Mark Carier
Name: Mark Carier
DOB: 1st December
Powers: WIZ 4, EX 2
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Homosexual tendencies, see personality)
Demeanor: Generally shy, prone to sudden changes in personality (see below)
Costume: None
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’10
Weight: 175lbs
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Shoulder-length blue hair
Face: Thin, slightly effeminate
Build: Thin build, slightly thin limbs. A crystal is embedded in his chest, with magical lines inscribed all over his body up to his face.
POB: Chicago, Illinois
Assoc: Emerson Cottage
Creator: TheOtherOne

General Description

Age. Death. A slow slip into insanity as you frantically try to reach your life’s goal – Life itself. They were pretty much the last things on the eldest son of the Carier family, Mark. Born into a normal middle-class family, his father worked as a local manager in a hotel, his mother waitressing at the same. Mark himself was always a bright child, and was aiming towards a professional career. What he didn’t count for was that he was marked by someone. An ancient underground Wizard by the name of Olivier Van Dyne had scried his potential, and had an alternate plan for him: That of becoming the new body hosting his mind. If it succeded, it would mean eternal life, long as he could find another…

Soon after his manifestation (noticed first by the turn of his hair to a dark blue and changes in his appearance), he struck. While he attempted to steal him away without any interference, he left too much magical trace of his presence, and those in the know knew a mage was responsible. However, when the responsible Wizard was found, both him and the child were found unconscious. Olivier was found to be dead, but the child awoke from a coma in a few days, and returned to the life he possessed after manifestation.

What was not found out, was that the mind and memories of the mage had already entered the child, but with the ritual failed, had failed to take over the body. Instead it merged with the young child. The psyche of Olivier had lost all sense of self, and united with that of Mark, leaving the latter mentally changed as his mind assimilated the former's personality, as well as causing physical changes. The ritual itself involved the placing of a crystal within his chest, and creating lines all over his body, that burned themselves within its skin, shifting colors according with the flows of magic but normally looking like oddly straight lines of darkened flesh.


He is very tall for his age, and most of it has come from his sudden exemplar growth spurt. He is effeminately good-looking and a bit thin. His shyness gives him a bit of an unusual slouch. Nonetheless it’s easy to see that he’s extremely sharp by his usual glint. His hair is a dark blue naturally, and no dye (magical or otherwise) seems to hold to it. A large expensive crystal is part of his chest, being firmly lodged between his ribcage just above his heart, providing a weak spot for those who know it- Moving the crystal can hurt his heart and/or break his ribs, and removing it would create a massive wound as well as magical backlash that would kill him (although removing it would require similar force to ripping his own bones out of his body), from it extend the lines of magic, usually looking like darkened skin but changing color with the flows of magic.


Mark is a Wizard 4, and has no other abilities when it comes to magic. However, he has a few advantages that make him extremely adaptable and quick to learn: First off is his natural ability to absorb knowledge as a mental exemplar, having excellent memory and a quick ability to understand knowledge. This effect is only compounded by the vast stores of knowledge kept by Olivier before his assimilation. Sadly, the memories are hard to access and sporadic making this method unreliable at best. Mark has also inherited Olivier’s own preference in magic, being very talented in alchemy and ritualism in particular.


Mark was a rather shut-in child, more interested in videogames than anything else. Deep down, this inner child has never changed, and while terribly confused and traumatised by what happened to him, he has a certain feeling of excitement at the prospect of the world of mutants he barely knew. The love of videogames did not change (especially MMO PVP and strategy RPGs), and he is generally shy and introverted around others. However, the parts he inherited from Olivier are much different from him – “Olivier” was ambitious, self-centered, obsessed with knowing all there is to know (even if it is better not to know). There are also a few quirks, though not all of them are known. One of them involves his hatred of all fae, out of sheer jealousy for their natural talent for magic and long lives. Another would be his homosexual preferences… which causes more than a little frustration for Mark. These have caused Mark to show a certain form of MPD, where he cannot account for his own emotions, occasionally not sure which ones are his or not…


The crystal in his chest cavity is a physical weak spot, and those able to control the flow of magic have an easy way to sense it on Mark. Much of the old wizard’s knowledge that is granted requires exotic ingredients and catalysts that would be unavailable to Whateley students. His mental instability and unpredictable nature, of course, would be the biggest one of these.


Personal Enemies

  • Olivier’s hatred of fae, no personal enemies for Mark


Father: Jack Carier
Mother: Doris Carier nee Black
Sister: Rebecca Carier (3 years old)

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