Pipeline (Simon Ericson)
Name: Simon Ericson
Whateley: Class of 2011 (Freshman)
DOB: Born 1991-06 -21 (age 16 as of June 2007)
Powers: WA-2re;ti , ESP-1 (warp sense)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: A natural diplomat, Simon is friendly in a laid back sort of way. Has a midwestern accent.
Costume: Has not acquired a costume yet.
Race: Caucasian of Irish/mixed descent
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Brilliant green (unnaturally so) They turn white when he uses his power
Hair: Sandy Blonde, usually a bit tousled and shaggy unless it has been recently cut.
Face: tends towards a "baby face" look if he hasn't been working out. Currently is getting plenty of excercise, so has well defined features. Strong, square chin. Resembles a young Vigo Mortenson.
Build: Athletic build
POB: Sedona, Arizona
Assoc: Emerson Cottage, is dating Flutter

General Description

Raised on a ranch outside of Sedona, Arizona. Simon is used to hard physical labor even though his family is well-off, his mother put him out with the ranch hands as soon as he was old enough to ride a horse. He was taught to ride by "Centavo", a mutant Mexican cowboy who looks like a centuar. (His mother was one of the few ranchers willing to hire mutants, as long as they didn't spook the cows.) He also met a few other mutants with GSD while working at his fathers shop, and was friends with them. As a result of this, and the way he was raised, he finds most mutants with GSD fascinating and likes hanging out with them.

His mother (Samantha Ericson) is a strong willed red-head who owns the EZ-E ranch, while his father (Tim "Rocky" Ericson" is a laid back hippie who runs a "Gem and Crystal" store in town that caters to the New Age crystal power crowd, and teaches Tai Chi at a local dojo. As Simon grew up he split his time between working on the ranch and helping his father out in town, either at the shop or the dojo. He's also learned to be a decent cook, mainly with barbaque and Tex/Mex dishes, as his mother hates to cook and his father only prepares vegan meals. Simon himself eats an odd mix of vegan meals and more standard fare. He never joined any sports teams in highschool, not having enough time for it due to his duties at the ranch and his fathers shop.

Being their only child, Simon is somewhat spoiled by the attention they lavish on him. His mother still sends him "care packages" full of steaks, and other reminders of home to make sure he's getting properly fed and doesn't get homesick. (She has no idea about the quality of the Whately chefs.) She also made a deal with the school to supply them with quality meat from the EZ-E ranch at a discount, on the condition that they also store the food she sends for her son.

Simon manifested when he was rock climbing with his father in the mountains. His father was climbing a cliff face when it gave way, and Simon instinctively created a pipe that guided his father down away from the path of the falling rocks. He then fell ill with a fever for three days, and his eyes went from blue to green. His father knew about Whately through one of his less loonie customers, and his mother made arrangements for him to attend. (Nothing but the best for her son.)

He has been approached by Fantastico to join his clique, but has since avoided them after attending one meeting and deciding that they were a bunch of assholes.


He tries to blend in with the crowd, and while handsome he doesn't really stand out from all the exemplars at Whately. Usually dresses in jeans, expensive but sturdy cowboy boots, belt, and either a T-shirt or a button up western style shirt. He has been known to wear a cowboy hat, although he doesn't wear it much at Whately, except at parties. With his blond hair, striking eyes, muscular body (due to working outdoors all his life), and strong chin he resembles a young Vigo Mortenson.


Warper 2re: He can create an invisible "pipe" of warped space between two points. This is not a wormhole or teleportation effect, he instead warps the space between two points that he can see (one of which must be near him) so that a path is created that appears straight to whatever is in the pipe, but to outside observers the path the object or creature follows can be seen to bend and curve.

