Clarissa "Mycron" Parkes


Name: Clarissa "Mycron" Parkes (born Clark Maxwell)
Whateley: freshman
DOB: 1991 (age 15 at time of arrival at Whateley)
Powers: Ex-2, Gadgeteer-4
Gender: M2F
Sexuality: Confused
Demeanor: Dislikes crowds, but is trying to force herself to socialise. Believes herself to be freakish, a belief not alleviated by constant bullying. Self-conscious about her powers. (or lack thereof as she would put it) Prone to periods of self-deprecating snark.
Costume: (none yet)
Race: Caucasian by descent, but has the physical aspect of an anthropomorphic reindeer.
Height: 5'9" / 1.76m (excluding antlers) 8'5" / 2.573m (with antlers fully-grown)
Weight: 199.24 lbs / 90.3 kg
Eyes: Set together in the front of Clarissa's skull, but otherwise-indistinguishable from those of a normal reindeer
Hair: White, waist-length, wavy. Has a distinct resemblance to a mane, though it is attached only to her head.
Face: Anthropomorphic reindeer
Build: Muscular, middling B-cup bust
POB: Merseyside, England
Assoc: Whitman resident; Parkes family
Creator: DaWrecka, but with much input from the guys and gals in the OOC, including but not limited to Taira-Mai, Taveena, SirNiko, Caliban, and more.

General Description

Clark Maxwell was a fairly average jock-type fifteen-year-old living in the north-west of England, though slightly unusual in that he was fairly intelligent, and had an interest in the traditionally-nerdy area of science, particularly chemistry. Unfortunately, Clark drew the short straw of English mutants, and his family were not exactly supportive when he got a visit from the Exemplar fairy. At first he managed to conceal the changes, but it wasn't long before he was obviously changing into a deer of some kind, judging by the pattern of his initially-thin fur coat, and the fact that antlers were beginning to grow from his skull. At this stage, his family kept him shut in his bedroom for most of the time while they not-so-quietly freaked out. Soon enough though, it became apparent that Clark was becoming not just a reindeer, but a doe. By this point, his family had had enough, and Clark found herself on the street.

Now, by this point in time, American immigrant Derek Parkes had been, for several years, investing a significant amount of money in having a number of people whose jobs were to keep their ears to the ground for newly-manifested mutants. At such a point those contacts would quietly see to it that the families involved received some information about the resources available, including Whateley, and were encouraged to find out more. Usually, this was enough, but when Derek's contacts in Clark's hometown passed on word of the 'freak' who was on the streets, it didn't take Derek too long to put two and two together and come to the logical conclusion. Normally he allowed his people to make the contact, but in this instance he felt he owed it to this youngster to intervene personally, not just because he himself had a child who had GSD'd out of the blue recently, but also because he himself was disowned when he manifested. Derek brought Clark, by now sporting her own HUGE pair of… antlers, back to his home to get her fed and to decide what to do with her. Soon enough, Derek's lawyers were knocking on the doors of Clark's family with papers, which they quickly signed, surrendering guardianship of young Clark, now grudgingly going by the name Clarissa, to Derek and Dorothy Parkes. They even surrendered some of Clark's old possessions.

Clarissa wasn't exactly happy about being shipped off to Whateley, but eventually her new guardians managed to convince her that she'd be safer there. The fact that the Parkes' had already sent one of their children to Whateley did at least go some way to convincing her that they weren't trying to just get rid of her, and the fact that Derek insisted on coming with her certainly didn't hurt either. (Derek had always had a healthy paranoia of the MCO, believing they'd snatch his children the first chance they got.) Rachel was quite surprised when she was called into one of the conference rooms to see both her father and an unfamiliar girl, but the two girls hit it off fairly well. Especially so when both girls were informed of the respective pasts of their new sisters.

But regardless of what Clarissa had gained, she had lost everything she'd ever known - even her sense of self.


Clarissa is an anthropomorphic reindeer, although with her eyes mounted facing forwards for some reason, rather than on the side of her head as with a baseline reindeer. Her fur is dark brown for the most part, with speckles of beige on the outside of her thighs and with the fur of her belly and torso being beige as well. Her legs are digitigrade, and this goes a long way towards accounting for her basic height of five feet and nine inches. Her antlers will typically begin to grow around early November, reaching full-size by late December and falling off around the middle of May; however this schedule has not quite been 'set in stone' as it were, and the cycle may take a year or so before it is established. (At time of her arrival at Whateley, her antlers are fully-grown and not likely to fall off for some time) When fully-grown, her antlers add approximately eighty centimetres to her height; As this puts her height above that of the average American room, she has to do a lot of ducking whenever she's indoors. (She has to squat and tilt her head far forwards to get through most doors) Her hands are a blend of a reindeer hoof and human hand; Covered in fur for the most part, her hands have five digits like a baseline with one being an opposable thumb. However, those digits are markedly different to human hands. Where humans have three knuckles on their fingers and two on their thumbs, Clarissa has two knuckles on her fingers, the digits being rigid and hoof-like from the second knuckle to their tips, which extend about a centimetre further than baseline fingers. Her thumb has a similar hoof-like tip, although the hoof-part begins at the knuckle the same as the tip of a human's thumb.


