Phear (Samantha Marcotte)
Name: Phear (born Samuel Evens Marcotte, currently Samantha Marcotte)
Whateley: Class of 2007 ( freshman as of fall 2007)
DOB: Date of birth in 1993-07-27
Powers: MAN-3:a:b:e,ESP-2
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: She walks with confidence and attitude, yet friendly enough to be approachable
Costume: Black catsuit with yellow or gold stripes down the sides, black combat boots, googles and a half mask.
Race: African-American/Hispanic
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, in a 'scene' hair style, with extensions
Face: Angular, very expressive
Build: Athletic, but with a layer of baby fat over her muscles
POB: Charlotte NC
Creator: (Taira-Mai)

General Description

Son of a supervillain, Frank “The Fear” Marcotte, Sam was destined to follow in his parent's footsteps and become a villain for hire. When is powers surfaced however, he became female slowly.

Then, one summer, an explosion happened in the warehouse he was working at. His friend Arnold saved his life. After being doused with chemicals, his body really changed.

Her body is now almost 95% female, it is slowing down its gender change to allow her powers on manifest. Her family took this in stride, even going overboard at times, much to her chagrin.

Her mother is an assassin, her father a mob hitman for hire. They want her to follow in their footsteps, but Sam wants to be a hero. She is happy that her parents accept her change in gender, but wishes that they would accept that she wants to save people instead of killing for hire.


Tall girl with an athletic build, as a boy Sam had a high voice. Samantha has a deep rich voice. She favors 'scene' fashions and hairstyle when outside of class, otherwise she wears athletic wear (sweats, track suit etc). She loves hoodies.

She loves to sling along with her Mp3 player (even though Tegan says she can't "Carry a tune in a paper bag"). She uses lots of slang. She's fond of quoting movies.


Sam is a manifestor. She makes darkness constructs. From weapons, to armor (that covers her whole body) to objects under her control.

Unlike her father she can project fear into her targets. She uses that to spook them or shape her constructs into what they fear the most. She can even drain some of the target's energy into her.


Her nanny growing up, turned out to be a retired assassin. She was trained in Muy Thai. after fidning out that her parents were super villains, she began studying law.


Item 1

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Projects image of a tough tomboy, but secretly Daddy's girl. Attracted to boys and girls, she is bi. Can be soft, but only when other “villains in training” are not around. Typically can be heard saying “Daaad! “ when her father is around.

She walks with confidence and attitude, yet friendly enough to be approachable to other students. She likes making friends, but will not hesitate to accept a challenge. Unlike Lylah she knows when to back down (unless her Diedrick's is acting up).


Bright lights weaken her constructs and hurt her vision. She recenly found out that the "vitamins" her parents made her take are for Diedrick's. She doesn't need and injector, yet.



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  • Class of 2007


  • Cottage Dickenson (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence: Albuquerque NM

Group Affiliations

Romantic Relationships

  • Character: Anima

Personal Enemies

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  • Frank Marcotte: Father
  • Anita Velia Lopez-Marcotte: mother
  • Flutter (Amanda Jones): close friend


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“Don’t fear me … Fear the consequences.”
“I don't believe in an eye for an eye, I believe in two eyes for an eye”
"Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence. Gandi, gotta love'im"
"Everyone has a plan until they get hit."
"I get more with a kind world and a 2x4 then jsut a kind word."

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