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Name: Allison Starr (Ex- Albert Starr)
Whateley: Class of 2010
DOB: September 1992
Powers: EX-4 ESP-3 (Precog)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Dinosexual
Demeanor: Soft spoken, gentle, and always willing to help
Costume: Full body DragonSkin armor with a utility belt, usually with marbles and a jax set
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Brown, with an overlay of gold that moves in fractal patterns of varying intensity
Hair: Vibrant platinum blond, with highlights of nearly metallic gold. Worn in a shoulder length fall.
Face: Heart shaped, and entirely too cute
Build: Long legs, filling hips, and a heavy chest
POB: Chicago, Illinois
Creator: Tsureai

General Description

Born to a popular Chicago super heroine Prestige, Al was raised in the team's daycare facility from the age of seven on for her own protection. She's had a lifetime of exposure to mutants and always expected that she'd be a hero just like her EX 5 PK 5 mother.

And then she hit puberty, and started to become physically like her. Overnight Al underwent some dramatic soft tissue alterations. Her transition is expected to take roughly 3 years, at the end of which she will most likely be a near clone of her mother. In other words a stunningly beautiful blond bombshell.

After two years of attendance at Whateley she's already reminding a lot of teachers of her mother, and looks enough like her Mom's yearbook photos to cause some severe confusion.


Al originally arrived on campus with a skinny and gangly build, arms and legs too long for her slender torso. She had no butt to speak of and her chest is just below a full A cup. Her hair was a couple inches of mousy brown tips over a few inches of golden roots. That was then.

Now she's filled out like her Mother in miniature, her hips wide and her chest currently in the DD range. She's gotten stronger physically too, as she put on weight and her bones strengthened. Her face is devastatingly pretty, though now she's quicker to smile and be more expressive with her full lips. Her eyes are a warm chocolate brown flecked with gold. The gold in her eyes is constantly moving, evolving into fractal patterns as her power is used. That metallic gold color is evident in her hair as well, with streaks of the glimmering color showing up as highlights in her otherwise pale platinum blond tresses.


Al inherited a significant portion of her mothers Exemplar abilities, resulting in her being considerably stronger, faster, smarter, and all around more capable than normal. She can lift roughly a ton of weight easily enough, leap 20ft straight up, and her skin can stop small caliber pistol bullets without breaking. Above and beyond her Exemplar 4 power is her healing ability, perhaps a result of her childhood and abnormal pain tolerance.

However her main power is her precognitive ability. Al can VISUALLY perceive every possible outcome of any given event, and is getting more experienced at determining which are most likely to happen as well as altering events to direct them towards the resolution she desires. In short, she can see the future.

If she just goes with the flow of events she can act to avoid most short term negative outcomes. However, the further into the future she tries to see the more possibilities there are and the more difficult it becomes for her to determine the most probable future. As well, the harder she tries to see her own future the more her future selfs actions tend to produce wildly variant possibilities.

In practice she can see up to ten seconds into the future with perfect accuracy at all times. This is not a function of her power she has learned to disable. At ten minutes out she is correct roughly 75% of the time, and can see such a length ahead when she desires with little effort. An hour out her accuracy decreases to roughly 50%, and requires both significant effort and concentration to weed out the multitude of possible threads of time. Past that, her power becomes of almost no tactical use.

The exception to this rule of thumb is convergence points in future probabilities, or "Fate" if you will. Some events will happen almost regardless of what people do, and Allison is able to see such events coming nearly a month out.


Allison is an experienced clerk, able to support a Super Hero team. She's also learned a prodigious number of trades and skills at Whateley, including heavy metal working, martial arts, and marksmanship.


When in combat she carries a bullpup battle rifle, usually with armor piercing ammunition. A favored trick of hers is to shoot hostiles through walls and other soft cover before they're aware she's around. She also carries breaching shotgun with beanbag and baton rounds also loaded, giving her options in battle.


Allison is not at all comfortable with her new look and all the changes in store for her. However, whether she cares to admit it or not, Allison loves children and helping others with the powers she now has. As a result she's shy, soft spoken, and considerably confused about her sexuality. She hates showing off a lot of skin, and wears leggings with the school uniform. Usually NHL or MBL leggings. She's also hormonally a teenage girl with a fully heterosexual body, even if the thought of certain things makes her want to vomit.

Allison is still the very caring and responsible person she was raised to be, and truly believes in the super hero code of ethics as it applies to badguys and goodguys.


In times of great stress her powers often fail her. The more she WANTS to change the future the harder it becomes to see any distance ahead. Her powers work best when she simply relaxes and administers events a small nudge. Consider it like trying to see your reflection in water. Stirring it slowly and gently gives it direction while only slightly distorting the surface with ripples.



  • Class of 2010
  • Student


  • Melville cottage
    • Roommate: Meghan "Finesse" Fitzpatrick
  • Home residence
    • Windy City League Tower

Group Affiliations

  • Windy City League

Romantic Relationships

  • Nate the Dinosaur

Personal Enemies

  • None


  • Prestige: Mother
  • Father is unknown to Al but presumed to be dangerous


Stat Sheet:

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