Clarissa's Gadgeteer trait appears to be focused in the realm of chemistry. Among other things she is able to tell, upon touching either a substance or a container holding a substance, what that substance is - including a roughly-accurate figure for the concentration if the substance is a solution. Exactly what form this takes is unclear; Clarissa is unable to enunciate the mental procedure clearly. She is also able to tell what, when given an amount of one substance, and another, possibly-different, amount of another substance, what will result from combining them, in all or in part. She can tell what would catalyse a reaction by sight, and what would inhibit it. She cannot tell what will happen when electricity is applied to a substance or solution, however. Nor can she intuitively tell what will happen if a substance makes contact with living matter. A melange will also confuse her Esper sense, such that she finds it difficult to predict the result of any reaction involving it.


Clarissa's hearing becomes considerably more acute when her antlers are fully-grown. For this reason she is sometimes reluctant to have them trimmed. Her hearing cannot match that of her sister, but she can hear sounds at a much lower level than a baseline. She is aware that this extra hearing is helpful in the labs, hence the reason she is sometimes reluctant to have them trimmed despite their inconvenience.


Gauntlet computer

Not long after the events of Empty Dreams, Rachel and Clarissa both received one of these as a gift from their father. Not much has been established at this point. The gauntlet compromises a black glove attached to a computer, with a strap at the elbow end and another midway between the glove and the elbow strap. Mycron's gauntlet is virtually-identical to her sister's, but with a few important differences. First, the gauntlet is a little longer, at twenty-four centimetres. Second, the unit is a little bulkier, primarily to accomodate some ruggedisation her father implemented to accomodate her unusual digits. In terms of functions, Clarissa's gauntlet is capable of running the same programs as Rachel's, with the same mandatory sandbox for non-conforming applications, and both gauntlets use the same electronics.
Clarissa's torch/flashlight module has been swapped out; It has instead been replaced by a tranquilising dart launcher. The darts contain a tranquiliser of Clarissa's making, which was successfully able to tranquilise Kara, (normally Exemplar-3 and with Regen-4 on top) though the duration is, as-yet, uncertain. The dart launcher was partially Clarissa's design, but the software and much of the hardware was made by her father, as well as a healthy number (60 at last count) of darts for her to use. When in use, the launcher is able to use front-mounted sensors with the bracer's main CPU to correct the aim of the darts at the time they are launched - though controlling them in-flight is outside the scope of its abilities. (The darts are simple darts containing fins to stabilise flight, a reservoir for the drug and an injector, with no space for anything more esoteric)


Clarissa is not happy with her lot in life. She went from being a social butterfly as Clark to the bottom of the heap as Clarissa. Not only that but she isn't happy about her shape. She tries not to let her situation get her down, but she is constantly reminded of what happened - doubly-so when her antlers are in. Rachel tries to keep her cheered-up, but it doesn't always work. Recently she has been made rather painfully-aware that as bad as her life has been, it could have been much worse. And as a result, she has concluded that she has been a shallow bitch and that she should count her blessings rather than dwelling on what she has lost. She is still prone to brooding without realising, but she has begun to make the effort to improve.


Normal human weaknesses for the most part, after accounting for Exemplar level 2. Clarissa is more resistant to cold than a baseline, but not to a huge degree. High- or low-frequency sonics may affect her badly, but this remains untested.




  • Whitman cottage (room TBA)
  • Home residence
    • (see family)

Group Affiliations

Romantic Relationships


Individuals Clarissa has met or spoken to in passing, but has had little 'screen-time' with.

Cautious friendships

Personal Enemies

Cautious relationships

Those relationships where there is no enmity nor friendship, but wariness.


  • Rachel Parkes (adoptive younger sister)
  • Derek Parkes (adoptive father)
  • Dorothy Parkes (adoptive mother, baseline)
  • Amelia Parkes (adoptive older sister, baseline)


Relationship with Rachel

Though it may not always seem that way, Clarissa does appreciate the efforts made by her foster family to make her feel loved. She particularly appreciates that Rachel cares enough to make so much effort to cheer her up. In return, Clarissa does care about her sister, and would be willing to drop everything to help Rachel if she needed it - even though Clarissa is not yet consciously aware of this.
Rachel has been trying to keep her shifting ability concealed from her sister for fear of making Clarissa feel worse. She is not aware, however, that Clarissa already knows, having seen pictures of Rachel's human form taken shortly before she had left for Whateley.

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