Lightstep, Mai and Rememberence

((A #crystal-hall adventure))

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A Heartwarming moment from way back in 2009, enjoy!

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[18:34] Lightstep: ((So, we RPing?))
[18:35] Taira_Mai: ((sure))
[18:35] Taira_Mai: ((you setting?))
[18:35] Lightstep: ((I could))
[18:35] Taira_Mai: ((go for it!))
[18:37] * Lightstep is sitting at the base of a tree, deep in the forest, smiling and watching the scenery. There seems to be something different about him today. The sword is different, replaced by a rapier. But that's not it, on closer inspection he appears to be wearing uh… girls clothes… and wearing makeup… and has a rather feminine hair style… and if it weren't for seeing him previously, one would notice that he… she is
[18:37] * Lightstep obviously a girl. Maybe not the most feminine girl, but definitely a girl.
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[18:39] * Taira_Mai is in her doglike form, a sleek metal canine. She has been chasing some rabits and birds, she spies the new girl and moves closer…
[18:39] * Lightstep sees the dog-like creature and smiles at it.
[18:41] * Taira_Mai sniffs the air, her head tilts and she walks over to the girl
[18:41] Lightstep: "Hello there." Lightstep says in a voice that while recognizably the same voice, does sound feminine.
[18:42] * Taira_Mai shifts into he human form, a young asian girl in goth lolita "Hello friend.'
[18:42] Lightstep: "Ah, it's you."
[18:43] Taira_Mai: "Are you related to a student named Lightstep?"
[18:43] * Lightstep nods, "Yes I am."
[18:45] * Taira_Mai sniffs "You are Lightstep…you must be a shifter, like myself." *she smiles*
[18:45] * Lightstep giggles, "I am indeed lightstep"
[18:45] Lightstep: "And yet, I am no shifter."
[18:46] * Taira_Mai tilts her head in confusion "Rarr?"
[18:47] * Lightstep shrugs, "So what are you doing out here?"
[18:47] Taira_Mai: "I was ….walking…getting some fresh air…chasing rabits." *she smiles nervously*
[18:48] * Lightstep nods, "Yeah, it's nice to get away from all the crazy isn't it?"
[18:49] * Taira_Mai nods "I enjoy this forrest. Although there is some anomolious presence out here."
[18:49] * Lightstep looks interested in that, "Anomalous presence?"
[18:51] Taira_Mai: "Yes. Some students say the grove is haunted."
[18:51] Taira_Mai: "I do not put much credence in their stories."
[18:52] * Lightstep nods, "Understandable, but around here, anything could be true."
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[18:54] Taira_Mai: "So if you are not a shifter, how has your appearance changed?"
[18:55] * Lightstep grins, "Clothes and makeup? Also, hairstyles can really change the apparent shape of the face."
[18:56] * Taira_Mai smiles "Yes. You do look very pleasing." *she blushes*
[18:57] * Lightstep has a blank look on his… err her face, "Pleasing?"
[18:57] Taira_Mai: "Affirmative. You look….nice…" *she's really blushing now*
[18:58] * Rememberance finds a quiet spot in the woods, coincidentally somewhere nearby, and uses a small knife to carve a magic circle in the earth. She takes a cross legged position in the middle, and closes her eyes, focusing her magic, and meditating upon its nature, causing the circle to come glowing to life with blue-green light
[18:58] * Lightstep blushes a bit, "Err… uh… thanks! You look nice too ya know."
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[19:00] * Taira_Mai shakes her head, her hair raising as she feels something amiss
[19:01] * Lightstep starts to look worried, "Is there something wrong?"
[19:01] Taira_Mai: "N-n-nothing…is…are you a mage?"
[19:02] * Lightstep shakes h.. her head, "No… why?"
[19:03] * Taira_Mai starts to shift, her lower body becoming shiny and metallic, a tail starts swaying back and fourth, her hands grow shiny metal claws…
[19:04] * Lightstep gets a very worried look, "What's wrong?!"
[19:04] * Rememberance continues, oblivious to their conversation.
