RP LOG: This isn't the Hundred Acre Woods, Christopher

((A #crystal-hall adventure))

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Brief description:

Considering how much fun I've been having on the chat RP, I decided to pay it forward and host an event of my own, open to people. I've shared the idea on the chat, but I'm posting it here too.

In Story: Alice Craft (Alleycat) is working on her Magic Final Project. She has a couple months before it's due, but realized that to get a good grade, she needs to get cracking. Deciding to make an enchanted version of her weapon of choice (a Naginata) she enlists the aid of Rachel Parks and Tegan to find the best source for the staff/handle (she commissioned the blade and handle-cap from that weird girl with tattoos. expensive, but worth it for a 'blank' ready for her to enchant). So, right after they eat lunch, they do a quick scry and see a large Ironwood tree in a clearing. Some more work with a map of campus and surroundings tells them that it'll be at least an hour or two to hike there.

Still, it's not like they have anything better to do the next Sunday, so they decide to head out and make a picnic out of it, inviting a few friends to go with. Alice is pleased with what they see, and says that if everything goes well, she had a 'guaranteed 'A' on the project'.

And so, much like what happened to MacGuffin and his pool party, rumors spread and distort. Some hear that it's for couples to have a fun time in a group date, some that anyone can come, and some hear that it's a trip to get a rare magical item that will boost power immensely, etc.

One thing is certain: The next Sunday at 10:00 A.M. the group will head off into the woods.

Out of story: This will take place in the #crystal-hall channel, Sunday June 13, 1:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, with me checking #whateley-ooc before then for who wants to join.

RP LOG below:

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[11:10] <Alleycat> (Starting in 5 mins, people are late)
[11:10] <Tegan_Wissa> ((*hugs))
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[11:17] <Alleycat> *Alleycat walks to the designated waiting area, near the statue of Noah Whateley. She’s wearing jeans, a long sleeved top, her utility belt and in one hand has her naginata and the other holds a picnic basket.
[11:17] <Tegan_Wissa> **Tegan teleports in. She's wering her brother's MOPP boots, cargo pants, a tshirt and a backpack

[11:18] <Alleycat> *The day is cool, and in the woods can be seen a slight mist. In short, it's a perfect day to hike out to a picnic in the woods, and gathering materials for magic projects
[11:18] <Tegan_Wissa> "Tell me again why you have to pick a tree and not use a lumber yard sister?"
[11:18] * Pipeline walks up. He's dressed in jeans, hiking boots, button up flannel shirt and stetson. He's carrying a small duffel back over one shoulder that seems to ripple oddly.
[11:18] <Alleycat> "That's what the spell pointed to. It's /important/ to the enchantment." Alley shrugged.
[11:19] <Alleycat> "Hi, Pipeline. What're you up to?" She asks him.
[11:19] <Pipeline> "Howdy, heard there was a hiking trip today. Thought I'd join you, if you don't mind."
[11:19] <Alleycat> "You heard about it?" Alley is surprised
[11:19] * Zoe wanders towards the statue of Noah Whateleh as well, wearing her usual bodysuit and backpack with some delicious foods! She currently still has Alleycat's ears and hair, also possessing a demon-like tail. She grins when she sees Alleycat, "Hey Alley, you going to the party too?"
[11:19] <Alleycat> "Party?"
[11:20] * Alleycat turns to Tegan. "We talked about it in the caffeteria, didn't we."
[11:20] * Tegan_Wissa facepaws "If we don't get eaten by the grove, there may be merryment…of sorts"
[11:21] <Tegan_Wissa> "I wish Taira was here, still a month to go on her suspension…but I haz a plan."
[11:21] * Zoe nods at Alleycat, "Yeah, everyone's talking about it." She then blinks back and forth between Alleycat and Tegan, "Huh?"
[11:21] <Pipeline> "Uh, I hope it's not a problem if I join you. I haven't been out in the woods around here yet, and I'd like to see them."
[11:22] <Pipeline> "Most of my hiking has been done in the mountains around Sedona."
[11:22] <Alleycat> "It's a shame Rachel isn't feeling up to it." Alley tells Tegan, then turns to the newcomers. "Okay, you two are welcome to come with. It's about 5 miles out from the school to where we're going, just so you know."
[11:22] <Tegan_Wissa> "I can teleport us there…but the hike will do us good."
[11:23] <Alleycat> "You can go five miles?" Alley blinks.
[11:23] * Zoe grins and claps her hands, "Yay!"
[11:23] <Tegan_Wissa> "Relay Alley. I
[11:24] <Tegan_Wissa> can show you when you haz more essence."
[11:24] <Alleycat> "Still got a little of 'me' in you still?" Alley teases Zoe.
[11:24] * Pipeline looks at Tegan. "Oh, you can teleport? So that's what that green flash was before. Hey, would you be able to help me with a powers experiment later?"
[11:24] * Zoe reaches up to her cyan hair, running a hand through it, "Yep!"
[11:25] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Pipeline "Sure, if you don't mind Amanda tryin' ta mack on ya all day."
[11:25] <Alleycat> "Want help to put it into a braid like mine for the hike?" Alley gestures to her large braid that she used to keep her waist length hair under control.
[11:26] <Tegan_Wissa> "Let me help Zoe"
[11:27] <Pipeline> "Amanda can mack on me anytime, and she knows it. One of the Powers guys had a theory about how my warp field could interact with a teleport, but I haven't had time to try it."
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[11:28] * Zoe umms, "Do you have any gloves? Because otherwise I'll just shift into you when you do."
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[11:29] * Tegan_Wissa giggles "Sure I can halp…" *she turns to Zoe* "PK sweetie*
[11:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "I can use my PK." And Zoe's hair starts to move by itself
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[11:30] * Zoe blinks as her hair starts to move, "Wow, that feels kinda weird having my hair move all by itself."
[11:30] * Tegan_Wissa concentrates, her toung sticking out…soon Zoe has a french braid…as Tegan's paws, tail and toung move about…"DONE!"
[11:33] * Misty_Storm catches up to the group, a full-size picnic cooler in her lower hands. "Am I too late? I don't want to fail my Mystic Arts class…" her heads say together.
[11:34] <Alleycat> "Why would you fail the class?" Alley asked.
[11:34] <RachelParkes> "WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEE!" comes a distant cry. Those who turn would see a bipedal skunk running towards the group. Her gait is awkward, as is explained by the four-inch heels on the girl's hip-length PVC-look boots. Higher than that, she is wearing a PVC leotard, cut low, but not scandalously-so. A vest with puffy sleeves completes the ensemble.
[11:34] <RachelParkes> * Her fur is a midnight blue where it is not white, and her hair is a silvery-white in colour.
[11:35] * Tegan_Wissa looks at the new comers "W T F?"
[11:35] <Misty_Storm> "I.. I was told that I had to go on this quest or I'd fail!" The scaly chimera-girl is so nervous, she's splitting the sentence up between mouths.
[11:35] * Pipeline waves to Rachel. "Isn't that a new look for you?"
[11:35] * Alleycat *sniffs* the air. "Rachel? That you?"
[11:35] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Rachel "Rachel?!?"
[11:35] <Pipeline> "Pepe Le'Pew isn't going to come chasing after you in a minute, is he?"
[11:35] * RachelParkes comes to a stop not far from Alleycat. "Good nose," she gasps out between pants. "Gimme a sec… to get… my breath back…"
[11:35] * Misty_Storm 's lion head catches the colorful sight.. she slowly turns because she can't believe just one set of eyes.
[11:36] * Vera makes her own way up towards the group, dressed for the hike, still a bit tired and yawning some.
[11:36] <Alleycat> "What quest?" Alley asks Misty. "We're just going on a picnic and getting stuff some of us needs for our final projects
[11:36] * RachelParkes takes one last, deep breath, and releases it in a "phew!"
[11:37] <Misty_Storm> "One of the older girls in Mystic Arts said it was… she said she heard it from James, who heard it from Mark, who heard it from…"
[11:38] <Tegan_Wissa> "Rachel?"
[11:38] * Tegan_Wissa blinks
[11:38] * Tegan_Wissa sniffs the air, she let her whiskers grow out, they twitch a bit…
[11:38] <Alleycat> "Crap." Alley facefaults. "This rumor mill is insane. No, you won't fail the class. But if you want to join up and have a picnic with us, it's fine with me. Misty right? In Applied Magic 102 with me?"
[11:39] <RachelParkes> "Yup!" Rachel waves to Tegan. "How do I look?" She gives a little twirl, and the cape-like skirt, cape-like in that it is absent in the front, flares out, before failing to land on her feet properly and falling over on her butt with an "eep!"
[11:39] * Vera ends up walking up to Tegan and leaning on her a bit, "Who's the cute skunkgirl?" She said.
[11:39] <Alleycat> "You know we're hiking through the woods, right? Those heels are going to be murder." Alley tells Rachel.
[11:40] * RachelParkes picks herself back up. "No worries. I just wanted to see your reactions." She grins.
[11:41] <RachelParkes> "Not going to ask me why I look so different?" Rachel affects a hurt pout.
[11:41] <Misty_Storm> "At least I heard the picnic part right," her goat-head says, as she opens up the cooler to show a staggering array of picnic food.
[11:41] <Alleycat> "You're a shapeshifter." Alley shrugs. "Or it's an illusion."
[11:41] <RachelParkes> "It's no fun if you guess it with wildcards."
[11:42] <Tegan_Wissa> "rachel, you're hold out on us. But why a skunk?"
[11:42] * RachelParkes hmphs. "Well, fine. Tell the truth, I got this shape from a picture I found on the Internet the other night."
[11:42] <Vera> "The wildcards are there to be used… they make poker easier…"
[11:42] * Misty_Storm also gives Rachel a couple of gentle smiles. "That's a kinda neat outfit."
[11:42] <Alleycat> "Next time, cover your scent." Alley touched her nose. "Kinda defeats the purpose. You have no idea how much it makes Martial Arts Class easier.
[11:42] * Tegan_Wissa turns to Vera "She's rachel, the second in command of my team, love." Vera gets a soft kiss
[11:43] <RachelParkes> "I sort of giggled to myself imagining how Van would react to me in that outfit. Anyway, I'm late because the doctor-types got wind of my apparent power-increase."
[11:43] * Vera kisses Tegan back lightly, "So does that mean I get to share a bed with her too?" She teased, smiling.
[11:43] * Misty_Storm winces in triplicate at the mention of doctor-types.
[11:43] * Zoe blinks at Rachel, "How are you a skunkgirl?"
[11:43] <Tegan_Wissa> "Rache, Alley, this is Vera. My girl, firecracker and a new member of the gatekeepers…..VERA!" *She blushes*
[11:43] <RachelParkes> "They insisted on me coming in for more powers testing. Which is why I'm a bit late. Anyway, the shifting part, they wanted me to try taking other shapes."
[11:44] <Tegan_Wissa> "Cool. And I mean it about being my righthand girl Rache."
[11:44] <Alleycat> "Hi Vera. Tegan invited me to the group too." Alley holds out her hand.
[11:44] * Vera smiles and shakes Alley's hand, "Nice to meet you Alley."
[11:44] <RachelParkes> "Gimme a chance to finish! Anyway, after they insisted, I got this wicked idea to take this shape you see before you. Wasn't sure if it would work, but as you can see," Rachel gives another twirl, this time being more careful to stop properly. "It worked." She bursts into a fit of giggles. "You should've seen their faces!"
[11:44] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley is my spiritual sister and fellow catgirl."
[11:44] * Alleycat blushes.
[11:44] * Pipeline leans back against the Noah Whately statue as he watches the interplay between the girls. His duffle bag is on the ground beside him, still rippling occasionally.
[11:45] <RachelParkes> "I swear, one of them just about had a coronary!" Rachel burst into laughter.
[11:45] <Tegan_Wissa> "So when are we going on this shindig?" *Vera gets a tail tickle*
[11:45] * Zoe facepalms, "Why oh why does everyone get to be a better shifter than me?"
[11:45] <Tegan_Wissa> "Awww Zoey..honey…you are a good shifter."
[11:46] <RachelParkes> "HAHA! Eheh… Hee…" Rachel calms down. "So finally I get out of the labs and go back to my room to get kitted-out for the hike. And then I get this wild hair of an idea to see how you guys react, too." Rachel grins again. "So! How do I look?"
[11:46] <Alleycat> "Okay … with the new people, do we have enough food for everyone?" Alley asks. "Otherwise we'll have to stop by the hall for more."
[11:46] * Vera giggles a bit, smiling, "And don't worry Alley. I only really have it bad for Tegan. Just like to tease her some."
[11:46] * Pipeline smiles. "I can't shift myself at all. Just spacetime as we know it."
[11:46] * Zoe shakes her head, "I'm really not."
[11:46] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley…give me a sec!" *she teleports away!*
[11:46] * Misty_Storm smiles again. "You look, um, wow, Rachel," her dragon head says, her other two heads nodding.
[11:47] * RachelParkes grins at Misty_Storm. "You're too kind," she says, clearly amused.
[11:47] * Vera stumbles a bit, having been using Tegan as support for a while there.
[11:47] * Pipeline nudges the duffle back with this foot. "I brought plenty in here. Heard a lot of people were coming."
[11:47] * Alleycat winks at Vera. "Don't worry, I've figured out how she is."
[11:47] * Tegan_Wissa teleports back with a cooler "And back!"
[11:48] * Misty_Storm glances around. "Do we have a bunch of energizers along? This is a lot of food!"
[11:48] <RachelParkes> "Oh well. I've got my entertainment value. And as Alice so accurately points out, the heels are going to be murder on me. So…" She concentrates, and shifts into her natural hybrid form. She's wearing a T-shirt, long pants with a hole through which her three tails protrude, a rucksack which looks to be mostly-full if not totally-full, and her bracer.
[11:48] * Vera smiles, "Amusingly, that's part of what drew me to her I think." She then lightly tickles Tegan, "Warn me before you do that next time. I'm still not fully awake and was trying to stay up on you there."
[11:48] * RachelParkes holds up one foot. "See? Hiking boots. I planned ahead."
[11:49] * Alleycat goggles at Rachel. "You can do clothes now?"
[11:49] * Tegan_Wissa opens the cooler "Aww Vera…have a red bull. You can thank Lylah and Amanda for the sandy whiches and candy by the way."
[11:49] <RachelParkes> "Apparently. But only when I shift to a new… Erm… Well, put it this way. The three forms I had before? I can't do clothing quite the same way. But if I shift into another form, that one can have clothes."
[11:49] <Alleycat> "Well, if everyone who
[11:49] * Misty_Storm glances at Rachel's practical boots, then down at her own (three) scaly feet. And giggles. "Boots made for these dinosaur things would be silly," her lion head says.
[11:50] <Alleycat> 's coming is here, let's go!"
[11:50] <RachelParkes> "If I took off all my clothes in hybrid form, and then shifted into my skunk form, I'd have clothes."
[11:50] <RachelParkes> "But if I then shift back to hybrid form, I wouldn't."
[11:50] <Alleycat> *Alley double checks a map and points off to the north.
[11:50] <RachelParkes> "They haven't quite figured out why."
[11:50] * Tegan_Wissa looks down at her rubber army boots "A fashion don't kids!"
[11:51] * Zoe closes her eyes for a moment, then lifts a few inches off the ground, "I think I might cheat on the whole 5 mile walking thing."
[11:51] <Vera> "You know, Teegs, you could have bought new ones the last time we were in town…"
[11:51] * Alleycat blinks. "More new powers?"
[11:51] <Tegan_Wissa> "But for hiking? "
[11:51] <Alleycat> *she asks Zoe as they all start walking.
[11:52] <RachelParkes> "That's a new one," Rachel comments to her roommate as they walk.
[11:52] * Vera smiles, "You make it sound like you need a reason to buy new clothes."
[11:52] * Tegan_Wissa hoists the mini-cooler and backpack on her back, she takes Vera's hand
[11:52] * Misty_Storm winds up bringing up the rear, or close to, as she walks carefully trying not to trip over her own feet.
[11:52] * Pipeline picks up his duffle bag and slings over one shoulder as they set off.
[11:52] <Tegan_Wissa> "Only to impress you my love."
[11:52] * Vera holds Tegan's hand as she walks with her, smiling still.
[11:52] * Zoe shakes her head at Alleycat, "No, this suit is a devise Becky made. It lets me mimic some of her powers.. Well, old powers. Flying is one of the things it can do."
[11:53] <Alleycat> *The forest is cool, with a slight haze around in the mid morning. It is a nice day for a hike, not warm enough yet to make the exemplar types sweat.
[11:53] <Tegan_Wissa> "So what are you looking for sister? A sapling? A dead tree? I can scry for it ya'know…"
[11:54] <RachelParkes> "Hey wait a sec…" Rachel finally realises something, several minutes late. She looks at Tegan. "Second in command?"
[11:54] <Alleycat> "It's an iron wood tree. The scry showed it in a clearing, that I've got marked on my map. For some reason, it's the 'best fit' for what I need."
[11:55] * Tegan_Wissa nods "I need a number one to my 'Captin Picard' " she smiles
[11:55] * Vera smiles lightly, "She needs to be faster on the uptake, Teegs, but I think she'll do just fine."
[11:56] * Pipeline whistles cheerfully as he walks along.
[11:56] <Tegan_Wissa> "I'm the leader, Outfox is the first officer. Subtle is our warper. Vera you're out bodyguard and Alley is the heat and soul of our group."
[11:56] <Alleycat> "Yeah, it's going to be fun to really be in a training team!" Alley grinned. "I may not be up on the magic too much, but I'm getting good with this!" Alley twirled her naginata a moment.
[11:56] <Tegan_Wissa> "Wicked!"
[11:56] * RachelParkes hmms. "We should see about recruiting a brick or two."
[11:57] <Misty_Storm> "Wow… must be cool, to have a team." "Some folks say I'm a team by myself, though."
[11:57] <Alleycat> "Yeah, I'm more like a daredevil type, but not as good as most." Alley nods.
[11:57] * Zoe floats along, quiet for the most part. She does respond to talk of teams, though, "I need to find a team sometime."
[11:58] <Pipeline> "I haven't joined a team yet either, although Amanda said her team might be looking for someone. So who knows."
[11:58] <Tegan_Wissa> "Well, Charlie promised to loan Flutter or AJ…but yeah."
[11:58] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Pipeline "Do it. They need a handsome guy like you."
[11:59] <Pipeline> "Haha, I'm sure being on the team is about more than looks."
