Taira Mairi (TA-02)
Name: "Mairi" (born TA-02A)
Whateley: Class of, 2010 (sophomoric as of fall 2007)
DOB: Date of "birth" Fiscal year 2000 (age, "None of yer damn business")
Powers: REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5 / WIZ-4 (Wow…I are talented…)
Gender: Female (hermaphrodite and lovin' it!)
Sexuality: ^_^
Demeanor: If I don't get what I want, demeanor I get.
Costume: Her skin becomes metallic, claws appear on her hands and feet along with a barbed prehensile tail, she meows, she claws, she forgets to fold the laundry…
Race: Synthetic Organism("Artificial Person" to you maggot)
Height: 5'/ 1.5 m
Weight: 100 lbs / 50 kg
Eyes: Red when I'm angry, Mairi gonna bring the pain when angry.
Hair: I like it brushed.
Face: Moisturize daily!
Build: whatever I want
POB: Your mom's house. (okay WSMR)
Assoc: Cottage: Dickenson is roomy
Creator: (Taira-Mai, that fat nerd!)

General Description

"TA-02 was the second prototype in the US Army's Future Combat Systems bio-android program. Called Mairi by her creator, she excelled at tests. Called "Mustang" by project staff because she showed independence during tests. Her curiosity about the outside world blossomed into an active interest in leaving the range. Several tests were repeated (in true army fashion) causing TA-02 to become bored. One day she went out of bounds, attacking a National Guard truck just outside the exercise area. Quick thinking by a WSMR police officer and the National Guardsmen subdued TA-02. Scheduled for destruction by the MCO, FCS project office and WSMR, she escaped when the project staff tried to euthanize her. "

Yeah..that's what they want you to believe! The truth is….way out…

Maybe it was dying then waking up in a metal box with tubes and blinky and beepy things..or the tests…or that my"father" uploaded the memories of his dead daughter into me.

I don't even know if those memories are even real.

They put me in cryo.

Ever taken a cold shower? Yeah well…this was that times 9000!

Then the scrappers came to dismantle what was the project site. They thawed me.

After I got my wits about me…I was not amused. There's this whole wide world out there. And all's I sees is a proving grounds in the desert.

So yeah I wanted to escape.


I like to be pretty. I mean if you can have any face why be ugly? Of course if I have a job to do I'll be a two headed purple walrus.

Mostly I like being a cute 16 year old asian girl. I remember her fondly…she's who is was…I think. I'm pretty when I'm her. I have to watch it or the angry machine comes out in my voice when I'm pissed off.


Shapeshifting-duh! Read my description up above! And Magic…and I can animate machines. I'm a mage, shifter, robot assassin. Cool huh?
That means, for you gageteers and devisors who like to carry cool toys or implant things into you, thank you very much! I promise to use my technopath powers wisely and humanely.


Survival. I don't wanna go back to…that place I was frozen and stuff into. I like to make things go boom, use guns, fight dirty and sing karaoke. I'm a mezo btw. I have many names, many faces and scores of fake i.d.'s (come in hand when I want a cold one!).


Aside from my trusty pigsticker..what ever I can get my hands on. Students at my sister's school really need to watch where they leave stuff.


I have soul of a witch, the mind of a scientist and the heart of a poet. I keep 'em in big pickle jar under my bed, wanna see it?

Oh, I'm the red Oni to my sister Mai's blue.


Cold. I hates me some cold. EMP, powerful mages and bad food.

Don't ever dis my sister. Ever.


My sister, my fellow bio-androids who shall remain nameless. And a those lucky students who are cute enough to date/study.

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