Hertz (Raymond Worth/Ramone Wirth)
Name: Raymond Worth/Ramone Wirth
Whateley: Class of 2012 (sophomore as of fall 2008)
DOB: 1994APR01
Powers: SHI-4:ifcsl DEV 4 (As Raymond) EX-4 (As Ramone)
Gender: Male/Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Heterosexual
Demeanor: As Raymond, stereotypical nerd, gear-headed and sciencey. As Ramone, a tough chica.
Costume: Raymond: Navy blue jumpsuit with lots of pockets and loops. As Ramone, form-fitting forest green body-glove with white trim
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'7" / 6'3"
Weight: 190 lbs / 200lbs
Eyes: Raymond: Dark Brown, sunken-in Ramone: Bright green, almost asiatic in appearance.
Hair: Raymond: Black, never longer than an inch or two. Ramone: Bright red, neck-length with left part
Face: Raymond: Sort of pudgy, with wide cheeks and second chin. Ramone: Robust yet womanly features
Build: Raymond: A Pear-shaped boy with wide hands and feet. Ramone: Muscular, modest breasts, defined woman
POB: Kenosha, WI

General Description

Raymond was born to a couple of LARPers in the Kenosha area in the mid-90s. His first expression of unusual talent was making an RPS randomizer so the grownups couldn't read his hand-signs. Throughout grade school and most of junior high he was relatively average, spending some time in the Scouts. For every brilliant thing he came up with, however, he'd do two or three socially inept things that would detract from any of his great ideas.
Devising things can be hazardous to one's self and others, and Raymond's efforts were not slouching by any means. He was starting to get tired of being pushed around by the bullies at his school, so he decided one night to build himself a 'Tough-O-Matic' to give him the power he needed to turn the tables on his tormentors. Despite double and triple-checking the devise, it didn't seem to work at all, until he cranked the cycle up to 28 and applied an automobile engine to it. The destroyed car got him grounded until the end of the month… and that's when all hell broke loose. On the day his grounding was over, he woke up feeling and looking completely different. Thankfully, her parents being understanding gamers worked in her favor, and they started poking around for some sort of help to deal with the problem.
Twenty eight days later, he woke up back to being male, and in his old nerd-like body. After almost a month of re-adjusting, which was even putting his parents on edge, he ended up *back* in the female form. At a loss, and fearful of a growing fundamentalist wave in the area, Raymond's parents applied for assistance from the state, who referred the case to the MCO, then to Whateley.


Raymond Worth is approximately 5'7" and bears the weight of someone who could never say no to an extra helping at dinner-time. Typically he wears a jumpsuit, a pair of solid boots, and a toolbelt where allowed. He's not very athletic, tending to get winded after above-average activity.

Ramone Wirth, on the other hand, is 6'3" (and growing) and is becoming more and more an athletic monster. Her standard outfit is a sport-tee over a pair of jeans and sneakers cover her feet. While not fully ripped in terms of muscle, she is well-toned.


Raymond is a Devisor. He builds stuff that works in strange ways that no one can seem to figure out, and in fact, at one point he developed a radiation-cleaning devise that started *emitting* radiation when someone attempted to take it apart.

Ramone is an Exemplar. She can hold her own in a normal brawl with multiple opponents, run a four and a half minute mile, bench two tons, swim five miles before becoming exhausted. She has a robust physiology, and can resist the average cold bug with a day of sniffles.


Both forms are competent with knowledge of survival in outdoor settings, computers, LARPing/rpg gaming, and basic preparedness for emergency situations.


Raymond's Tool Belt:

With this tool Belt, Raymond is able to put together things that don't make sense. Without his tools, he'd be a bit lost and distracted until either they are found or replaced with better than what is in the belt.


Raymond is a brainy geek… but he's learned from the tome of wisdom 'Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People' so he will make an effort to understand the other perspective and generally be respectful of other thoughts/views/perspectives.

Ramone's learned from the same book, but she also has other assets that she's discovering can be just as useful as listening to the other person. While Raymond is a bit re-active, Ramone is the 'go-getter' with a bit of an overconfident streak until something reminds her that she's still human, after all.

The first thing that Raymond/Ramone has found most disturbing is that for a particular form, he/she tends to gravitate towards certain tasks, almost defined by his/her capabilities. While both aspects share mental continuity, the idea of going from being intelligent if a bit awkward to amazingly fit and socially competent but not as capable mentally is disturbing for understandable reasons.

The other concern is that due to the nature of the cycle he/she is living under, he/she has about enough time to get re-adjusted to one gender when the switch to the other one occurs. This has left him/her wondering how much is left of him/her, and how much is just mutational expression.


For some reason, modern science has been unable to discover a cure for Raymond/Ramone's condition, which causes all kinds of complications in both personal relations and in social interactions, as well as a difficulty in defining for his/herself who and what she is.



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  • Class of 2012


  • Poe cottage (room 207)
    • None as of yet.
  • Home residence
    • Kenosha, WI, with parents (for holidays if no other options are available)

Group Affiliations

  • None as of yet.

Romantic Relationships

  • None as of yet.

Personal Enemies

  • Kenosha Requiem: WoD LARP group—for creating a nigh-untrackable RPS generator.


  • Antonio 'Tony' Worth: Father
  • Maria Anne Worth: Mother


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