[11:59] <Pipeline> "My power seems to be different than most warpers. Hopefully it will be useful in the sims. The Powers Testing guys have been taking up all my spare time these last few weeks."
[11:59] <Tegan_Wissa> "True dat. Like little firecracker. Vera's a fire manifester."
[12:00] <RachelParkes> "By my reckoning we have two mages, one mage-in-training, one Warper, one pyrokinetic, one martial artist, at least one beginner martial artist, and one Deviser."
[12:00] * Misty_Storm hmms? "what powers are those, Pipeline?"
[12:00] <Alleycat> "Really? So's my gi…" Alley bites off what she was about to say. "Steady"
[12:00] <Tegan_Wissa> "And that's why your the brains of the team rache!"
[12:00] * RachelParkes looks at her bracer. "Maybe I should ask my dad if he'd be willing to make a few more of these."
[12:01] * Zoe cants her head at Alleycat a bit, but doesn't comment on her change of wording.
[12:01] * RachelParkes continues musing, oblivious. "And talk to Clarissa about some more of her tranq dart launchers…"
[12:01] <Pipeline> "I have two abilities. I can see warp fields and effect (they look like green glows or green fire to me) and I can create an external tube shaped warp field that let's me control spatial dimensions within it."
[12:02] <Alleycat> "You're starting to get dangerous ,Rache." Alley teases.
[12:02] * Vera smiles and nods, creating a small ball of fire in her hand, "Yeah. Haven't used it much in actual fighting yet. Kinda stopped fighting people once I manifested. A bit too risky."
[12:02] * Misty_Storm huhs, nodding several times at once.
[12:02] * RachelParkes grins at Alleycat. "You're too kind."
[12:03] <Tegan_Wissa> "See, that's real usefull Pipeline. Charlie's a waper but he can only wapr *other* people to him. Amanda's over the moon for ya, but she talked the team into it 'caus youre power is so good at getting things out of tight places."
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[12:03] <Alleycat> "I gotta work harder to catch up … which is what this hike is about, kinda."
[12:03] <Pipeline> "One of the things they want me to test is how long I can maintain the field, and they say I shouldn't be limited to just tube and cyliner shapes."
[12:03] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley, you're get there."
[12:04] <Alleycat> "/But/ only if I work at it."
[12:04] * Zoe blehs, "I've got to be one of the least useful people at this school."
[12:04] * Misty_Storm shrugs. "I'm a pretty strong exemplar, not much of a mage, though. I can cast a couple spells at the same time, though, or one that requires two or three people at once."
[12:04] * Vera nods, "Yeah. Its not that hard to do if you work at it. Been in the BMA classes here myself, if mostly to help with my own skills I ended up training myself in on the school grounds when Iwas younger…"
[12:05] * Tegan_Wissa gives Zoe and Alley pk pats "Sister, the more your sweat in practice the less you bleed in life. Zoe stop beating yourself up!"
[12:05] <RachelParkes> "BMA's a hard class. Rewarding! But hard."
[12:05] <Alleycat> "Ito-sensei's really mean … but everything he makes me do improves me."
[12:05] <Pipeline> "I'm pretty good in Tai-Chi, although my Dad says I ned to practice more. BMA has been pretty interesting for me, trying to find ways to use my power with my Tai-Chi."
[12:05] <RachelParkes> "Yeah. He's an evil, conniving git, but /damn/ he makes you work well."
[12:05] <Alleycat> *Alley sends feelings of familial love to Tegan for the pat.
[12:06] <Misty_Storm> "BMA is… frustrating. Ito-sensei always makes me fight at least three other people…" she grumbles.
[12:06] * Vera nods, "Yeah. Not sure what I'll be doing next year there."
[12:06] <Alleycat> "Yeah, when my eyes got temp fried, he made me train anyway … and I got /better/ and started using my nose more.
[12:06] <Alleycat> *"
[12:06] <Tegan_Wissa> Emu sends to Alley 'You will be a wise Sphinx someday my sister' **
[12:07] * Richard_Grey can almost be seen in the distance, jogging up to the group along the path.
[12:07] <Tegan_Wissa> "He showed be that I can't relyon my maigc if I can't speak. To use my tial and claws to defend myself."
[12:07] <Alleycat> "But I'll still want my big sis to guide me." Alley sends to Emu
[12:07] <Tegan_Wissa> **Emu sends Alley a hug

[12:08] <Alleycat> *'What have I got in my pockets'* Alley sends back.
[12:08] * Misty_Storm takes a few jogging steps, to keep up, nearly tripping herself again. "What happened to your eyes..?" her lion-head asks, while her middle head looks emberassed.
[12:08] * Zoe mmphs softly as Tegan tells her not to beat herself up.
[12:09] <Vera> "He's been trying to get me to use my own powers a bit more. I mean… I've been kinda holding back in combat with them."
[12:09] <Alleycat> "Oh I tried to enchant a crystal as a flash grenade, and it blew up in my face." Alley explained to Misty.
[12:09] <Tegan_Wissa> Emu sends to Alley 'Good Job!' **
[12:09] <Tegan_Wissa> "Let me look at that spell Alley…maybe I can fix it.'
[12:09] <Alleycat> *'Eh, got it from the Hobbit'*
[12:09] <RachelParkes> "Oh yeah, I remember that."
[12:10] * Tegan_Wissa waves to Richard
[12:10] * Misty_Storm shudders. "That's… scary," she half-whispers. "I mean, I have spares, but still wouldn't want to loose any eyes."
[12:10] <RachelParkes> "That would've been around the same time as my antigrav generator blew up in my face and then got mauled by the hellkitten."
[12:10] <Alleycat> "Oh, I got it figured out, what I did wrong. I used a flawed crystal, so the stress broke it."
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[12:10] * Richard_Grey catches up with the group returning Tegan's nod as he pulls alongside Rachel, breathing heavily.
[12:10] <Richard_Grey> *from exertion.
[12:11] * RachelParkes eyes Richard. "Nice of you to join us," she grins.
[12:11] <Tegan_Wissa> "Ah, yeah I check first. Got Gloria good with one of those. Stupid regen powers of hers meant the pain didn't last."
[12:11] <Alleycat> "It was just a big flash of light right in my eyes, and my Exemplar gives me just enough regen to make sure I got better."
[12:11] <Tegan_Wissa> "Hey Richard, can I axe you a question?"
[12:12] * Richard_Grey just about gasps. "Sorry. Got delayed." He turns to Tegan, noticing a lot of people he doesn't recognise. "Sure."
[12:12] <Tegan_Wissa> "I'm putting a team together. Wanna join the fun?"
[12:15] * Richard_Grey blinks. "I… think so?"
[12:15] <Vera> "Hmmm… the only guy on a team full of girls… and he only thinks he wants to join…"
[12:15] <Alleycat> "Yay! Richard in the team." Alley smiles at him.
[12:16] * Tegan_Wissa giggles as Richard gets a PK poke on his rear ….
[12:17] * RachelParkes giggles at Vera's comment. "In fairness, all of those girls are taken already."
[12:17] * Richard_Grey straightens suddenly and throws some wary glances at the people he doesn't recognise. "I guess I'm the token guy then? Hell, I wanted to talk to you three anyway."
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[12:19] * Taira-Mai is now known as Taira-Mai_
[12:19] * Richard_Grey glances at the others. "Just… stuff. It'll wait." He says a little nervously. "I, eh, don't know any of your friends?"
[12:20] *
Tegan_Wissa is now known as Taira-Mai_AFK
[12:20] * Vera smiles, "Well, I knew at least a few of the girls were taken," She says, squeezing Tegan's hand lightly, "But I didn't know all of them where. Still… how many guys would pass up that kind of a chance?"
[12:20] * Taira-Mai_ is now known as Tegan
[12:20] * Alleycat nods
[12:20] *
Tegan is now known as Tegan_Wissa
[12:21] <Tegan_Wissa> "Well, this firey red head is Vera. That nice boy is Pipeline
[12:21] <Tegan_Wissa> you know Alley, that's Zoe in the suit…the girl with three heads is new."
[12:22] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Vera "Well, she has brown hair, but I haz red hair dye in my room!"
[12:22] * Vera giggles a bit, "Something tells me I'm due for a make over after all of this."
[12:23] * Tegan_Wissa grins
[12:23] * Richard_Grey nods along with it. "Pipeline." He says to himself, closing his eyes for a second. "We've met before? Zoe… doesn't ring a bell. And nice to meet you Vera."
[12:23] * Zoe quietly lifts a hand to wave.
[12:24] * Vera smiles, "Nice to meet you too. Hope to work well with you."
[12:24] * Pipeline gives Richard a friendly wave. "Probably not. I've been cooped in Powers Testing for the last few weeks."
[12:25] <Alleycat> "Hold up." Alley says, setting down the picnic basket and her naginata. "Gotta check the map."
[12:25] * Alleycat pulls out the map, and a crystal on a cord. She mumbles a moment and holds the crystal over the map.
[12:26] * Richard_Grey rubs this temples slightly. "I just thought I remembered you. Never mind."
[12:26] * Misty_Storm is about a minute behind and is glad of the chance to keep up. "Gah… you'd think I'd be faster with more legs."
[12:26] * Tegan_Wissa watches Alley, "Good job" she snets to Alley
[12:26] <RachelParkes> ((sends?))
[12:27] * Pipeline falls back so he's keeping pace with Misty. "Want me to give try and give you a hand keeping up?"
[12:27] <Alleycat> "Okay …" Alley holds the crystal out in a direction and gives it a wave. After a moment it moves out in a single direction. "We go that way now. Easy path is done for the moment." The direction is at an angle away from the curve of the path they had been walking.
[12:28] <RachelParkes> "Pity. Too bad I've been procrastinating about the lightsaber deal."
[12:28] * Tegan_Wissa whistles "Looks rough.'
[12:28] * Misty_Storm quirks a smile to Pipeline with her goat head, the side he's on. "Thanks, I'd like that. this body is just… awkward."
[12:29] * Zoe shifts her backpack a bit.
[12:29] * Vera smiles a bit, looking at the path, "Its not that bad. Family used to drag me out to the middle of Colorado, and we'd end up hiking along a path just to see the snow on the mountains and the like."
[12:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay, time for a snack break!" *she sets her cooler down*
[12:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "Who wants sandwhiches?"
[12:30] <Alleycat> "I thought we were waiting until we get there?" Alley asks her.
[12:30] <RachelParkes> "So did I."
[12:30] <Pipeline> "I've got steak fixings in the duffel bag for when we get there."
[12:31] * Pipeline hefts his 2 foot long duffel as he speaks.
[12:31] * Misty_Storm perks up. "What kind of sandwiches? I'd like a…" "Peanut butter"/"ham"/"egg salad" "..one. Argh, I /hate/ when I can't decide."
[12:31] <RachelParkes> "oooh, steak!"
[12:31] * Vera smiles, "And I've got the fire to cook those steaks if we need to." She looks at the cooler for a bit, "Though something light for now for me really."
[12:31] <Alleycat> "You did a real good cookout at the pool party." Alley smiled at Pipeine.
[12:31] * Richard_Grey raises an eyebrow and gazes off down the treeline the crystal indicated.
[12:31] <Tegan_Wissa> "Hungry sphinxie." She gets some sandwhiches out…"I see tuna wiff jellybeans…egg salad wiff jelly beans…blt…with…jelly beans…and peanut butter and jelly."
[12:32] <Pipeline> "Oh, I've got a portable grill in here as well."
[12:32] <RachelParkes> "You're /always/ hungry, Teegs."
[12:33] * Tegan_Wissa eats a tuna and jellybean sandwich "Gee thanks Lylah…"
[12:33] <Vera> "You got these sandwhiches from the jelly belly factory, didn't you?"
[12:33] <Tegan_Wissa> "No, from Lylah Whitley..she loves candy…"
[12:33] * Pipeline snags a PB&J sandwich.
[12:33] * Misty_Storm beams at Pipeline. "You do? Great! I've got some hot dogs and hamburger in my cooler, I was afraid I'd have to use fire magic to cook with."
[12:34] <Alleycat> "Bleah." Alley sticks her tongue out. "Jellybeans are fine on their own, but /not/ with tuna or egg salad or bacon.
[12:34] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay…all fueled up." *She closes the cooler* "You try telling that to Lylah, when she's on a suger high…"
[12:34] * Pipeline smiles back. "Sure, not problem. Cookouts are more fun when you share"
[12:35] <Tegan_Wissa> "now she has chocolate covered bacon. ick…"
[12:35] <Alleycat> "Okay, are we ready to go again?" Alley asked, hefting her gear.
[12:35] * Richard_Grey turns to Alley. "Please. Just the idea of chocolate covered bacon…" He shudders.
[12:36] * Vera smiles and kisses Tegan's cheek, "Next time, tell me in advance and I'll try to bring stuff with out jelly beans in it."
[12:36] <Alleycat> "Yeah, bleah."
[12:36] <RachelParkes> "Chocolate covered bacon makes me nauseous too, but probably not for the same reason.
[12:36] * Pipeline takes a bite out of the PB&J sandwich. "Tell Lylah I liked the sandwitch." :)
[12:37] * Misty_Storm blinks at Pipeline, sure there's a joke in there, but not quite getting it.
[12:37] * Tegan_Wissa hugs Vera as her backpack and cooler go back on her back "Thanks hon."
[12:37] <Tegan_Wissa> Tegan_Wissa hugs Vera as her backpack goes back on her back "Thanks hon. Misty, thanks for taking that cooler."
[12:37] * Shadell (ten.htuoslleb.tcb.pis.09001-md|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.tcb.pis.09001-md|tibbiM) has joined #crystal-hall
[12:38] * Pipeline focuses on Misty_Storm as they start walking. The air ripples around her and suddenly each step is taking her twice as far as normal. "That better?"
[12:38] <Alleycat> *The going is harder than before, until they move away from the extra light given by the path, and are into the trees proper. Now that the trees take most of the light, they just had to walk over uneven ground and around the trunks, ducking the occasional branch.
[12:39] * abirkin2 is now known as Annette
[12:39] * Tegan_Wissa pants "…tired sphinxie…"
[12:39] * Misty_Storm beams, times three— a rather toothy affair, given two heads are fangy. "Thanks! I can walk carefully now without falling back or anything!"
[12:40] <RachelParkes> "Tired foxy too."
[12:40] <Alleycat> "Sorry, but … it's only a couple more miles." Alley offers her frieinds.
[12:40] * Richard_Grey waits for Tegan and Rachel to catch up with him, taking a swig out of a water bottle that he stashes in one of his pockets.
[12:40] <Pipeline> "Glad to help. I've got you in one of my pipes right now, and shortening the distance so each step takes you farther."
[12:41] * Pipeline has a light sheen of sweet on his forehead as he maintains concentration.
[12:41] * Zoe is not sweaty or tired in the least. Huzzah for floaty goodness.
[12:41] * Tegan_Wissa hugs Vera
[12:42] * Misty_Storm tries to make sense of that, each pair of eyes gradually crossing as she tries to work out how space-warping works.. "Um, is this kinda stressful for you…?"
[12:43] * Vera hugs Tegan back, "Sadly Teegs, I can't carry you. I'm not that strong."
[12:43] <Pipeline> "A bit. But it's also part of a project for my Powers Lab - I'm supposed to concentrate on maintaining two pipes for as long as I can. I've had one going since we started, this is the second one."
[12:43] <Tegan_Wissa> *Vera gets a PK kiss*
[12:43] <Pipeline> "A couple of weeks ago, I could only do one pipe at a time."
[12:44] <Misty_Storm> "Oh, OK. I don't want to be a bother or anything. You're awfully nice, you know that?"
[12:44] <Pipeline> "I just enjoy helping out. Makes things easier for everyone."
[12:45] <Alleycat> "This is such a nice day." Alley smiles. "I can't remember why I don't do this more often."
[12:45] * Taira-Mai_AFK (ten.sseleriwpael.odve.20241-md|iaM-ariaT#ten.sseleriwpael.odve.20241-md|iaM-ariaT) Quit ( Exit: Trillian sucks! )
[12:46] <Pipeline> ((And that's when the voodoo werewolves attacked and Alleycat remembered why she doesn't do this more often.))
[12:46] <Tegan_Wissa> "Um things in the forest try to eat students?"
[12:47] <Alleycat> "Oh, right. That's why I have this along." She indicates her naginata.
[12:47] * Richard_Grey 's eyes go a little wide at that. "Really?"
[12:47] * Zoe smirks slightly, "I've heard that some parts of the forest itself tries to eat students."
[12:47] * Tegan_Wissa nods
[12:47] * Misty_Storm gives Pipeline a cheerful smile and a nod, which is hopefully taken in the spirit offered, given that a scaly goat-head is giving it…
[12:47] <Alleycat> "Good thing that part is on the other side of the school."
[12:48] <RachelParkes> "I've heard that too."
[12:48] * Pipeline smiles back, he appears completely unphazed by her odd appearance. Or anyone elses for that matter.
[12:48] <Alleycat> "Still, I can bet some biodevisors just let some stuff run wild."
[12:49] * Levi (ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4554-md|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4554-md|tibbiM) has joined #crystal-hall
[12:49] * Richard_Grey gulps and tries to change the subject. "So… Tegan. Why did you ask me to join your team?"
[12:50] * Levi is now known as Guest1238
[12:50] <Tegan_Wissa> "You're a mage in training. And without you..we could have never gotten Subtle out of the void…"
[12:50] * Guest1238 is now known as Leviathan
[12:51] * Misty_Storm absently transfers her cooler to another pair of hands, treating it as if it were an empty box. "Glad everyone's so nice out here."
[12:51] <Alleycat> "Well some of use know what it's like to be stuck in a body you didn't really want … and then getting used to it."
[12:51] * Richard_Grey makes a self deprecating frown and accompanying sound. "I sincerely doubt that."
[12:52] * Pipeline shrugs. "I grew up in Sedona. They specialize in wierd out there."
[12:52] * Misty_Storm misses two steps, and nearly trips at Alleycat's comment. "Um, yeah," she says, sorting herslef out.
[12:53] <Tegan_Wissa> "Richard, the spirit inside you has lots of power, you just need training, that's all.."
[12:53] <Alleycat> "Just trust me, I've seen worse than you." Alley smiles kindly at Misty.
[12:53] * Zoe grunts softly and nods a bit at Alleycat's comment, "It's also bothersome when who you are changes on a regular basis."
[12:53] <Alleycat> "I've seen /that/ too." Alley nods.
[12:53] * Misty_Storm shudders. "One of my biggest fears," she whispers in unison.
