Name: Patches
Whateley: Class of 2011 Freshman
DOB: Oct 1990
Powers: Brick-2 ESP-1
Gender: Female!!!
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Patches has a very relaxed and friendly outlook, preferring nothing more than to be part of a group
Costume: Patches wears a Whateley Standard Uniform
Race: Bovidae Bovinae Bos Taurus Holstein-Friesian
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eyes: Large, widely spaced dark brown eyes
Hair: Mostly white with a large patch of black over left ear, her hair is generally worn lose down to her jaw line.
Face: Patches has a wide, bovine muzzle with a large pink nose
Build: Patches has a solid build, with wide hips and the expected chest for someone of her bovine heritage.
POB: Colorado
Assoc: Friends: Everyone Enemies: Razorback, Bloodwolf, Thuza
Creator: Tsureai


Derived from Bovidae Bovinae Bos taurus Holstein-Friesian, Patches has a number of traits from the common cow. While at first this may sound silly, in practice she's strong as an ox and tough as a bull. However, she does have the kind of chest you'd expect of her pedigree as a dairy breed. She has no horns to go with her tufted tail, but she does have hooves for feet and a thick bone ridge on the crest of her skull beneath her shoulder length black and white hair.

While overall she's covered in short and dense white fur there are a number of large black patches that give her her name. One covers her left eye, roughly a third of her scalp, her left ear, and extends back to the nape of her neck. Another covers her right hand up past the elbow. There's one large patch of black shaped something like a squid making love to a kidney bean that runs from the bottom of her left shoulder across to the curve of her right hip, and another on her right inner thigh down to her calf.

Being half cow has it's downsides too, as she's found out. Every eight hours she needs to be milked, or her chest swells painfully and begins to leak. The smell of meat or blood turns all four of her stomachs and her short, blunt muzzle sports a wide pink nose that's entirely too good for her not to be smelling every trace of it. Similarly, her large mobile ears are very sensitive to loud noises and she will often kick if startled. Her excellent senses of smell and hearing help to make up for the fact that her wide brown eyes are totally colorblind.


Her hooves are awkward on hard surfaces, but the bone structure and her strength allow her to sustain speeds of 20mph in a run.
Her bovine senses are acute, accurate, and exceptionally long ranged. Her mobile ears allowing her to pinpoint the location of sounds beyond normal human range. Her large nose lets her identify people by their scent and detect their presence at great distances.
She's very strong and muscular, able to bench press an entire ton. Her maximum lift is around two tons, and in testing she's pushed weights as much as five tons.
Combined with her exemplar toughness Patches has skin that's tough as leather. This makes her resistant to most small caliber weapons.
In terms of strength and durability alone she rates in the exemplar five range.


Patches tries to make the best out of the body she's found herself with, being friendly and outgoing with everyone she meets. However being dramatically GSD isn't easy at the best of times, and her color blindness gets her in trouble with the flag system. Plus at the worst of times there is the threat of velociraptors wearing bibs chasing her around campus with a fork and knife, hungering for a taste of her prime ribs.

Her mental processes have also been severely impacted by her manifestation. She was never really the most educated person to begin with, and now she finds it really hard to learn new things. She also has a number of bovine instincts and behaviors, including her preference for fresh fodder, her social mannerisms, her fear and anger response, etc. However most of the time she's got that sort of stolid bovine placidity going for her, as it takes quite a bit to anger her and very little to make her content. As a half herd animal just being part of a group is usually enough to keep her happy.


Due to certain… physical volumes… Patches does not have an easy time wearing off the shelf anything. Fortunately patches is well able to sew and do her own alterations. Skirts and pants fit well enough with the addition of a tail hole, and T shirts can often be stretched to oblivion and illegibility on her generous chest.


Image by Dragonberry:
Inspiration by Chalosan:

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