[19:04] Taira_Mai: "Unknown energy source nearby, thirty degrees at heading 187, distance one hundred meters."
[19:05] Lightstep: "Should we get out of here?"
[19:05] Taira_Mai: "Unknown." *her voice has a metallic rasp*
[19:06] Lightstep: "What's wrong with your voice?"
[19:08] Taira_Mai: "Auditory systems checkout. No faults detected…" *she shakes her head* "I am fine…" *her voice rasps..she contines to change and starts walking…*
[19:08] * Lightstep follows behind, still looking a bit worried.
[19:09] * Rememberance begins to have lines of force appear on her body as she draws in her own power to further meditate upon it
[19:09] * Taira_Mai is now completey changed, a black and gunmetal shape creeping through the forest, she stops a few meters just shy of Rememberance…
[19:10] * Lightstep is just behind Mai
[19:11] * Rememberance doesn't notice them, even though she could see them plainly if she were to open her eyes.
[19:12] * Taira_Mai is a sinous shape, her color becomes pitch black as she edges closer…"Visual anomolies detected…auditory anomolies detected…"
[19:12] * Lightstep whispers close to Mai, "What are you doing?"
[19:12] * Taira_Mai growls…it sounds like a the cross between an angry dog and jet turbine…
[19:13] Lightstep: "Don't growl at me!"
[19:13] * Rememberance opens her eyes at that, the glow fading as her concentration wavers a bit, looking at the two of them.
[19:13] * Taira_Mai barks at Rememberance!
[19:14] * Lightstep looks a bit nervous, "What I think she means is, 'What's going on?' "
[19:15] * Taira_Mai growls, low but loud enough for both of them to feel it
[19:15] Rememberance: The glow fades completely as she stops. "Ah, well, I was meditating."
[19:15] * Lightstep pats Mai on the head, "Hey, calm down a bit."
[19:16] * Taira_Mai is startled, she jumps a it, then licks lightstep…
[19:16] * Lightstep giggles a bit
[19:17] Rememberance: "Uh… pardon the phrase, but color me confused." she stated
[19:17] * Taira_Mai shakes her head "Visual and auditory anomolies no longer found."
[19:17] * Taira_Mai nuzzles Lightstep
[19:18] * Lightstep scratches behind Mai's ears
[19:18] Rememberance: "Anomalies?"
[19:19] * Lightstep nods, "I think she didn't like your glowy stuff."
[19:19] * Taira_Mai yawns and stretches, Lightstep and Rememberance can see that her doglike shape has four eyes as they blink independatly…
[19:19] * Taira_Mai shakes her head again and shifts back to her human form…
[19:19] Rememberance: "Haven't we met before?" she asked of Taira
[19:20] * Taira_Mai blinks "Affrimative. Rememberance, also known as Carol. You live……. in Hawthrone."
[19:20] Rememberance: "
[19:20] Rememberance: "Ah yes, Mai, was it?"
[19:21] * Taira_Mai suddenly looks very nervous "You are a mage…" *she back up a bit* "You did something to me…before…you accessed my mind…."
[19:22] * Lightstep looks at Rememberance, with a bit of an angry look, "What did you do?"
[19:23] Rememberance: "It was an accident, I've got this magic ability, it allows me to see people's past from their point of view, making them see it again as well."
[19:23] Rememberance: She stated, holding her hands up in a 'sorry' kind of defensive gesture
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[19:25] * Taira_Mai gives a very doglike wimper…
[19:25] * Lightstep reaches over and pats Mai on the head, even though she's in human form
[19:26] Rememberance: "I haven't told anyone what I saw, just so you know."
[19:26] * Taira_Mai smiles and starts to attempt to nuzzle Lightstep, but then stops when she realizes she's in her human form, she blushes a /deep/ red*
[19:26] Taira_Mai: "T-t-thank you…"
[19:27] Rememberance: "Again, it was an accident, sorry."
[19:28] * Lightstep giggles and then turns to Rememberance, "It's probably a good idea to keep the magic stuff away from her."