[12:54] <RachelParkes> "Let's just say I've learned to judge people by their actions, now their looks."
[12:54] * Leviathan freezes another series of low hanging branches and shatters them with a gesture, "F*ing branches, f*cking woodlands critters. It's gonna be a nice hike he said, you should hide inside he said. You should interact, he said. Well now I'm lost."
[12:54] <RachelParkes> ((*Not))
[12:54] * Tegan_Wissa looks around "Who said that?"
[12:55] * Richard_Grey smiles weakly and says quietly enough that no other humans would be able to overhear. "I've lived a long time. I don't think the next few years are going to change anything."
[12:55] * Misty_Storm eeeps! as she hears something that sounds like a small explosion or something!
[12:55] <Alleycat> "It came from over there." Alley points with her naginata.
[12:55] <Pipeline> "Speaking of judging by actions, I think I recognize that voice"
[12:55] <Tegan_Wissa> "oh?"
[12:55] <Misty_Storm> (in reference to the sound of shattering branches)
[12:55] <Leviathan> (It would sound more like breaking glass)
[12:55] * Zoe 's ears flick in the direction of the unfamiliar voice. She lifts up a bit higher in the air and calls out, "Who's over there?"
[12:56] * Tegan_Wissa focuses "I see a… lizard girl? In a tree…"
[12:56] * Tegan_Wissa hugs Vera
[12:56] <Leviathan> : sticks her head out from behind a tree and jumps in surprise, "Woah!" The blue lizard-gecko-dolphin girl points at the lot, "Where have you guys been hiding?"
[12:56] * RachelParkes looks over in Leviathan's direction. "Oh christ, not her," she mutters to herself.
[12:57] * Misty_Storm blinks, slowly. "Um, hi?" her lion-head says.
[12:57] <Alleycat> "Just stay calm." She murmers to Rachel, giving her a comforting hug with her tail.
[12:58] * Vera keeps an arm around Tegan, looking at the lizard girl, "Hi there."
[12:58] * Tegan_Wissa sees the auroras of her friends "We are boned."
[12:58] * Leviathan was dress in stereotypical affair for hiking, more like she was thinking aesthetically then logically, "Sup guys, heard their was a nature walk. I, uh, got lost coming."
[12:59] * Pipeline waves to her. "Leviathan. Haven't seen you since the pool party."
[13:00] <Alleycat> "Did the rumor mill just change it to whatever they felt like saying?" Alley complained to nobody.
[13:00] * Misty_Storm looks relieved— just another student. Whew!
[13:00] <Tegan_Wissa> "Ah…Levi, please don't do any ice blasts."
[13:00] <RachelParkes> "That would be the nature of rumour mills, Alice."
[13:01] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley, just be thankfull Peeper and Greasy don't think were running skycald through the woods."
[13:01] <Alleycat> "Yeah, but … it was just supposed to be you, me and Tegan.:
[13:01] * Leviathan smiles at Pipeline, "Ya know, just doing the freaky looking kid thing, skulking in dark tunnels and hiding away from the sunlight. And no ice blasts on anyone. Annoying branches are free games."
[13:02] <Tegan_Wissa> "Sis, the more the merrier. "
[13:02] * Vera looks at Alley, "You could have said something sooner, dear. I wouldn't have minded."
[13:02] <Pipeline> "That would be an "Au Natural" walk, not a Nature Walk."
[13:02] * Tegan_Wissa kisses Vera "I always want my firecracker."
[13:02] * Zoe blinks at Alley, "You should have said something.. I coulda gone and found something else to do.."
[13:02] <RachelParkes> "And how, Pipeline, would that be such a massive distortion for the rumour mill to come up with?"
[13:02] <Alleycat> "No, no, I don't /mind/, this is fun." Alley told Vera. "It's just … a little unexpected.
[13:03] <Pipeline> "It wouldn't be, really. Which is why I am kind of suprised that Peeper and Greasy aren't aren't following after all."
[13:04] * Misty_Storm nods, scuffing her middle foot in the dirt.
[13:04] <RachelParkes> "Yeah, given the ratio of girls to guys, you'd think they'd love this."
[13:04] <Alleycat> "I think they're chasing a rumor about that Fey girl in a jumprope competition."
[13:04] * Leviathan leans in conspirationally, "They would be but some issues involving inopurtune flash freezing has kept them."
[13:04] * Richard_Grey leans against the tree he was lurking behind, wincing as he hears Alleycat's idea.
[13:04] * RachelParkes smiles at Alice. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about this rumour, would you Alice?"
[13:04] * Vera kisses Tegan back lightly, smiling, "I know you do, Teegs."
[13:04] <Tegan_Wissa> "So are we gonna walk to this tree or are we goona jawjack?"
[13:04] <Alleycat> "So, we're having a picnic. Did you want to join in?" Alley asked Leviathan.
[13:05] * Leviathan thoughts we were walking while talking.
[13:05] <Alleycat> "Yeah, let's go." Alley starts walking again, checking the crystal for direction first.
[13:05] <Leviathan> "A picnic? Well, damn, I wish I brought something other then granola bars."
[13:06] <Tegan_Wissa> "I got sandwhiches."
[13:06] <Vera> "Do we have enough food for everyone though?"
[13:06] <Leviathan> "I don't even like granola bars."
[13:06] <Alleycat> "Well, if you want, you can help tote some of the food." Alley held out her picnic basket.
[13:06] <Misty_Storm> "I've got a cooler-full of stuff… Leviathan, how good are you at freezing stuff? Could you freeze the melted ice in this without getting the food, too?"
[13:07] <Leviathan> "It would be safer if I took a look at the stuff so I got a good idea on what I'm freezing. Give it here."
[13:08] <Alleycat> *as the group walks, they come to another clump of brush that looks like the border of a path.
[13:08] <Tegan_Wissa> "Wow…looks like a path..hope the tree's still there."
[13:09] <Alleycat> "We'll find out." Alley sighs.
[13:09] * Misty_Storm opens her cooler, showing Leviathan the contents… its stuffed full of hot dogs and other picnic foods, with a few bags of ice. well, ice-and-water, now.
[13:10] <Tegan_Wissa> "Mine has the sandwhiches…with *cough* jellybeans.."
[13:11] * Leviathan gestures and the bags of half-melted ice levitates up. It all freezes in a split second into a single solid mass. She clenches her fists, crushing the ice inside into more malleable bits so as to not smash anything before setting back in.
[13:12] * Misty_Storm beams in triplicate to Leviathan as she makes sure everything's put back into place and balanced inside the cooler. "Thanks!"
[13:13] * Vera lightly squeezes Tegan with her arm, "So far so good here."
[13:13] <Pipeline> Misty and Leviathan would have noticed some resistance as they reached across the invisible boundary of the pipe that surrounds Misty, but not enough to stop them.
[13:14] <Tegan_Wissa> "So Alley, how much further?"
[13:16] * Tegan_Wissa yawns
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[13:17] <Pipeline> "How far across is the gorge?"
[13:17] <Alleycat> *where the path meets the gorge, there is a rope bridge crossing to the other side. It looks old, and a couple of boards are missing.
[13:17] * Misty_Storm gives Pipeline a concerned look. "You still doing OK?"
[13:18] * Misty_Storm frowns at the bridge at the same time. "Drat, I didn't learn any levitation stuff yet."
[13:18] <Pipeline> "Yeah, just need to rest. I'll need to drop your pipe for am minute."
[13:18] <Leviathan> "I hate to take the Indiana Jones out of this adventures, but I can seriously make a sturd bridges. Gimme five minutes and I'm good to go."
[13:18] <Alleycat> "What do you think?" Alley asks, looking at the bridge doubtfully. "I don't know it that will hold me, let alone the … larger people."
[13:18] <Tegan_Wissa> "I can teleport people across ya know."
[13:19] <RachelParkes> "Can you keep it up though?"
[13:19] <Leviathan> "Once it freezes, it kinda just needs to melt."
[13:19] <Alleycat> "I don't wanna tire you out too much, though." Alley says to her 'sister'.
[13:19] * Pipeline shrugs, then takes a step off the edge of the gorge, his leg and then his entire body distorting and stretching as he crosses it in a single step.
[13:19] * RachelParkes takes a peek over the edge. "Dammit. I hear kitsune can fly, too, but I've not managed to pull that off myself."
[13:19] * Leviathan yells at Pipeline, "Showoff!"
[13:20] <Misty_Storm> "No problem," she says to Pipeline before he crosses over.
[13:20] <Pipeline> "I can make a single step strech 50 feet with one of my pipes. It's what I do."
[13:20] * Tegan_Wissa teleports herself and Vera across the george…after much chanting…
[13:20] * Zoe just floats across the gorge.
[13:21] * Pipeline takes a deep breathe. "OK Misty. I'm ready. Take a step towards me."
[13:21] * Misty_Storm bites her lip… and bites her lip. Maybe… whew! "Thanks, Pipeliiiiiiine!" the long step feels, well, weird as she steps over the gap.
[13:21] * Leviathan thinks about it and experimently picks up some water with her kinesis. Then she notices everyone else is doing fine without her help.
[13:22] * Richard_Grey approaches the edge again, and nervously looks down. "I… don't suppose you could do that with me as well, if it's not too much trouble?"
[13:22] <Leviathan> "Perhaps my plan was a bit… elaborate anyway."
[13:22] <Pipeline> The step feels normal to Misty, but the entire world around her is distorted and compacted as she travels through the pipe."
[13:22] * Tegan_Wissa sets her backpack down and ports backk to Levi
[13:22] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi…try and send Richard across…" *She hugs Levi*
[13:23] <Pipeline> "Sure thing. Just give me a second to reset, the longer pipes like that are harder to do."
[13:23] <Pipeline> "Or that works as well." :)
[13:23] * Leviathan jumps, "Woah! Damn, I'll never get use to you porters-" When Tegan hugs her, she freezes up, "Erm… alright."
[13:23] * Misty_Storm hmms, and picks up a feather lying on the ground; it goes into a pouch on her belt. "I think I'll try something on our way back."
[13:23] <Alleycat> "Sis? Can you send me over?" Alley asks. *I trust you the most* She sent.
[13:24] * Tegan_Wissa sends Alleycat with a teleport, then goes to watch Levi…
[13:25] * Vera waits on the otherside for everyone.
[13:25] * Richard_Grey looks nervously at Levi, memories from the pool party surfacing at a bad time. "So… how are we going to do this?"
[13:26] * Tegan_Wissa waves to Vera and Alleycat
[13:26] <Pipeline> "I can give you a lift across now if you want."
[13:26] * Leviathan looks over the gorge and reaches out towards the river below. Thick globs of water coming out like bubbles of air in an ocean floating to the surface, nearly as big as Levi. Levi floats these up to her an shapes them into a bowl and freezes them, "We takes the elevator."
[13:26] * Vera waves back, smiling some, "Hopefully all will be okay…"
[13:27] <Leviathan> (She made a giant bowl made of ice, to be clearer)
[13:27] * Misty_Storm (53933.251.431.46|rednaX#53933.251.431.46|rednaX) Quit ( Ping timeout )
[13:28] <Leviathan> (Small enough to step into, big enough to sit in comfortably)
[13:28] * Richard_Grey hops into the bowl, trying not to touch the edges as he stands middle, holding his arms around his waist. "Let's go then."
[13:28] * RachelParkes hmms. She isn't sure she trusts Leviathan enough. "Pipeline? Tegan?" she calls across. "Can I get a lift?"
[13:30] <Tegan_Wissa> "Sure Outfox!"
[13:30] * Leviathan takes off her shows and her sock, stepping in with bare blue feet, "Sit down, would you? You can't balance on ice."
[13:30] * Tegan_Wissa starts chanting…
[13:30] <Pipeline> "Sure thing! Take a step forward now"
[13:30] * Richard_Grey shifts from side to side uneasily. "Do I have to?"
[13:30] <Pipeline> ((Doh, too slow))
[13:31] * Tegan_Wissa stops "Hey Pipeline, do your warping wiff Rache. Then me! I wanna see it!"
[13:31] * Pipeline keeps an eye on Richard, ready to intervene if he falls off the ice.
[13:32] * RachelParkes steps forward… and finds herself on the other side of the canyon. Gorge. Thing. "Woah… trippy."
[13:32] * Leviathan shrugs, "Not really, no. If you think you'll be fine…" She pattered out. She made a lifting gesture and the bowl floated in the air with them in it. It then floated like a flying saucer across the gorge.
[13:32] * Tegan_Wissa gives Pipeline a hug then tries his 'pipe' "WOOOAAAAHH!"
[13:33] * Richard_Grey slides around slightly, but manages to use the curved shape to just about manages to stay upright, before slipping in his haste to jump of the thing and landing on his back on the other side.
[13:33] <Pipeline> ((The effect of the pipe is that one foot of space has been stretched out to 50 feet. So while you are taking that step, the outside world looks compacted. To everyone outside, you look stretched out until you leave the pipe.))
[13:34] * Misty_Storm (53933.251.431.46|rednaX#53933.251.431.46|rednaX) has joined #crystal-hall
[13:34] <Alleycat> (@Misty: Just about everyone's across)
[13:35] * Richard_Grey gets up, breathing hard as he starts rubbing his feet and stomping them against the ground.
[13:35] * Pipeline leans against a tree for a moment, resting.
[13:35] * Leviathan hastily tries to cushion his fall, losing concentration on the bowl. It drops to the ground and shatter like glass and Levi stumbles about. What was supposed to be a water bed to catch Richard became a wave that splashed him.
[13:37] <Richard_Grey> ((How big a wave?))
[13:38] <Leviathan> ((It was supposed to be a water bed wide enough to catch him as he fell so not very tall but as wide as he is tall. It was also supposed to get him as he was on the ground))
[13:38] * Misty_Storm gives Pipeline a four-armed hug. "Thanks for getting me across."
[13:39] * Tegan_Wissa teleports back across "So…" she looks at a drenched richard "Every is…okay right?"
[13:39] * Richard_Grey gets up and starts shaking, sluicing the water off of him as much as possible.
[13:40] * Leviathan turns a shade of purple, "Ohmygod, I'm so sorry!"
[13:40] * Pipeline returns the hug. "No problem. It normally doesn't wear me out like this, but I've been maintaining a second pipe since we sarted hiking. Practice, practice, practice!"
[13:40] * Richard_Grey backs away from Leviathan. "I'm okay." He says through short breaths. "Just cold."
[13:41] <Tegan_Wissa> "Vera? Help richard please."
[13:41] * Vera creates a small fire, bringing it up to Richard to help dry him off and warm him up, "Already on it Teegs."
[13:41] * Leviathan reaches out to Richard but then pulls away, looking embarassed.
[13:42] <Leviathan> "I was… trying to catch him when he fell."
[13:42] * Richard_Grey smiles at Vera. "Thanks." He looks towards Leviathan. "And thanks for getting me across. I'm just not coldproof."
[13:43] * Tegan_Wissa hugs Levi "You tried…I teleports my self into a wall the first time. Then brushed my teeth with Prep-H when using my PK the first time Levi."
[13:43] * Alleycat winces.
[13:44] * RachelParkes winces also. She's not sure what Prep-H is, but she's pretty sure it's not for teeth
[13:44] <Tegan_Wissa> "Yeah…the tubes looked the same, I was late for the doctor..and got it all over the place.." *she shudders*
[13:44] * Leviathan flinches just a little at the hug but awkwardly accepts it, "Yeah, I know. I'm still learning to multitask."
[13:44] <Tegan_Wissa> "I could teach ya."
[13:44] <Pipeline> "I know what you mean Levi. I'm working on that myself."
[13:45] * Misty_Storm sets Pipeline back down and dusts her long skirt off.
[13:45] <Vera> "Ugh… at least you're much better at it now."
[13:45] <Alleycat> "If we're ready, I think I see it now." Alley points to where a single tree can be seen above the others.
[13:46] * Pipeline adjusts his stetson and dusts himself off. "I'm ready."
[13:46] * RachelParkes peers at the tree. Then she gets a pair of binoculars out of her rucksack and peers again.
[13:46] * Leviathan looks at Tegan wonderingly, "Could you?" Then she turns towards where Alley is pointing, "Oh, erm, later, Tegan?"
[13:46] <Alleycat> (It's bigger than it should be)
[13:46] <Pipeline> ((That's what she said!))
[13:46] * Zoe looks over at the tree, "Cool."
[13:46] <Pipeline> ((Sorry…))
[13:46] * Tegan_Wissa nods "Just give me some time. Busy sphinxie"
[13:47] <Vera> ((*sets Pipeline on fire*))
[13:47] <Tegan_Wissa> "Wow…can we cut it down?"
[13:47] <Richard_Grey> "I'm good."
[13:47] <Vera> "I… don't know if we'd really want to cut it down. That's a big tree…"
[13:47] <RachelParkes> "I suspect that's not the best of ideas, Teegs."
[13:47] * Misty_Storm nods. "Ready, I guess."
[13:47] <Leviathan> (Does it look like the Womping Willow? Because Levi might not wanna get near it after her previous Hogwarts analogies)
[13:47] <RachelParkes> "Not just because it's really bloody huge."
[13:48] * RachelParkes lowers the binocs. "Not seen a tree like that before."
[13:48] <Leviathan> "Um… I actually only heard about a nature walk, so what is this tree?"
[13:48] * Richard_Grey rubs his head. "Maybe you only need a branch. Besides, it's probably bad form to kill something, even if it is only a tree."
[13:48] * Zoe purses her lips, "It is pretty big, isn't it.. But if we don't cut it down, how are you going to get the wood you're wanting?"
[13:48] <Tegan_Wissa> "Nobody move…Alley..Rache…lets scyre the tree before we get eaten…"
[13:49] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi…pipeline…Misty…Vera…give us cover…"
[13:49] <Misty_Storm> "We can just get a branch or something… I guess Alley knows what she needs for the ritual."
[13:49] * Misty_Storm nods another head to Tegan, and keeps her eyes out for anything odd that doesn't include the group.
[13:49] * Leviathan looks panicky, "The tree is going to eat us? Why are we taking on a man-eating." She looked like a cross between excited and terrified.
[13:50] <Zoe> ((/me stands there uselessly :P))
[13:50] * RachelParkes nods. "I agree, Tegan."
[13:50] * Tegan_Wissa gets her crystal, her cord and a power diagram on a sheet of paper "What if the tree is warded? or Protected huh?"
[13:50] <Alleycat> "It's going to be the staff section for a new naginata …" Alley nods to Tegan and gets ready for the spell.
