Automatic Jackie (Lylah Whitley)
Name: Automatic Jackie (born Lylah Jacqueline Ashton Whitley)
Whateley: Class of 2015 (junior high as of fall 2007)
DOB: 1994-02-01
Powers: EX5/GSD(Severe)/REG5/
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Tomboy, but Lylah will put on the act of a 'prim and proper' girl around adults
Costume: a leather jacket, and hockey mask
Race: WASP,
Height: 5' (6'8" on her hind legs)
Weight: ~180 lbs / 60 kg
Eyes: A pair of very expressive eyes with red irises
Hair: Reddish blonde, the tips darkern to match her carapice
Face: a slim, boyish face
Build: coltish, with long arms, her arachnid legs are long and slender
POB: Denver CO
Assoc: Cottage: Whitman resident (room nnn, see roommate?), team: Circle-S, girlfriend/boyfriend? (not yet), ~enemy? (not yet)
Creator: Taira-Mai

General Description

Lylah (Pronounced LIE-lah) Jacqueline Ashton Whitley is the youngest daughter of the Whitley family. A rambunctious tomboy, she has taken her mutation in stride. Some days it gets her down, other days she enjoys being able to bench press a car. She wants to graduate Whateley and be a superhero.
She followed her sister when she tried her fathers untested (on humans) device. She manifested, but unlike her sister, she got over the shock of her mutation and made peace with her father. Her mother originally planed on sending her to a finishing school to “polish her into a proper young lady.” She settled for Whateley since that's where she met Lylah's father.

So far she's made some new friends and she loves Whateley. Much to her parents chagrin, she was a big fan of superheroes, visiting many fan sites and writing many fan letters to Champion and the Empire City Guard. She wishes to follow in their footsteps now that she's a mutant herself. She honestly can't understand why people would freak out over her appearance, to her she's no different than anyone else. She gets very angry when she sees a GSD student being mistreated. When her friends are threatened she will become very serious and protective of those around her.

Gloria tries to distance herself from her “bratty” kid sister, but she does love and protect her. Despite her sisters scheming, Lylah does lover her sister deeply. But she's afraid that her schemes will come back to haunt her.


Human from the waist up, she has short blonde hair and red eyes. From the waist down she is a giant whip scorpion, her carapace a dark red. Lylah usually has a very boyish fashion sense when not in the school uniform. She loves hoodies, jean jackets, t-shirts (with her favorite anime or sci-fi logo) and sweaters. However when the mood strikes her she will tie cloth ribbons to her legs, with each ribbon a different color. Red is her favorite color, she collects red shirts with logos.

She talks quickly, using lots of slang. She's fond of mispronouncing words to irritate people. Lylah acts like a child, she bounces on her legs, loves to eat junk food and watch sci-fi, anime and cartoons.


She has super-speed, super strength
and the ability to spit highly concentrated acid. As part of
her GSD, she can cling to walls or any surface. She's faster and
stronger than her sister. Her fingernails are extremely hard and
claw like, her two front legs are dexterous enough to be used as
a second pair of hands.


She loves to play video games and loves to fight.


Item 1

A back pack she has tied to her thorax, she stuffs junk food, some tools, her cell phone and her school books in it.


She is a fun loving girl, she hates being called a "spoiled rich kid." She loves making friends. She is quick to accept a challenge to fight. Her regen abilities often make her mouth write checks her body has to (painfully) cash later.
She is fond of letting someone else throw the first punch so that she has an excuse to fight.


Her whip scorpion legs make using things tailored to baselines (vehicles, furniture etc). hard to use. She has to eat five meals a day.

She will NEVER turn down a challenge, even if it means losing. She's very competitive.



* Class of 2015


  • Cottage Whitman (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence: Denver CO

Group Affiliations

  • Group: Circle-S (junior memeber in 'training')
  • Group: IAW Applied Sciences (her family's businesses)

Romantic Relationships

  • Character: Johannes/'Silver'

Personal Enemies

  • Group or character (none yet)


  • Parents: Ian Andrew Whitley (father), Sara Heather Fairchild-Whitley (mother) [both are Whateley Class of 1977]
  • Sister: Gloria Heather Ashton Whitley (Obsidian)
  • Aunt: Elzia Gloira Foerster-Whitley [Whateley Class of 1983]


Unable to attend the combat sims due to her young age.


"Awww nuts! I broke another one!" (Lylah spars with Wyvern, Wyvern loses)
"I didn't mean to spit on ya Wyv! You have Regen, your eye and tail will grow back right?"
"Mr. Bardue! Please let me in the sims…..pleaaaassseeee?"
"Mpmmot makting miff my mouthfull!" *Swallows*
"So like, these dreams, maybe they are a warning. Someone or something is trying to get at you. That's why you all have the same dream. It's a link and Subtle is like, the key…..Ooooh! They have white chocolate coated pretzels and gummy worms at the desert table!" (Lylah talks to her friends about recent events)
"Fists never run out of ammo."

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