Name: Keyhole ( Lindsey Kai Wilcox)
Whateley: Class of 2011
DOB: Date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd format or just yyyy if only age is known (age nn as of 20yy-mm)
Powers: WA-4:l, EX-1, SH-1,r,c
Gender: intersexed
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Brief description of how she outwardly behaves, in both attitude and speech
Costume: black bodysuit with a yellow circle in the center
Race: WASP
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Dark grey eyes, sie tends to look side to side
Hair: shoulder lenght black hair
Face: Normally an androgynous face, can shift to a exemplar pretty male or female face.
Build: Skinny and wiry
POB: Seattle WA
Assoc: Cottage: Poe resident (room nnn, see roommate?), team?, girlfriend/boyfriend? (girlfriend/boyfriend), ~enemy: Circle-S
Creator: (Taira-mai)

General Description

Keyhole is the child of permissive parents. As such sie expects things to go hir way, no matter what.
Sie takes advantge of hir ability to switch genders to confuse people. As a warper, sie can teleport into
places that sould seem too small for hir to be into. That's where hir shifting ability comes in.
Sie can 'bend' hir body to get anywhere. Sie is Gloria's favorite spy.

Born to 'hippie parents', Lindsey was used to getting what sie wanted. Her parents had worked for Boeing and Microsoft, their standard of living give Lindsey a comfy childhood. They believed in every outragous child rearing fad and soft parenting technique. As Lindsey got older, sie noticed that other adults were not as mailable as hir parents.

When hir powers manifested, sie was withdrawn from school. Hir parents quickly realized that homeschooling was not an option when Lindsey robbed an electronics store of several expensive home theater components.

Spending mosty of their nest egg, they sent Lindsey to Whateley. At Whateley, Lindsey was now a small fish in a big pond. Only Summoner was unable to beat hir powers.

Gloria found him useful. She just wanted eyes and ears into Poe cottage, but Keyhole is a good lackey. She is aware that Keyhole fancies hirself smarter and wants to take over the Association. Trying to cheat a precog can be bad for your health, as Keyhole discovered, many times.


Either a bishie boy with shoulder length hair and gray eyes or a goth girl with long black hair and bright gray eyes.
Sie is only in hir 'normal' form when around other members of Poe cottage.


Keyhole can teleport hirself anywhere that has an opening. Even a hole as small as 1 mm by 1 mm lets hir in. Sie can shift hir body to reach inside or into places sie couldn't fit.


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Item 1

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The lacky, the yes man to Gloria's schemes. Keyhole wants to depose Gloria, but sie's not strong enough and she always seems to know when sie's up to something.


If grabbed, Keyhole can't teleport away. Sie's prone to warping into places sie gets stuck in. Keeps coming up with lame plots to aid or hinder Gloria.

Keyhole is allergic to all canines, cats, birds and manual labor.



  • Class of 2011


  • Cottage: Poe (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence
    • Another resident
    • or (see family)

Group Affiliations

Romantic Relationships

  • Character

Personal Enemies

  • Tegan Wissa
  • Rachel Parkes
  • anyone with scruples or morals.


*Parents: Maya Cloud Wilcox (mother), Damien Sky Wilcox (father)


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