[13:50] * Vera nods, keeping an eye out on things for the time being.
[13:50] <Tegan_Wissa> "Zoe…if someone goes down, touch them. Keep our enemies off balance okay?"
[13:50] * Richard_Grey backs away from the group doing the scrying and looks back over the gorge.
[13:50] <Leviathan> "A nagi- nevermind."
[13:51] <Alleycat> "This thing." Alley indicates her japanese style polearm.
[13:51] * RachelParkes draws a crystal ball out of her rucksack. Holding it in her upright left hand, she slowly moves her right hand over it, murmuring the scry she'd learned from Tegan…
[13:51] * Tegan_Wissa spreads the paper on the ground "Okay all mages touch me, everone get your mantras as I use my tail to hold my crystal." *and she does so…probing the area aound the tree and the tree itslef…*
[13:51] <Tegan_Wissa> ((*itself))
[13:51] * Zoe nods and shrugs, "Guess I can play target."
[13:51] * Pipeline nods to Tegan and looks around, keeping alert.
[13:52] <Misty_Storm> "I'm strong and tough, if you need someone to copy, Zoe?"
[13:53] <RachelParkes> ((ALLEY! PM dammit))
[13:53] <Alleycat> *as the magic types work on the spell, an image appears in the crystal … it showed the tree in a large clearing, a short breed of grass around it. There is a definite spell connected to the tree, that Emu, after some consideration, recognizes.
[13:53] * Zoe steps over by Misty, "If it comes to it, I'll tag you." She removes her right glove so her hand is free.
[13:54] * Misty_Storm nods to Zoe; nervous, but wanting to help out.
[13:54] <Tegan_Wissa> "Guys…we have a problem…"
[13:54] * Leviathan begins developing mist around herself and waters whirlspools around along the dry ground, leaving streaks of mud, "Are we seriously gonna fight a tree?"
[13:54] <Tegan_Wissa> "The tree is protect by magic…I don't know who did it."
[13:54] <Misty_Storm> "… a problem?"
[13:54] <Tegan_Wissa> "Yet"
[13:54] * Leviathan looks wide eyed at Tegan, "Oh God!"
[13:55] <Alleycat> "The tree looks dead, though." Alley says, examining the image.
[13:55] <Pipeline> "Well, obviously a wizard did it. Duh."
[13:55] <Tegan_Wissa> "Trying to see if the magic goes back to campus."
[13:55] * Leviathan takes a stance halfway between a defensive martial arts stance and cowarding.
[13:55] <Tegan_Wissa> "Yeah a wizzard who might like sevearl new teen mutant corpsese on his wall."
[13:56] <Leviathan> "I can do this, I've trained proffesional, aren't I?"
[13:56] * RachelParkes replaces the crystal ball in her rucksack. "Now would seem to be a good time to apply some buffs…" She moves closer to Tegan. "Everyone group up around Tegan and I."
[13:56] * Zoe suddenly realizes something and puts her glove back on, "Actually, Misty, it might not be a good idea for me to take your form. I don't know what it'd be like having three heads.. it might make me unable to fight or something."
[13:56] * Alleycat takes out her lip gloss and applies it. Her /enchanted/ lip gloss.
[13:56] <Misty_Storm> "Um, yeah… I didn't think of that, Zoe. I've had a year to get used to myself…" she says, as she moves closer to the group.
[13:56] * Leviathan groups around Tegan, her initial discomfort being won out by her need to be protected.
[13:57] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay…the spell 'heals' rifts in reality…I sense no gates…"
[13:57] * Vera gets closer to Tegan, nodding a bit.
[13:57] * Richard_Grey hangs back from the group, still staring off into the gorge.
[13:57] <Tegan_Wissa> "Richard…RICHARD!"
[13:57] * Zoe looks over to Tegan, "So the tree /does/ want to eat us?
[13:57] <Zoe> "
[13:57] * Pipeline seems relaxed yet ready, as unruffled by this as he is everything else in his life.
[13:57] * RachelParkes continues chanting, gently pouring energy into the spell until everyone is in position…
[13:57] * Leviathan looks less panicky, "It heals? So it's nice, right?"
[13:57] <Tegan_Wissa> "Someone bop Rich on da head, softly please…"
[13:57] <Tegan_Wissa> "Pipeline…I need you…"
[13:58] <Richard_Grey> "Might I suggest leaving it alone, and I don't casting on me is going to be a good idea, you don't want me involved in the working."
[13:58] <Tegan_Wissa> "I need your pipes."
[13:58] <Pipeline> "What do you need?"
[13:58] <Alleycat> "That must be why my earlier search sent me here." Alley ponders
[13:58] <Pipeline> ((Must…resist…straight line..))
[13:58] <Tegan_Wissa> "Make a pipe to the tree. Get a sandwhich. I am not rising a person before we send a test probe."
[13:58] <Leviathan> ((You knoe you want to make a innuendo))
[13:59] <Pipeline> ((How far away is the tree?))
[13:59] <Tegan_Wissa> "Send our foody goodness to the tree, if the spell is a trap your power may not work…Rache…I need healing and protection on PL, Alley..I may need you to take over if I go down…"
[13:59] * RachelParkes pauses in her chanting for a minute. "Alright, Richard… I'm not sure I like the idea of leaving you without protection, but under the circumstances…"
[13:59] <RachelParkes> ((Is everyone within about a two-metre radius of Rachel yet, save Richard?))
[13:59] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi…Zoe…you may have to take us to medical…be ready."
[13:59] <Alleycat> "Right." Alley nods seriously.
[13:59] <RachelParkes> "PL?"
[13:59] <Tegan_Wissa> "Pipeline…silly."
[14:00] * Misty_Storm is… "Hmm… maybe I should start up a shield?"
[14:00] * Zoe blinks, "Medical?"
[14:00] * Tegan_Wissa nods at misty
[14:00] <RachelParkes> "Oh."
[14:00] <RachelParkes> ((Is everyone within the radius or not? Come on, people.))
[14:00] * Pipeline concentrates, and the air between him and the tree ripple slightly. "I have the pipe, the opening is next to my left hand."
[14:00] * Tegan_Wissa glares at Zoe "This is the real fucking deal. No teachers. No do overs."
[14:00] <Vera> ((Yeah))
[14:00] <Leviathan> ((Levi is))
[14:00] <Alleycat> (Alley is.)
[14:00] <Pipeline> ((Pipeline is))
[14:00] <Tegan_Wissa> "Toss the man a sandwich!"
[14:00] <Tegan_Wissa> ((As is tegan))
[14:01] * Alleycat pulls a sandwich out of her basket and hands it over.
[14:01] <Zoe> ((I am))
[14:01] * Leviathan goes rigid but turns towards the gorge and starts pulling gallons out of the river and building a BIGGER bowl.
[14:01] * Misty_Storm starts up a two-part chant, complete with gestures, working up a generic shield since she doesn't know what to protect against in specific.
[14:02] * Pipeline takes the sandwich and tosses it into the air, where it distorts and stretches as it suddenly warps to the tree.
[14:02] * Richard_Grey just closes his eyes and stands there, trying to ignore the twisting feeling in his gut.
[14:02] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay Pipeline, make your pipe kiss the tree. Send the foof over…it should just go splat aganist the dead wood…if not…we are fucked."
[14:02] * Leviathan makes bowl even bigger.
[14:02] <Alleycat> *The sandwich just hits the tree and drops to the ground. A bit of bark crumbles off, but nothing else happens.
[14:02] * RachelParkes finishes her chanting and casts the spell. Two yellow-green rings appear, about four metres in diametre and centred on Rachel, along with yellow-green motes of light spaced regularly within the circle. The rings and motes fade quickly, but the effects continue.
[14:02] <Pipeline> "No one be on my left side, if something comes back through the pipe, I don't want it to hit you."
[14:02] <RachelParkes> "Alright everyone… That spell should make us all resistant to magical effects. It won't last long though, so we need to make the most of it."
[14:02] <Misty_Storm> ((the shield is about 8'x8', slightly curved, with a weave pattern))
[14:03] <Tegan_Wissa> "Do as the man says."
[14:03] * RachelParkes complies.
[14:03] * Zoe as well.
[14:03] <Alleycat> *The sandwich continues to lie on the ground. Nothing happens.
[14:03] <Misty_Storm> "What do we need to do?" she asks with the head not keeping up her chants.
[14:03] * Leviathan franticly makes sure she is nowhere in the range.
[14:04] <Tegan_Wissa> "Now …this the hard part….Levi…send a blob of water through the pipe. Richard you are next. " *She shivers*
[14:05] * Vera doesn't fully understand what's going on, but keeps herself focused and trying to make sure things don't get too close that she doesn't know about.
[14:05] <Pipeline> "the opening to the pipe is to the left of me. Just toss the water blob there, I'll make sure it goes in"
[14:05] * Leviathan looks at Tegan with a moment of incomprehension. Then she nods wordlessly and simply produces a blob of water from her own body and pushes it through the warp anomaly of Pipeline's.
[14:06] * RachelParkes looks around, noting that everyone seems to still be close enough. She chants another spell…
[14:07] <Alleycat> *The blob of water hits the tree with a splash, knocking enough bark off to show wood in good condition, somehow preserved from the elements, yet clearly only a step above lumber.
[14:07] * Pipeline makes sure the opening to the pipe angles away from the group after the water blob goes in.
[14:07] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay now Richard….right hand first..PL…have him tough the tree…RIch…tell us EXACTLY what you feel."
[14:07] <Alleycat> *They can see a small fox raise it's head from the grass at the noise. It moves over to the tree, sniffs the now soggy sandwich and grabs it, running off with the prize.
[14:08] * Tegan_Wissa chants a healing spell
[14:08] * Leviathan giggles at the sight of the fox, her laughter tilted with a bit of hysteria.
[14:09] <Pipeline> "Sure thing. Richard, the pipe is still on my left side. Just reach out and I'll make sure you reach it."
[14:09] * Richard_Grey walks up to the portal a sighs. "Are you sure about this, it's suppose to be an anchor for a reality healing spell, right?"
[14:09] * RachelParkes finishes casting the spell. The visual effects are much the same as before, only pinkish-red instead of yellow-green. Those within the effect may notice their muscles feel stronger. "Physical attack. Everyone should be a bit stronger with that."
[14:09] <Pipeline> "This is just like being back in Powers Testing. Could be nothing, could cause a car to implode."
[14:10] * Richard_Grey glares at Pipeline. "You're not helping."
[14:10] <Tegan_Wissa> "exactly…could be left form a old class, could be a trap."
[14:10] * Misty_Storm shudders at the ideas Pipeline's comment brings up, the distraction making the edges of her shield shimmer.
[14:10] <Leviathan> ((IT'S A TRAP))
[14:10] <Pipeline> "Hey, it was only the one time. I haven't been able to replicate it since."
[14:11] <Zoe> ((IT'S A TAPIR!))
[14:11] * Leviathan glances at Pipeline, "You made a care implode? That's… pretty cool."
[14:11] * Richard_Grey grimaces. "So." He says loudly. "Does anyone have a reason why we have to bother the strange magical tree and can't just use another one?"
[14:11] <Pipeline> "I'm not sure it was actually me. Like I said, I've never been able to do it again."
[14:12] <Alleycat> "Because when I did the scry spell /under the supervision of Miss Grimes/ it told me to come to here."
[14:12] <Leviathan> "Because it is what it is?"
[14:12] <Tegan_Wissa> "Now move Richard!"
[14:12] <Leviathan> ((Everyone but Richard is sheep. Bah!))
[14:12] <Pipeline> "It was from the devisor mechanics class, they think it had an old devise in it that interacted oddly with my warp field."
[14:12] * Richard_Grey sighs. "Good enough." He says, shoving his hand through the portal. "You owe me a hand if this goes badly."
[14:13] * Richard_Grey looks glumly at the group of them as nothing happens.
[14:13] * RachelParkes winces at Richard's comment
[14:13] <Tegan_Wissa> "I'll make yo one good as new…" *She says wrly*
[14:13] <Leviathan> "I'll get the Devisor to make a one that turns into a laser gun. Like Megaman."
[14:14] * Richard_Grey frowns after a few seconds and pulls his hand back through the portal. "That was surprisingly anti-climactic."
[14:14] <Pipeline> "Ok, so far nothing. Do you have any idea wha the spell on the tree is SUPPOSED to do?"
[14:14] <Leviathan> "How about one of use just walks up and touches it?"
[14:15] * Leviathan is acting less hysterical and afraid now that nothing has happened.
[14:15] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay, Richard goes first." Then we *walk* over." *She turns to pipeline* "Sometimes there are hidden effects or side effects."
[14:15] <Pipeline> "No worries."
[14:15] <Tegan_Wissa> "Actually, Richard and I will touch da tree." *her tail wraps aroudn Richard's hand*
[14:16] <Tegan_Wissa> "Teleport in one…two…" *they teleport away*
[14:16] * Richard_Grey looks up at Tegan and smiles. "I don't think there's going to be any. All I got was indifference."
[14:16] * Pipeline leans against a tree, sweating visibly and clutching his duffel bag.
[14:16] <Tegan_Wissa> they are now touching the tree "Three!"
[14:16] * Richard_Grey blinks.
[14:16] * Leviathan wraps an arm around Richard's arm on the otherside of him, "I'll protect-" TELEPORTED "-ya? Oh what the hell…"
[14:16] * Tegan_Wissa probes the tree "Well, it didn't eat your soul…"
[14:17] * RachelParkes looks over at Pipeline. She goes over to him and casts a rejuvenating spell on him, restoring some of the strength he'd been expending. "You okay?"
[14:17] <Alleycat> *Nothing happens when Richard touches the tree … but as soon as Tegan touches it, the spell disappears and a large groan can be heard from the wood.
[14:17] * Leviathan glares at Tegan, "Damn it."
[14:17] * Richard_Grey chuckles weakly. "Remeber the darkness? It would probably get indigest… Oh."
[14:17] * Tegan_Wissa turns to the group "It wasn't fair. I will never asky you guys to do something I'd never do. Not kiss anyone I wouldn't kiss-WTF!?!"
[14:17] * Misty_Storm is starting to pant a little, as she keeps up the shielding ritual, but doesn't dare stop yet.
[14:17] <Alleycat> *The tree starts to tilt away from the two, incrementally.
[14:17] * Zoe blinks and takes a step back, "That doesn't sound good.."
[14:17] <Tegan_Wissa> "RUN! RICHARD!"
[14:18] * Pipeline opens a pipe in front of Richard to snatch him back to the group.
[14:18] * Richard_Grey doesn't need Tegan's encouragement, but is already backing away as colours war in his eye.
[14:18] <Leviathan> ((Okay, Levi isn't there))
[14:19] * Tegan_Wissa is in the air, she flies to Levi "LEVI! "
[14:19] <Pipeline> One step back, and RIchard is next to Pipeline. Pipeline shuts the pipe.
[14:19] * Leviathan runs towards Tegan, "Teg!"
[14:19] <Alleycat> *another groan of the wood can be heard as the tree continues to slowly fall down.
[14:19] * Tegan_Wissa stops in mid air "Phew..huh? oh right! Well….that makes sense now."
[14:19] * Misty_Storm eeps, the slow swirl of red and blue in her middle eyes speeding slightly.
[14:19] <Pipeline> ((What direction is it falling/))
[14:19] <Alleycat> "Tegan!" Alley runs forward to her sister.
[14:19] <Misty_Storm> "B-better get behind the shield?"
[14:19] <Leviathan> ((Away from us))
[14:20] * Tegan_Wissa wavers her arms "It's okay! let the tree fall!"
[14:20] * Richard_Grey shakes his head and stares at Pipeline. "Th..Thanks?" He says with an unknown accent.
[14:20] * Leviathan lifts Alley in arm of water and toward her flying sister.
[14:20] <Pipeline> "No problemo man. I'm here to help."
[14:20] <Alleycat> *The fall is accelerating until it hits the ground with a loud splintering crash. Some small debris flies into the air and hits the sheild, bouncing off.
[14:20] * Tegan_Wissa hugs Alley in midair…
[14:21] * Pipeline is breathing hard, and look pretty tired now.
[14:21] <Tegan_Wissa> ** Emu says 'The spell is over my sisters' to Tegan and Alley **
[14:21] * Leviathan looks between Alley and the tree but doesn't dare lose her concentration.
[14:21] * Misty_Storm keeps the shield going until the debris stops, then lets it drop with a gusted sigh of relief.
[14:22] <Tegan_Wissa> "I got Alleycat now." Indeed, she is holding her sister in her paws
[14:22] <Pipeline> "Good job Misty."
[14:22] <Alleycat> "Are you okay?" Alley asked Tegan. "When it started to fall, I was so scared for you!"
[14:22] * Leviathan lets go then and gets to yelling, "What was that!?"
[14:22] * Pipeline sits down and leans against a tree now that the excitement seems to be over.
[14:22] <Vera> "It… looks like the tree fell is what it was…"
[14:23] * Leviathan glares at Vera, "Augh!"
[14:23] <Alleycat> "You're not hurt are you?" Alley asks, checking Tegan over.
[14:23] <Pipeline> "Think it's safe to have lunch now? I'm pretty hungry."
[14:23] * RachelParkes swallows hard. "Just… Just what happened here?"
[14:23] * Zoe breathes a sigh of relief, "I'm really glad the tree didn't try to eat us.."
[14:24] * Vera goes over to Tegan herself, waiting for Alley to do her thing.
[14:24] * Misty_Storm looks puzzled as she catches her breath. "That was… weird. What would have happened if we just walked up to it?"
[14:24] <Tegan_Wissa> me floats herself and her sister back to earth "The rift needed a guardian to release it."
[14:24] * Richard_Grey kneels down next to Pipeline, pulling the bottle of water out of his pocket as he does so. "You need a drink or anything?" He asks, holding it out.
[14:25] <Tegan_Wissa> "everyone eat! We are safe. Alley cut your wood."
[14:25] <Alleycat> (rift sealing spell)
[14:25] * Pipeline accepts the water gratefully. "Thanks."
[14:25] <RachelParkes> "Rift?"
[14:25] * Vera smiles, "So its party time then, huh?"
[14:25] <Tegan_Wissa> "The rift is sealed."
[14:25] <Alleycat> "It'll take some prep to harvest it. I wanna eat first." Alley told Tegan.
[14:25] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Rachel "WHo knows? a traveling wizzard? a student? a teacher? Anyway it's done."
