Reddot (Arthur Baca)
Name: Reddot (born Arthur “Dusty” Baca)
Whateley: Class of 2007 (freshmanas of fall 2007)
DOB: Date of birth 1993-03-15
Powers: TK-4:d, EX-1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: A cross between a science nerd and a jock
Costume: Goggles, Cargo Pants, Combat Boots, a vest and black t-shirts,
Race: Hispanic
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Red, they tend to follow girls he considers attractive
Hair: Reddish Blond, tends to have charred spots or soot in it after working int he lab
Face: Angular, tends to have a look of mischief
Build: Athletic
POB: Truth or Consequences NM
Assoc: Cottage: Twain resident (room nnn, see roommate), team: Circle-S, girlfriend (many),
Creator: (Taira-Mai)

General Description

Arthur was born to a retired US Army Sergent Major and a Nurse from El Paso Tx. He alwasy showed an interest in weapons, plaing with toy guns at an early age. He started to take his toys apart at the age of eight. Be was building models and making his own toys by the age of ten. He loved kits from Radio Shack and toys held together by screws.

At the age of thirteen he built a potato cannon in his classroom during study hall. The El Paso Police Department was called in when another boy fired it off. During their investigation, they noticed that his eyes were turning red. Having him checked by a doctor, he tested positive for the meta-gene complex.

He was sent off to Whateley when his PK powers were detected.


Dusty favors BDU's, cargo pants, jeans or sweatpants with combat boots when at the labs. He likes t-shirts with military, sci-fi or anime themed logos. Otherwise he wears lots of denims, leather jackets or western wear (I.e. coybow boots, stetson etc.). Fancying himslef a "ladies man" he has lots of stylish clothing. Summoner jokes he could open up an "American Apparel"[tm] store in his closet.


He has a PK shell. His Pk is fine enough to etch words onto metal or lift large objects. He uses it to machine most of his parts or guide milling machines. He's dabbled with CAD/CAm, but likes a more "hands on" approach (using his PK). Ironicly his PK blasts are stronger than some of the weapons he's made.

He can look at a weapon and diagnose it's flaws, damages and strengths. He can breakdown and repair almost any weapon.


Big time Anime, military history and sci-fi geek,



Really Nice Mp3 player, Gosh-What-A-Pretty GPS/PDA, black Multi-tool, Fisher Space Pen[tm], Water resistant Notebook…


His grand father served in Vietnam, "Dusty" was his radio callsign. Arthur acts a lot like him so the nickname stuck. He fanices himself a "cape" type superhero: dashing and bold and good with the ladies. The truth is that his approach turns alot of girls off and makes him a target for guys. being a PK brick he can take it (he thinks). He does manage to get a few dates each week.

He loves helping others with their projects and builds, but he does want credit. He'll help if a student comes at him with an urgent need or a problem. He does love showing off his weapons, but is always tring to make the "next big thing."


His PK Shell lets gasses in no matter what he does. He found out the hard way that it can't stop magic either. He is a sucker for a pretty face. During his first sim run, an EX-2 female talked him into giving her his weapon, then shot him with it.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia, his mutation has "fixed" it for the most part, but he still can't read large blocks of text without a straight edge.



  • Class of 2007


  • Cottage Twain(room nnn)
  • Home residence: El Paso Tx

Group Affiliations

  • Group: Circle -S

Romantic Relationships

  • Tegan Wissa (on and off)
  • Amanda Jones (broke up after dating briefly)

Personal Enemies

  • Group: Venus Inc. (they banned him from their photo shoots)


  • Alberto Ramirez Baca SGM US Army (Ret): Father
  • Celeste Alia Baca: Mother


Mildy addicted to Tobacco, loves to smoke cloves and chew Skoal.

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