Newton (Nathan Strauss)
Name: Newton (Nicole Strauss, born Nathan Strauss)
Whateley: Class of 2009, taking catch-up courses.
DOB: 1990
Powers: PK-3 (can exert about 180lb force, using normal F=MA rules)
Gender: Transgender Male to Female
Sexuality: ????
Demeanor: Generally has a cheeky attitude, and has a bad habit of trying to piss off people stronger than her
Costume: None
Race: Part Grey Langur
Height: 1.47m / 4'10"
Weight: 50kg / 110lb
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: White, bit past shoulder length
Face: Black, frames by a mane of light grey hair
Build: Slim, but well built.
POB: Boulder, Colorado
Assoc: Whitman Resident, room-mate of Glacial
Creator: Japa

General Description

Nathan grew up in Boulder, and has been in love with the Rockies from a young age. he spends nearly all of his free time either rock-climbing, mountain-biking, or, in the winter, skiing. he's got a close circle of friends, most of whom share his passion for the Rockies, and they love to play pranks on each other, and generally try their best to take each-others pranks in stride, leading a fun incident when nate's friends first notice his powers. a stepladder is involved, as is moving it. They keep the power between themselves, till makes the mistake of joining a sports competition: he get's discovered and booted, naturally, and is, er, encouraged, to skip town.

After a biodevisor experiment, she's been turned into a monkey-girl.


Covered in light grey fur everywhere but on her face, hands, and feet. She has a tail that's more than 6' long.


Newton has PK flight, but with a few quirks. For one, her PK only effects her skeleton, and nothing else, with the result that she feels the full effect of any acceleration she goes through, and is just just as vulnerable to physical impacts as an baseline going 100mph on a bicycle. Also, unlike regular PK, she does not have a built-in speed limit, though air friction and maneuverability do pose their own limit (when you go fast enough, the wind in your face will start to hurt)
Another quirk with her flight powers, is that she cannot push with his whole force from any point; it is always spread more or less equally through her body. If she were flying with her arms out-stretched, and tried to hold anything too heavy in one of her hands, she would pivot in mid air till it was hanging more or less under her center of gravity.


Newton is skilled at rock-climbing, cycling, skate-boarding, snow-boarding, skiing, and physics.



She carries it with her whenever he can.


In a word: Nuts. she's quite crazy, and will go out of her wat to get herself into risky situations. she will also never hold a grudge. ever.


Normal human weaknesses.



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