[14:25] * Leviathan grabs Tegan, looking a little frantic, "Do- you- tree- Augh!" She walks away muttering to herself.
[14:26] * Pipeline get's up and takes his 2 foot long duffel bag to a clear section. He then proceeds to pull out three large ice chests and a rolling grill with propane tanks.
[14:26] * Tegan_Wissa runs to Levi
[14:26] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi! wait! Thank you!"
[14:26] * Misty_Storm blinks, glancing at Pipeline's duffel, his ice chests, and her cooler, then back.
[14:27] * Leviathan looks at Tegan, "Erm… thanks… seriously, what was that guardian stuff about? Do you know what happened? Did you know what was gonna happen?"
[14:27] * Pipeline visibly relaxes as the ripple in the air around the duffel bag fades. "Ahh…"
[14:27] * Pipeline pulls out a stopwatch and clicks it. "Over two hours. A personal best." Then he pulls out a notebookd and makes a notation.
[14:28] * Richard_Grey snorts and leans back against a close tree.
[14:28] * Alleycat opens her basket and pulls out some bottles and vials and other miscellaneous stuff, and sets it aside. Then she pulls out a small square of cloth and unfolds it into a large blanket that she spreads on the grass.
[14:28] * Pipeline looks smug and starts throwing steaks on the grill.
[14:28] * RachelParkes pokes Tegan gently. "What was all that about?" she murmurs.
[14:28] <Tegan_Wissa> "I do now. If the rift hadn't been completly sealed…we could have been fucked wiff out you Levi.."
[14:28] * Misty_Storm pulls out some hot-dog packages and adds them to the to-be-grilled cue.
[14:29] <Alleycat> On the blanket she places a dozen sandwiches, and a large jug of juice.
[14:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay..let me get some food in me. Then All Shall Be revealed!"
[14:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi..you are more than welcome to eat."
[14:29] * Leviathan stares increduly at Tegan, "Wuh? What!? No! Augh!" She chases after Tegan and her stomach growls, "Er… yeah…"
[14:29] <Alleycat> "I have tuna, perch, bluegill, chicken, and turkey sandwiches.
[14:29] * Vera smiles at Tegan, "Hopefully all won't be revealed. You don't need to be flashing everyone here Teegs."
[14:29] <Alleycat> *"
[14:30] * Zoe steps over to the blanket and sits down, pulling her backpack around in front of her and opening it to dig around inside, "Lessee… Ah, here we go. Sandwich!" She pulls out a wrapped sub sandwich and proceeds to start unwrapping it.
[14:30] * Pipeline looks a little sheepish. "I thought the ice chests and grill were going to be a really cool surprise before all that business with the tree."
[14:30] * Tegan_Wissa levitates her cooler and her backpack…she gets out granola bars…sandwhiches and a nice fluffly blanket to spread on the ground
[14:30] * Tegan_Wissa gives Vera a PK grope
[14:30] * Misty_Storm grins, and pokes Pipeline with her lower right hand. "They were a cool surprise."
[14:31] <Tegan_Wissa> "Vera. Levi! I present you wiff Amanda's special BBQ double burgers and Lylah's nutty blonde brownies!"
[14:31] * Richard_Grey walks up and steals one of the granola bars before settling against a tree to munch it.
[14:31] <Tegan_Wissa> "99 percent jellybean free!"
[14:31] <Pipeline> "Richard, I have veggie burgers in here too, if you prefer."
[14:31] * Vera smiles and takes the burger, "Only 99 percent? Oh well." She says before eating it.
[14:32] <Alleycat> "Sis, want a fish sandwich? I tried breading and frying them myself." Alley offers.
[14:32] * Misty_Storm gives Alleycat a puzzled look. "Why all the fish?"
[14:32] <RachelParkes> "Fish sandwich?"
[14:33] * Richard_Grey smiles at pipeline but shakes his head. "Thanks, but I'm not paticulaly hungry."
[14:33] * Alleycat wiggles her cat ears and swishes her tail. "Kitty person here."
[14:33] * Leviathan looks at all the fish and brushes her gills. Then she licks her lips, "Delicious! Oo, and I'll take some brownies too!"
[14:33] * Zoe takes a big bite of her sandwich, mmmming happily.
[14:33] * Misty_Storm blinks. "Um, OK." Despite having a lion-aspect.
[14:33] <Leviathan> "Aw, I though it's because you know I was coming."
[14:34] * Misty_Storm seems to be drawn toward the grill. And the cooking steaks. Yum…!
[14:34] <Pipeline> "Ok. I feel like both my legs have been hollowed out. I've never done that many simultaneous warps before, especially with long range pipes."
[14:34] <Alleycat> "Like the ones you can get at Good King, only better, I hope." Alley tells Rachel.
[14:34] <Tegan_Wissa> Tegan's non-sandwhich food is indeed free of jellybeans, the blonde brownies are mosit and taste of peanut butter and chocolate
[14:34] <Tegan_Wissa> "Pipeline, how do you feel about eyeliner…"
[14:35] * Pipeline soon has a platter with over a dozen steaks on it, and several of Misty's hot dogs."
[14:35] <RachelParkes> "Hmm… I'm not a big fan of fish."
[14:35] * Zoe blinks at Tegan's question, then looks to Pipeline.
[14:35] <Pipeline> "I guess eyeliner is ok as long as the girl doesn't over do it."
[14:35] <Alleycat> "Pity. Here's a turkey sandwich." She offers.
[14:35] * Leviathan makes a thoughtful face, much like she made when looking at Tegan and Vera, when she tasted the brownie.
[14:35] <Pipeline> "Rachel, have a few steaks."
[14:36] * Pipeline puts two steaks on a plate and hands it to Rachel.
[14:36] <Leviathan> ((It is telling of her character that she puts as much thought into the brownie as she puts into the implications of Tegan and Vera's relationship))
[14:36] <Pipeline> "These are fresh from my mothers ranch, they were mooing last week."
[14:36] <RachelParkes> "Ooooh! You romantic you," Rachel grins at Pipeline, accepting the steaks gratefully.
[14:36] <Tegan_Wissa> "No pipeline…eyeliner on *you*…my magical eyeline."
[14:36] * Misty_Storm snags a couple steaks and three of the hot dogs, applying onions, ketchup, and mustard liberally. "Ooh, these smell good, Pipeline."
[14:37] * Tegan_Wissa gets a tube from her backpack…
[14:37] <Tegan_Wissa> "Vera you want some?"
[14:37] <Pipeline> "Um… it's not really my kind of thing."
[14:37] <Vera> "This the same kind you gave to Kaliegh, Teegs?"
[14:37] <Pipeline> "Wait, magical?
[14:37] * Zoe arches an eyebrow a bit as she continues watching Tegan and Pipeline, happily munching her sammich.
[14:37] * Leviathan saddles up next to Tegan, her mouth half full of fish, "So… You we're gonna explain…"
[14:37] * Misty_Storm gives herself a critical look… not needing a mirror to examine her faces. "Think eyeliner might help my looks?"
[14:37] * RachelParkes looks at Vera. "Who's Kaleigh?"
[14:38] <Alleycat> "Yeah, sis's stuff gave me some great ideas." Alley nodded. "I put an enchantment on some nail polish so I can use my claws to cut what I need out of the tree." She waves at the fallen tree.
[14:38] * Pipeline tosses a few more steaks on the grill, then fixes himself a plate with three steaks and eats them with gusto."
[14:39] * Misty_Storm finishes her hot dogs, then blinks. "Um, anyone bring knives for steaks..
[14:39] * Tegan_Wissa approaches Pipeline "No, it's my eneryliner. Not the girl glamor."
[14:39] * RachelParkes rips into the steak. "'oo needsh nifesh?" she mumbles.
[14:40] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Vera "You don't need glamor girl, you got your own beauty."
[14:40] <Alleycat> "Can I get a hot dog?" Alley asked.
[14:41] * Misty_Storm looks down at her hands. "Well, using my claws… just seems so crass."
[14:41] * Vera smiles at Tegan, "Yeah, so I'm told all the time." She says before going over to Rachel.
[14:41] * Pipeline hands Misty some steak knives and forks.
[14:41] <Pipeline> "Here, I packed them with the grill."
[14:41] * Richard_Grey leans back against the tree trunk, closing his eyes as everyone tucks in.
[14:41] * Zoe giggles, "Put on some eyeliner, Pipeline. It'll be funny."
[14:41] * Pipeline hesitates. "Sure, why not. Just don't take any pictures. My mom would kill me."
[14:42] * Vera smiles and sits back down, eatting her food.
[14:42] <Alleycat> "Hey … don't force him to do anything like that …" She's being serious, but her mouth is trying to quirk into a smile.
[14:42] * Misty_Storm smiles to Pipeline. "Thanks." She uses both right hands for the silverware.
[14:42] * Tegan_Wissa does Pipeline's eyes…if anything, it makes him look more intense and sexy…if you're into emo boys…he can feel his legs get stronger and his body perk up…
[14:43] <Tegan_Wissa> "Kaleigh is our freidn we rescued. Right Alley?"
[14:43] * Alleycat moves next to Vera. "So, if we're going to be in a team together, let's get to know each other. I'm Alice." Alley holds out her hand.
[14:43] * Leviathan swallows a choking amount of fish before pressing the issue on Tegan before looking at Pipeline, "Woah…. hey there."
[14:43] <Pipeline> "Wow, that feels odd. Thanks."
[14:43] <Tegan_Wissa> "Not a problem. It's a fav int he devisor labs. they skip meals."
[14:43] <Alleycat> "Right." Alley says after Emu reminds her who Kaleigh is.
[14:44] * Vera smiles and shakes Alley's hand, "And I'm Vera, though we've done the introductions already, back at the start of this trip, remember?" she lightly teased.
[14:44] * Leviathan smiles, half joking as grabs Pipeline's arm, "Well, hello, hello, my prince of darkness. How're you?"
[14:44] * Misty_Storm tries not to giggle too much at Pipeline with the eyeliner…
[14:45] * Richard_Grey hears what Alley said and moves over to the pair, "You're in the team too? Sounds like fun. I'm Richard, the expendable." He says with a smile.
[14:45] <Pipeline> "Haha, see this is why I shouldn't wear makeup. "
[14:45] <Pipeline> "Although if Amanda see's me like this she'd probably like it."
[14:45] <Leviathan> "What me to wipe it off?"
[14:45] <Alleycat> "Yeah, we were together in that … place … getting Kaleigh back, right?"
[14:46] <Pipeline> "Not yet. Tegan says it gives me energy, and I can feel it working."
[14:46] <RachelParkes> "Yeah," Rachel chuckles nervously. "I'm just so used to her codename that I'd forgotten her real name."
[14:46] * Zoe frowns a bit, "Kaleigh?"
[14:46] <Leviathan> "Hokay. Want me to take a picture and send it to your beau?"
[14:46] <Tegan_Wissa> "Pipeline. if Amanda saw you, she glomp you into the ground."
[14:47] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Zoe "be /subtle/ Zoe."
[14:47] <Alleycat> "Er, yes." Alley coughed.
[14:47] * Richard_Grey completely misses the interplay going on with the others.
[14:47] * Zoe blinks confusedly at Tegan, since she hasn't heard anything about what happened with Subtle nor seen him in a long time, "Huh?"
[14:47] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Richard "You are not cannon fodder, you are still learning, my dear boy."
[14:48] * Tegan_Wissa gasps…
[14:48] <RachelParkes> "I'll tell you later, roomie."
[14:48] * Vera shakes her head a bit, "I wasn't there myself really. Then again, I'm among those that aren't magically inclined too much."
[14:48] <Pipeline> "Well… maybe I could wear a little on special occasions. But my Mom really wouldn't like it."
[14:48] -» You are now known as Taira-Mai_
[14:48] * Pipeline laughs a little at the thought.
[14:48] <Leviathan> "That's why we need pictures. Prime black mail material!"
[14:48] * Zoe rolls her eyes, "If anyone's cannon fodder, it's me.
[14:48] <Zoe> "
[14:48] <Emu_> "they rescued the one who is between worlds, bound by love and courage. they pulled her to safety. Now they guard the gate."
[14:48] * Misty_Storm just quietly listens, glad to be at least on the edge of such a happy bunch of folk.
[14:49] <Alleycat> "Oh, c'mon." Alley says to Zoe. "You aren't that bad. You can do what I can."
[14:49] * Zoe blinks at Tegan again, "That makes even less sense."
[14:50] * Leviathan notices something is going one with Tegan and leans in to listen, still holding on to Pipeline's arm.
[14:50] * RachelParkes pokes Zoe in the arm. "I'll. Tell. You. Later."
[14:50] * Emu_ looks at Alley "Harvest your wood my dear. Take what you need, but need what you take."
[14:50] -» You are now known as Tegan_Wissa
[14:50] * Zoe winces as the poke, "Ow."
[14:50] <Pipeline> "Hah. I think my Mom would be more upset if I was to start acting less manly and effeminate than if I was to actually be gay. She's didn't raise any sissy's and she's proud of that."
[14:51] * Tegan_Wissa yawns
[14:51] <Tegan_Wissa> "Huh..that was quick…
[14:51] * Richard_Grey just shakes his head and turns to Vera. "In case you're wondering, I'm a failed mage. I know seventeen ways of casting a fireball and none of them work for me."
[14:51] <Tegan_Wissa> "
[14:51] <Leviathan> "So she'd be cool if you were gay as long as you were hard gay?"
[14:51] * Vera winces a bit, "ouch. That sounds rather bad…"
[14:51] <Pipeline> "She wouldn't be happy, but I think she'd deal with it better. "
[14:52] <Alleycat> "Then I better get started." Alley grabs a bottle carefully washes and dries her hands, then applies base coat, then when it dries, a cyan colored nail polish. She then sits and starts to meditate while the polish dries.
[14:52] <Pipeline> "Fortunately for her, I'm not."
[14:52] <Tegan_Wissa> "Hey, there is nothing wrong with being gay, or bi or straight, baseline or mutant."
[14:52] <Alleycat> (afk for 30 mins to an hour, just keep talking until I'm back. Hungry animals)
[14:52] <Leviathan> "Heh, no you're not, you pimpster you."
[14:52] * Richard_Grey nods. "I live with it."
[14:53] <Tegan_Wissa> "No one gives you a cake that says 'Congrats, you're a mutant.' "
[14:53] * Pipeline smiles. "Never said there was."
[14:53] * Tegan_Wissa sits down, drained she eats some food
[14:53] * Misty_Storm just half-smiles, while rummaging up some icecream cups from her cooler.
[14:53] <RachelParkes> "No… Even your mutant parents worry when you manifest."
[14:53] <Tegan_Wissa> "Mokay Mipeline!"
[14:53] <Leviathan> "Man, I would have loved a cake. It may have softened the blow."
[14:53] <Tegan_Wissa> ((Afk Laundry sorry))
[14:53] * Zoe finishes her sandwish and lays down on the blanket, "Mom kinda freaked when I turned into her."
[14:54] * RachelParkes muses to herself "Although in fairness, I WAS about four years old when I manifested, so I suppose anyone would worry there."
[14:54] <Leviathan> "My parents… eh, well, I had to live in the ocean for a while."
[14:54] <Pipeline> "I know how lucky I've been. It's why I like to help out when I can. Not everyone has had the good fortune I've had."
[14:55] <Leviathan> "Yeah, you've been real fortunates, what with all them girls and everything."
[14:55] * Misty_Storm digs around her 'chocolate sundae' cup with the wooden spoon-thing. "It was… freaky, when I woke up after that ritual."
[14:56] * Zoe peers at Misty, "Ritual?"
[14:56] <Pipeline> "I've only got one girl, Amanda. Everyone else is just a friend."
[14:56] <Leviathan> ((Leviathan, not Amy))
[14:56] <Pipeline> ((Amanda is his girlfriend.))
[14:56] <Leviathan> ((Oh wait… oh yeah))
[14:56] * RachelParkes resists the urge to make a comment about Tegan's plethora of girlfriends
[14:56] <Leviathan> ((Stupid))
[14:57] <Leviathan> "Yeah, I'm just teasing you, Pipedream."
[14:57] <Pipeline> ((Pipeline is almost boreingly normal and well adjusted.))
[14:57] * Misty_Storm nods her middle head to Zoe. "Yeah. Just before I manifested. Got caught up in a group of dark mages… just thought they were kidding around. I turned out to be the star of a sacrificial rite… thank goodness the cops showed up to stop the 'kids setting off fireworks.' I'd be dead then, instead of…"
[14:57] * Vera smiles, "And I've got Tegan myself. Well… close to it." She said.
[14:57] * Zoe winces, "Ow. That sucks. I'm glad you got rescued and are okay, though."
[14:58] * Richard_Grey just nods along with the stories.
[14:59] <Leviathan> "Man, does everyone got a beau?"
[14:59] * Misty_Storm nods to Zoe as she absently licks a smear of vanilla off her nose. "Thanks. Before me… they sacrificed two animals, with spirits trapped inside. I… caught what was left of them, its how I ended up this way."
[14:59] * Misty_Storm blinks at Leviathan. "A what?"
[14:59] * RachelParkes looks up into the sky nonchalantly at Leviathan's question.
[14:59] <Leviathan> "A significant other."
[14:59] * Zoe frowns a bit at Misty, "Sorry.."
[15:00] * Misty_Storm shrugs at Leviathan. "'fraid not."
[15:00] * Pipeline gives Misty a hug. "Well, we're glad you still here."
[15:00] <Leviathan> "It is so hard to find boys with a thing for blue girls."
[15:00] <Tegan_Wissa> ((and back))
[15:01] <Pipeline> "You need to start hanging out in the Smurf fanfic forums"
[15:01] <Leviathan> "Unless I got to a Star Wars convention."
[15:01] * Leviathan looks at Pipeline with a glare before snorting with laughter.
[15:01] * Misty_Storm awws. "Thanks… I haven't really had a chance to talk about this stuff before. I don't think I'm that badly off, really."
[15:01] <RachelParkes> "EWWW! Thanks Pipedream, that's not an image I wanted."
[15:01] * Pipeline laughs.
[15:01] * Zoe hrmphs, "At least you lot can kiss your significant others without turning into them."
[15:01] * Tegan_Wissa gives Levi a pk hug
[15:03] * Leviathan disengages from Pipe's arm and hugs Misty, including Tegan in the hug, "We freak girls got it hard. All the boys we can get are wierd fetishists. But isn't half of love just lust?"
[15:03] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Rachel "Only a plethora Outfox? I thought is was more of a collection."
[15:03] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi..love is not the answer, Love is the question. Yes is the answer."
