She's got light blue, almost steel blue eyes.
Hair: Long and prone to curls, with a deep burgundy color like aged wine
Face: She's got a cute face, a little too lean maybe and liberally covered with freckles
Build: 34A - 22 - 36 She's on the thin side, too many years of skipped meals making her an unhealthy kind of skinny
POB: Baltimore Maryland
Assoc: Balmer, Murland
Creator: Tsureai

General Description

Harrie grew up in a tenement row house in one of the worse parts of Baltimore. Her parents were both semi functional alcoholics, who joy of joys worked in the bar downstairs. Raised on happy hour leftovers and drinking binges, she didn't exactly have a great home life. She's gotten in trouble with the police several times for things ranging from shoplifting to credit fraud. The one high point in her existence is Harry. His parents dont sleep in their own puke. His parents have warm beds, with clean sheets, and a cute boy that's always made her feel wanted and needed. Joined at the hip since kindergarten, it was only natural their powers be the same.


Harrie might be described as cute? She's literally the girl next door. She likes to boast that she has a flawless porcelain complexion, but she's got so many freckles that sometimes that's hard to see. Her hair is the color of a glass of good wine, and she usually just twists it into a bun or pig tails since it's prone to excessive curling. She's got nice hips, and a decent bust, but she's not going to stand out in even a normal crowd.


Until she uses her powers. She and Harry are linked. When she grows smaller, he grows taller. When he shrinks down to their shared minimum size of two feet, she grows to her maximum size of 22 feet. And she loves it. Not only does she become massively strong and tough, but she also gains all of Harry's attributes. His extra mass goes into sexy hips, a bubble butt, and the kind of breasts she wishes she normally had. The blending of their features results in a sort of Irish ideal face, giving them super model looks. The fact that his penis also carries over is… not something she likes to talk about.


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Reference Pic
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