[19:28] * Taira_Mai sits on the ground…
[19:29] * Lightstep sits next to Mai, "Something wrong?"
[19:29] Taira_Mai: "What is magic? It confuses my…..sensors….it overwhelms my logic units…" *she cries* "I am afraid of it."
[19:30] Rememberance: "Magic is… well, power and potential." she stated
[19:30] * Lightstep looks very nervous for a second, then embraces Mai in a big hug.
[19:31] Taira_Mai: "Power is work divided by time. What work is being done?" *she says this as tears roll down her cheeks*
[19:32] Rememberance: "Power may be the wrong term, energy, perhaps."
[19:33] * Lightstep holds Mai close, "Maybe you should talk to someone in the magic department. See if they can help you?"
[19:34] Taira_Mai: "I do not understand it. I tried uploading some of the school's information from the website, but none of it corresponded to any three dimensional explanations…"
[19:35] * Taira_Mai hugs Lightstep back…
[19:35] * Taira_Mai looks at Rememberance "What kind of energy?"
[19:35] Lightstep: "As far as I know, the explanations of magic change physical laws."
[19:36] Rememberance: "I… really don't know how to explain it, my knowledge of magic accepts its existence as such a fact, I can't really explain why or what kind of energy it is."
[19:36] * Taira_Mai shudders "That explains why my systems become overloaded."
[19:37] * Taira_Mai looks at Rememberance "Can you….demonstrate …it…too……me?" *a few tears roll down her cheeks…she speaks between nervious breaths*
[19:38] Rememberance: "Well, I can… try…" she stated, thinking.
[19:40] * Taira_Mai holds Lightstep…
[19:41] Lightstep: "You gonna be okay?"
[19:41] Rememberance: She holds her hands together, "I'm going to conjure a small flame, feel free to analyze it as much as you want." she focuses,drawing the power in, and working it into a small, ordinary flame hovering in the air above her hands.
[19:42] * Taira_Mai /stares/ the flame….she growls at it…Lightstep can see that her eyes reflect the light of the flame, one orange, the other greenish….
[19:43] * Lightstep looks at Mai's eyes, then reaches out and covers the greenish one
[19:44] * Taira_Mai moves her head….growling at lightstep…
[19:45] * Lightstep hugs Mai tightly, and whispers softly in her ear, "It's alright, it's just a little flame, you'll be fine."
[19:45] Taira_Mai: "IR enegry source detected, no chemical basis…."
[19:46] Rememberance: "I am fueling this with essence drawn through my wizard mutation and training in the ancient ways of Mu."
[19:47] * Taira_Mai shifts into he doglike form…she approaches Rememberance….
[19:48] * Lightstep follows closely keeping one hand on Mai's back
[19:49] *
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[19:49] * Taira_Mai stops growling and licks Rememberance's hand, putting a paw on her leg…
[19:51] Rememberance: "Uh, can I help you with something? Should I make the flame go away?"
[19:52] * Lightstep giggles at the sight
[19:52] * Taira_Mai nods
[19:52] * Rememberance dispels it.
[19:54] * Taira_Mai licks Rememberance and playfully yelps
[19:54] Rememberance: "Uhhh… in english?" she asked
[19:56] * Taira_Mai shifts back into he humanform mid-yip "-your use of magic is very confusing to me. However since I can tell that you ment no harm, I was not ….scared."
[19:56] * Lightstep looks at Mai with a big smile
[19:57] * Taira_Mai backs up next to Lightstep
[19:58] * Lightstep reaches up and scratches behind Mai's ear
[19:59] * Rememberance thought for a while, Not sure if I can help much more.
[20:00] * Taira_Mai smiles, then turns to Lightstep "Hey….you are taking advantage of my instincts…." *she pauses* "You may continue…" *She moves closer to Lightstep*
[20:00] * Lightstep giggles, but keeps scratching
[20:01] * Taira_Mai hugs Lightstep….
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[20:01] * Lightstep hugs back
[20:01] * Taira_Mai giggles
[20:02] Rememberance: "well, I'll be off." she stated, waving.