[15:04] * Tegan_Wissa gives Vera a PK kiss…
[15:04] * Misty_Storm aws, looking like she's blushing under her half-dollar size scales. "Thanks, Leviathan, I guess." She looks slightly uncomfortable, at the thought of either the fetishists part, or the boys part.
[15:04] * Tegan_Wissa pats Misty "You will find yourself someone. Don't worry."
[15:04] * Vera smiles over at Tegan, "You know I can't kiss ya back when you do that, Teegs."
[15:04] * RachelParkes just rolls her eyes in response to Tegan. Her all-black eyes make the move difficult to pick up.
[15:04] * Leviathan shrugs, "Or girls that are wierd fetishists. Whatever side of fence."
[15:05] <Tegan_Wissa> "then get over here Vera.'
[15:06] * Pipeline starts cleaning the grill and packing up left over food.
[15:06] * Vera smiles and moves over to Tegan, giving her a kiss.
[15:07] * Misty_Storm helps by picking up any leftover wrappers. "Anyone else want some icecream for dessert?
[15:07] <RachelParkes> "I think I'll pass, thanks."
[15:07] <Tegan_Wissa> "Who wants a jellybean and blt sandwich?"
[15:07] * Zoe raises a hand, "I'll take one if you're giving them out."
[15:08] <Pipeline> "I'll take some when I'm done here."
[15:08] <RachelParkes> "That sounds simultaneously interesting and revolting."
[15:08] <Leviathan> "I think I'll pass. Gimme some ice cream."
[15:08] * Misty_Storm grins. "What flavor? I have chocolate sunday, vanilla, and strawberry." "Um, what does, Rachel?"
[15:08] * Tegan_Wissa gives Zoe and pipeline lylah special sandwhiches
[15:09] * Vera shakes her head, "I think I'll pass on it."
[15:09] * RachelParkes eyes Misty_Storm. "Jellyebean and BLT."
[15:09] * Tegan_Wissa turns to Rachel "Lylah claims that the jellybeans make'em taste more sweet. try it."
[15:09] <RachelParkes> ((*-e))
[15:09] * Zoe smirks, "Is there anything that Lylah doesn't put jellybeans on?" She blinks at the sandwich, "No, I meant I wanted some ice cream, not a Lylah specialty."
[15:09] <Pipeline> "Actually, I meant the ice cream. Strawberry please."
[15:10] <Tegan_Wissa> "Zoe, I think she doesn't put jelly beans on her boyfriend…but I may be wrong…"
[15:10] <Leviathan> "Oo! Strawberry here too!"
[15:10] * Misty_Storm makes several grimaces. "Yah, Rachel, that doesn't sound good. Like the time I ate Chinese, Mexican, and Vegan each with a different head and discovered what happens when they mix in my stomach."
[15:10] * Pipeline looks at the jellybean and BLT sandwich dubiously
[15:10] <RachelParkes> "No, I think I'm going to pass. I'm not exactly a fan of jellybeans."
[15:10] <Zoe> "Can I have chocolate sunday?" She blinks at Tegan, "Huh, I didn't know she had a boyfriend."
[15:10] * Misty_Storm grins, and passes out the appropriate icecreams to each who wanted one.
[15:10] * Leviathan looks at Misty: 0_0
[15:10] <Leviathan> "You did that? Wowee…"
[15:11] * Misty_Storm gives Leviathan a weak smile. "I was really hungry, and undecided, and it sounded like a good idea…"
[15:11] * Zoe accepts the ice cream, "So.. slap me if this is a stupid question or makes you upset or anything, but do you have three brains?"
[15:11] <Pipeline> "Anyone want a soda from the icechest before I pack everything back in the duffel bag?"
[15:11] * Tegan_Wissa raises a paw
[15:11] * Zoe raises a hand at Pipeline, "I'll take one, please."
[15:11] <Tegan_Wissa> "Thanks PL"
[15:12] * RachelParkes raises a paw. "Got anything non-caffienated?"
[15:12] <Pipeline> "I've got diet coke, regular coke, sprite, and diet Dr. Pepper."
[15:12] <Pipeline> "Sprite doesn't have any caffeine"
[15:12] * Misty_Storm oohs. "Sure! I'd like two cokes and a sprite?"
[15:12] * Tsu_sleepin (moc.rr.ser.nitsua.15443-md|iaerusT#moc.rr.ser.nitsua.15443-md|iaerusT) has left #crystal-hall
[15:12] <RachelParkes> "Sprite then, please."
[15:13] * Misty_Storm quirks a smile to Zoe. "Well… I do. Which is one of my fears— I'm scared I'll split into three people."
[15:13] * Pipeline tosses people the appropriate soda's, creating pipes to drop them into their hands."
[15:13] <Leviathan> "Dr. P here and-"
[15:13] * Tegan_Wissa looks at pipeline "Dr. Pepper is amanda's fav PL."
[15:13] <Tegan_Wissa> "sprite please."
[15:13] * Leviathan looks at Misty, "You're not down all those at once, are you?"
[15:14] <Zoe> "Diet Dr. Pepper, please." She furrows her brow, "That hurts even trying to imagine that. So.. how do you keep coordinated? Can you talk to your other brains inside your head? Like, do you think together?"
[15:14] * Misty_Storm giggles at Leviathan. "Only if we start a burping contest."
[15:14] <Leviathan> "Aren't the other brains animals?"
[15:15] * Tegan_Wissa drinks her sprite
[15:15] <Leviathan> "Your stomach will pop, I swear. I'm gonna be all like, 'I told her! I told her she shouldn't have done it!'"
[15:15] * Misty_Storm rubs her lion and goat foreheads. "Well… its kinda like my original brain got duplicated."
[15:16] <Leviathan> "Hrm, sounds like you would all agree then, right?"
[15:16] * Misty_Storm shrugs. "I guess. I'm not good at metaphysics, anyway."
[15:17] <Leviathan> "Metaphysics? It sounds like you need a head shrink, girl."
[15:17] * Pipeline makes sure everyone has their sodas, the grabs a coke for himself and closes the cooler. Then the concentrates for a moment and the air around the duffle bag ripples again. He rolls the grill into the bag, looking like something out of a cartoon as it shrinks down, then slides in the ice chests and zips the bag up.
[15:17] <Leviathan> "A literal one maybe, squeeze out all that extra brain."
[15:17] * Misty_Storm looks down. "Actually… I am kinda seeing one of the school shrinks," she says quietly.
[15:17] * Pipeline pulls out his stopwatch and starts it running again.
[15:18] * RachelParkes oohs at Pipeline's display. "You use your pipes to turn your bag into a bag of holding. I'm impressed."
[15:18] * Leviathan pats her on the back, "Hey, ain't most of us? I had to see one too when I came here so don't feel too bad."
[15:19] <Tegan_Wissa> "Dr. Bellows is my supervisor. I wanna be a social worker someday…"
[15:19] * Vera leans against Tegan lightly, just keeping quiet and listening on things for now.
[15:19] <Pipeline> "Yeah, it's the main thing I've been working on in Power's Lab. I just have to maintain concentration on it the whole time."
[15:19] <RachelParkes> "Sounds hard. But rewarding."
[15:19] * Misty_Storm grins, at Tegan. "Really? That's cool."
[15:19] <Leviathan> "So you're an Avatar, right Misty?"
[15:20] <Pipeline> "It is. After seeming what some of the other students can do in BMA, I realized that I really need to step my game."
[15:20] <Tegan_Wissa> "thanks." *Vera gets a kiss*
[15:20] * Zoe scoots over to Misty and gives her a once-armed hug, "Hey, nothing to be ashamed of seeing a doctor. No different than seeing your GP or something."
[15:20] * Vera kisses Tegan back lightly, "You're welcome hun."
[15:21] * Leviathan gives the couple a sideways glance but hides her expression.
[15:21] <Pipeline> "They say my warp field is unusual because it doesn't seem to have an intra or extra dimensional component. I control spacetime, but its all in our three dimensions plus time."
[15:21] * RachelParkes hears Zoe's comment. "Arguably better than having to see a shrink and take antipsychotics, too," she calls.
[15:21] <Pipeline> "That's why I can't actually teleport, for example."
[15:22] * RachelParkes turns back to Pipeline. "Okay, now that /is/ interesting. Bet the powers testers love you."
[15:22] * Misty_Storm nods to Zoe and Leviathan. "Thanks, Zoe." (to Leviathan) "Yeah. Its where I got this body and my Exemplarness from."
[15:22] <Pipeline> "They sure seem to. It's been eating up all my spare time. At least it counts for Powers Lab credit."
[15:22] * Tegan_Wissa shivers at powers testing, remembering needles and lots of probing…
[15:22] * Richard_Grey speaks up for the first time in a while. "Yeah, I don't think there's anyone here not seeing a psychologist."
[15:23] * Leviathan pokes herself in the chest with her thumb, "Check it, me too! Water dragon spirit right here!"
[15:23] <RachelParkes> "I've spent time as the darling of powers testing, but they got bored of me fairly fast."
[15:23] * Pipeline looks embarassed. "Um… actually, I'm not."
[15:23] * Misty_Storm grins at Rachel. "Bet they weren't bored this afternoon…"
[15:24] <Leviathan> "Boo! Go away not-crazy person!"
[15:24] * RachelParkes grins back at Misty_Storm. "Indeed, they were not."
[15:24] <Pipeline> "I'm a rebel in my ability to be normal"
[15:24] * Pipeline sticks his tongue out.
[15:24] <RachelParkes> "But I'm not the darling of the powers testers any more."
[15:24] * Zoe hmms, "Are Avatars not able to kick out the spirits they pick up?"
[15:24] * Richard_Grey chuckles. "Good on you."
[15:24] <RachelParkes> "I'm just a curiosity of the same calibre of any other mutant."
[15:24] * Misty_Storm chuckles. "Well… the side benefit to that, Rachel, is they aren't finding the limits of what you can take."
[15:24] <Leviathan> "Rebel without a personality disorder!"
[15:24] * RachelParkes looks at Zoe. "It depends, really."
[15:25] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Zoe "Some are some aren't I love Emu, she's like a friend, mom, and teacher all in one!"
[15:25] * Misty_Storm nods to Zoe. "But, if I do… what's left of these two spirits, they'll die.. completely."
[15:25] <Leviathan> "About avatars, it kinda depends on how powerful the spirit is. The water dragon is actually way more powerful than my rating."
[15:25] * Leviathan to Zoe, "About avatars, it kinda depends on how powerful the spirit is. The water dragon is actually way more powerful than my rating."
[15:26] * RachelParkes looks at Leviathan. "I take it you have a good relationship with… her, I'm presuming?"
[15:26] <Leviathan> "Genderless, actually, so far as I can tell anyway. We kinda don't talk alot."
[15:27] <RachelParkes> "Hmm. Well, I suppose it's better than you having an antagonistic relationship."
[15:27] <RachelParkes> "Flora and I get along well, it's why I'm not so worried about being bonded to her even though she's way higher-level than I am."
[15:27] <Alleycat> (back)
[15:27] <Tegan_Wissa> "Yeah.." *She remembers her brother…*
[15:27] <Leviathan> "It's not that we dislike each other, it's that it's inside me for hibernation."
[15:27] * Misty_Storm smiles. "Flora? That's a nice name."
[15:27] * Alleycat stands up and walks over to the tree.
[15:28] <Leviathan> "What sort of spirit is Flora?"
[15:28] * RachelParkes grins. "It's not her real name. She told me her real name once, and I couldn't even wrap my brain around it."
[15:28] * Zoe hmms and nods a bit, "I see.."
[15:28] <RachelParkes> "Even her use name threw me. So she told me to call her Flora."
[15:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "I lucked out 'Emu' is egyptian for cat."
[15:29] <Alleycat> She walks over to an area that 'feels' right and manifests her claws, to carve out a section of wood. It almost melts away from her claws, and soon she has what, with much work, could turn into a fitting staff section for her new weapon.
[15:29] * RachelParkes turns to Leviathan. "She's a kitsune. More than that, we aren't sure. But she's a nine-tails, that much we know."
[15:29] <Leviathan> "What is she, some eldritch abomination?"
[15:30] <RachelParkes> "No, she's definitely off this world."
[15:30] <Alleycat> "There." Alley nods, satisfied. "Hey, what's this?" She looks into what is revealed in the heartwood of the tree. "Hey sis, come look at this." She calls out.
[15:30] <RachelParkes> ((*of))
[15:30] * Tegan_Wissa walks to Alley "Sup sis?"
[15:30] * Zoe stands and walks over to Alleycat as well, curious, "What's up?"
[15:31] <Alleycat> "There's something in here… thought I saw something sparkle." She says.
[15:31] <Tegan_Wissa> "look at that! That crystal!" *She sents a blast of air to reveal the crystal…*
[15:32] <Alleycat> "Wow. You can just /feel/ the magic off of it." Alley says, awed at the large sapphire crystal that is revealed.
[15:32] * Zoe reaches to poke at the crystal, "Whaddaya think it is?"
[15:32] * Richard_Grey walks over and lurks in the background.
[15:32] <Leviathan> "Oh, what, you can't pronounce Japanese?"
[15:32] * Leviathan to Tegan, "So, is Emu some Egyptian cat spirit?"
[15:32] * Leviathan notices Tegan walked. Looks stupid.
[15:32] * Leviathan perks her ears, "Oh snap, something sparkly!?"
[15:32] * Leviathan turns and jogs over to the fallen tree, gesturing for everyone to follow her to gather and gawk, "Oh man, that is shiny!"
[15:32] * RachelParkes gets interested in the conversation and goes to look. She blinks at the sapphire. "Huh. What was that doing inside a tree?"
[15:33] <Alleycat> "Feels nice …" Alley reaches in and pulls it out.
[15:33] <Tegan_Wissa> "Anchor! A focus for the spell."
[15:33] <Leviathan> "Maybe this thing is a money tree?"
[15:33] <Tegan_Wissa> "I wish."
[15:33] * RachelParkes looks at Tegan. "Yeah, what spell? You never explained that."
[15:34] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay. gather 'round children for ye old info dump" *She sits on the tree*
[15:34] <Alleycat> "Woah …" Alley says, staring entranced into the depths of the crystal.
[15:34] * Pipeline grabs his duffel bag and joins the group at the tree, keeping quiet and listening.
[15:34] * Leviathan sidles up to Tegan and wraps an arm around her, half a hug, half a head lock, "Yeah, you never did. Why don't you tell us what all this is about, Tegan?"
[15:34] * Vera gets comfortable as she listens.
[15:35] * Leviathan sits down right next to Tegan, listening very intently.
[15:35] <Tegan_Wissa> "Okay. This world had many being walk it's surface. Dragons, Fae, sprits. they used 'conduits' like PL's pipes to travel around and between worlds."
[15:35] * Zoe sits down in mid air, "Alright, spill it."
[15:36] <Tegan_Wissa> "Their may have been a 'hole', pipe or gate that should not have been here. Someone tired to seal it up. It just needing a guardian, like me, to tell it to stop."
[15:37] * Leviathan nudges Tegan, "And me? What's it got to do with me?"
[15:37] <Tegan_Wissa> "Spell over , tree dies. A proper guardian, like me, soon to be Alley and maybe Rachel. Can release these spells."
[15:37] * Alleycat blinks, forcing herself from the revierie the crystal put her in.
[15:37] * Misty_Storm (53933.251.431.46|rednaX#53933.251.431.46|rednaX) Quit ( Ping timeout )
[15:38] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi, maybe nothing. Maybe your water dragon scares away /thing/s still trying to get in."
[15:38] <Tegan_Wissa> "The rift is done, over with. The wood and the crystal hold what's left."
[15:38] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi…I don't knwo what your dragon thinks of this…ask it…"
[15:39] <Leviathan> "Hrm… I guess…"
[15:40] * Leviathan closes her eyes, "It says… it was worried. It had to kinda wake up to pay attention and it maybe would have done something if shit hit the fan."
[15:41] <Tegan_Wissa> "Well now..see, what may have been ont he other side got bored and left. We got lucky."
[15:41] * Tegan_Wissa looks at the crystal "Rachel, you got a hammer?"
[15:41] <RachelParkes> "No, I don't. I wasn't expecting to need one."
[15:41] <Leviathan> "Are we gonna break the thing?"
[15:42] * Zoe blinks at Tegan, "Why would we want to break it?"
[15:42] <RachelParkes> "We don't. But we may need one to be able to get the thing loose."
[15:42] <Alleycat> "Couldn't we use it for another hole?" Alley asks. "I … I think it wants to keep working."
[15:42] <RachelParkes> "You know, hammer-and-chisel-action?"
[15:42] <Leviathan> "I could pry it out."
[15:43] <Pipeline> "Oh, you need it out of the tree?"
[15:43] <Tegan_Wissa> "STOP!"
[15:43] * RachelParkes starts at Tegan's shout
[15:43] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley is right. This jewel is worth more than money! WAY MORE!"
[15:43] * Leviathan directs some of her own internal water towards the saphire but stops short.
[15:43] -» You are now known as EMU_
[15:43] * Pipeline holds up his hands. "Just asking a question."
[15:44] <EMU_> "The jewel is a treasure beyond measure. It is the way to seal the breach, close the door. Keep it secret…KEEP IT SAFE!"
[15:44] -» You are now known as Tegan_Wissa
[15:44] * Tegan_Wissa faints…
[15:44] <Leviathan> "Can I… still pry it out?"
[15:44] <Leviathan> "Oh…"
[15:44] * Zoe winces, clasping her hands over her cat ears, "Gah, do you need to shout?! Geeze, some of us have sensitive ears."
[15:45] * Tegan_Wissa blinks…
[15:45] <Pipeline> "Thank you Gandalf."
[15:45] <Alleycat> "I'm holding it?" Alley says, raising her hand, with the jewel in it.
[15:45] * Richard_Grey runs to try and catch Tegan before she falls.
[15:45] * Leviathan succesfully makes a water bed to catch Tegan. Manages to splash Richard again.
[15:45] * Tegan_Wissa gets up "Ow…Emu! That was uncalled for…" *She turns to Pipeline * "She loves Tolken."
[15:45] * Tegan_Wissa shivers….
[15:46] <Tegan_Wissa> "WOw…I'm my own wet t-shirt *brrrrr* contest"
[15:46] * RachelParkes rolls her eyes. "Trust Tegan to think of that."
[15:46] * Richard_Grey blinks, gets Tegan upright and quickly backs away.
