Kudzu (Alyssa VanBuren)
Name: Alyssa "Kudzu" VanBuren
Whateley: Class of 2010 (freshman as of fall 2006)
DOB: 1992-5-25
Powers: RG-3, EX-5(Undetermined, GSD?), WIZ-1(?)
Gender: Female-looking
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Friendly, casual, she is very open and accepting, and is quick to acton her desires.
Costume: Undecided yet
Race: Flora: Sealaire an Chroi, AKA Hearthunter, Pueraria pectus venator, humanoid in shape
Height: 5'3" / n.nn m
Weight: 121 lbs / y kg
Eyes: Olive-shaped, rather like white olives in fact… Green irises, normal pupil shape.
Hair: Long, flowing tiny vines, filled completely with colorful tiny flowers, tiny seeds visible in the flowers
Face: Oval shaped, pointed chin,pink flower petal lips, skin made of tiny three-pointed leaves, smallish rounded nose
Build: Slender but curvy, green skin of tiny leaves, 34B-23-33
POB: Covington, Georgia
Assoc: Whitman resident (room nnn, roommate - Sunny), Possible affiliation to Betas, girlfriend/boyfriend? (Dawn, Tegan, Vira, Dusty and others), ~enemy - Fey (?)
Creator: kitn / hueloovoo

General Description

Alyssa was exploring the forests around her home in Georgia when she encountered a plant unlike anything she had ever heard of. She ran home to catalog and claim her discovery, but it infected her. Now she has become a humanoid collection of the vines of the very plant that infected her, a faerie plant called Sealaire an Chroi, or Heart-hunter. The original plant was a carnivorous vine that fertilized its own soil by drawing in animals with its scent and killing them.


A walking vine, Alyssa looks like a green girl with multicolored hair at a distance, but on closer inspection one notices the tiny trefoil leaves that make up her skin, the flowers of her hair, the subtle differences that show she is actually comprised entirely of a flowering vine. Her voice is soft and whispery, yet when she tries she can be loud and very clear.


Aside from regeneration, she has a well of magical talent she has yet to figure out how to actually use, vines that work to provide for her needs (regardless of her wants) and sometimes do things she actually wants, and special thorns that only grow in dire need. These thorns are not only poisonous, but they break off and burrow, seeking the heart of the victim, spreading poison and infection in their wake. Very deadly to all living things. Also, her flowering "hair" produces a broad range of pheromones, resulting in a weak euphoric sensation in mammals (including humans), leading to relaxed inhibitions and a state of slightly increased libido. She has recently gained control of this ability, and seldom allows the scent to propagate. The changes to her mind and personality due to her plant makeup tend to make her difficult for psychics to read or manipulate.


She knows plants very well, having spent years reading and observing them in nature. In spite of this, before her transformation plants died under her care, without fail.


Friendly and outgoing, promiscuous (due to the nature of flowers), she tries to help people when possible, is frustrated by her blocked magical ability, and is still learning to cope with the changes to her personality since her transformation.


Extreme cold can slow her down, send her body into a dormant state.



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  • Class of 2010


  • Whitman cottage (room nnn)
    • Sunny
  • Home in Covington, Georgia

Group Affiliations

  • Betas (?), others

Romantic Relationships

  • many

Personal Enemies

  • Fey (?)


  • Cobbler (Reginald VanBuren): father
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