[20:02] * Taira_Mai turns to Rememberacne "Thank you…"
[20:02] * Lightstep waves at rememberance
[20:02] * Rememberance heads off to find a new place to meditate
[20:03] Taira_Mai: "I will see you at Hawthorne."
[20:04] * Lightstep looks really nervous and blushes a bit, "Uh.. so Mai… well… so…"
[20:04] Taira_Mai: "Yes?"
[20:05] * Taira_Mai playfully scratches behind Lightstep's right ear…
[20:05] * Lightstep giggles
[20:05] Taira_Mai: "What did you want to know?"
[20:06] * Lightstep takes a deep breath, "Mai, will you be my girlfriend?"
[20:07] * Taira_Mai tilts her head "But we have hardly met?"
[20:08] * Lightstep sighs, "Yeah… I guess… But there's just something about you. I like you a lot."
[20:08] Taira_Mai: "Oh?"
[20:08] * Lightstep smirks, "And you're cute."
[20:09] Taira_Mai: "Are you male or female? I am not being insulting…I am curious as to how you can change appearance without being a shifter…."
[20:09] * Lightstep gets nervous, "Uh… well…"
[20:10] Lightstep: "I'm not really either to tell the truth."
[20:10] Taira_Mai: "Yes?" *she looks at lightstep with the curisoty of a child "Say again?"
[20:11] * Lightstep sighs, "I'm not male, and I'm not female."
[20:12] Taira_Mai: "Oh….I am….I was…." *she hesitates* "I self-identify as female…but…."
[20:13] * Lightstep smiles, "Whatever you are is fine with me."
[20:14] Taira_Mai: "You would not be afriad or disgusted?" *she looks in shock…*
[20:15] * Lightstep shakes her head, "No. I have strange things in my past too. You're a good person. That I can see, and that's what matters."
[20:16] Taira_Mai: "I am …not a …person…the Mutant Commission Officer made that clear to the family court judge and Mrs. Carson when I was sent here."
[20:17] * Lightstep shrugs, "They can think what they want, but you are definitely a person." Then she gives Mai a hug
[20:18] * Taira_Mai shifts into her doglike form "Can you love this?" *she says as her voice rasps*
[20:20] * Lightstep looks at Mai with tears building up in her eyes, "It's what's on the inside that counts. I don't know if I can love you yet. But you are good person, no matter what you look like." Lightstep awkwardly kneels down and gives Mai a hug.
[20:22] * Taira_Mai licks Lightstep and shiftsback to kiss her
[20:23] * Lightstep is surprised and backs away for a second, then kisses back
[20:23] * Taira_Mai breaks the kiss "I was created by the United States Army. They cast me aside, my father, my creator raised me as his own daughter. When he was murdered I was sent here."
[20:24] * Lightstep nods and then gives Mai a big hug
[20:25] * Taira_Mai kisses Lightstep
[20:25] Taira_Mai: "I have wanted to tell someone….but I am afriad of becomeing an expirment again."
[20:26] * Lightstep shivers, "I know what that's like."
[20:26] * Lightstep sighs, "I guess you deserve to hear my story as well…" Tears start to form in her eyes.
[20:27] * Lightstep freezes up a bit, all sign of emotion disappearing
[20:27] * Taira_Mai looks concerned, a very doglike wimper escapes her lips…
[20:27] Lightstep: "I was kidnapped when I was very young…"
[20:28] * Taira_Mai nods
[20:28] Lightstep: "A mad scientist wanted to take a kid and train them into a perfect assassin or something."
[20:29] * Lightstep still has an absolutely blank face
[20:29] Lightstep: "He did all sorts of things to me."
[20:29] Lightstep: "Genetically altered me."
[20:29] Lightstep: "Cosmetically altered me."
[20:29] * Lightstep face cracks a bit
[20:30] Taira_Mai: "Why?"
[20:31] Lightstep: "He wanted me to be able to be whatever was needed at the time. I had to be able to change my appearance between male and female depending on the situation."