[15:46] * Zoe 's eyes move to Tegan's chest for a few moments before she blushes and looks away.
[15:47] <Alleycat> "Anyone got a towel to dry her off?" Alley asks.
[15:47] <Leviathan> "Oops, the outside is supposed to be solid like a plastic."
[15:47] <Pipeline> "Yeah, I have some in by bag."
[15:47] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Zoe…
[15:47] <Alleycat> "Don't panic, right?" Alley grins at Pipeline.
[15:47] * Leviathan sucks up the water again and points at Tegan's shirt. With a steamy poof that would feel pretty could to her, Tegan's shirt would be dry.
[15:47] * Pipeline fishes around in the duffel bag, his arm disappearing up to the shoulder, and comes up with a large beach towel.
[15:48] <Leviathan> ((Dry and wrinkly. And a little shrunk))
[15:48] <Pipeline> "Hey, I'm mostly harmless after all."
[15:48] * Zoe tries to look nonchalant as she stares at the tree. Yep, it's a tree. All woody and tree-like. Bark is probably worse than it's bite, though.
[15:48] * Richard_Grey brushes the water off himself again, but isn't shivering this time.
[15:48] <Alleycat> "Nevermind, she's dry now." Alley laughs at the 'harmless' crack.
[15:48] * Pipeline hands the towel to Richard
[15:49] * Leviathan dries Richard in the same way.
[15:49] <Tegan_Wissa> Zoe gets a PK kiss on the cheek
[15:49] <Leviathan> "Er… sorry to put you out of the towel boy job, Pipe."
[15:49] * Pipeline shrugs and tossed the towel back in the duffel bag.
[15:49] * AlytariNotQuiteHere is now known as Alytari
[15:49] <Pipeline> "No worries."
[15:49] * Alytari is now known as AlytariNotQuiteHere
[15:49] * AlytariNotQuiteHere is now known as Alytari
[15:49] * Richard_Grey takes the towel only to find himself dry. "Thanks, both of you."
[15:50] * Tegan_Wissa looks at her now belly shirt and giggles "Hey Levi..thanks!" they can now see her belly ring…
[15:51] * Zoe blinks as she feels a kiss on her cheek and she looks around in confusion for a moment before she remembers Tegan's PK. Caught looking. She blushes again.
[15:51] * Leviathan smiles at him, revealing rows of sharp teeth while giving him a thumb up, "Yet welcome. Oh, and nice assets, Tegan. Very well rounded."
[15:52] * Vera smiles and giggles a bit, "The sphinx has always been a rather sexy one really."
[15:52] * Tegan_Wissa teleports next to Vera and nuzzles her
[15:52] <Alleycat> "Hey, that's my sister you're talking about." Alley says, mock indignantly.
[15:53] * Vera hugs Tegan and kisses her lightly, "Yeah, I know. Hope that's not a problem now." She replied with a wink.
[15:53] * Tegan_Wissa squeezes Vera
[15:53] * Leviathan uses a creepy Souther accent, "'Ey, Alley. Yer sister's purty."
[15:54] <Alleycat> "You know … I have sharp pointy claws and I'm not afraid to use them." Alley says, remanifesting her claws as a demonstration.
[15:54] * Zoe giggles softly.
[15:55] <Leviathan> "I have bigger boobs then you and I'm not afraid to use them."
[15:55] * Zoe blinks.
[15:55] <Alleycat> "/Nobody/ messes with my family. Period."
[15:55] <Alleycat> (how big? Alley's an ample C
[15:55] <Alleycat> *)
[15:55] <Zoe> ((D CUPS OF JUSTICE))
[15:56] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Levi…drools…
[15:56] <Leviathan> ((Levi can outright manipulate the size of her bust. Her water storage gives her a pseudo-shape shifting ability))
[15:56] * Tegan_Wissa blushes "Er…sorry Vera…"
[15:56] <Alleycat> "Hmph. Bigger boobs aren't everything." Alley says, thrusting out her chest … that Zoe matches and only Levi is bigger than,
[15:57] * Richard_Grey just shakes his head and walks back over to the gorge, leaving hte girls to it.
[15:57] <Vera> "No… no… its okay Tegan. I understand. I could just never compete against those…" Vera said in mock defeat, gesturing at LEvi's chest.
[15:57] * Pipeline leans back and enjoyes the view.
[15:57] * Leviathan makes sure her boobs are D cups of justice after she makes the comment.
[15:57] * Pipeline is a nice guy, but not a saint.
[15:57] * Tegan_Wissa breaks up in a fit of giggles!
[15:57] * Zoe facepalms, "This is embarassing.."
[15:58] * Alleycat realized just what she's doing and turns completely red, blushing all over her body.
[15:58] <Leviathan> ((It's worth noting her bust is one that slightly off on her skinnier body, since she has not quite yet mastered proportions))
[15:58] <Tegan_Wissa> "Let get back to school!"
[15:59] * Vera smiles at Tegan, "Do we have to? I mean, we are having fun out here…"
[15:59] * Leviathan pokes the blushing kitty girl all over while laughing.
[15:59] * Zoe looks back over at Leviathan, "Well, at least Alleycat isn't in danger of topling over because of her boobs." She grins.
[15:59] <Zoe> *toppling
[15:59] <Alleycat> "Yeah. I'm full, and I got what I came for. Sis, did you get what you wanted? Did you want any wood for yourself?" She asked.
[15:59] <Leviathan> "My boobs are nearly all water. I'm an aquakinetic. Do the math."
[16:00] * Tegan_Wissa looks at the tree, she gets some wood and puts it in her backpack "Yeah, I got some *giggle* wood…if I see any flowers…I'll stop and pick them."
[16:01] * Zoe facepalms again.
[16:01] <Alleycat> "Lilies?" Alley asks, raising an eyebrow while glancing at Vera.
[16:01] * Vera smiles and stands up, stretching some.
[16:01] <Leviathan> "So we to go back over the gorge? Who wants to ride the Levi-train! Choo choo!"
[16:01] <Alleycat> "Looks like." Alley nods.
[16:02] <Leviathan> "Riiiiiichard," She calls in a sing-song voice.
[16:02] <Pipeline> "And I'm ready if anyone wants a lift from me."
[16:02] <Tegan_Wissa> "Levi do your work! I see flowers I needs" *she starts picking various flowers…*
[16:02] * Pipeline resists a joke about riding his pipe.
[16:02] <Tegan_Wissa> "Alley, keep that gem safe, please!"
[16:03] * Leviathan does not, "You know, I think I'd rather ride your pipe."
[16:03] <Alleycat> "Rachel, wanna hold the crystal? I'll have my hands full with these things." She holds her staff blank and current naginata … and picnic basket.
[16:03] * Zoe floats off the ground again and over the gorge, "You're all crazy."
[16:03] * RachelParkes takes another look down the gorge. "The annoying part is I have plenty of spells that MIGHT get us across… But the penalty for flufing one is high."
[16:04] * RachelParkes accepts the crystal from Alice.
[16:04] <RachelParkes> ((*fluffing))
[16:04] * Richard_Grey looks at pipeline, "If you could?"
[16:04] * Pipeline laughs at Levi, then holds his hand out above his head. "Step through here"
[16:04] * Zoe floats back over, stopping near Rachel, "Want me to lift you across, Rache?"
[16:04] <Pipeline> "Walk under my hand, that's where the entrance to the pipe is."
[16:04] * Tegan_Wissa even gets more wood from the tree, she picks some leaves, pine tar and other things, all placed in ziplock baggies…
[16:05] <Leviathan> Levi step through the anomaly and comeso out the otherside of the gorge jumping up and down, "DAMN!"
[16:05] <Alleycat> "I'll wait with sis a moment." Alley says.
[16:05] * Richard_Grey ducks through the pipe and staggers drunkly out the other side.
[16:05] * Tegan_Wissa soon has a full backpack "Okay sis! Lets go."
[16:06] * Leviathan grabs a hold of Richard and steadies him.
[16:06] <Alleycat> (okay … who is on what side?)
[16:06] <RachelParkes> ((Rachel is currently on the tree-side))
[16:06] <Leviathan> ((Levi and Richard are on the other side, definitley. And one other floatey person))
[16:07] <Vera> ((*no clue where she is now*))
[16:07] <Tegan_Wissa> ((with Tegan of course :) ))
[16:07] <Vera> ((Yeah, that makes sense.))
[16:07] <Pipeline> ((Pipeline hasn't stepped through his pipe yet. He's seeing how long he can maintian it.))
[16:07] <Zoe> ((Zoe flew back to Rachel and offered to lift her across. So she's tree-side))
[16:07] <Tegan_Wissa> ((Tegan Alley and, pipeline are treeside…))
[16:07] * Wyvern (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM) has joined #crystal-hall
[16:07] <Leviathan> ((Oh, so only Levi and Richard are on the first side))
[16:07] <RachelParkes> "Thanks for the offer, roomie," Rachel accepts Zoe's offer.
[16:08] * Wyvern leaps from the shade of a nearby tree and grabs Rachel out of Zoe's grip. "Got you, fucker!"
[16:08] * Bloodwolf (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM) has joined #crystal-hall
[16:08] <Tegan_Wissa> "OH SHIT!"
[16:09] * Tegan_Wissa starts chanting…
[16:09] <Bloodwolf> "Hey kitties. Time for fun." He grins running and grabbing Alleycat and running into the trees.
[16:09] * RachelParkes is caught flat-footed
[16:09] * Tegan_Wissa takes to the air! "LEVI! HELP!"
[16:09] <Wyvern> "I think I'll take this out of your hands." Wyvern says, trying to snag the crystal
[16:09] * Pipeline hesistates a moment, then takes off after bloodwolf, using his pipes to let him run faster.
[16:10] * Tegan_Wissa sends air blasts at bloodwolf..trying to keep him away form her friends….
[16:10] * RachelParkes grabs an injector containing Clarissa's latest tranq formula and tries to jab it into Wyvern while doing her best to hold on to the crystal
[16:10] * Zoe grins and was just about to pick Rachel up when Wyvern grabs her, "Hey! Let her go!" She jets off after Wyvern, intending to crash into him from behind with her elbow extended towards the small of his back.
[16:11] <Alleycat> "AEIEEIE!!" Alley's scream can be heard from the woods, and Pipeline can see blood on the grass as well as the dropped wood and naginata.
[16:11] <Leviathan> Levi wraps herself up in ice and lets out a… sound. It is a roar coming from deep underwater as she actually takes to the air and zooms after Bloodwolf.
[16:11] * Pipeline takes a couple of 50 foot strides to get in front of bloodwolf then stops in front of him "Let her go!"
[16:11] * Vera can potentially throw balls of fire at the attackers, but is holding back due to not wanting to set the wood on fire, let alone hurt the others and the like.
[16:12] * Tegan_Wissa lands next to VEra "Hit bloodwolf while I try to get Rache!" *She starts chanting*
[16:12] <Bloodwolf> "You wanna play little man?" He asks, flinging Alleycat into a tree, where she falls, limp. She has a few deep cuts from claws, and one of her arms now hangs at a bad angle.
[16:12] * Leviathan lands behind Bloodwolf and wraps hers arms up in icey claws, slashing at his back.
[16:12] * Wyvern drops Rachel once she has the crystal and lands in a tree.
[16:13] * Pipeline uses a pipe to catch Alleycat and direct her to a soft landing.
[16:13] * Tegan_Wissa "GEt that crystal!"
[16:13] <Vera> "I'll try…" Vera said before attempting to throw small fire darts at Bloodwolf, hoping not to miss.
[16:13] * Tegan_Wissa takes to the air…
[16:13] <Zoe> ((What about the attack I tried to make on Wyvern?))
[16:13] <RachelParkes> ((And mine?))
[16:13] <Pipeline> "I'll be your Huckleberry."
[16:13] * Bloodwolf snarls and leaps at Pipeline while he is distracted by Alleycat.
[16:14] <Leviathan> ((And the one I made on Bloodwolf?))
[16:14] <RachelParkes> ((*thumps Tegan for not paying attention))
[16:14] * Wyvern barely dodges the two attacks and tries to bolt, but is stopped when people move into position to corner her.
[16:14] <Tegan_Wissa> "Not so fast birdbrain…"
[16:14] * Tegan_Wissa looks at Alley…"
[16:14] * Pipeline desperately does redirection parry with with his Tai-Chi skills, sliding around to the side as Bloodwolf comes at him.
[16:15] <RachelParkes> "RATI! All drones, fire at will!" The drones launch, take up positions not far from Rachel, and begin to fire at Wyvern.
[16:15] <Tegan_Wissa> "Zoe…Levi …Rache…get that crystal!"
[16:15] * Zoe lands back on the ground, shifting entirely into Alleycat's form as her feet touch the ground. She raises her hands up, energy glaws appearing at the tips of each finger, "Give the crystal back, bitch."
[16:15] * Tegan_Wissa teleports next to Pipeline…
[16:15] * Bloodwolf roars as Levi slashes his back, then a couple of fire darts hit as well. "Fuck this!" He snarls. These freshthings were tougher than he thought. He'll go after easier prey next time as he makes a feint and runs away. He'll just get the cats when they're alone
[16:16] * Tegan_Wissa runs to Alley…
[16:16] <Wyvern> "Fuck you!" Wyvern starts leaping around, but can't quite get a clear jump from among the trees.
[16:16] * Bloodwolf (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM) Quit ( Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[16:16] <RachelParkes> * The drones have been revised somewhat since their last encounter with the birdbrain… Now three of the drones hit with the kinetic energy of a collision with a pickup truck instead of the original electrical discharge
[16:16] * Leviathan feels rages, a shark like hunger then pains her as she watched Bloodwolf leave but she shakes it off and turns to intercept Wyvern and get her hands on the crystal.
[16:16] * Pipeline opens a pipe in front of Bloodwolf, with the exit leading over the gorge.
[16:17] * Tegan_Wissa runs to Alley…she lays paws on her chanting….
[16:17] <Pipeline> ((If he has time. I'm a bit confused on the sequence of events here))
[16:17] * Alleycat staggers to her feet, disoriented and unable to focus. "Sis?" She whimpers.
[16:17] <Wyvern> (sorry, tried to do too much, I guess)
[16:17] <RachelParkes> ((What about the drones' attacks on Wyvern?))
[16:17] <Pipeline> ((Just want to make sure I'm not taking to many actions.))
[16:18] * Zoe leaps after Wyvern, slashing with the energy claws she's gained from Alleycat.
[16:18] * Leviathan pushes a wave of water of out of her whole body and the it lifts her up and carries to the clash between Wyvern and the other before spreading out and surrounding the attacking girl with a wall of water.
[16:18] <Wyvern> "Aiee!" Wyvern yells as one of the drones hit, knocking her into a tree. She gets up just as Zoe hits her.
[16:18] <Leviathan> ((Don't forget Levi caging her))
[16:19] * Tegan_Wissa forces essence into Alley…
[16:19] * Wyvern is knocked around for a bit by everyone until she lays down, unconscious. The crystal rolls out of her grip … and into the gorge.
[16:19] * RachelParkes quickly casts a spell to try and catch the crystal before it goes out of sight
[16:19] * Vera mutters a bit as she turns and heads after Wyvern, running as quickly as she could.
[16:20] * Alleycat recovers a little, as the spell Rachel casts slows the crystal, but it keeps going.
[16:20] <Pipeline> ((So did Bloodwolf get away before I could try to trap him with a pipe?))
[16:20] * RachelParkes pours more of her essence into the spell… Now that she has a grip, she can track the crystal even as it continues to fall
[16:20] * Leviathan pounces atop Wyvern, ropes of water wrapping around the girl and BITES into her shoulder, blood spilling around her mouth. Then she lets go with sudden horror and falls on her ass, crawling away from Wyvern while gripping her mouth.
[16:21] * Tegan_Wissa uses the last of her essence for today and teleports the crystal over her head!
[16:21] <Wyvern> (you dropped him into the water. There was a splash, but that's not enough to keep him away forever)
[16:21] <Pipeline> ((I didn't expect it to. Just wanted to know if I still had to deal with him or not.))
[16:21] <Alleycat> *the crystal drops onto Tegan's head, and bounces onto the ground.
[16:21] <Alleycat> (He's gone)
[16:22] * RachelParkes grabs the crystal again, first with her magic before trying to cross over to it and put her paws on it.
[16:22] <Tegan_Wissa> "OW!"
[16:22] * Pipeline contemplates tossing his duffel bag through after Bloodwolf and releasing the warp field on it, but decides against it.
[16:22] * Leviathan curls up meters away from Wyvern, gripping her bloodied mouth and crying.
[16:22] * Wyvern breaths shallowly, out of it.
[16:22] * Zoe jets after the crystal, trying to catch it before it lands in the water.. only to have it vanish before she can grab it. She comes back to the group, rubbing the back of her head, "The crystal vanished.."
[16:22] * Tegan_Wissa lays on the ground in the fetal position….
[16:23] * Alleycat looks blearily at Tegan and bursts into tears, crawling over to her and hugging her tight.
[16:23] * Pipeline helps gather up the wounded and gets them together.
[16:23] <Richard_Grey> ((Okay, I dissapear for fifteen minutes and I miss everything…))
[16:24] <Alleycat> (yep)
[16:24] * Leviathan drags herself to the edge of the gorge and vomits over the side.
[16:24] <Pipeline> ((You were so brave.))
[16:24] <RachelParkes> "Rati! Can you contact the school?" Rati squeaks an affirmative. "Then tell them we need assistance, including aerial transport, NOW!"
[16:24] * Vera makes her own way back over to Tegan, biting her lip some, "Damn it… I'm not that good at this, am I…"
[16:24] <Leviathan> ((I took control of your character, Rich. You sucker punched Bloodwolf))
[16:25] * Tegan_Wissa opens her teary eyes "Vera…I'm the one who sucks…"
[16:25] <Pipeline> ((Right in the nads. We were all impressed. We'll visit you in the infirmary.))
[16:25] * Wyvern is now known as Medivac
[16:25] <RachelParkes> "And keep the drones online! Active scanning, all bands, and don't spare the juice."
[16:25] <Richard_Grey> ((*raises eyebrow*))
[16:25] <Leviathan> ((Or the morge. We haven't found your body yet))
[16:25] * Vera smiles a bit, kneeling down, "Right… and I barely did anything, nor saw this coming. I'm supposed to protect you guys now, right?"
[16:26] * Tegan_Wissa shouts "STAY AWAY FROM WYVERN..she likes to hit you when you think she's down!"
[16:26] <Pipeline> "I'll keep an eye on her."
