Joanne Atkinson


Name: Joanne Atkinson; acting codename Scurry
Whateley: freshman
DOB: 1991
Powers: PDP-3/3/2
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Slightly-timid, tends to look to those she perceives as stronger for protection in situations she believes threatening
Costume: none as yet
Race: Caucasian by descent; has the phenotype of a brown lab mouse via true GSD (as opposed to Exemplar/Avatar GSD)
Height: 4'8" / 1.43m
Weight: 34.69kg / 76.47lb
Eyes: Green, human in appearance
Hair: medium-brown, voluminous, shoulder-length. Frequently has a lock that dangles down off to the right (her right) of her face. Fur is also brown, though a shade lighter, with beige fur on her paws.
Face: Rounded ears on the top of her head, short muzzle, pink nose and large front teeth
Build: Body fat/muscle around the middle-of-the-road for her height, C-cup breasts that look even bigger given her tiny body
POB: Manchester, England
Assoc: Whitman Cottage, roommate TBA.
Creator: DaWrecka, appearance inspired by (read; ripped more-or-less wholesale from) On The Spot series by Godendag (DeviantArt name) though character is otherwise-original

General Description

((British national, manifested while on holiday in US, taken by MCO who then denied she ever existed, rescued by Chekhov's people))
Like most of these stories, it starts with a fairly-normal youngster. In this case a girl named Joanne. Always a little timid and shy, she'd never been terribly confident, much to her mother's chagrin. Partly this was because she knew she wasn't normal… All her life, she'd had a fine coating of hair all over her body. Regular shaving kept it manageable but it had always affected Joanne's confidence. She was a pretty girl, but not overly-special, but she was always afraid someone would find out about her hairy body.

When she was around 14, Joanne's mother had taken her on holiday to the US. Barely two weeks into their visit, Joanne and her mother were confronted by a mugger. Joanne screamed, and the mugger was thrown aside for unknown reasons. Her mother had an idea or two though, and did some calling.

Ahh, poor naive Edith. Being a native to the UK, she had no idea just how different the American MCO was to the UK version. Unlike the UK MCO, the American arm had far more power and freedom to act. Joanne was taken, under the guise of taking her somewhere she'd be safe, to a local branch of the MCO. Edith quickly realised she'd been had when the MCO began to deny she'd ever existed. Even when Edith contacted the British embassy and the weight of the British government was placed on the MCO, they continued to deny she'd ever existed for several months.

Meanwhile, secured within the MCO, Joanne found her body changing drastically. She'd never been a tall child, but she actually lost several inches of height. The hair on her body, unchecked, grew into a full coat of brown fur. Her skull elongated until she had a muzzle, and her front teeth gained a fair amount of length too. Her ears became rounder and moved to the top of her head. A long tail sprouted from the base of her spine. In short, without the influence of the counter-agents her mother had been giving her without her knowledge since she was a baby, Joanne swiftly turned into a human-sized, human-shaped brown mouse.

It's not known why she was kept in one place for so long by the MCO. What is known is that if not for one retired supervillain and his wife, and their concern for their children, she may have remained there for the rest of her life. Doctor Chekhov and Lady Chekhov learned of the plight of Joanne, and many other children, through Syndicate agents within the MCO. They hatched a plan to rescue these children while at the same time hopefully-convincing the MCO that to make an attempt on their own children would be… costly. A combination of a fake leak of a 'terrorist attack' on the MCO offices, along with some prodding, (including bribes) convinced the MCO to move the children to more secure facilities. The transports being used to carry the children, however, were known to the Chekhovs, once again thanks to information from Syndicate agents. Non-Syndicate mercenaries being paid by the Chekhovs, with clauses in their contracts stated that they'd take a penalty for every avoidable injury to any of the children, struck the transports and carted the children away. Through a series of relays, Joanne and the other children were eventually handed over in secret to agents of Whateley, who took the youngsters to possibly the one place in the US where the MCO could not touch them.

At the time of her arrival at Whateley, Joanne has obviously not seen her mother in months, been disconnected from the outside world for the same time, and has not been tested, although she along with the other rescued children is a priority. In time, it will be learned that Joanne had true GSD, her genome containing a marked similarity to that of a brown lab mouse. Her father, who died not long after Joanne's birth, had been a geneticist working with mice of several varieties in a laboratory. A freak accident damaged his DNA in ways which would go undetected for some time, despite every decontamination precaution being taken. A post-mortem, and a following investigation, revealed that her father's DNA had been altered by the accident and that this had led directly to his death. To Edith's horror, it turned out that some of this damage had been passed on to their daughter. Fortunately, though it was obviously too late for her father, the medical profession was able to provide Edith, on the NHS, with agents that would suppress the effects of the non-human genes. The concern was that without these agents, Joanne would die. Joanne would come to question whether that would have been an improvement. The counter-agents worked well for the most part, although evidently not 100% as evidenced by the fact that Joanne was growing fur for her entire life, even though it wasn't allowed to go very far.


Joanne is a four-foot-eight brown mouse. What else can be said? Well, details are necessary. At four-feet and eight-inches, Joanne's breasts, a borderline B/C-cup, seem decidedly-large, even though they wouldn't be in the grand scheme of things. The hair on her head is a deep, chocolate brown, fluffy and reaching down a little past her shoulderblades. Her fur is also brown, although a shade lighter than her hair. Her skull has similarities to both humans and mice, having an extended nose, whiskers, and forward-facing binocular eyes. From the wrist to fingertips, and from ankle to toe-tips, her fur is beige. Small claws are on the ends of each digit, and Joanne fortunately retained her opposable thumbs throughout. Her tail is as long as her torso plus about six inches extra.


Joanne is a Package Deal Psychic, with all that entails. As of yet, no 'knacks' or special properties have come to light.




Joanne is a very timid individual. She has been self-conscious because of her fur, even though she didn't realise it was fur, for a long time, and this has made her introverted. Actually turning into a humanoid mouse certainly hasn't helped in that respect. She is loyal once befriended, but winning her trust is not the easiest of tasks.


Normal human weaknesses. (Also her tail has a habit of being trapped in doors)



  • freshman


  • Whitman cottage (room TBA)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence
    • (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • TBA

Romantic Relationships

Personal Enemies

  • Group or character


  • Edith Atkinson (mother)
  • Roland Atkinson (father, deceased)


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