  • The length of the pipe is up to 100 yards.
  • The pipe itself is invisible, although due to his warp sense they look like translucent green pipes to Pipeline.
  • The path the pipe follows still exists in real space, it cannot go through barriers or reach inside of things. It can go around, up, over, or through openings though.
  • The apparent distance traveled by those in the pipe can be up to 10 time shorter or longer than the actual distance between the two points.
  • One end of the pipe must be created near him, generally within one foot of his body. Initially, the diameter of the pipe can vary between 1 inch and 3 feet, but with enough practice he will be able to expand it to 10 feet.
  • Something inside the pipe can have parts extend through the invisible "walls" of the pipe without being harmed, the effect is similar to sticking your arm outside a car window while it's moving.
  • If something is completely inside the pipe, attacks or effects from outside will tend to follow the "surface" of the spacetime pipe and bend around it without slowing down. (This isn't intended to be a perfect defense, if the attack is guided it can resist the effect, and things can be pushed through with some practice.)
  • He can make the area inside the pipe much larger than the area the pipe goes through – among other things this allows him (or others) to fit through narrow gaps easily.
  • A pipe of warped space only exists for a second or two unless he can "anchor" it to something in the pipe. If he himself is in the pipe, it can last up to 5 seconds without effort, if another object is in it, the pipe will last up to 10 seconds. He eventually learns to extend these times, but ony with effort and concentration.
  • Eventually he learns to create a torus shaped warp field around himself that acts as a nearly perfect shield, causing most attacks to bend around the space he is in, but without a solid anchor it lasts a few seconds at most.

Examples of this power in use:

1) Someone falls off a 20 foot tall building – create a pipeline between a point just below them to a spot just above your arms, and reduce the distancy to 1/10 the normal fall. The person will fall towards the ground, then veer off to land in your arms, having fallen 2 feet straight down from their perspective (They would notice that everything looked wierd and stretched for a moment as they fell due to the walls of the pipe acting as a lens).

2) You shoot a gun at a target across a crowded room – create a pipeline between the barrel of the gun and the target, with the path of the pipe going around any obstacles (such as people) between the gun and the target. The bullet will appear to bob and weave between the people without slowing down as it travels to the target. The same holds true for a laser. This makes it easier for him to hit targets he doesn't appear to be aiming at, but it's not an automatic hit.

3) Someone takes a punch at your face – create a pipe between a spot to one side of you and their fist – their fist will veer away from your face and they will punch empty air. Or a wall. Or whoever happens to be standing there.

Warper 2ti: He can also accelerate the flow of time for himself for a few seconds at a time, but for those few seconds the world moves in slow motion, making him appear to have much better reflexes and speed than he normally does. Right now this is uncontrolled, only kicking in when his fight or flight instincts are activated (i.e. adrenaline + fear or anger). Eventually he will learn to trigger it at will. At first it was thought he was an exemplar with unusually good reflexes, but he showed no other exemplar traits.

Esper-1: He can sense warper fields. This extra sense is always on, and he can't turn it off. Usually he "sees" the fields as a greenish glow around the edges of the field, sometimes he just "feels" the presence of the field. Sometimes it appears as a green flame around a person with a warp field around them. Powerful warpers like Tennyo are almost painful to look at. This allows him to see the pipes he creates, and manipulate them more easily.


Knows basic gun safety, knows how to drive a car (learned on a Jeep with a stickshift), a motorcycle, and how to ride and care for a horse. Is an amateur rock climber, and has an intermediate level of skill in Tai-Chi. Is familiar with a lot of "New Age" beliefs, although he tends to be skeptical about some of the wilder stuff . Has recently been focusing more on his Tai Chi training, as it seems to help him control his power better.


Item 1

A lariat that he doesn't usually carry with him. Eventually will want a devisor made length of cable that is as light and supple as a rope, so he can use it to hog tie bricks.


Simon is a natural "Water" personality, prefering to go with the flow and approach things indirectly rather than head on. This is also reflected in how his power works, and his aptitude for Tai Chi. A natural diplomat, Simon is friendly in a laid back sort of way. He was raised to show good manners, be protective of women an children, and to show respect to his elders, but enjoys a good fight and is not above pulling a prank or raising a little hell when the mood strikes him. Basically a "Good Old Boy" minus the homophobia and bullying tendencies. He also has no prejudice towards those with GSD, accepting them as he does everyone else. He tries to avoid most of the crazy cliques at the school. He feels very much out of place New Hampshire.


Vulnerable to anything that affects a normal baseline human. Can be goaded into losing his temper if his mother or father is insulted. Is prone to headaches when around warpers who have unusually intense or always active warp fields (he can't turn his warp sense off).



*None as of yet.


  • Emerson cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate (?)

Group Affiliations

  • None at present.

Romantic Relationships

  • Amanda Jones (Flutter) - has been on one date, looks forward to more.

Personal Enemies

  • Fantastico is not happy with him, after he turned down Fantastico's invitation to join his group


  • Samantha Ericson: Mother - owns and operates the EZ-E ranch
  • Tim "Rocky" Ericson: Father - owns and operates "Rocky's Gem and Mineral Emporium"


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