[16:26] * Richard_Grey yells across the gorge, "Hey, is everyone okay?"
[16:26] <Tegan_Wissa> "Oh Vera…come…ow!…here!"
[16:26] <Richard_Grey> "Need me to run back to the school or anything?"
[16:26] <Leviathan> "She's down! I know she is…." Levi calls out weakly.
[16:26] <Alleycat> "Huuuurts." Alley whimpers, holding her arm, bleeding from several spots.
[16:26] <RachelParkes> "Rati, if Wyvern moves, blast her. If she so much as /twitches/, blast her."
[16:26] * Pipeline walks over near Wyvern and watches her intently.
[16:26] * Vera sits down next to Tegan, "I'm here for ya girl."
[16:27] <Tegan_Wissa> "Thanks Vera…" *She hugs both girls…*
[16:27] * Pipeline remembers something and pulls a first aid kit from his duffl and tosses it over to Alley.
[16:27] * Medivac can just be heard to approach by the better eared people in the group.
[16:27] * Alleycat is in shock.
[16:27] * RachelParkes heads over to Alleycat. She assesses Alice's injuries as best she can. Her ears twitch as she hears the Medevac. "Help's on the way, hold on."
[16:27] * Zoe moves over to Alley, her ears flicking, "I can hear them coming. They're almost here.."
[16:28] <Alleycat> (will need someone to flag medivac down)
[16:28] * Vera looks up and throws a fire ball up into the sky. "Hope they'll see that…"
[16:29] <Tegan_Wissa> "I was right…Vera…Levi…I was right about you guys…" *she passes out*
[16:29] * Medivac can just be seen, and after the 'flare' goes up, changes direction to them.
[16:29] * Zoe lifts up off the ground, "I'll make sure they find us." She rises up above the treeline and begins waving her arms for them.
[16:29] <RachelParkes> "Flare gun. Next addition to my hiking kit."
[16:29] * Leviathan looks panicky as she hears the authorities coming. She looks at Wyvern's bleeding shoulder and her own bloodied mouth. She looks franticly for an escape and then at the river at river at the bottom of the gorge.
[16:29] -» You are now known as Emu_
[16:29] * Richard_Grey 's eyes go wide as he sees the medivac. "Okay. I'm officially useless." He says under his breath. "I just hope everyone's okay."
[16:30] <Emu_> Emu sends to Leviathan 'You fought like a lion young one, be not afraid.' **
[16:30] <Leviathan> **Leviathan thinks, perhaps enough for Emu to hear, 'I fought like a shark.' **
[16:30] <Medivac> The 'copter gets closer, flies overhead past them, then sets down where it won't disturb hurt people. Soon medical and security personnel are checking people over, and treating injuries. A second copter can be heard approaching as well.
[16:30] * Pipeline shrugs. "The most I did was distract Bloodwolf, I think."
[16:31] <Emu_> ** "But your friends are safe, that is what matters. ' She sends to Levi

[16:31] -» You are now known as Tegan_Wissa
[16:31] * Vera smiles at Tegan a bit, worried about the girl quite a bit right now. She looks over at Levi, nodding lightly at her.
[16:31] <Medivac> "him again?" One of the med techs grouses, then looks at Alley. "Yeah, those are his bite marks. He's gonna get the book for this."
[16:31] <RachelParkes> "I need a silver cudgel or something. So that I can club Bloodwolf next time I see him."
[16:32] * Tegan_Wissa gasps "Ugh…hurt sphinxie…"
[16:32] * Alleycat passes out as the med techs set her arm and bandage her claw wounds.
[16:32] * Medivac is now known as Wyvern
[16:32] <Vera> "Yeah, but a sphinxie that will be fine."
[16:32] <Leviathan> ** 'I wouldn't hurt them!' It sounds like a mantra. 'They'll take me away. They'll make me wear a UV band. My friends will hate me! Only Bloodwolf will hang out with me! OHGOD!'
[16:32] <Leviathan>
[16:33] <Tegan_Wissa> "W..w…wyvern…is she still standing?"
[16:33] <RachelParkes> * Rati continues to watch Wyvern, drones ready to fire at a moment's notice
[16:33] * Wyvern stirs, opens her eyes, which are glowing red and makes a leap for Rachel "Your Fault!"
[16:33] <RachelParkes> * The drones open fire on Wyvern when, as Rachel specified, she twitches
[16:33] <Leviathan> ((To note, Levi did bite Wyvern earlier, hard enough to make her bleed))
[16:33] * Pipeline was waiting for this and redirects her into the ground with a pipe.
[16:33] <Wyvern> She only gets half way there before several things hit her at once, dropping her and tazing her into twitching helplessness.
[16:33] * Zoe drifts back down to the ground as the medivac lands, moving back over towards Tegan and Alley to watch with worry.
[16:35] * Pipeline the pipe dumped her next to Pipeline. "Sorry about that miss, but we've had enough fightin today."
[16:35] <Pipeline> ((One of the pipe has to be near Pipeline himself. It's a limitation of his power.))
[16:35] <Wyvern> Soon the most injured people (including a strapped down Wyvern) are loaded into the first copter, and the rest into the other once it lands. Hurt people are taken to medical, while the rest to security for statements.
[16:35] <Pipeline> ((One end of the pipe, I mean.))
[16:36] <RachelParkes> "Consider yourself officially fucked, birdbrain," Rachel mutters as she's taken away in restraints.
[16:36] * Richard_Grey shrugs as the helicopters take off, before jogging back to campus and the infirmary.
[16:36] <Leviathan> When the security approaches her, Levi becomes rooted to the spot, her head twitching between the approaching guards and the promised safety of the edge of the cliff and the water below.
[16:37] * Pipeline puts his hand on Levi's shoulder. "It's ok. You were the one attacked. You'll be fine."
[16:37] * Wyvern is now known as Medic
[16:37] * RachelParkes doesn't have much of a statement to make. Rati had still been in contact with the campus via one of the many nodes they had scattered around the area, and the recording of the entire event was on Security's servers before everything was said and done.
[16:38] * Medic is now known as Medic-1
[16:38] * Tegan_Wissa is able, after a some rest, to give seucrity a statement
[16:38] <RachelParkes> ((I really should put that on Rachel's character sheet. I've used it more than once within RP.))
[16:38] <Medic-1> "Hey, your friends told us you helped stop that ultraviolent. Good job kid." Security tells Levi.
[16:38] <Leviathan> Levi looks at Pipeline and her expression changes to one of profound gratitude, "Yeah… yeah, you're right."
[16:40] * Zoe gives her statement, hoping more than anything not to wind up with detention.
[16:41] <Medic-1> "We're just gonna need you to tell us what happened, then you can see when the docs will let you visit your hurt friends." Security officers tell the kids in the security rooms.
[16:41] <Leviathan> Levi turns away from the medic quickly, wiping away non-existent blood before nodding weakly at him.
[16:41] <Medic-1> *once the statements are given, they are allowed to see what's happening at the clinic.
[16:42] <Tegan_Wissa> **Amanda Jones birings food and kisses for Pipeline…sneaks a playboy in for Tegan….

[16:43] <Leviathan> ((Damn, what is Alley writing?))
[16:43] * Zoe heads over to the clinic to see how Tegan and Alley are doing.
[16:44] <Alleycat> "Alright kids, Tegan isn't too bad off, just a minor concussion and being drained of Essence." The doctor told them. "Alice, on the other hand …"
[16:44] * Medic-1 (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.imprdg.87341-md|tibbiM) Quit ( Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[16:44] <Pipeline> ((Pipeline actually came out of that one uninjured. He dodge Bloodwolf the one time he leaped at him. His Tai Chi training was useful for something afterall.))
[16:44] <Tegan_Wissa> ((and he wins a date with Amanda!))
[16:44] <Leviathan> Levi covers her mouth in shock and worry, "What happened!?"
[16:45] * Zoe looks worried, "What's wrong with her?"
[16:45] <RachelParkes> ((Rachel came out pretty much unhurt too. Some bruising but not much else.))
[16:45] <RachelParkes> ((For once, an infirmary scene where Rachel isn't the patient!))
[16:45] <Alleycat> "She has a few bad bites, claw marks, and her right arm was snapped cleanly at a point between her elbow and shoulder. Also, she needed a transfusion. Luckily Tegan was a match for her."
[16:45] <Tegan_Wissa> (( fancy that :) ))
[16:46] <Pipeline> ((A date with Amanda is worth a little danger. :P ))
[16:46] <Leviathan> Levi started to cry, "Oh god, oh god. I should have caught her. I could have! I was-" Sobbing broke her sentence.
[16:46] * RachelParkes ponders mentioning Dawn to the doctor in response to Tegan's being drained of essence, but she remembers what happened when /she/ was the recipient there.
[16:46] <Alleycat> "She responded well to magical healing, but she's going to be out of it for a few days, and weak for a while after that." The doctor explained. "They are both resting right now, and won't be able to accept vistors until tomorrow."
[16:46] -» You are now known as Summoner
[16:47] * Summoner finds the group "Oh my lord! What happed to Tegan!"
[16:47] * RachelParkes growls. "Tell me at least they're going to throw the book at the assholes that did this."
[16:47] <Pipeline> "I should have tried to capture Bloodwolf, but at the time I was trying to make sure he wasn't going to be able to attack anyone else."
[16:48] <Alleycat> "You'll have to talk with security about that, Miss Parkes." The doctor sighed. "Now, I know you are concerned, but it would be best if you just let them rest until you can visit them."
[16:48] <Alleycat> (BTW, did anyone remember to grab what Alley dropped?"
[16:48] <Summoner> "Pipeline is it? I got someone to meet you. " *Summoner steps back …*
[16:48] <Alleycat> *)
[16:48] <Summoner> ((A sphinx did it :) ))
[16:48] <RachelParkes> ((Alley dropped something?))
[16:48] -» You are now known as Amanda_Jones
[16:49] <RachelParkes> ((Oh yeah, her naginata and shiz))
[16:49] <Alleycat> (Her weapon, and the wood she went to gather)
[16:49] <Leviathan> ((Yes, I believe it was telepropted))
[16:49] <RachelParkes> ((LOL TELPROT))
[16:49] <Leviathan> ((Oh… oh no..))
[16:49] * Pipeline lights up as he sees Amanda.
[16:49] <Alleycat> (Good. It'd be a shame if the whole trip was for nothing)
[16:49] <Leviathan> ((Telepropt))
[16:49] * Amanda_Jones is teleported in as Summoner tiresd to beg the medics to heal Tegan…
[16:49] <Amanda_Jones> "PIPE!" *she throws all four arms around him*
[16:49] * Vera is busy trying to keep Summoner from getting in the way of the medics doing their job.
[16:50] * Amanda_Jones kisses Pipeline with her superspeed…
[16:50] * Pipeline hugs her back and gives her a kiss. "I'm fine, not a scratch on me."
[16:50] * Zoe sighs, frowning, "Can you tell them that we're thinking of them?"
[16:50] * Amanda_Jones rubs Pipeline's ribs "Are you sure? Like you could be killed by H—Wyvern…."
[16:50] * Pipeline goes down under a flurry of kisses.
[16:50] <Leviathan> Levi looks sort of jealous of Amanda and Pipeline but is too busy feeling bad about herself."
[16:51] <Amanda_Jones> Summoner pleas fall on deaf ears…he thanks Vera and hugs her
[16:51] <Pipeline> "Nah, I'm good. Wyvern has to hit me first. As long as I see her coming, I should be ok."
[16:51] <Alleycat> (Well, that's that for what I have. Keep going if you want, though)
[16:51] * Amanda_Jones picks up her boyfriend "You owe me a date mister! Lots of makeout time!" *She blushes…*
[16:51] <RachelParkes> "At least those fuckers won't get away with this. Security already knows who's responsible."
[16:51] <Vera> "Hey, I care about the sphinxie too. Everything should be fine though… hopefully…"
[16:52] <Amanda_Jones> **Sumoner says "Hey before she was your girl, she was my co-captain. Thanks for being there."
[16:52] * Richard_Grey (19742.461.731.68|tibbiM#19742.461.731.68|tibbiM) Quit ( Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[16:52] * RachelParkes shakes off her smouldering rage and tries to help Vera. "Come on, Charlie, they're in good hands, let the nice doctors do their jobs, eh?"
[16:53] <Leviathan> ((I though ** was for telepathy))
[16:53] <Amanda_Jones> *Summoner sighs "Fine…" *
[16:54] * Amanda_Jones sits in a chair with pipeline in her lap, hugging and kissing him "Next time call your gee eff! I'l fry that flying lizard!"
[16:54] * Leviathan looks at Amanda, "Hey!"
[16:54] * RachelParkes chuckles. "She's already cooked, Amanda. That wetsuit didn't seem to be working for her."
[16:54] <Amanda_Jones> "Sorry …Levi!"
[16:54] <RachelParkes> "I do so love having semi-autonomous taser drones."
[16:54] * Pipeline enjoys the attention. "I know I can count on you to look out for me."
[16:55] * Amanda_Jones looks at Rachel "That's caus she ordered a lycra suit! Stupid Andrea!"
[16:55] * Amanda_Jones chirps "I *chirp* love *chirp* you Pipe*chirp* line."
[16:56] <Leviathan> "Isn't she more of a bird?"
[16:56] * Pipeline hugs Amanda and closes his eyes.
[16:56] <RachelParkes> "HAH! Idiot. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have bothered fitting three of my drones with KB-units."
[16:58] -» You are now known as Summoner
[16:58] <Pipeline> "I've got to increase my training. Multiple pipes are the only way I can defend myself against stuff like that, if Bloodwolf wasn't already being hit by Levi, he would have messed me up pretty good, I think."
[16:59] * Summoner taps the two lovers on the shoulder "I'm sorry but we have to leave. I have a team meeting. Gloria will NOT stop. She's got an ironclad alabi, but she will make a play for you guys."
[16:59] <Summoner> *Amanda gives Pipeline a goodbye kiss and chitter*
[16:59] <RachelParkes> "We've got a little leisure, Summoner…"
[16:59] <Pipeline> "Ok. Thanks for coming to see me Amanda."
[16:59] * Summoner teleports Amanda back to her room
[16:59] * Pipeline kisses her goodbye.
[16:59] <Vera> "Hey, Summoner. If you need any help, give me a call, okay?"
[16:59] <RachelParkes> "Wyvern does NOT have an alibi. And any al… Fine, ignore me then.
[17:00] <Summoner> "Vera, Pipeline, all of you You are under Circle-S protection now."
[17:00] <Pipeline> "If there's anything I can do to help Summoner, let me know too."
[17:00] <Summoner> "Rache, Gloria was with me. Combat testing. I beat her ass by the way."
[17:00] * Pipeline raises an eyebrow. "Alrighty. Never needed protection before."
[17:01] <Summoner> * the kids now notice that Summoner smells of Axe bodyspray and vinegar*
[17:01] <RachelParkes> "Summoner, my point is that Gloria's short on enforcers now. Kara is… indisposed, and Wyvern's going to have Security so far up her ass she'll be tasting what they had for breakfast."
[17:02] <RachelParkes> "And from what I understand, her other lackies are… Limited in skill."
[17:02] <Summoner> "Until she gets more people…she's hurt but not out. She had two goons to rough me up." *he looks at the foxgirl* "Rache, can we talk in private?"
[17:03] * Zoe peers at Summoner, "Circle who?"
[17:03] <RachelParkes> "Can do…" Rachel stands and moves to follow Summoner.
[17:03] * Summoner is wearing his costume, BMX bike armor with an S inside a circle "My team honey. My team."
[17:03] <Leviathan> Levi settles in Amanda's spot but looks at the ground before speaking to Pipe in a quite whisper, "I bit her."
[17:04] * RachelParkes manages to bite back a comment after hearing Leviathan's whisper.
[17:05] * Zoe ahs, "Well, alright, then."
[17:06] * Pipeline looks a little uncomfortable, but tries to reassure Leviathan. "It's ok. It was a fight. Things like that happen."
[17:08] <Leviathan> "When I slashed Bloodwolf, I smelled the blood. I wanted to chase him down and…" She looked at Pipeline pleadinly, "I was like a shark. I wanted more!"
[17:08] * Summoner turns to look at Levi "get in line girl, get in line!"
[17:09] <Leviathan> She glares at everyone, "Am I just horrible at whispering!?"
[17:09] <Pipeline> "But you stopped yourself right? You can control urges like that. Make them work for you when you need them, control them when they work against you. Let Sensei Ito know."
[17:09] <Pipeline> "or one of the counselors. There's got to be someone who knows how to help you deal with stuff like that."
[17:10] <RachelParkes> "I don't know about anyone else, but with hearing like mine you'd have to be in a different room… several floors away… for me not to hear."
[17:10] <Summoner> "Levi, you are not a bad person. The bad person was Wyvern, Gloria wanted what ever you guys were after. She wanted to fuck wiff you guys."
[17:10] <Leviathan> Levi facepalms.
[17:10] <Summoner> "Rache, there is ice cream in the break room, wanna join me?" *he winks*
[17:10] * RachelParkes pokes Summoner. "I believe you wanted to talk?" she says pointedly.
[17:11] <Leviathan> "I'm afraid…. I'm just afraid of turning out like Razorback."
[17:11] <Summoner> "Yes, I did, to the breakroom, for strawberry icream and talking."
[17:11] * Taveena|Sleepinginging is now known as Taveena
[17:11] <Pipeline> "Well, even he's gotten better. I haven't heard about any incidents with him so far this semester."
[17:12] * RachelParkes follows Summoner.
[17:14] * Summoner walks over to a breakroom with a fridge (in CH2)
[17:16] * Pipeline pats Leviathon. "Get some rest and think about what I said. There are things you can do to help you. Meditation, training, counseling. The teachers can help you find what works for you."
[17:18] -» You are now known as Lottie
[17:20] * Pipeline Pipeline gives Leviathon a hug, then heads back to his cottage to get some rest.
[17:20] * Pipeline is now known as Caliban
[17:22] * Zoe likewise heads back to her cottage.
[17:46] * Menria (ten.tsacmoc.im.1dsh.8901-md|BJJ#ten.tsacmoc.im.1dsh.8901-md|BJJ) Quit ( Ping timeout )
[17:48] * Leviathan (ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4554-md|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4554-md|tibbiM) Quit ( Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[18:01] * Annette is now known as Jen
[18:04] * David-Visage (moc.sulplartnectb.361-68egnar.9589-md|erehwesle#moc.sulplartnectb.361-68egnar.9589-md|erehwesle) Quit ( Exit: )
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