Mara Le Fey
Name: Mara Le Fey(born «Record Expunged»)
Whateley: Class of 2007 (freshman)
DOB: 1992-12-10 (age 14)
Powers: e.g. WIZ-4. EX-4
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Educated, cultured, oversexed
Costume: Purple cape with hood over black spandex bodysuit
Race: Caucasian American, Irish/Welch ancestry.
Height: 5'9" / 1.75 m
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Eyes: elongated almond shape, deep green
Hair: Wavy black hair, fashion model perfect
Face: Delicate, pointed chin, smooth
Build: Curvacious, lithe
POB: «Data Expunged»
Assoc: Melville, Bad Seeds, Morgana Le Fey (mother, supervillain)

General Description

A stunningly gorgeous girl who knows it, Mara has a wicked gleam in her eye constantly. She's an outrageous flirt, uses her physicality to her own advantage and often reminds the people around her just how powerful she is. The amazing part is that she does all that and everyone loves her for it. While she may be impish and goes too far on occasion, she's quick to make ammends when she realizes that she's made a mistake. Her speciality is transformation spells but she is by no means limited and makes use of some very powerful effects due to training with her mother.


Mara is drop dead sexy. Her sensuality is almost inhuman, though not quite on the level of such beings as Fey or Sara. Mara always dresses immaculately and with an eye to showing off her body, a habit that was drilled into her by her mother since her manifestation. She generally prefers leaving her hair loose, only tying it up to get it out of the way if she's working or exercising or if she's going for a certain look to suit a dress or style. Curvacious, she prefers clothing that accentuates her figure and long legs.


A powerful wizard and exemplar, Mara focuses mainly on her magical studies rather than her innate physical abilities, generally saving the fact that she's stronger than a hundred men for moments her enemies least expect. She is looking to incorporate martial arts techniques into her style, however, and has low-level training in a few martial styles.


Other than knowledge of beauty techniques, Mara has little specialist knowledge outside magical theory.


Mara is mischevious rather than evil. Her mother has taught her harsh lessions which she has taken on board but, unlike her mother, has stopped herself from becoming bitter and vindictive. Below her slinky exterior, however, lies a child who underwent a traumatic change and serious parental abuse. It is likely that, had Mara not become stronger for her trials, her mother would have exterminated her and Mara knows it, which is the source of her endless self-confidence.

Mara has absolutely no interest in taking the 'darker path' that her mother did, though she is not adverse to the dark arts either. Her philosophy is to have fun, make fun for everyone else and perhaps everyone will learn a thing or two along the way.


Mara may be one of the more powerful mutants in Whateley if just for her versatility, however she is still relatively inexperienced. She prefers to avoid combat against living targets unless necessary because the results when she gets involved tend to be a bit messy. Indeed, she often bemoans the fact that she ruins more dresses with stray fireballs than the enemy destroys in combat.



  • Class of 2007


  • Melville cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence
    • Another resident
    • or (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • Bad Seeds

Romantic Relationships

  • Joshua

Personal Enemies

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  • Group or character


  • Morgana Le Fey: Mother
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