Sissonne (Kara Fowler)
Name: Kara "Sissonne" Fowler
Whateley: Freshman
DOB: 1993-01-26
Powers: EX-3, EN-4, REG-4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Outgoing, but a little insecure. Unconciously flirty and teasing.
Costume: None yet.
Race: Caucasian, Australian
Height: x'y" / 1.55 m
Weight: x lbs / 45 kg
Eyes: Quite wide, but obviously western. Violet irises.
Hair: It's long, mid-back length red hair that is cut with a straight fringe in front of her eyes. Not red, as in reddish-brown, or as in ginger, but crimson hair. In the sunlight, it appears to be a bright red.
Face: Small, heart shaped, perfect complexion. Pouty lips.
Build: Slender, very curvy. D-Cup breasts, which she finds annoying - and often painful.
POB: Canberra, Australia
Assoc: Dickinson resident (room nnn, see Phear), team?, girlfriend/boyfriend? (girlfriend/boyfriend), ~enemy?
Creator: Taveena

General Description

Born in Canberra, she had a pretty normal life as a kid. When she was nine, though, she found out her mother was Kangaroo Girl, and struggled to avoid laughing at her name, though she kept her mother's identity a secret. When she was eleven, though, the group the news tagged the "Tazzie Tigers", a team of avatar supervillains who had been striking mysteriously along the east coast of Australia, kidnapped her and her father, a geneticist studying the metagene complex (without much success) while she was holidaying with him in Brisbane. Their leader, a lizard avatar whose name is still unknown, sliced open and ripped out her father's spine in front of her. She developed a fear of non-human mutants, as well as avatars and GSD cases. It's not grown to "phobia" status, but anyone similar to any of the people in the Tigers will send her into hysterics… until she gets used to them. At fifteen, she manifested, losing her layer of baby fat and suddenly developing in areas she thought she'd been finished with. Her mother paid for her tuition at Whateley, and upon coming to Whateley, tried to keep her fear of non-human mutants to a minimum. She's still unnerved by most GSD mutants, though.

She once had a pet snake.


She has a tendency to dress too lightly for the weather, regardless of what it is. Normally she wears her long, red hair loose, but will occasionally put it in a ponytail for convenience. She has a tendency to prefer shorts and skirts to long pants, but hates wearing dresses. She's a little nerdy, but unwilling to admit it, so when she's out of uniform (Which isn't much - not having to choose what to wear is one of the things she relishes about Whateley) she might wear a witty t-shirt.


She's a combination Exemplar 3, Regen 4, and Energizer 4. She's a pretty standard brick, but she can use her energizer powers to occasionally put a great deal extra force into her kicks or punches, but it's normally used to give her "super jumping" abilities, though she still has a lot of trouble with landing.


Mainly her "super jump", but she can also empower her punches and kicks to be more powerful with energizer powers. Unfortunately, she is completely unskilled at combat. Super jump is only really useful when employed horizontally, as her landings tend to result in broken bones - if not for her, than for whoever she landed on.



It has Portal on it.


A little bit klutzy, but outgoing. If she's accused of being wrong, she'll either vehemently deny being wrong, or - if she respects the accuser - will immediately become insecure and apologetic. She's also a very physical person, and likes hugs. A lot.


Landing. Mostly landing. Though she has trouble with psis, speedsters, wizards, espers, PK supermen, warpers, pyrokinetics, higher ranking exemplars, devisers, gadgeteers, telekinetics, people with martial arts skills, people with fighting skills, people that have fought at all, people that have watched people fight, people with GSD, people with weird BITs, people who look slightly inhuman, people who look like animals, people who claim to be animals, animals who look like people, animals who claim to be people, broken bones, dolls, mannequins, fire, force fields, walls, low ceilings, lava, big words, manipulative people, liars, vaguely intelligent people, metaphors, similies, tasers, stun guns, fast acting poisons and electrokinetics.



  • Class of 20xx


  • Cottage cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence
    • Another resident
    • or (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • None

Romantic Relationships

  • None

Personal Enemies

(Don't include enemies of team)

  • "Tazzie Tigers", though she's aware she has no chance of fighting them successfully.


  • Kangaroo Girl (Emily Fowler): Mother


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