[20:31] Lightstep: "He was also crazy"
[20:31] Lightstep: "And he…"
[20:31] * Lightstep breaks down in tears
[20:31] Taira_Mai: "Wanted you to be a weapon" *she hugs Lightstep*
[20:32] * Lightstep nods and hugs back
[20:32] Lightstep: "Thank you"
[20:34] Taira_Mai: "My father was convinced that I would be more than a weapon…I believe the same is true for you." *she kisses lightstep*
[20:44] * Lightstep pulls back then kisses Mai on the forehead, "Thank you for listening."
[20:45] Lightstep: "And for sharing."
[20:45] * Taira_Mai tears up "Yes, I will be your girlfriend. If you will be mine."
[20:46] * Lightstep smiles wide, "Of course!" and gives Mai another big hug
[20:47] * Taira_Mai playfully licks Lighstep's nose with her tounge
[20:48] * Lightstep giggles, then does the same thing back
[20:48] Taira_Mai: "So what is your default appearance?"
[20:50] *
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[20:50] * Lightstep giggles, "Whatever I want it to be. I mean, if I wear the right clothes and style my hair just right, I can make it almost impossible for people to assign me a gender in their head. It can be rather entertaining"
[20:50] Taira_Mai: "Oh, so your body does not change?"
[20:52] * Taira_Mai kisses Lightstep again
[20:52] * Lightstep shakes her head, "Nope, I'm just very androgynous. I can look like either quite easily."
[20:53] * Lightstep giggles, "You really like to kiss don't you?"
[20:54] * Taira_Mai licks lightstep's nose again as she playfully squeezes lightstep's knee..
[20:54] * Lightstep grins and starts tickling Mai's sides
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[20:56] * Taira_Mai laughs!
[20:56] * Taira_Mai shifts into Lightsteps appearance
[20:57] *
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[20:57] * Taira_Mai kisses Lightstep again
[20:57] * Lightstep goes wide eyed, then smirks, "Wow, you're cute!" then kisses her
[21:00] * Taira_Mai shifts back to her human form
[21:00] * Lightstep giggles, "I wish I could shift like that!"
[21:01] Taira_Mai: "It is my ability. My body shifts..this dress is actually part of my skin."
[21:02] * Lightstep touches the dress
[21:02] Lightstep: "Interesting. You have nerves in it?"
[21:03] Taira_Mai: "Y-y-yes…" *she moans*
[21:03] * Lightstep giggles, "Wow!"
[21:04] * Taira_Mai 'dress' changes into silk pj's, a school uniform, a swimsuit and back into a dress
[21:04] * Lightstep looks on in awe
[21:06] Taira_Mai: "You body does not change at all?"
[21:09] * Lightstep shakes her head, "No… I was changed so that it's easy to perform some cosmetic surgeries on me…" She shivers, "But I really don't like that sort of thing."
[21:10] Taira_Mai: "Ahh. I prefer females. Males are so aggressive…but your appearance…intrigues me." *she smiles*
[21:11] * Lightstep giggles, then gets a serious look, "I can't guarantee that I'll always be dressed as female… would it bother you to see me in male clothing?"
[21:12] Taira_Mai: "No more than my default form bothers you."
[21:12] * Lightstep smiles, "Thank you" Then gives her a big hug
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[21:13] * Taira_Mai hugs her back
[21:14] Taira_Mai: "Shall we go back to campus?"
[21:14] Lightstep: "Uh… sure."
[21:14] * Taira_Mai shifts into her doglike form "May I give you a ride?"
[21:15] * Lightstep grins, "Sounds like fun." She hops on
[21:15] * Taira_Mai 's back shifts and Lightstep is now in a saddle as Mai takes off for Hawthorne
[21:16] * Lightstep smiles, "This is great!"
[21:16] * Taira_Mai barks in agreement
[21:17] Lightstep: ((FTB?))
[21:17] Taira_Mai: (( sure!))
[21:17] Taira_Mai: (( and fade to black))
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